33 Burger King Hacks & Tips To Know For Your Next Order

What do people love more than eating at Burger King? Saving money with the best hacks and tips when they order their favorite food! Don’t worry; BK delivers that too. Burger King has always come up with exciting deals and also has coupons for heavy discounts. 

Burger King Food

However, people still go beyond the mentioned ways of getting discounts and trying many exciting hacks. Who does not love free food or heavy discounts on the menu at Burger King? 

At Burger King, you can try a lot of tried and tested hacks like getting unlimited drinks refills, customizing menu items as per choice, ordering fresh fries every time, and many more. 

In the following article, we shall uncover all the possible hacks and tips to save your money and get freebies at Burger King without much hustle. Stay with me as you are in for something new and exciting information. 

33 Burger Kings Hacks To Try!

Here is a list of 33 burger king hacks that you should try next time you visit the outlet.

1. Order fries without paying extra


Are you confused between fries and onion rings? Why don’t you order both at no extra cost? You can simply order medium-sized fries and ask for half and half of fries and onion rings.

This way, you enjoy fries and onion rings together and only pay for one. You don’t have to order them separately and burn your pocket. 

I know you get only half the amount of fries, but do the math, and you will know this is a great hack!

2. Get a veggie whopper


If you don’t eat meat but crave BK’s whopper because it’s big and tasty, get yourself a veggie Whopper. Now many of you will say that there is nothing like a veggie whopper on the menu, but my friend, hear me out. 

Go to any BK outlet and order a normal whopper but skip the meat patty. Voila! You will be left with only vegetables, making a veggie whopper. Do check with your local outlet; they may lower the price as you skipped the meat patty (try it on your lucky day of the week).

3. Get fresh, hot, and crispy fries every time


A Burger King employee had casually mentioned that there is a secret slogan for fries when they are cooking them. It goes something like this – Hot fries, No lies. 

You can also use this slogan to get amazing hot and crispy fries. Just say this line, and the employee will know that you want your fries to be extra crispy, and they will probably make a fresh batch for you.

Now, this may not happen at every location, so you can take a chance and just try casually mentioning it (I tried at 2-3 locations, and I got fresh fries at one of them). 

4. Value drinks are VALUABLE!


I don’t understand why people order regular drinks from the menu while dine-in when they can get value drinks at a lower cost and also get free refills.

If you are not doing this, you are wasting an excellent opportunity to save some money and get all the free refills. I understand that these value drinks are smaller in size, but you have the free refill option to get more than a large drink for only $1.

Get value menu items like fries and cheeseburgers as well, and save your pocket.

5. BK’s cookies taste different during breakfast

BK Cookies

A very simple yet intelligent hack to enjoy Burger King’s gooey cookies is to order them during breakfast hours. 

They are generally fresh and warm as they just got out of the oven, and you can enjoy them fresh too. Order with other Breakfast menu items and drinks, and you are good to go for the day.

If you are trying BK’s cookies for the first time, do it in the morning, and the experience will be unmatched. 

6. Save the receipts

Free whopper

Do not throw out the receipts as soon as you get your order. Save it, as it can get you free items by simply completing the survey as mentioned on the back of the receipt.

With a value drink or fries order, you can avail yourself of a free Whopper or original chicken sandwich. Free food is something that everyone loves, so don’t miss this opportunity. 

7. Free Fries on any burger

BK Fries

Now this may sound so unreal, but you could add fries or onion rings to any burger order, and you won’t charge extra. 

A short video posted by HellthyJunkFood showcased the same: a man asked for fries and onion rings in his burger at two different BK outlets, and he got the customization for free. 

In the same video, he went to the employee and made and made a very unusual demand. He asked for sample fries to taste, and lucky him as he got some fries to taste for free. 

I recommend trying this every time you visit a new BK outlet and see whether you can add some fries or onion rings in your burger for free or pull off the free sample fries trick. Please let me know if you succeed in any one of the hacks. 

8. Don’t like the buns, then change them buns

This is one of the best hacks I have tried at BK’s outlet. Many people are either bored with the same sesame buns or have some allergies.

As all the burgers at Burger King have sesame seeds doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for something with no sesame seeds. Simply place your order and request two bottom buns. 

You can even request brioche buns which are smooth and different from the regular ones. Confused? Skip the buns and enjoy the meat patty with vegetables. Also, the buns have gluten content, so skipping buns are helpful for gluten-intolerant customers.

Also, interlink to do BK Burger buns have gluten

9. Get some ice at Burger King


It is very unusual to get down at Burger King and order some ice (only ice). If you need ice and are near a Burger King outlet, then without any second thought, go to the outlet and order some ice at a very low price.

