Burger King Keto Menu 2024 | All Keto Friendly Options Explained

Young people’s eating habits are changing as a result of recent health trends. With its low-carb, high-fat diet, keto has become a trend that young people adore. Knowing this, Burger King developed a keto-friendly strategy. Can the Burger King menu [interlink here] and the Keto diet go hand in hand? Let’s see.

Burger King

Burger King has no specific menu for keto. However, you can customize the menu according to your needs.

Burrito with no tortillas and hashbrowns, sausage egg and cheese croissan’wich without the croissant, and the double whopper with cheese without bun and ketchup are some of our favorite keto options. You can get all of these keto-friendly meals within a budget of $2.99 to $8.

While on a keto diet, you don’t have to miss any of your favorite dishes from Burger King! Just omit some of its ingredients, and you are good to go. Sounds cool, right? Do you need a little bit more clarity on this topic? I mean, who would want to mess with their calorie count, right?

So in this article, let’s see in detail everything you need to know about Burger King’s keto menu. We will also discuss what foods to avoid, things to remember while ordering keto food from Burger King, and much more. Find intriguing? Scroll down!

What’s Keto On The Burger King Menu

Burger King keto menu

In short and sweet words, we can say that Burger King has a lot of food items on its menu which are extremely keto-friendly. From burritos to Whoppers, if you need, you can convert most regular food to a keto-friendly one. 

But before ordering, make sure to check the carbs value of each food item. Checking the nutritional value of food items will help you eat your food without any guilt. If you are too confused about what to order, here are our recommendations.

Keto-Friendly Breakfast Menu

1. Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich (no croissant) – $6.39

Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich (no croissant)

If you plan to grab breakfast from Burger King, this sausage, egg, and cheese croissan’wich without croissant will be ideal for your keto breakfast. If you remove the croissant, it is nothing fancy, just a sausage, egg, and cheese combo.

The total calorie count for this item is 310 kcal. You get 15 g of fat, 3 g of protein, and about 3g of net carbs from this croissant-less croissan’wich. 

However, while ordering this dish, make sure to specifically mention not to add croissants. If you are too hungry, get the double sausage, egg, and cheese croissan’wich. 

2. Bacon, Egg And Cheese Croissan’wich (no croissant) – $2.79

Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich (no croissant)

If you are really hungry, then this bacon, egg, and cheese croissan’wich without croissant is what you should have! It has a perfect smoky taste with an added flavor of melted cheese. It is another famous egg, sausage, and cheese breakfast item Burger King offers.

It has a calorie count of 310 kcal with 26g of fat and 2 g of protein. This is a perfect dish if you are too hungry! However, always remember to leave the croissant behind while ordering this dish.

3. Ham, Egg And Cheese Croissan’wich (no croissant)- $2.79

Ham, Egg And Cheese Croissan’wich

If you are conscious about your diet and want to cut down the calories along with carbs, this ham, egg, and cheese croissan’wich without the croissant would be perfect for you. It is tasty and has a very low-calorie count.

This no-croissant ham, egg, and cheese croissan’wich has a calorie count of 130 kcal. It contains 8g of fat and 12 g of portein. Its net carb is also comparatively low and is just 2g. If you are a little too hungry, make sure to get the double ham one!

4. Fully Loaded Croissan’wich (no croissant) – $2.79

Fully Loaded Croissan'wich

If you are not conscious about your calorie intake, you can treat yourself to this fully loaded croissan’wich occasionally. It’s a mix of all our favorite ingredients. It got black forest ham, sausages, smoky flavored thick-cut slices of bacon, fluffy eggs, and cheese!

However, since you are following the keto diet, make sure to toss off the croissant while ordering this dish. It has a caloric value of 395 kcal with a fat count of 31 g and protein of 26g. The overall net carb count is around 2g.

Keto-Friendly Burger King Burger Options 

5. Whopper With Cheese (No Bun, No Ketchup) – $3.99

Whopper Jr

If you are visiting a Burger King outlet, then whopper is a must-have. However, if you are on a keto diet, you can still get the regular whopper without the bun and ketchup! If you are thinking, what is a whopper without a bun and ketchup?

Think about the crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato slices, flame-grilled beef patties, yummy mayonnaise, and some slices of pickles. Why need a bun along with that? However, if you want to reduce the carbs intake even from this, make sure to avoid the tomato slices.

This one, no bun, no ketchup whopper, will be enough to manage all your hunger pangs. If not, get their double or triple whopper without buns and ketchup to calm down your hunger.

A normal whopper comes with a calorie count of 320kcal. It also contains 24g of fat, 24g of protein, and nearly 1g of net carb.

