Burger King Holiday Menu Specials 2024 | Thanksgiving, Christmas & More

Burger King makes the holiday season a lot more exciting by introducing a special holiday menu. In addition to its regular menu every year, Burger King offers amazing holiday specials. 

Since Burger King opened its doors, it has made holidays much merrier by offering special limited-edition menus. These menus roll out during holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special occasions. They vary by location and may include limited-time items, deals, discounts, and some freebies.

Just like every holiday season, Burger King will have a special edition menu along with its classic burgers, side meals, delicious smoothies, and beverages this year too.

New introductions and holiday-inspired food are always fun. So, while you make festive purchases during the holiday season, don’t forget to take a break at Burger King to recharge with refreshing new items. Continue reading to find out about Burger King’s holiday specials through the years.

Is There A Holiday Menu At Burger King?

Burger King

Yes, Burger King has a holiday menu. It includes not only limited-time festive food items but also amazing deals.

Burger King’s menu offers a whole lot of variety to choose from. Be it Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, or New Year’s, you can order amazing food.

The line-up includes juicy burgers, tempting sides, refreshing drinks, gorgeous desserts from its normal menu that runs throughout the year, and new additions. Moreover, they also offer some pocket-friendly steal deals that you shouldn’t miss.

You can keep track of the special holiday season menus by visiting the official website of Burger King.

Burger King Holiday-Inspired Food Items

Over the years, Burger King has offered its customers an exciting and sumptuous holiday season menu. These menus have been inspired by flavors that define the holiday season. Let’s take a look at some of these items.

Burger King Halloween Menu Special

Halloween food items become the center of attraction when the spooky season arrives. To keep up the spirit, fast food restaurants also turn to some exciting new introductions. Take a look at some of the Halloween specials at Burger King.

1. Burger King Nightmare King 

Nightmare King

In 2018, Burger King launched a sandwich called “Nightmare King” for Halloween. This special holiday item was priced at $6.39. 

The Nightmare King was a spooky sandwich that matched the Halloween vibe. But apart from its looks, it featured an interesting lineup of ingredients.

For its meaty part, this lip-smacking sandwich came with ¼ lbs. of savory flame-grilled beef with 100% white meat crispy chicken filet and thick-cut bacon.

It was topped with melted American cheese, creamy mayonnaise, and onions and assembled on a glazed green sesame seed bun.

This burger received a good response from customers who found the combination of beef, chicken, bacon, and cheese quite palatable. As for its size, this burger was quite big as compared to Burger King’s regular hamburgers.

2. Ghost Whopper Sandwich

Burger King Ghost Whopper Sandwich

To match ghoulish vibes, Burger King introduced a ghost whopper sandwich in 2019 for $4.59. This sandwich featured a white bun flavored with cheddar cheese and white sesame seeds. 

It came with a quarter-pound of flame-grilled beef, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and white onions. Some creamy mayo and tangy ketchup took the taste profile to the next level.

3. The Ghost Pepper Whopper

Ghost pepper whopper

Last year, Burger King introduced The Ghost Pepper Whopper on its menu for Halloween, priced at $6.49. 

This Halloween special offering included an orange bun topped with black sesame seeds. It featured delicious ingredients like spicy queso, crispy jalapeños, bacon, and ghost pepper cheese.

This burger was a true delight for customers who enjoy spicy treats. The jalapeno strips added a crunch in every bite, the bacon added the smokiness, and the grilled flame held its goodness.

4. The Ghost Pepper Nuggets

burger king ghost pepper nuggets

Burger King also introduced ghost pepper nuggets featuring crispy-fried white meat chicken nuggets spiced with fiery ghost peppers. These nuggets were priced at $ 1.49 and were exclusively available for Halloween.

Burger King Christmas Menu Special

Some popular Burger King Christmas items have been gingerbread cookie sundaes and gingerbread cookie shakes. BK offered irresistible Cinnabon minibon rolls, and peppermint shakes for cinnamon flavor and peppermint enthusiasts.

1. Gingerbread Cookie Sundae 

burger king Gingerbread cookie sundae

To get into the holiday spirit, BK’s holiday menu featured a satisfying and delicious dessert – a gingerbread cookie sundae priced at $2.49. This sundae is all you could ask for Christmas. 

The gingerbread cookie sundae featured rich and creamy hand-blended vanilla soft serve, topped with crispy gingersnap cookie crumbles, and finished with a swirl of sweet gingerbread sauce.

 The combination of creamy soft serve and crunchy cookies provided a delicious texture. The gingerbread sauce added delicious notes of cinnamon and gingerbread cookies. 

