What Are Burger King Crown Nuggets & Why Burger King Discontinued Them?

Burger King Chicken Nuggets have been a popular item on the menu. Four pieces of chicken nuggets cost only $1.19. Witnessing their popularity, Burger King launched Crown Nuggets but soon discontinued them. Let’s find out more about them.

Burger King Crown Nuggets

Burger King Crown Nuggets were plain chicken nuggets shaped like crowns. Their shape attracted many customers, and they especially appealed to kids. However, Burger King discontinued them because they were thought too kid-friendly.

Thus, instead of them, Burger King offered regular chicken nuggets that visually appealed to all age groups. The chicken nuggets are the best items that you can buy to date. But for now, let’s learn more about the Crown Nuggets that became popular among customers.

What Were Burger King Crown Nuggets?

crown nuggets

Burger King Crown Nuggets were bite-sized, regal crown-shaped white meat chicken pieces that paid tribute to the brand’s motif. They were fried in a homestyle seasoned breading that made for a crispy and pocket-friendly snack. 

These nuggets were a part of the Burger King Menu available to customers between 2006 and 2011. After that, these nuggets were discontinued from the menu. 

However, to everyone’s surprise, the Crown Nuggets have been one of many items that disappeared. Burger King has previously offered many items that have appealed to customers but removed them for various reasons. 

If we look at the history of Burger King, the brand has worked hard to innovate its menu. Time and again, it has upgraded its menu items depending on the competition in the market. Such measures have helped the growth of the brand.

When Did Burger King Launch Crown Nuggets?

Burger King launched Crown Nuggets in 2006. But they were a part of the Burger King menu for only six years. Burger King discontinued them after that.

The Crown Nuggets were a unique item launched by Burger King. They were made from white meat and had a crispy outer coating. According to the chain, their crown shape made them “perfect for dipping.”

Why Did Burger King Stop Making Their Crown Nuggets?

Burger King Crown Nuggets

Burger King stopped making the Crown Nuggets because they were thought too kid-friendly. Another theory suggests that it was simply a part of the company’s regular menu change-ups.

There wasn’t any official statement provided by the brand regarding the discontinuation of Crown Nuggets. However, two theories point out what the reason could have been. 

The first theory suggested that the shape of the Crown Nuggets seemed like Burger King created the product for only kids. Thus, it only worked with customers of some age groups. The crown shape was a great way to add a sense of play for kids during mealtime and a great marketing tactic. 

The second theory suggests that Burger King has occasionally discontinued many items from the menu, just like the Crown Nuggets. For example, they launched Satisfries. Burger King launched them to be a healthier alternative to regular fries. However, people didn’t appreciate them. 

Satisfries came loaded with calories. Moreover, they were expensive. Similarly, they launched donut holes. But they were discontinued because people didn’t like them. The same reason holds for the Crown Nuggets. The list is long, and you may have missed a few items unknowingly. 

However, Burger King also tends to bring back some popular items for a limited time. So, watch out for Burger King’s Crown Nuggets; you never know, they may make a comeback.

Do Crown Nuggets Taste Different From Regular Nuggets?

Yes, Burger King Crown Nuggets had a different taste from regular nuggets. They had a more savory taste owing to the seasoned breading. Thus, customers found them better than regular chicken nuggets.

Moreover, they were crispier on the outside and tender on the inside compared to the regular nuggets. Please take a look at what customers said about them. 

A Redditor shared, “Man, those were the best bk nuggets; were the only ones I would eat; I wouldn’t eat McDonald’s nuggets.” A finger food steeped in nostalgia for many, this much-lauded snack also suddenly disappeared. Says another mourner of this loss, “UUUGGGHHH…. I’m drooling just thinking about them…they were so delicious. Truly better times for Burger King.”

Another one said, “When I arrived at Burger King that day, I got a surprise. The nuggets had a new shape. I popped one into my mouth. The taste had changed. It was an odd mix between Wendy’s and McDonald’s chicken nuggets. My soul has been crushed. My only favorite food from an untasteful restaurant ruined.”

Likewise, plenty of tweets have also mourned the loss of the beloved menu offering. Also, a 2017 petition on Change.org was filed asking for the return of the Crown Nuggets. 

A user on Twitter wrote: “I miss the old Burger King Crown nuggets. They were in competition with McD’s.”

Another user wrote: “DUUUUDE those Burger King crown nuggets hit DIFFERENT.”

“Those Burger King crown nuggets were elite,” shared a third one.

If you have missed these delicious nuggets, don’t be disheartened. Burger King still serves equally good chicken nuggets. Why don’t you check out Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets reviews to learn more about them? 

