Burger King Chicken Sandwich Vs. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich | Which Is Better?

Chicken sandwiches are one of the most popular fast-food options out there. Many wonder if Burger King’s chicken sandwich is better than Popeyes’. So, in this article, we will look at who is the winner in the battle of Burger King Chicken Sandwich Vs. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich! 

Burger King Chicken Sandwich vs Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

In the battle of these two classic chicken sandwiches, Popeyes has to be the clear winner. 

Many factors make this sandwich better than the Burger King counterpart, which we have discussed further. 

Lately, you can find chicken sandwiches at every fast food restaurant. Burger King is not known for their chicken per se but rather for their flame-grilled beef sandwiches. However, with the demand for chicken sandwiches, Burger King has done their best to perfect the recipe. 

Now, Burger King’s chicken sandwich is considered to be one of the best, as it is also well priced, just like the rest of Burger King’s menu prices. However, how well does it compare with the pioneer of chicken, Popeyes? Let us look at all the factors that give us a clear winner! 

Burger King Chicken Sandwich Vs. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

So, let the battle of the two chicken sandwiches begin! Below you will find several criteria based on which we will conclude which sandwich is the winner.

Which Chicken Sandwich Has Better Ingredients? 

Which sandwich has better ingredients

We will begin this comparison with the essential aspect of both chicken sandwiches: the ingredients. So, here is a table that compares the ingredients used in both these chicken sandwiches. 

IngredientsBurger KingPopeyes
BunBrioche BunBrioche Bun
Chicken100 % White Chicken Breast, Seasoned and BreadedChicken filet coated with buttermilk, and fried to perfection
ExtrasFresh Lettuce and Ripe TomatoesBarrel-cured Pickles
SaucesMayonnaiseSpicy Mayonnaise

1. Bun

As you can see from the table above, both Popeyes and Burger King use a standard brioche bun to make their chicken sandwich. Brioche buns are rich in flavor and complement the chicken filet well. So, there is no comparison here. 

2. Chicken

The chicken is what makes this sandwich as delicious as it is! Popeyes is known for its southern fried chicken, and hence they took a classic approach of buttermilk marinated chicken filet. The buttermilk makes the filet tender and gives it a lot of flavor. 

Moreover, since Popeyes specializes in fried chicken, it is evident that there are very slim chances of them going wrong with this sandwich. On the other hand, Burger King has taken a breaded approach with their chicken sandwich. 

This chicken filet is also pretty flavorful. Plus, you have to give it to Burger King to develop a great fried chicken filet since that differs from their specialty. However, the one from Popeyes has been termed as more juicy and flavorful, all thanks to the buttermilk! 

3. Extras

This is another integral part of a chicken sandwich and can make or break the sandwich. Both Burger King and Popeyes have gone for a simple approach, keeping the toppings minimal. 

While Burger King’s combination of tomatoes and lettuce is excellent, the barrel-aged pickles from Popeyes add much more flavor. Hence, these pickles are the better topping. 

4. Sauces

Yet again, Burger King has kept their approach as simple as possible by keeping the sauce option for this sandwich as mayonnaise. While many people love this combination, the one from Popeyes has won more hearts simply because of the flavor the spicy mayo adds. 

Winner – Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is the winner in this round. 

Which Chicken Sandwich Has A Better Taste? 

Which chicken sandwich has a better taste

This is a tough choice since flavor and taste can be very subjective. But there are still a few ways to compare the two, to decide which is better. We have discussed the ingredients already, but what do each do for the individual chicken sandwiches? 

Firstly, the whole of Burger King’s chicken sandwich is made with standardized ingredients. The brioche bun is soft, and the crispy filet is seasoned with a perfect breading on the outside.

The lettuce and tomato cut through the greasiness of the chicken, and the mayonnaise adds a creamy finish. On the other hand, the Popeyes chicken sandwich has comparatively more extravagant ingredients.

The fact that the chicken is buttermilk marinated already makes it juicier than the breaded filet counterpart. Moreover, the pickles have a flavor that compliments the chicken, spicy mayonnaise, and bun pretty well. 

Winner – Popeyes Chicken Sandwich wins again, as the ingredients have individual flavors, which add a lot to the chicken filet. 

Which Chicken Sandwich Is More Affordable? 

Which sandwich is more affordable

Let us compare the prices of both these chicken sandwiches, with a table to make it easier. 

Chicken SandwichPrice
Burger King$ 6.09
Popeyes$ 5.99

These prices may change based on location. However, this is the standard that you can expect everywhere. As you can see, there is barely any difference in the prices of these two chicken sandwiches. 

A difference of 10 cents is probably because of the one extra ingredient that Burger King adds to their chicken sandwiches. However, based on all the components, both sandwiches are almost on par with each other regarding affordability. 

Winner – It’s a tie, as their prices are barely different. 

Which Chicken Sandwich Is Healthier? 

Sandwiches CaloriesCarbohydratesProteinFatSaturated FatSugarSodium
Burger King Chicken Sandwich497 kcal43.8 g21.3 g26.6 g2.5 g4 g1092 mg
Popeyes Chicken Sandwich700 kcal50 g28 g42 g14 g8 g1765 mg
  • Calories – The chicken sandwich from Popeyes is much higher in calories than from Burger King.
  • Carbohydrates – Although the difference is low, Popeyes chicken has more carbohydrates. This is even though the chicken is breaded at Burger King. 
  • Protein – Here, Popeyes wins as the chicken has more protein, which is excellent. 
  • Fat – Popeyes chicken sandwich is much higher in fat, possibly because of the buttermilk. 
  • Saturated Fat – The saturated fat content for the chicken sandwich from Popeyes is alarmingly high compared to the one from Burger King. 
  • Sugar – Although you would not expect these sandwiches to have too much sugar, the sandwich from Popeyes manages to have a slightly higher content of the same. 
  • Sodium – Both sandwiches have a high sodium content, but the one from Popeyes is loaded with extra sodium. 

Winner – In this round, Burger King is the clear winner as their chicken sandwich is far healthier than the one from Popeyes. 

Who Has The Better Chicken Sandwich – Burger King Or Popeyes? 

Which is the winner

Now that we have compared the two sandwiches based on various criteria, we can choose a winner. Although it is a tough decision, as both have advantages, the chicken sandwich from Popeyes wins this battle. 

Yes, in terms of nutrition, it could be a better option. However, when the flavor and ingredients of this sandwich are compared with that of Burger King, Popeyes indeed has done a better job. But kudos to Burger King here. 

Although chicken is not their specialty, they have worked hard on the recipe. This is why the chicken sandwich from Burger King comes in the same league as that from Popeyes, a place known for serving delicious chicken! 


As we have reached the end of this battle, I hope it has helped you decide which sandwiches are the better choice, all for valid reasons. The two sandwiches are excellent in their way and on par with each other. 

However, no one can beat Popeyes OG regarding fried chicken! If you are interested in more fast-food burger battles, you should look at these articles on Big Mac vs. Whopper, Whopper vs. Whopper Jr., and Whopper vs. Quarter Pounder

These will help you decide which of these you must try first! Let me know in the comments which of these sandwiches you think is better, and I will see you next time! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which sandwich has better ingredients? 

Popeyes chicken sandwich has fancier ingredients than the ones used at Burger King. 

Which sandwich has a better flavor? 

Although this is a tough call, the flavors of the Popeyes chicken sandwich complement each other much better. 

Which chicken sandwich is healthier? 

Burger King’s chicken sandwich is healthier than the one from Popeyes. 

Which sandwich wins as the better sandwich? 

Popeyes chicken sandwich wins as the better sandwich, based on all criteria. 

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