Burger King Chicken Sandwich Review | Is It Any Good?

Burger King is known for its vast range of options on its menu, including various meat options. One such option on their menu which customers highly appreciate is their Chicken sandwich. In this post, we will review the Burger King chicken sandwich and find out if it is any good! 

Is Burger King Chicken Sandwich Any Good?

Burger King’s chicken sandwich is made with a few simple ingredients and is loved by all customers. This chicken sandwich has received excellent customer reviews due to its flavor and texture. 

Unlike other fast food chains, Burger King is known for serving excellent quality food at very reasonable prices. Some of the menu items from Burger King are different from any other. 

The chicken sandwich is undoubtedly a part of this list. Here, we will look at this sandwich, from its ingredients to much more! 

What Is Burger King Chicken Sandwich Made Of? 

Ingredients used to make burger King chicken sandwich

We will be exploring all about the chicken sandwich from Burger King. But before we get to what people say about this sandwich, it is essential to know what happens. So, here are the ingredients used to make the classic Burger King chicken sandwich. 

  1. Lightly breaded fried chicken patty
  2. Crispy Lettuce
  3. Mayonnaise
  4. Sesame seed bun

There are also variations of this sandwich that you can find in many places, like a Mexican Original Chicken sandwich and also an Italian Original Chicken sandwich. These have a few ingredients that vary from the original recipe but are equally delicious. 

Burger King Chicken Sandwich Review | Is It Any Good? 

Burger king chicken sandwich review

Reviews help us decide whether or not the sandwich is worth spending the money on, so what is the Burger King Sandwich review that most people have? 

Firstly, since Burger King has brought about various versions of the chicken sandwich, there needs to be clarity about which one we mainly refer to. Here, we will speak of the original chicken sandwich with an elongated shape, not the Ch’King or crispy sandwich. 

The original chicken sandwich is as simple as it gets since the number of ingredients is minimal. But, for most people, that makes this sandwich stand out. YouTubers like “Peep THIS Out” have some great things to say about the sandwich, as do platforms like Thrillist. 

Besides that, the bun is soft, and the patty is crispy, making a perfect balance of textures. The rest of the ingredients are simple: lettuce and mayonnaise. The lettuce is crunchy, and the mayonnaise is perfectly creamy. 

The chicken sandwich is also not dry as most people claim on Quora, as they spread mayonnaise on both the top and the bottom bun. All in all, most people on Quora and influencers on YouTube have said that the sandwich is worth the money, and so are its variations. 

How Healthy Is Burger King Chicken Sandwich? 

First, let us look at the nutritional values of this sandwich to get a clear idea of how healthy the original chicken sandwich from Burger King is.

Menu ItemCaloriesTotal FatCarbohydratesProteinSodiumSugarCholesterol
Original Chicken Sandwich682 Kcal39.3 mg63.4 g23.5 mg1381.5 mg7.7 g65 mg

As you can see in the table above, the Original chicken sandwich from Burger King is a little high in calories. Moreover, even the fat content is slightly elevated, mainly because the chicken is fried and because of the mayonnaise.

This sandwich is undoubtedly not the healthiest thing on the Burger King menu, but it can be enjoyed occasionally. Moreover, if you are conscious about your health and want to be aware of allergies, consider whether Burger King has Gluten-free buns before you visit!

Is Burger King Chicken Sandwich Better Than Popeyes Chicken Sandwich? 

Is Burger King chicken sandwich better than popeyes

Popeyes has been around for ages as one of the best fast food chains to indulge in Southern fried chicken and more. Although Burger King does not primarily specialize in chicken, they have come far with their experiments too. 

Coming to the primary factors of the sandwich, like buns and chicken, there are a few things that can be reflected. Firstly, Burger King uses a sesame seed bun, whereas Popeyes uses a classic Brioche bun. For most people who have taken up this taste test of comparisons, both sesame seeded bun, and brioche bun do the trick just as well. 

The chicken-to-breading ratio at Burger King is also excellent, which gives it a perfect crunch. It is something that most people did not expect Burger King to master, but they are also glad that they did! So yes, it is an obvious tie between the two sandwiches for many other people on the internet and me. 

They are both excellent in their way. This is, however, just the gist of the comparison. If you would like a more detailed analysis and comparison of the two, make sure to have a look at Burger King Chicken Sandwich Vs. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich


The chicken sandwich from Burger King may not have been their best menu item for years together. But Burger King has undoubtedly worked extremely hard to make the best version of this sandwich, which is not popular. 

Although people have had some issues with the previous versions of this sandwich, the current Chicken sandwich from Burger King is almost perfect in terms of flavor and texture. It can easily be compared with chicken sandwiches from other fast-food restaurant chains. 

Lately, Burger King has been offering many new and exciting options on their menu, which many people love. If you want honest reviews, check out articles on Burger King Tacos Review and Burger King Ghost Pepper Nuggets Review for more clarity. In the comments below, let me know what you think of the original chicken sandwich from Burger King! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Burger King Chicken sandwich any good?

Yes, most people who reviewed the sandwich did think that it was excellent in terms of flavor and textures too. 

Is Burger King’s chicken sandwich healthy? 

This sandwich has a few unhealthy aspects, but it is okay if eaten in moderation. 

Are there other versions of this Original chicken sandwich? 

Yes, there are Italian and Mexican versions of this sandwich as well. 

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