Burger King Has Great Deals For 12 Days Straight During The Holiday Season!

Christmas is almost here, so most fast-food restaurant chains have started rolling up amazing deals for their customers, including Burger King! While the chain will not be open on the actual holiday, they still do have some amazing offers for the holiday season! 

Burger King

Burger King has some great deals on their app for 12 days straight during the season of sharing. These deals include cheap and free food for their Royal Perks members. The deals will be live from December 6th until December 17th. 

Burger King, or the home of the Whopper, is known for bringing out something special for almost all holidays. Halloween is their prime time for experimenting with different flavors. However, Christmas for them has always been more about giving! 

So, in this article, let us look at the special deals you can avail of from Burger King during this holiday season. I have also mentioned how you can be a part of their Royal Perks members to enjoy all these deals. So, let’s jump right into it! 

What Are The Deals From Burger King Like For The Holiday Season? 

Burger, fries, and a soft drink at Burger King

This major chain of fast food restaurants has surprised customers with a new deal for every other day during the 12 days. Now, this makes it much more interesting, considering that everyone would get the chance to enjoy something new throughout the holiday season.

Well, more precisely, from December 6th until December 17th! Here is a list of the offers that Burger King has each day. 

  1. December 6th – Get a free Whopper Jr. with any purchase of $1
  2. December 7th – Get Whoppers for $3, including the impossible Whopper. 
  3. December 8th – Get a free single Croissan’wich with every purchase of $ 1
  4. December 9th – Get a Whopper meal for $ 5
  5. December 10th – Get free delivery with every purchase of $ 5
  6. December 11th – Get $3 off on orders of $ 20 and above. 
  7. December 12th – Get a free cheeseburger with every $ 1 purchase. 
  8. December 13th – Free Original Chicken sandwich with a purchase of $ 1.
  9. December 14th – Get a whopper or Impossible Whopper for $ 3
  10. December 15th – Get a double whopper for $ 5 when you order small fries. 
  11. December 16th – Get a free Hershey’s Sundae Pie with every $ 1 purchase.
  12. December 17th – Get 3* reward points for every purchase you make on the day. 

What Is Burger King’s Royal Perks Program? 

Burger King's official website

So the deals mentioned above are all only for people who are a part of Burger King’s Royal Perks Program. It is their loyalty program. The Royal Perks program is available only at a few places and can be joined via their official website or app. 

With the Royal Perks program, the offers aren’t just limited to the holiday season! By joining this program, every dollar spent gives you ten crowns. You can exchange these crowns for free items across the menu. Moreover, the loyalty program also allows you to get free size upgrades and other deals all the time! 


Burger King has some amazing deals for 12 days straight during the holiday season. The offers and deals are different for each day and can be claimed if you are a part of Burger King’s loyalty program, also known as the Royal Perks program. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the 12 days when Burger King will have these deals? 

Burger King will have all their holiday deals from December 6th until December 17th, 2022. 

Do you have to be a Royal Perks program member to avail of these offers? 

Yes, these offers are only for Royal Perks program members. 

Can anyone be a part of Burger King’s Royal Perks program? 

Yes, anyone can participate in Burger King’s Royal Perks program by signing up on their app or official website. 

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