Burger King Franchise Cost In 2024 (100% Real)

Burger King’s history unveils how successfully it has made a name in the fast food industry. Thus, due to its popularity, everyone wants to be associated with the brand by owning its franchise. But let’s see how much a Burger King franchise costs?

Burger King Franchise

To own a Burger King franchise, you must invest a minimum of $1,500,000. This includes basic Burger King franchise fees, location costs, royalty-free costs, equipment costs, wages, and more. 

There are over 7,000 Burger King franchises in the United States, and this number continues to grow. So, let’s learn more about the costs of owning a Burger King franchise and how to open one. 

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Burger King Store?

Burger King Franchise

The total investment needed to open a Burger King store is between $230,300 and $4,194,700, excluding real estate. This cost includes the basic franchise fee of $50,000.

However, if you plan to own more than one Burger King franchise, the cost of owning multiple franchises will increase. That’s because the basic franchise fee will be multiplied by the number of establishments you wish to own.

Additionally, the cost of opening a Burger King franchise also depends on the type of establishment you buy.

For example, if you plan to go the traditional way, the total investment needed to begin operation is between $1,877,600 and $3,398,600. 

However, if you set up your location inside another commerce (like a supermarket or a gas station), the initial investment is reduced to a rough estimate of $220,000 – $1,450,000. Thus, buying a franchise is a complex investment. 

Burger King Initial franchise fee by type of location:

  • Traditional Restaurant locations – $50,000
  • Non-traditional restaurant locations – minimum of $15,000 
  • Delivery Restaurant locations – $2,500

Look at the data in the table below to understand the cost of owning a Burger King franchise. It is taken from Burger King’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), dated 2022. 

Name of FeeLowHigh
Franchise Fee$2,500$50,000
Travel and Living Expenses while Training$7,500$25,000
Real Property/ Occupancy Charge$3,500$1,200,000
Civil & Architectural Drawings / Professional Fees$0$100,000
Zoning Expenses$0$25,000
Improvements / Construction$0$1,600,000
Decor Package$0$95,000
Signage & Drive-Thru$0$166,000
Pre-Opening Wages$27,500$67,100
Opening Inventory$5,000$12,000
Cash and Inventory Control System$35,000$110,000
Working Capital / Additional Funds$40,000$90,000
Business Licenses, Utility Deposits, Lease Deposits, and Payments$10,000$30,000
2-Story Interior PlaygroundN/A$245,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL*$230,000$4,194,700

Ongoing Costs To Run A Burger King Store

The Burger King franchise owner must pay the franchisor a Royalty Fee of 4.5% of gross sales and an Ad Fund Fee of 4%. As a result, 9.5% of franchised restaurant revenue will be directed to the franchisor’s bank account for ongoing service and marketing activities.

Additionally, investors that want to open more than one franchise unit (Multi-Unit Development Agreement) are entitled to a six-year royalty fee reduction. After that term, pass royalties are levied at an average rate of 4.5% of the restaurant’s gross sales.

Furthermore, the Ad Fund Fee is paid to the franchisor to cover advertising and promotion costs such as market research, sales promotions, public relations, media charges, and so on.

Thus, Burger King charges 4% of all restaurant sales. The franchisee must pay it for the term of the franchise agreement.

Lastly, Burger King also charges for the initial training. The investor must pay $7,500 for the first trainee and $3,000 for each successive trainee. Look at the Burger King franchise list of costs taken from Franchise Theory

Burger King franchise list of costs:

  • Initial Fee: $2,500 – $50,000
  • Initial Training Expenses: $7,500- $25,000
  • Real Property / Occupancy Charge: $3,500 – $1,200,000
  • Civil & Architectural Drawings / Professional Fees: $0 – $100,000
  • Zoning Expenses: $0 – $25,000
  • Real Estate Improvements: $0 – $1,600,000
  • Landscaping: $0 – $60,000
  • Work Equipment: $85,000 – $294,600
  • Décor Package: $0 – $95,000
  • Signage & Drive Thru: $0 – $166,000
  • Pre-Opening Wages: $27,500 – $67,100 
  • Opening Inventory: $5,000 – $12,000
  • Cash, Inventory Control and Order Taking System: $35,000 – $110,000
  • Insurance: $14,000 – $25,000
  • Licenses, Utility, Lease Deposits: $10,000 – $30,000
  • 2-Story Interior Playground: $0 – $245,000 
  • Working Capital (first three months): $40,000 – $90,000
  • Total Estimated Initial Investment: $230,000 – $4,194,700

Hidden Costs To Run A Burger King Store

Every business involves hidden costs to carry out various operations. So does Burger King. The hidden costs of running a Burger King franchise include landscaping, equipment, remodeling, signage and drive-thru, insurance, and support and training material.

Here’s an estimate of hidden costs involved to run a Burger King store:

  • Landscaping – $25,000 to $60,000
  • Equipment – $199,600 to $294,600
  • Decor – $45,000 to $95,000
  • Signage and Drive Thru – $66,000 to $166,000
  • Insurance – $14,000 to $25,000
  • Support and training material – $560 annually

Please note that all the hidden costs mentioned above are an average estimate. They are subject to change from time to time and location. 

How To Open A Burger King Franchise Store?