Which Nuggets Were Healthier: Crown Nuggets Or Regular Nuggets?

Burger King Crown Nuggets

Crown Nuggets were equally healthy as the regular Burger King Chicken Nuggets are. However, as with any other fast food, eating them in moderation is advisable. 

Like the chicken nuggets available today, Burger King made their Crown Nuggets with white meat chicken pieces. These were battered in a homestyle seasoning and breaded to achieve their impeccable texture. Thus, both the nuggets were a good source of protein. 

However, now that the Crown Nuggets are not available, you can enjoy Burger King’s regular Chicken Nuggets in their place. 

Did Burger King Fans Like The Nuggets Shape Change?

Yes, Burger King fans liked the shape change from regular nuggets to Crown Nuggets. Many were disappointed when Burger King discontinued them. They still miss them and await their return.

Burger King Crown Nuggets were a loved item from the menu for their shape and taste. However, the marketers underestimated the long-standing appeal of the Crown Nuggets. 

While the company makes regular menu changes, no one expected that everyone would miss Crown Nuggets so much. Let’s look at some customers’ reviews to see what they say about the shape change. 

A survey by Burger King on Twitter, asking its customers whether they’d like to bring their Crown Nuggets back, received a surprising response. Fifty-six percent of the respondents said they’d like to see the product return.

A Twitter user wrote, “This is crazy. I was just talking about these to my friend two days ago. I loved getting the crown nuggets when I was a kid.” 

Another user who made a Twitter account to start a petition to bring the Crown Nuggets back shared: “This is the reason I made this account last year. Please bring them back!!!!”  

Many others wrote, “Bring them back.”

Likewise, Burger King posted a video on TikTok showing someone using a crown-shaped cookie cutter to cut out their own “DIY” version of the nugget. The video’s caption read, “didn’t realize the crown-shaped nuggets broke so many hearts.”

The comments on this video also made clear how much people have missed the shape. “Just bring back the Crown Nuggets, and everyone would be happy,” one user commented. 

Another viewer said that the cookie-cutter method is “not the same.” A third person showed his disappointment at the discontinuation of crown nuggets’ writing: “It all went downhill after you all got rid of them. They were GOATED.

Will Burger King Ever Re-Introduce The Crown Nuggets?

Burger King Crown Nuggets

Yes, Burger King may re-introduce the Crown Nuggets. They made a comeback after ten years for a limited time in 2021. Thus, we can expect them to be re-introduced yet again.

The Crown Nuggets did make a brief comeback as part of a limited market test at selected locations in Miami in May 2021. Customers could enjoy them for $1.49 per 10-piece order, BK told CNN.

Remember that fast food brands return their popular menu items upon customer demands. Thus, they may get around the Crown Nuggets, too. However, until they reappear on the menu, you can enjoy Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets that are equally good

Can You Make These Crown-Shaped Nuggets At Your Home?

Yes, you can make Burger King Crown Nuggets at home. They will taste the same and also make for a fun DIY meal. 

You can make the famous Crown Nuggets home by following the Burger King Chicken Nuggets recipe. To achieve their signature shape, you can take the help of crown-shaped cutters. These nuggets are sure to be a hit among kids! 


Now you know what Burger King’s Crown Nuggets are. These delectable snacks have been a hit among customers. They briefly returned after a decade-long hiatus in 2021, and we still hope they reappear. 

But till then, many more nugget varieties have made customers happy. For example, Burger King launched the Spicy Nuggets that became popular among customers who enjoyed spicy food. 

Similarly, Burger King introduced Vegan Chicken Nuggets for vegans and vegetarians. Do you know that Burger King also launched Ghost Pepper Nuggets, which has received good reviews? 

The fast-food giant has undoubtedly tried to impress its customers by re-inviting its menu. But there are other areas of focus. To cater to their loyal customer base, Burger King also gives away some unique accessories; you can buy the Burger King Crown and feel like a king! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Burger King Crown Nuggets?

Burger King Crown Nuggets were plain chicken nuggets that came in the shape of a crown.

Are Burger King Crown Nuggets still available?

No, Burger King Crown Nuggets are not available now. They were a part of the menu from 2006 to 2011. They also made a limited-time comeback in 2021.

Can we make Burger King Crown Nuggets at home?

Yes, you can make Burger King Crown Nuggets at home.

Do Burger King Crown Nuggets taste like Burger King regular Chicken Nuggets?

According to customers, Burger King Crown Nuggets tasted better than Burger King’s regular Chicken Nuggets.

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