19 Best Burger King Deals 2024 That You Can Avail Right Now

We all love eating at Burger King because they offer a wide variety of delicious menu items! BK is also loved because they always come up with different deals and offers that cannot go unnoticed!

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Since the beginning, Burger King has announced many amazing deals each year that offer delicious menu items without burning a hole in your pocket. This year is also the same, as you have multiple deals to choose from. 

In 2023, there are several deals that Burger King has announced, like free any size fries with purchase, $22 ultimate bundle, $7 double whopper and small fries, $1 large fries, $1 large onion rings, 30 ultimate bundles, and 8 more deals like this.

You can avail of these amazing deals at selected Burger King restaurants (almost every store in the USA). Simply check online for the deal or call/visit your nearest outlet. 

Without any further stretch, allow me to take you through all these deals and how you can avail of them at your nearest Burger King store. Let’s get started!

 Burger King Deals Right Now


Burger King is offering various deals on their menu items that are a must-try. You can check the latest deals on the homepage of the official website under the section ‘offers’ and get all the information on the latest and exclusive deals. 

Currently, Burger King is offering the following deals –

  • Free any size fries with purchase
  • $22 Ultimate Bundle
  • $7 Double Whopper and Small Fries
  • $8 Small Impossible Whopper Meal
  • $7.49 Small Whopper Meal
  • $11.99 Small Whopper Meal For Two
  • $6.99 For Two Whopper Jr. Sandwiches And Two Small Fries
  • $4.49 9 pc. Chicken Nuggets And Large Fries
  • $5.50 Double Cheeseburger With Small Fries And Small Soft Drinks
  • $6.99 Snack Box
  • $1 Large Fries
  • $1 Large Onion Rings
  • $24 3 Whoppers With 3 Hamburgers And 3 Small Fries
  • $30 Ultimate Bundle  
  • $30 Bundle without Soft Drinks
  • $7.99 Two Original Chicken Sandwiches and Two Small Fries
  • $8.99 Bacon King and Small Fries
  • $7.99 Small Royal Crispy Chicken Meal
  • $7.99 Small Spicy Royal Crispy Chicken Meal

Let’s dive into each deal in detail and find out what it offers and its worth.

1. Free any size fries with purchase


You can get free fries of any size if you purchase a menu item from a BK outlet. I mean, this sounds so amazing but wait, as I tell you, how do you avail this? 

To get the free fries, you need to be a royal perk member at BK, and once a week, you can ask for your free fries of any size along with your order. Super amazing, isn’t it? 

I love this deal as it pays me back by being loyal to Bk. What about you? Go and get your free fries, as it is only valid until 30 June 2023. Also, you can get this amazing deal only on pickup, so drive your way to BK and get yourself a large fries. 

2. $22 Ultimate Bundle

Love BK’s whoppers? Want some chicken nuggets as well? Want to try the original chicken sandwich? Do it all together for just $22 and get two of each item.

 Now you know why it is called an ultimate bundle. It has everything one will love at BK. Go with your friend or a family member and enjoy two whoppers, two 8 pc of chicken nuggets, and two original chicken sandwiches.

Bet that you can eat all of the items alone? Try this amazing deal at BK just for $22, and thank me later. The offer is for a limited time, so what are you waiting for? Do not forget to register yourself on the BK app before availing of the deal.

3. $7 double whopper and small fries

double whopper and fries

As the name is self-explanatory, this deal will give you a double whopper along with small fries. I guess this is a stomach-filling deal at BK that will also satisfy your taste buds. 

The deal is valid for one per account and does not work with any other coupons or discounts. Like the free fries deal, this is also available only for pickup. 

If you get a double whopper separately, it will cost you $9.19, but this exclusive deal also gives you small fries for only $7. A real catch it is. Go for it, and let me know how your experience was. 

4. $8 small impossible whopper meal

Burger King has surprised their vegetarian fans with an impossible whopper, and now you can enjoy the exclusive impossible meal for just $8 at BK’s outlet. 

You can get the legit impossible whopper with small fries and drinks on the side. 

Offer available only during pickups. 

Super saving also as an impossible whopper alone will cost you more than $8, and here you get the small fries and drink again small, but it is almost free. When it comes to food math, I am Archimedes! Are you too?

5. $7.49 small whopper meal

small whopper meal

If a double whopper with small fries is too much for you, go for a small whopper meal for a slightly higher price.

This deal will get you a whopper, small fries, and a small drink. I guess it is enough if you want to treat yourself to a nice Burger King meal.

The terms and validity of this deal are similar to a $7 double whopper with small flies. You can avail of this only during pickups; the offer is for one per account. So far, this is my favorite deal of the year at Burger King. 