Burger King Franchise

Opening a Burger King franchise is a complex process. There are quite a few expectations of the company that need to be met by potential franchise owners.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in opening a franchise.

  1. Before going forward with the franchising process, the company seeks financially stable entrepreneurs who have business expertise and brand loyalty. Additionally, they should have a good understanding of the local market.
  2. Once the above criteria are met, interested parties must seek franchise information by contacting Burger King’s franchise development department or visit their official website
  3. The Burger King team will then organize an introductory meeting to allow the candidate to contact the franchising team. 
  4. The franchising team will work with the applicant to find a suitable restaurant site and establish their organization.
  5. The team will assist the franchisee with the grand opening after final approval.  

Can Anyone Open A Burger King Store?

No, not anyone can open a Burger King Store. To open a Burger King store, a person should have a minimum of $500,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $1,000,000.

Apart from meeting these financial requirements, the interested party must have previous restaurant experience or have experience of a successful business. 

Moreover, the owner must be result-focused. If the company finds the interested party lacking in these criteria, it will not give them a franchise to run. 

Why Are All Burger King Stores Franchise Owned?

Burger King

Burger King stores are franchise-owned as they are more beneficial for the company in growth and expansion. Burger King operated and franchised a total of 19,789 outlets globally in 2022. The great majority, 19,739, of these were franchised.

Only 50 company-operated units exist since franchised stores have gradually supplanted them over the last ten years. The majority of Burger King stores are franchise-owned as there are several advantages to it. Let’s take a look at these factors.

  1. Growth and Expansion: The franchising model allows Burger King to expand rapidly without significant investments. That’s because the franchisee put their money into opening and running the stores.
  2. Capital Allocation: As the franchises used their capital, Burger King could relocate its capital to strategic areas such as marketing, research and development, and innovation.
  3. Knowledge of Local Market: Franchises better understand the local market and customer preferences. Thus, it helps them to make successful business decisions.
  4. Self-Motivation of Franchises: Franchise owners have self-motivation to boost their restaurant sales. Thus, each franchise’s success contributes to the brand name’s overall success.
  5. Increased Efficiency: As the stakes of the business depends on the franchise owners, the overall performance output is much better.

How Much Does A Burger King Franchise Owner Make In A Year?

A Burger King franchise owner makes an average estimated profit of $175,630 a year. However, the potential earnings can vary significantly. The earnings depend on many factors, such as location, how well the business is run, associated expenses, and more.

Are you interested in owning a Burger King franchise? Our detailed article on how much a Burger King franchise owner makes will give you all the details you want. 

Is A Burger King Restaurant Always Profitable?


No, a Burger King restaurant, like any other business, is not guaranteed to be profitable. Several factors can impact a Burger King restaurant’s profitability, and success is not guaranteed.

One of the most important factors influencing the profitability of Burger King restaurants is the location. While a strategic high-footfall location will boost sales, a difficult-to-access location will not. 

Similarly, having a Burger King store where the demand for its goods is appreciated will lead to its success, and not otherwise. However, apart from the location, the restaurant’s operational efficiency also directly impacts how many customers visit the restaurant and, in turn, increases sales. 

Therefore, if a store lacks good customer service, doesn’t have proper staff, or doesn’t perform its overall operations well, it will not attract customers. Furthermore, the quality of food directly impacts the profits a restaurant makes.

With the ever-going fast food options, customers quickly turn to other restaurants if they don’t find the quality of food suitable. Thus, profitability is only guaranteed when consistent food quality is maintained.

Most importantly, competition also affects the success of a business. Thus, with upcoming restaurants nearby, franchise owners should be aware of their competition. In turn, they should take significant steps to stay ahead of the competition.  


Owning a Burger King franchise has a high cost. Apart from the significant capital investment needed to start a franchise, many other factors should be considered. These include the location, following operational guidelines, and being aware of your competition.  

It should be noted that while owning a Burger King franchise appeals to many, many have also shut down this year. This made everyone wonder whether Burger King is going out of business. However, it was due to franchisees’ failure as they declared bankruptcy. 

Thus, before investing in a Burger King franchise, have enough funds to carry out the business operations. That’s because various hidden costs are also involved in running a franchise. Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of running a successful business is keeping employees happy.

Thus, as a Burger King franchise owner, you must pay the employees well and at par with the competitors. Additionally, Burger King is known for paying its employees weekly and biweekly. Such measures are motivating and result in the overall success of the business.  

Lastly, Burger King also provides employee discounts to make their experience of working at the restaurant pleasurable. Therefore, if you plan to open a Burger King franchise, consider all these considerations for running a successful business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to open a Burger King franchise?

The estimated total investment needed to open a Burger King store is between $232,300 and $4,520,900, in all cases excluding real estate. This cost includes the basic franchise fee of $50,000.

Is opening a Burger King franchise easy?

No, opening a Burger King franchise is not easy. Many criteria must be met before the company considers potential owners to start a franchise.

Is running a Burger King restaurant consistently profitable?

No, a Burger King restaurant, like any other business, is not guaranteed to be profitable.

How many franchises does Burger King own?

Burger King franchised a total of 19,789 outlets globally in 2022. The great majority, 19,739, of these were franchised. Only 50 outlets were company-owned.

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