 You can get a 10 lb bag for under $3. So, next time you are out of ice during any outside picnic, Burger King is the right place to fetch some cheap ice. 

10. Get ice cream instead of a toy

Burger King Ice cream

Now, no one is too old to enjoy a kid’s meal from Burger King. I do it all the time, and personally, I love the exciting toys with the Jr. King meal.

In case you or your kid does not want the toy (which is unbelievable), you can swap it for some delicious ice cream. Now, this may be different from location to location. 

So I suggest you check with your nearest outlet to see if they can do this and enjoy the free ice cream. A sweet smile while asking for the customization may work in your favor. 

11. Secret drink flavors  


As most outlets of Burger King use freestyle coke machines, there are so many unique and delicious flavors to try. 

As per Spoon University, there is a special flavored drink during holidays – Secret Santa, which is a bomb flavor. Apart from this, you can try other flavors as well. 

Just be candid and go for a new flavour whenever you encounter a Burger King freestyle coke machine. 

12. A suicide burger is something to die for!

Burger King Suicide Burger

I mean, if you have not tried this protein-overloaded suicide burger from the secret menu of Burger King, then this is your sign to visit Burger King and order this giant bomb in the form of a burger. 

This burger has four beef patties, four cheese slices, and bacon with a delicious secret sauce. To hack this secret menu, you can also ask for a Quad Stacker, which adds an extra patty and cheese slice to a triple stacker (something on the menu earlier).

Still, if you get blank stares, shoot your requirements directly and enjoy the customization. At Burger King, you can get whatever you want. Interlink to our suicide burger article

13. Get bacon with anything and everything

Ice cream and bacon

When Burger King said, “Go Your Way,” they actually meant it. As already mentioned, you can get anything at Burger King. 

You can add strips of bacon with any order you want. Want your burger to have bacon, ask for it. You can also fulfill your cravings for bacon and ice cream altogether. It sounds a little weird, but no one is judging. 

 14. French toast sticks in any burger

French toast sticks

Similar to adding fries and onion rings to your burger, you can customize your burger to any extent. Ask for some sweet french toast sticks, enjoy sweet and salty flavors, and start your morning with a punch.

15. Customise your way burger for the keto diet


So far, we have seen that you can make as many changes and customize your order as possible. You can still enjoy Burger King on a keto diet. Try the keto menu hack!

Order any choice of your burger and skip the buns. You can also ask for extra lettuce and serve it on a salad plate to eat peacefully. 

Throw in some onion rings to make it a little more delicious (check the calories, too, while doing that).

16. Healthy breakfast options at BK?

Talking about Keto food at Burger King also calls for other healthy options at BK. As Burger King is very flexible with the customization, you could try ordering any burger or sandwich without buns and get the ingredients wrapped in lettuce. 

Or try ordering a protein-packed breakfast with two folded eggs and sausage in between with cheese and start your day with a great kick

17. Free Sauces?


Burger King offers different and delicious sauces; you can order extra with any burger or chicken nugget. If you are lucky enough, then you may not be charged for extra sauces.

I often visit my nearest Burger King outlet, and many times the person behind the counter is kind enough to toss me some extra sauces for free. 

You can try this anytime you visit the BK’s outlet. Let me know in the comments if you get this hack right. 

18. Play with the drinks

Not only burgers, but you can even customize your drinks and beverages at BK. Give a twist to your frappes and smoothies without any fear of judgment. Go make the milkshake of your dreams at Burger King (unless it tastes nasty).

19. Try the Burger King app

Burger app

If you want to enjoy exclusive deals and offers at BK, downloading the Burger King app is an intelligent step. You can also become a Royal Perk Member after downloading the app. 

To avail this, you simply need to place the order through the app, and with every $1 you spend, you get ten crowns. The more you collect the crown, the bigger discount or freebies you can avail yourself. 

For 400 crowns, you can enjoy a free bacon cheeseburger. A piece of secret information on the crowns is that they get double during your birthday month. So, more crowns mean more free food.

20. Get delivery for as low as $1

Using the BK’s app, you can get delivery of the items for only $1. The only condition is to place an order above $5, and your delivery charges will automatically cut down. 

You can also check other delivery apps, compare the prices, and make a mindful decision while ordering. I don’t think any other platform will give you such a good rebate on delivery charges like Burger King’s app but try it yourself. 

21. Go for family bundles

Now, if you are anything like me, then you won’t probably be satisfied with one or two burgers (I have a BIG appetite). So whenever I plan to stuff my belly to its fullest and have an extra person with me, I go for the family bundle.