6. $11.99 small whopper meal for two

Give me $12, and I will treat two people with a great whopper meal at BK and return 1 cent too. I am not kidding because you can get a small whopper meal for two for just $11.99. 

In this exclusive deal, you and the second person can enjoy two whoppers, two small fries, and two small drinks. Great for a tasty and short meal break, isn’t it? 

Gentle Disclaimer – Offer available on pickup only!

7. $4.49 9 pc chicken nuggets and large fries

chicken nuggets and fries

Who does not love chicken nuggets at Burger King? To satisfy the carving without burning the pocket, Burger King has a new deal that offers 9 pieces of chicken nuggets for $4.49. 

Don’t worry, as I have double-checked on the website as well as confirmed with one of the employees of my nearest outlet as this deal is too good to be true! How much did you exactly save with this deal? More than $2. Pick up only, so don’t forget! 

8. $6.99 two whopper jr. sandwiches

Going along with little ones, then why don’t you try another amazing deal at BK? Just for $6.99, you can treat your kids to two whopper jr. sandwiches and two small fries. 

Enough for the little people to stuff their bellies. Burger King’s website says that this deal is only available for pickups, so on your way home, get some tasty surprises and enjoy the family fun and warmth.

Still not convinced? Go and check the actual price of a single whopper jr., and you will be more than satisfied.

9. $1 large onion rings

onion rings

Just like $1 large fries, you can get large onion rings for $1. BK is just making my mind go crazy. As such, there are great offers, and I am legit confused about which one to avail of. 

Onion rings (large) without this deal will cost you 3.99, so you know why this is pocket-friendly and stomach friendly too.

10. $6.99 snack box

Burger King is great for having snacks, and that is why BK has launched a $6.99 box. Wonder what is in this mysterious snack box? Cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets (8 pc), small drinks, and no snack time at BK are complete without fries, so you get small fries on the side. 

I just fixed my everyday snack time at BK with my friend because this deal is not for letting go! Pick yourself, and visit your nearest outlet to grab this exclusive snack box.

11. $5.50 double cheeseburger with small fries and small soft drinks


What? Can someone say it again? This amazing deal offers a double cheeseburger with small fries and a small soft drink on the side just for $5.50.

I will have my maximum number of lunches and dinners at BK if deals like this are going on! Super tasty combo with a super saving amount. It is for sure a great deal! No delivery, only self-pick-ups!

 12. $24 3 whopper with 3 hamburgers and 3 small fry

Planning to stay at home and eat with friends? Get an amazing deal delivered to your doorstep from Burger King. For just $24, you will get 2 whoppers, 3 hamburgers, and 3 small fries. Perfect for a small get-together or a movie night with your loved ones. 

Just stay in the cozy blanket because Burger King will get this to you without any further delay. Super saving and super filling! I can probably eat this all by myself. Don’t trust me? I can (with an affirmed tone)!!!

13. $1 large fries


It is not a typo, my dear reader, because Burger King is actually giving large fries for just $1. You are saving around $2.99 if you go for this exclusive offer. 

I am a super fan of BK fries; this offer is my paradise. A secret tip? Go for unsalted fries, and you will probably get a fresh batch of fries. Get salt as an extra item. 

14. $30 ultimate bundle

The ultimate deal at Burger King for the year 2023 is here. Only available for delivery, this bundle offers you two whoppers, 2 OCS (original chicken sandwich), 16 pcs of chicken nuggets, and not one but two small fries with two soft drinks (small). 

Great value for great food, isn’t it? Order this through the BK app and enjoy some love from BK at home, workplace, or anywhere in the US (exceptions applied). 

15. $30 Bundle Without Soft Drinks

If you like the previous bundle, but would not want to spend on soft drinks, Burger King has a better offer which is also a $ 30 bundle. With this bundle, you get 4 whole whopper sandwiches, 3 hamburgers, and also 2 portions of small fries! This deal, however, is only available for delivery.

16. $7.99 Two Original Chicken Sandwiches and Two Small Fries

Burger King has deals for every mood of yours! If one fine day you would like to enjoy their crispy chicken sandwich instead of their classic whopper, here is a lovely deal that you should not miss! Just for $7.99, you will get to enjoy two of their original chicken sandwiches, along with two small fries, making it the perfect meal for two!

17. $8.99 Bacon King and Small Fries

This deal is available for pick-up only, but is sure a lovely deal to avail! With this deal, you can enjoy a lovely meal by yourself, and not just any burger, but a Burger King classic, which is the Bacon King! This lovely burger and fries meal will surely leave you full and utterly satisfied.

18. $7.99 Small Royal Crispy Chicken Meal

In the mood for another Burger King classic? You can enjoy a delicious small royal crispy chicken meal from Burger King, which includes a soft drink, and a portion of small fries!

