Burger King To Continue Their Business In Russia

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With war comes loss, be it personal, economical, etc. Due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, several businesses are getting affected. Many brands have stood up against the aggressor, Russia, and have temporarily suspended their business within the country.

Burger King Russia

In recent news, International food brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, etc., have decided to suspend business in Russia for the time being. Many of these brands have decided to keep on paying their employees, regardless of the suspension of business, not to make them suffer due to the aggressor’s fault.

Straying further away from peer pressure, Burger King has continued to run their business in Russia. As per Yahoo! Finance, Burger King isn’t planning on suspending their business in the country.

Killing two birds with one stone, Burger King has managed to support Ukraine amidst this whole conflict without stopping their business in Russia. In a very in-your-face-Russia move, Burger King will now be donating all its profits from the Russian location for Ukraine relief funds.

This was reported by Burger King’s parent company, “Restaurant Brands International.”The company, along with this, will be donating $4 million to support refugees and will be offering “$2 million worth of Whopper meal vouchers for Ukrainian refugees” throughout Europe.

Not only this, but the RBI has decided to stop promoting, advertising, and corporate-supporting its Russian locations. Hence, the franchise owners in Russia would be forced to do the marketing, financing ingredients, etc., on their own, without any help from Burger King.

Burger King has also decided to pull out all of its investments from the country and will continue to do so temporarily. All of these support gestures for Ukraine by Burger King have shut many mouths who initially criticized the company’s decision to keep on operating in Russia.

All we hope for now is things get better and more peaceful between Russia and Ukraine. Feeding your greed and invoking violence is never the answer. The sooner Russia understands this; the better things will get for the country!

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