Every Burger King Celebrity Meal Till Now

Ever since its starting in 1954, Burger King has been joining hands with some of the world’s most renowned celebrities to promote and advertise their menu. This was a great way to reach a wider audience. However, it was only recently they introduced the celebrity meals!

Classic examples of Burger King celebrity meals include Chase Hudson meal, Larisa Machado meal, and Cornell Haynes Jr. meal. 

These meals have been released as a part of their “Keep It Real Meals.” In addition, Burger King’s upside-down Whopper is another famous celebrity meal.

Burger King has a versatile menu. From whoppers to shakes, Burger King has something for everyone. So in this article, let’s talk about every Burger King celebrity meal that Burger King has ever introduced.

If you have never dared to try a celebrity meal till now, take this as a cue to try some in the future. In this article, let’s talk about all the famous celebrity meals that Burger King has ever come up with!

Burger King Celebrity Meals Timeline

Upside down burger
Name Of The Celebrity MealLaunch YearPrice
Stranger Thing upside down Whopper2019$5
The Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal2021$6
The Larissa Machado Meal2021$6
The Chase Hudson Meal2021$6

Burger King debuted a celebrity-collaboration dish with Stranger Things in 2019. They did it as part of their promotional alliance with Netflix. As a result of this collaboration, Burger King introduced the upside-down Whopper.

 If you are a fan of the Stranger Things series, then you would know that upside-down is the parallel universe in the series. This meal came just before airing the third season of the show. However, this offer was there only for a day!

This meal was exclusively available only on June 21, 2019. Not just that, it was available only in selected stores. The good thing was that they also sold limited edition ketchup packets and Stranger Things-inspired t-shirts as a part of this promotion.

Later on September 12, 2021, Burger King introduced another three celebrity meals. It came out as a part of their “Keep it Real Meal” campaign. Through this campaign, Burger King joined hands with some of the most famous around the world and brought out a celebrity meal just like Macdonald’s.

This came out as a part of their “Keep it Real Meal” campaign. Unlike Macdonald, Burger King introduced the celebrity meals with their real name rather than their celebrity name. This step, indeed, was taken to show the real self.

All three meals were introduced at the same time, which was in September 2021. Not just this, all three meals cost the same amount as $6 when ordered from the app. However, to get this offer, you must join the Burger King royal perk program.

 Name Of The Celebrity Meals

Chase Hudson meal

Now that we know about different celebrity meals hosted by Burger King across the globe let’s look at each in detail. So when they offer it another time, you don’t have to think twice before grabbing them!

1. Keep It Real Meals 

Cornell Haynes, Larissa Machado, and Chase Hudson might sound a little new to us. But Nelly, Anitta, and Lilly Huddy are all familiar to us. Thus the American rapper, Brazilian singer, and TikTok star have curated a special meal for their fans.

So if you are a fan of any of them, you can try your hands at any of these three meals instead of your regular meal. Burger King launched all of these meals as a part of their keep it real campaign.

Along with curating a celebrity meal, Burger King also removed 120 artificial ingredients from their kitchen without affecting the real taste of the dishes. Given below is a brief about their celebrity meals. 

  •  The Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal -$6

The Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal, also known as the Nelly meal, is a meal launched after the American Rapper Nelly. This meal includes a classic flame-grilled Whopper with cheese, lettuce, onion, mayonnaise, and ketchup. You could also get small fries and a small sprite with this delicious meal.

  • The Larissa Machado Meal -$6

This meal is in collaboration with the Brazilian Singer famously known as Anitta. This meal includes an Impossible whopper with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, and mustard sauce. It also includes a small sprite and a small fries. This is the only vegan meal out of all celebrity meals.

  • The Chase Hudson Meal – $6

This Chase Hudson meal is named after the real name of Tiktorker Lil Huddy. He is the youngest of all three and has chosen an exciting menu. This meal includes a spicy Ch’King with cheese served with four mozzarella sticks and a 16-ounce chocolate shake.

As we already said, all three meals above came as a part of Burger King’s “Keep it Real Meal” policy, which was initiated in 2021.

2. Stranger Things Upside Down Whopper

We all love the concept of the upside-down parallel world in Stranger Things, don’t we? Burger King understood this and created an upside-down whopper in partnership with Netflix in 2019.

This meal was available only for a day and came up prior to the airing of season three. This Upside Down whopper was just Burger King’s regular Whopper but in an upside-down way! This means the burger bun on the downside comes on the top and vice versa! 

However, this upside-down Whopper comes with small fries and a small drink for $5. As you know, a regular whopper at Burger King costs around $6.89; hence undoubtedly, it was a steal deal! Also, what made it different was that it was served in a black box along with Stranger Thing-themed ketchup packets! 


We all love the food from Burger King, and so do our celebrities. Burger King, over the years, has come out with different celebrity-inspired or collaborated meals. In this article, we have discussed the 4 famous ones.

Out of all these, the “Keep It Real” meal in association with Nilly, Anitta, and Lil Huddy is the most recent one. These three meals came out in September 2021 and have been out in these celebrities’ real names, attracting a lot of people’s attention. I would say all these three meals are a great choice.

But if you are going out with your kids, these celebrity meals could be too much for them. But don’t worry; Burger King has an exclusive kids’ menu for your little one! Regardless of age, we all love Burger King, which is a fact.

But did you know that for some people, food from Burger King is free and for a lifetime? These are people who own a crown card. Does this news come as a bolt from the blue? In that case, head to our website to know more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What celebrities have meals at Burger King?

 Chase Hudson, Larisa Machado, and Cornell Haynes Jr. are some of the celebrities who have meals in their name at Burger King.

What is Burger King celebrity meals Nelly?

The Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal, also known as the Nelly meal, is a meal launched after the American Rapper Nelly. This meal includes a classic flame-grilled Whopper with cheese, lettuce, onion, mayonnaise, and ketchup. You could also get small fries and a small sprite with this delicious meal.

How much are BK celebrity meals?

BK celebrity meals are meals offered by Burger King which they launched after collaborations with celebrities.

What is Burger King’s most popular item?

Whopper is the most popular item on Burger King’s menu.

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