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Burger King Pride Whopper Launched With Two Equal Buns

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Burger King’s Whopper is one of the most popular burgers on its menu and the Burger King’s golden child as well. It won’t be wrong to call the Whopper the burger brand ambassador of the brand. So, as the face of the brand, the Whopper gets a makeover for all of the brand’s campaigns.

Pride Whopper

Over the years, the Whopper has got many makeovers, and as all the brand joins in to celebrate Pride month, the Whopper has again gone ‘under the knife.’ For Pride month, Burger King Austria launched a Pride Whopper that comes with two equal buns. What do equal buns mean? It means you get a Whopper with two top buns or two bottom buns. The Pride Whopper will be available until 20 June 2022. 

Many brands all around the world celebrate Pride in their way. The food industry also tries to celebrate love and inclusivity in its way. For example, Starbucks releases pride cups to celebrate Pride month. Also, considering vodka is the unofficial official drink of Pride, many vodka brands also try to do their bit for the month of Pride.

Many food brands try to release rainbow-themed merch and brandings and donate the profits to many LGBTQ+ organizations. But many brands also use the rainbow flag to attract the LGBTQ+ audience and customers. This fake show of solidarity is often referred to as “rainbow-washing.”

The “rainbow-washing” usually gets washed away, and people can easily tell which brands actually care or don’t. Burger King’s Pride Whopper is getting mixed reactions from the people. Some people find the move humorous, while others question it and the need to do so.

Either way, it has gotten Burger King the big spotlight. Today, we’re going to talk a little more about this ‘equal bun’ Pride Whopper and how people are reacting to it. Keep reading!

What Is A Burger King Pride Whopper?

The Burger King Pride Whopper is Burger King’s way to celebrate Pride month, celebrated every year in the month of June. The Pride Whopper comes with two equal or same buns, two tops, or two bottoms. This is Burger King’s way of paying homage to homosexual relationships.

Except for the buns, everything about Whopper remains the same; the fresh vegetables, the juicy patty, and the sauces. The buns also remain fresh and are more about the gesture rather than the taste. As I said, the Pride Whopper met with mixed reactions.

Many found the burger launch to be hilarious and called it the “funniest thing ever.” Others bashed it and said there was no particular need for this burger. It is also unclear at the moment whether Burger King will donate the profits from the Whopper sales to any LGBTQ+ charities.

How Are People Reacting To Pride Whopper?

I think I have mentioned this twice or thrice, but people have mixed reactions to the burger. Many claim it to be funny, while others think it unnecessary. Many went as far as calling the move “rainbow-washing” (a term I explained earlier).

Many people called the Whopper “a hard miss” and said that Burger King missed the whole point. The announcement for the burger read “Time To Be Proud,” but many were not really proud of it. The burger has sparked many online reactions, and as of now, most are negative.

What Has Burger King Done In The Past In Pride Month?

Burger King Proud Whopper

Burger King has always claimed to be a true ally of the LGBTQ+ community. They have made introductions to the menu and even donated money to organizations that help out the community. They have also supported the same on social media and have always stood firm on their LGBTQ+ support.

In 2014, Burger King introduced a Proud Whopper for Pride month with rainbow packaging. There was nothing different about the Whopper, but inside the package was the slogan “We Are All The Same Inside.” This was meant to show that everyone was equal.

Jump to 2021; Burger King announced that it would donate 40 cents from the sale of each Ch’king Sandwich, summing up to $250,000 to the Human Rights Campaign, a pro LGBTQ+ rights organization. This statement was again a strong message of solidarity for the community.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so this was all about Burger King’s Pride Whopper. What do you think? Was the Pride Whopper a good idea or a hard miss? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. This was all from me. See you next time and until then, Happy Pride!

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