6. Whopper Jr. (No Bun, No Ketchup) – $1.99

Whopper with cheese

If you are hungry and in a hurry, then a whopper jr is the best meal to have. It is nothing fancy and is made of just a single beef pattie, some lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and buns.

However, since you are following a keto diet, avoid bun and ketchup while having it. The caloric count of this whopper is around 230 kcal. It has 19g of protein and 19g of fat. The total net carb of this meal is just 1g.

7. Double Quarter Pound King (No Bun, No Ketchup) – $7.99

Double Quarter Pound King

If you love the taste of beef in your food, then this double quarter-pound king must have been your favorite, right? If you miss having it, drive to the nearest Burger King and order this right away without bun and ketchup.

This way, you can enjoy your favorite burger without cheating on your keto diet. Besides half a pound of beef pattie, this burger contains some lettuce, cheese, smoky bacon, and some freshly prepared mayonnaise.

8. Bacon Cheese Burger (No Bun, No Ketchup) -$2.99

Bacon Cheese Burger

This is a simple meal. This burger contains some smoked bacon, cheese, and mustard sauce. Since mustard sauce doesn’t have much sugar, it is okay to have it while following the keto diet. While ordering this, make sure to avoid both bun and ketchup.

Both ketchup and bun contain a lot of sugar which adds to the overall carbs value. Without bun and ketchup, the caloric value of this burger is 180kcal. It also contains 14g of fat and 13g of protein with a net carb count of 1g.

9. Cheese Burger (No Bun, No Ketchup)

Cheese Burger

If there is one burger everyone would love, then it has to be a cheeseburger. You are wrong if you think you will lose its taste without a bun and ketchup.

This grilled beef patty with melted cheese and mustard sauce is as tasty as the original cheeseburger but more healthy! If you are hungry, you can get a double cheeseburger. 

Without the bun and ketchup, the cheeseburger has a low caloric value of 160 kcal. The fat and protein count is 11 g with a net carb value of 3g.

10. Hamburger (No Bun, No Ketchup)


If you are lactose intolerant or are just avoiding dairy as a part of your diet, then you might not want to have cheese. In that case, a simple hamburger is something you can try having from Burger King.

Make sure to order this with no buns and ketchup. However, if you like having a sauce, try the mustard sauce or go with any keto-friendly sauce! This simple meal has a calorie count of 120 kcal with 8g of protein and 9g of fat. 

If you are concerned about the card, don’t worry, it’s just 1g. So if you are hungry right now, grabbing a hamburger with no bun and no ketchup doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Does it?

11. Grilled Chicken Sandwich (No Bread, No Ketchup) (Discontinued)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

If there is anything I want Burger King to bring back, it would be this grilled chicken sandwich. It contained a good portion of grilled chicken, lettuce, cheese, and mayonnaise. With all such incredible ingredients, you wouldn’t even have missed the bread! It was a perfect dish for people who followed the keto diet.

The total caloric value was a little high, counting up to 350 calories. It also contains 25g of fat and 30 g of protein. However, if you are following keto, you only have to count the net carbs value, which is low as 1g for this sandwich.

Burger King Keto Friendly Extra Toppings/ Sides

  • Garden Side Salad  
  • Ken’s Ranch Dressing 
  •  Ken’s Avocado Ranch Dressing
  • Ken’s Citrus Caesar Salad
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • Pickle 
  • Onion
  • Mustard
  • Lettuce 
  • Tomato 
  • Bacon
  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce 
  • Ranch Dipping Sauce

  What To Avoid If Ordering Keto Food At Burger King?

Now that you have seen all the food you can try from Burger King while following the keto diet, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Below are some food items you should avoid from Burger King while on a keto diet. These include

  • Rodeo Burger 
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Fries
  • French Fries
  • Hash Browns
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Bagel, Croissants, Sourdoughs, Wraps, and Buns.
  • Aerated Sugar Drinks
  • Packed Iced Coffee
  • Milk Shakes 
  • Desserts

Things To Remember While Ordering Keto From Burger King

Burger King whopper

If you are visiting Burger King first time ever since you started your keto diet, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Eating at Burger King while on a keto diet isn’t hard as it sounds. Just a few things to remember, and you are good to go!

1. Avoid Having The Bun 

Most food items on a Burger King menu come with a bun. But bun contains some sweetness and has a high carbohydrate value. Thus while having food from Burger King, make sure to avoid having buns. 

Just a single bun adds humongous carbohydrates amount to your food. A regular whopper has 42g of carbs, but without buns, it’s almost 0g of carbs. Instead of buns, make sure to get your dish as a lettuce-wrapped one. It is tasty, convenient, and of course, healthy!

