Burger King Planning To Go Fully Vegan In Its New Location In London

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Burger King has literally been the “Burger King” for the last several years. Serving its customers delicious burgers with side pairings and what not. Not only that but the deals it offers and dining at this fast-food chain is an experience in itself!

Burger King London

Specializing in hamburgers, we all know that this food chain can’t do without incorporating meat in its menu. But what if I told you that Burger King has done the unexpected and has surprised several of its customers by doing so?

Veganism has become a popular choice of lifestyle for many in recent years. With more people hopping on to it because of all the perks it has to offer f, it has become necessary for brands to serve items fit for their vegan customers.

Doing just that, Burger King has now gone fully vegan in its new location in London (Yes, I’m being serious). Burger King’s newest location in Leicester Square, London, is going to turn into vegan heaven real soon. 

Burger King has decided to run this restaurant in a fully operational and completely vegan way. The beginning of this would be from March 14 and it would get over by April 10.

This is meant to be a trial for now and for them to see how positive is the response they receive. If it goes well and everything turns out to be good, then Burger King would try and include more of its franchises in this “fully vegan” plan.

The menu of this vegan Burger King would include Whopper, Cheeeze Whopper, Cheeeze & Bakon Whopper, nuggets, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Katsu Royale, etc., all of which would be plant-based.

In a recent statement, Burger King said that the goal of opting for this trial run is to the “target of a 50 percent meat-free menu by 2030”. Kudos to you, Burger King!

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