2. Gingerbread Cookie Shake 

A classic holiday favorite, the BK gingerbread cookie shake is hand blended to perfection with premium quality, rich vanilla soft serve, and gingerbread syrup.

 BK gingerbread cookie shake comes with a whipped topping and crumbled gingersnaps for $1.99. This shake has a smooth texture and is flavored perfectly with gingerbread flavor.

3. Cinnabon Minibon Rolls

Burger King holiday Menu

Nothing is more heartwarming than devouring a cinnamon-flavored dessert on cold winter days. Therefore, BK’s cinnamon-baked hot rolls with creamy frostings make for the perfect holiday treat. 

Priced at $ 1, minibons, a miniature version of Cinnabon’s signature cinnamon roll. It features Makara cinnamon, and signature cream cheese frosting served in Cinnabon bakeries.

4. Peppermint Oreo Shake

burger king Peppermint Oreo Shake

Peppermint is another holiday season’s favorite flavor, priced at $3.29. Hand spun from Burger King’s velvety soft serve, peppermint syrup, and real Oreo cookie pieces; this luscious shake is topped with a dollop of whipped topping. 

It is a pretty-looking pink drink combining refreshing and sweet flavors of peppermint and vanilla. The crunch from oreo cookies makes it all the better.

When you are done with the Whopper, this refreshing drink ends the meal on the right note.

Burger King Holiday-Inspired Deals

Burger King deals

If you thought the food was the only thing special at Burger King for the holiday season, stop right here! Burger King makes sure to keep your pocket happy, just like your tummy.

Burger King runs attractive deals for its customers throughout the year, especially during the holiday season. 

Burger King Easter Deals

Burger King doesn’t have a set tradition for whether or not the chain is open on Easter. In the years that they opened their stores, they offered several deals at participating locations. 

These included a $1 delivery fee on orders of $5+ from the BK app, a free Whopper, Croissan-wich, or Original Chicken Sandwich for your first digital order.

Burger King Fourth Of July Deals

In the past, as part of a special deal for the Fourth of July weekend, Burger King has offered an Original Chicken Sandwich for just $1.04. Customers could also get a free Whopper by ordering from their app. You can expect similar deals this year too. 

Burger King Labor Day Deals

Labor Day is a special celebration across the United States. To make this occasion extra special, Burger King has offered its customers free delivery and smoothies for $ 1 in the past. You can expect some exciting offers like these this year too.

Burger King Holiday Season Deals

To make the holiday season a lot more merrier, Burger King offered some great deals on their app for 12 straight days last year. Here is a list of the offers that Burger King launched each day. 

  • December 6th – Get a free Whopper Jr. with any purchase of $1
  • December 7th – Get Whoppers for $3, including the impossible Whopper. 
  • December 8th – Get a free single Croissan’wich with every purchase of $ 1
  • December 9th – Get a Whopper meal for $ 5
  • December 10th – Get free delivery with every purchase of $ 5
  • December 11th – Get $3 off on orders of $ 20 and above. 
  • December 12th – Get a free cheeseburger with every $ 1 purchase. 
  • December 13th – Free Original Chicken sandwich with a purchase of $ 1.
  • December 14th – Get a whopper or Impossible Whopper for $ 3
  • December 15th – Get a double whopper for $ 5 when you order small fries. 
  • December 16th – Get a free Hershey’s Sundae Pie with every $ 1 purchase.
  • December 17th – Get 3* reward points for every purchase you make on the day. 

Burger King Halloween Deals

For Halloween, Burger King has offered Royal Perks rewards for members to use the Ghost Detector in the BK App to get two Ghost Pepper Whoppers and a small order of fries for $10.

Check out Burger King’s official website or app to find the latest deals during holidays like Easter, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Is Burger King Open On All Holidays? 

burger king restaurant

Burger King keeps its doors open on all holidays except for Christmas Day. So, you can skip cooking and enjoy a meal from Burger King on holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4 July, and Halloween. However, it should be noted that some locations may operate at reduced hours. 

Typically, Burger King remains open from 6.00 a.m. to 12 a.m. To avoid inconvenience, you can check the operational hours of the Burger King outlets closest to you on their official website or take a look at Burger King holiday operating days and hours here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King have a Holiday Menu for the festive season?

Burger King launches a special holiday menu every year. You can enjoy limited-time dishes and drinks.

Can I order the Holiday Menu for takeout or delivery?

Yes, you can order a holiday menu for takeout or delivery.

Will any special discounts or promotions be available for the Holiday Menu 2023?

Yes, Burger King has special discounts and promotions for the holiday season.

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