2. Avoid Sugary Sauces & Ketchup 

Most of the dishes from Burger King come with Ketcup. Ketchup contains a high amount of sugar, and thus its carbs amount is high. Therefore, while ordering from Burger King, specifically ask them not to add any ketchup to your food. 

Instead of ketchup, you can rely on some keto-friendly dressings such as Ken’s ranch dressing, Ken’s golden Italian dressing, buffalo dipping sauce, or a zesty sauce.

3. Say Yes To Grills & No to Fried

Just follow this simple step, and you are good to continue your keto diet. You might not be able to enjoy the crunchiness of fried chicken, but you can definitely enjoy the juiciness of grilled chicken. Make note that while eating, if you need chicken, add grilled chicken instead of fried one.

This also means that if your chicken salad contains fried chicken instead of grilled, you can’t have that too! Veggies cannot make up for the carbohydrates count! So leave that idea behind.

4. Include The Greens 

Burger King is not just about burgers. It contains some green salads, which add to your overall nutritional value without many carbohydrates. Thus if you are on a keto diet, replace the french fries or chicken fries with this salad bowl.

5. Say No To Sugar 

Whatever diet you are following, sugar is a villain everywhere. Keto is no different. If you are following the keto diet, make sure to avoid iced teas and sugared drinks from Burger King. Even if the label calls it “healthy,” beware that a sugar drink is always unhealthy.

Can You Get A Keto Whooper At Burger King?

There is no particular keto whopper at Burger King. But if you want, you can customize any whopper into a keto-friendly one! Just make sure you avoid having buns and ketchup. Both bun and ketchup have high sugar content and aren’t keto-friendly.

 If you are really hungry, you can even order a double or triple whopper without a bun or ketchup while following the keto diet. So next time you feel like having a double or triple whopper, enjoy them without any guilt just by tossing off the bun and ketchup from the dish. 

Are Burger King Burger Patties Keto Friendly?

Absolutely yes! The Keto diet is all about avoiding carbs as much as possible. In that case, Burger King patties are absolutely keto-friendly as they have very few carbs in them. A regular beef patty from Burger King has nutritional values of 0 carbs, 13g fat, 11g protein, and 145 calories.

Are Burger King Chicken Fries Keto Friendly?

No! Even if you want to hear a yes, the answer is a big no. The chicken fries from Burger King aren’t keto-friendly. They are deep fried and have a bread coating, increasing the overall carbs value. A single serve of chicken fries will add 20 g of carbohydrates and 290 calories to your overall daily count.

Other Diet-Specific Burger King Blogs We’ve Covered

We are almost at the end of this Burger King keto-friendly menu article. We have covered a lot of topics and see what food to eat and what foods to avoid from Burger King while on a keto diet. But if you are a vegan, this article will not suffice.

People are very much concerned about their health, and I think that’s a good thing. Even though many people aren’t following any particular diet as that of keto, the young generation simply follows a low-calorie and gluten-free diet in general.

Not just that, many people avoid fast food items as they are allergic to certain food items. Is it a problem for you too? Then get all ideas about what goes into your favorite dish from the Burger King menu! Always remember, you can customize all your Burger King dishes according to your need.

If you have certain health conditions like diabetes or low blood pressure, you must have almost stopped eating from Burger King, but do you really have to? Burger King does have a diabetes-friendly and low-sodium option. To know the answer, visit our website. 


The Keto diet is all about avoiding carbs. But on the other side, it allows you to have protein and fat! On the outside, everything seems to have a lot of carbohydrates. But if you really see, you can even have whoppers from Burger King without thinking about the carb count!

By now, you must have covered all the crooks and nooks of getting a keto-friendly meal from Burger King. Burger King is best, not without reason. Let me tell you a secret here, not just keto-friendly food, but Burger King also serves its customers vegan-friendly food! Surprised? Me too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can you eat at Burger King that is keto-friendly?

Burger King has no specific menu for keto. However, you can customize the menu according to your needs. Burrito with no tortillas and hash browns, sausage, egg and cheese croissan’wich without the croissant, and the double whopper with cheese without bun and ketchup are some of our favorite keto options.

How do you order a keto burger from Burger King?

You can make any of your favorite burgers into a keto burger. For making any burger into a keto burger, order them without buns and ketchup.

Can you get a lettuce wrap at Burger King?

Absolutely yes! When you order a keto burger, they often serve it in a convenient wrap. However, on your request, they could get you a lettuce wrap.

How to order low-carb whoppers?

If you need a low-carb whopper, make sure to avoid tomato slices along with bun and ketchup while ordering the whopper.

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