Burger King Coupons & Promotion 2024 For Heavy Discounts

Burger King is already a budget-friendly place to get amazing food. But what makes it even more affordable is its deals and coupons. Today, I’ll tell you the best coupon codes and promotions you can use in 2024.

Burger King Coupons & Promotions

But what exactly are coupon codes? Looking through its history, we can see that Burger King has advocated different advertising methods to capture the attention of their customers; undoubtedly, coupon codes are one of them. 

One of the most convenient ways to know about Burger King’s coupon codes is to visit their official app or website. There are particular coupon codes for certain deals that you can easily avail. 

For example, by applying a coupon code, you could get 2 Chicken Croissan’wich just for $3.45 or 3 Hershey Sunday pies for $8.80. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other than this, certain affiliated websites also offer coupons and promo codes for the Burger King app.

Who doesn’t love to save some of their money? I do! So if you are keen to know about all the current Burger King coupon codes and some amazing promotions, keep reading.

Does Burger King Have Physical Paper Coupons?

Burger King Coupons & Promotions

Not anymore! Burger King doesn’t have physical paper coupons anymore. 

Burger King was known for its paper coupons. However, in October 2022, the fast food chain called off its physical coupon policy. One reason for this change is to increase the number of people using its app. 

However, the CEO has explained that this move has been taken as the number of people who use paper coupons has reduced over time. Younger generations especially prefer a more convenient way of digital code. 

This step from Burger King doesn’t receive an overall positive response. Burger King coupon is something everybody loves regardless of their age.

Also, there is a popular opinion that elderly people who aren’t accustomed to technology might not be able to enjoy the perks of the digital coupon as they were doing with the physical one. 

Current Burger King Promo Codes

Burger King Coupons & Promotions

Burger King has a very delicious menu! But did you know you could get some of your favorite items from Burger King at a discounted price? You only need to download the Burger King app and use a suitable coupon code. 

Given below are some of the current Burger King coupon codes and deals. If you plan to order via the app, don’t forget to apply any of these before checkout to avail a discount!

All of these codes apply only to the Burger King app, and there could be changes in price and items included over time.

Besides these codes and deals, you could also avail of promo codes from different online sites and apply them in the Burger King app while checking out your menu.

1 For 1 Deal

Coupon CodePrice Items Included
AE 2$3.452 Chicken Croissan’wich
AE 5$6.752 BK Nuggets (9 pieces)
AE 6$4.202 Onion Rings (L)

$8.80 Deals 

Coupon CodePriceItems Included
AE 3$8.80Chicken sausage, Croissan’wich with egg, Fish croissan’wich, and 2 Minute Maid Refresh Orange
AE 7$8.803 Hershey Sunday Pie
AE 8$8.80Double plant-based whopper, Coke Zero
AE 9$8.80Double Mushroom Swiss, Double Fish Burger
AE 10$8.80Long Chicken, BK Nuggets (6 pieces), BBQ Chicken Burger
AE 11$8.80Long Chicken, Hershey’s Sunday Pie, Onion ring (M), and Coke Zero (S)

$12.80 Deals 

Coupon Codes Price Items Included
AE 4$12.80 Turkey Ham Croissan’wich with eggs, Turkey Ham & Cheese platter, and 2 Minute Maid Refresh Orange
AE 13$12.80 Whopper Jr, Spicy chicken king, Onion Ring(M), Hershey Sunday Pie, 2 Coke Zero

$18.80 Deals 

Coupon Code Price Items Included
AE 15$18.80Long chicken, Spicy Chicken King, Fish Burger, BK Nuggets, Hershey’s Sunday Pie, 2 Fries (M), and 3 Coke Zero.

All of these codes apply only to the Burger King app, and there could be changes in price and items included over time. Besides these codes and deals, you could also avail of promo codes from different online sites and apply them in the Burger King app while checking out your menu.

How Many Coupons Can You Use At Burger King At Once?

Burger King Coupons & Promotions

You can only use 1 coupon code per order. However, some coupon codes in the app can be used multiple times. Hence while ordering through the app, click on the coupon code option to see whether you can use it more than once. 

Are Coupons & Deals The Same Thing?

No. Coupon codes and deals are two different things. Coupon codes often refer to certain digits or alphabets given in a particular order, which gives you a particular discount when applied at the right place. This has to be taken care of by the customer. 

On the other hand, a deal is a discounted price on an item. Deals will often be visible on the menu card itself, and you do not need to enter any special coupons to avail of a particular deal. 


Now that you have read about Burger King’s coupon and promo code, it’s time to get some food. All of us tend to go to Burger King for lunch and dinner, But I think Burger King has one of the best breakfast options!

So if you haven’t had a Croissan’wich yet, it’s the ideal time to have one. Other than these coupon codes, Burger King also has some amazing deals. Talking about deals and coupons reminds me of BK’s National Burger day deals! Haven’t If you haven’t heard of it, head to our website for an informed read!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you get offers on Burger King?

One can avail offers from Burger King by using different coupons and promo codes.

Does Burger King app have coupons?

Yes. Burger King app offers different coupon codes for its customers.

How many coupon codes can you use at Burger King?

At Burger King, you can use only one coupon code at a time.

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