19. $7.99 Small Spicy Royal Crispy Chicken Meal

Lastly, taking the previous deal up a notch, you can find the exact same sides for the same price, with a spicy royal crispy chicken sandwich in place of the regular one! This meal, just like the previous one, is only available for pick up.

How To Avail Latest Burger King Deals?

Burger King

I know that many deals at BK must have excited you, and you can’t wait to try all of them. To avail of any deal at Burger King, you must register on the BK app or website first. The next step is to add the coupon and place your order. 

Many deals are only available for pickups and not delivery, so you can visit your nearest BK outlet and order the same. If placing your order online, visit the BK app or website, and under the ‘offers’ section, you can find all the latest deals going on.

Select one of the deals, and you can add more items and get the discounted total amount.

Free fries are only applicable if you are a royal perk member. You can get yourself a membership by registering under the royal perk membership at the BK app or website. Royal perk membership helps you earn points and redeem other discounts.

Another important piece of information is that you can avail a single Burger King deal per account per day. All the deals are limited for a while, and you can check the details on the official website or app. 

Burger King also offers various rewards. Check our dedicated blog on how many rewards you can avail yourself of at once. 

Does Burger King Still Have a 2 for $5 Deal?

2 for $5

Burger King launched a 2-for $5 deal in 2022 under mix-match meals. The deal allowed the customers to choose any 2 items from the 4 – Big King Sandwich, Fish Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich, and Single Quarter Pound King Sandwich.

The deal was for sure a banger but discontinued as it was only for a limited time. 

Does Burger King Still Have 2 For $6 Deal?

2 for $10

The 2 for $6 deal was announced just after BK discontinued the 2 for $5 deal, and this was a much better and super-saving deal. 

One could choose between two options: Whopper Sandwich, Impossible Whopper Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish Sandwich, and Chicken Fries (9-piece). 

Without any doubt, people loved it, but soon, it was taken down as it was a limited-time affair. 

Does Burger King Still Have 2 For $10 Deal?


Another amazing offer at BK back in 2022 was 2 for $10 deal where you could choose your choice of two featured entrées: Italian Original Chicken Sandwich, Whopper, Impossible™ Whopper, Big Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, or 9 pc. 

The deal also offered Chicken Fries with two small fries and two small drinks. I am petitioning to get this back as this is a super amazing and pocket-friendly deal. 

Does Burger King Have A Dollar Menu?


Yes, Burger King has a dollar menu; you can order online or dine at the nearest BK Outlet. As per Go Banking rates, the dollar menu items at BK for 2023 have the following items –

  • $1 Soft Serve Cup or Cone
  • $1 Large Fries on the BK app and website
  • $1 Large Onion Rings on the BK app and website
  • $1 French Toast Sticks
  • $1 Small Hash Browns
  • $1 Sausage Biscuit

 Does Burger King Have Family Bundles Too?


Burger King has many family bundles that are on the menu items. Currently, at BK, you can get a family bundle for just $15, where you can mix and match selected menu items. 

You have the option to select any two burgers from Big King, Single Quarter Pound King, Original Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish, and Single Impossible King. 

Along with the two items, you can choose small drinks (two) and 2 sides option between small onion rings and small fries. 


I am sure the moment you read about the latest BK deals; you were surprised and hungry too. Similar to these amazing deals, BK also has breakfast deals for the early birds.

You can also avail of great discounts apart from the listed deals through BK’s exclusive coupons while placing the order. 

Did you know that there is National Burger Day as well, and on this occasion, Burger King surely has something special for every burger lover?

I hope I could help you with amazing offers and deals that also suit your stomach and pockets. I will be back with more information like this. Until then, get your royal perk membership for free fries once a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the current deals at Burger King?

Currently, Burger King is offering free size fries with purchase, $22 ultimate bundle, $7 double whopper and small fries, $7 small whopper meal, $8 small impossible whopper meal, $11.99 small whopper meal for two, $6.99 two whopper jr. sandwiches and two small fries, $4.49 9 pc chicken nuggets, and large fries, $5.50 double cheeseburger with small fries and small soft drinks, $6.99 snack box, $1 large fries, $1 large onion rings, $24 3 whoppers with 3 hamburgers and 3 small fries, and $30 ultimate bundle. 

Is free fries a real thing at BK?

Yes, you can get free fries of any size if you are a royal perk member. With any purchase, you can get this amazing offer once a week. 

Does BK have family bundles too?

Yes, Burger King has a family bundle for $15 that offers any choice of two burgers from Big King, Single Quarter Pound King, Original Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish, or Single Impossible King, along with a choice of small drinks (two) and 2 sides option between small onion rings and small fries. 

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