Obviously, it is super-saving, and I don’t have to compromise on my hunger by sharing my portion. Like Joey, I also don’t share my food (Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and you will know what I mean)!

22. Light items are probably free


When customizing any order at Burger King, you can ask the employee to add light mayo, lettuce, or onions, and you won’t probably get charged for the same. Try this while ordering from BK’s app or website and enjoy extra toppings for free. 

23. Follow Burger King Everywhere

I am literally asking you to follow Burger King everywhere possible. Not the outlet but all the social media handles because that is the place where you will get real-time offers and deals.

 As more and more people spend their time on social media, Burger King knows how to fit in with the crowd and update new and exclusive deals and offers. 

24. The gift card has free food

Burger King gives discounted gift cards from time to time. So if you are a regular BK customer, you may also get this advantage. The deal is very simple.

You get the gift card at a discounted price, and you can use the card for yourself to have a few dollars of food for free. 

Confused? Do the math, champ! If you get a gift card worth $10 at a discounted price of $8, you get free $2, right?

25. Fresh Fries every time


Are you worried about the freshness of your fries? Then simply ask to make a salt-free batch for yourself, and you will probably get a fresh batch cooked.

Get a sachet of salt afterward, which is absolutely free at many outlets. Don’t mind the blank stares from the employee when you add salt after asking for no salt in your fries. 

26. Get a fresh patty as well


Now talking about fresh fries, let me share another hack where you can also enjoy a fresh patty. Simply customize your burger. 

Ask for a well-done or less-seasoned patty, and you will get a fresh one made only for you. You can also add more toppings.

Just add the word light with the toppings, and you probably won’t be charged extra for it, like light lettuce, light mayo, or light onions. 

27. Free food for employees

Now if you wish to earn some extra money and eat free Burger King as well, you can work at Burger King, and as a perk, many outlets provide a free meal to their employees.

Just pass the age criteria at BK and have a kind smile on your face – you are eligible for the job.

If I was not writing blogs, I would have probably worked here because who doesn’t love earning while getting free food? Interlink to at what age does BK hire

28. Get a whopper for $1

BK Whopper

Ordering whopper, then try this hack and save money. Instead of ordering BK’s whopper, order a bacon cheeseburger. 

Now customize the burger by adding mayo, light lettuce ( no extra charge), onions, pickles, and tomatoes, and you have your whopper just for a dollar. A must-try hack it is. 

29. Go for large-sized hash browns rather than small ones

BK Hash browns

Now listen very carefully because all this time, when you were ordering small hash browns from Burger King, you were actually getting ripped off.

 Don’t trust me? Go and check the Burger King website. Small hash browns will cost you $1, and medium-sized will cost you $1.69. 

Now check the calorie count. When the small-sized has around 280 kcal calories, the medium-sized has double the count and only for extra 69 cents.

 I mean, why do you want to miss the more quantity just for 69 cents? Think hard, bro!

30. Ice Cream float

Make your ice cream float at Burger King. Simply take your favorite flavor of ice cream and top it on your soda. Enjoy the cool and sweet combination at any BK outlet.

31. Coupon for free sandwich

BK Sandwich

Want a free BK sandwich? Make your first digital payment using the Burger King app and get a free sandwich coupon. Please note that the purchase should be at least $3 or more.  

32. Get Burger King straight to your car

What if I say that you can enjoy Burger King even if you are stuck in traffic? As per Babble Top’s YouTube video, Burger King can track your location and deliver the food directly to your car with the help of real-time data.

This started in Mexico City, famous for its long traffic and congestion.

33. Make Your Chicken Sliders

Chicken nuggets

Want to make quick and cheap chicken sliders? Run to your nearest grocery store and get slider buns. Now on your back home, stop at any Burger King outlet and get chicken nuggets.

Don’t forget the free sauces. Get your plate and put the chicken nuggets after dipping in the sauce between the buns and enjoy as many chicken sliders as possible at a low price. 


Without any doubt, Burger King has so many options to choose from, and when it comes to saving money, Burger King has so many options, from customization to super-saving hacks. 

Did you know that Burger King had a green salad on the menu, but it was discontinued later on? Many interesting facts and information about Burger King will definitely surprise you.

If you try any of the hacks and tips at Burger King, please share your insights. Until then, order some french toast sticks and have a lovely day ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King have free refills?

If you get a value drink while dine-in, you can get as many refills as you want without any extra cost.

Can I get free menu items from Burger King?

Many hacks can give you freebies or a good discount on the menu price. Simply follow burger King on social media and get regular updates.

Does Burger King allow customization on menu items?

Yes, you can customize any items of your choice at Burger King. 

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