Burger King Breakfast Platter | What Is It, Review & How To Get

Start your day on a sumptuous note with Burger King’s breakfast. It has many classic breakfast options on its menu that you can try. However, if you wish to enjoy all your favorites at once, then Burger King’s Breakfast Platter is the one for you.

Burger King platter

Burger King’s Breakfast Platter included scrambled eggs, Hash Browns, sausage, baked biscuits, and three fluffy pancakes drizzled with sweet syrup. It was launched in 2010 for $4.29 but was discontinued later. 

With so many delectable options, the Ultimate Breakfast Platter will cover all your breakfast needs. So, grab a sumptuous breakfast by visiting your nearest Burger King store.

But before that, let’s learn more about this platter to help you decide if the Burger King platter is worth it. 

What Comes In A Burger King Breakfast Platter?

burger king breakfast platter

Burger King’s Breakfast Platter featured scrambled eggs, Hash Browns, savory sausage, pancakes with sweet syrup, and baked biscuits. Thus, it made for a wholesome breakfast, priced at only $4.29.

It was available only during the Burger King breakfast, starting at 6.30 a.m. and ending at 10.30 a.m. That’s because Burger King does not serve breakfast all day.

The platter’s contents were so delicious that it was hard to ignore this breakfast item amongst the other options. It had Everything that a hearty breakfast calls for. While placing an order for it, you could ask for scrambled or folded eggs. 

Similarly, you could choose the meat of your choice. The options included sausages, bacon strips, or ham. Furthermore, it came with baked biscuits and fluffy pancakes topped with sweet syrup. Thus, the Ultimate Breakfast platter was the answer to a satisfying meal that included all the classic breakfast items. 

When Was the BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter Introduced?

Burger King Ultimate Breakfast Platter was introduced in 2010 to provide the ideal breakfast combination. It was launched in response to the growing breakfast competition in the United States by Burger King competitors.

When Burger King launched a breakfast menu for its customers, McDonald’s had already made a name for itself. It took off all the breakfast needs with its spectacular menu options like Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and McGriddle. 

Therefore, Burger King launched the Ultimate breakfast platter with two more iterations: the Pancake and Sausage Platter and the Pancake Platter. These platters were found for a retail price of $2.89 and $2.29, respectively. 

Before their launch, Mike Kappit, Chief Marketing Officer, North America, Burger King Corp, said, “We’re ready to compete to be America’s wake-up call with our new BK Breakfast Menu. We’re recognized far and wide for our superior burgers, and we’re confident guests will also know and love us for breakfast.”

“Given the quality, variety, and value of our new menu, Burger King is sure to become the destination for breakfast,” he added.

Burger King’s history is quite fascinating. The brand has innovated its menu from time to time to excel in the growing competition. Therefore, the breakfast platter was a part of it and successfully left its mark. 

Why Burger King Discontinued The BK Breakfast Platter

Burger King discontinued the BK Breakfast Platter due to a lack of sales. That’s because its competitors offered many more delectable options before the BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter fell flat.  

Over the years, Burger King has discontinued several items on its menu, and the Ultimate Breakfast platter became a part of it. However, there is always a reason behind such moves, and Burger King had a valid explanation. 

Burger King went big with its breakfast options in the ’80s. However, with increased competition, its breakfast business went down. According to a survey, Burger King breakfast only makes about half as much as an average sale of McDonald’s breakfast. 

Restaurant Business says breakfast is a huge weak spot in Burger King’s business plan. It could be better if you look at breakfast numbers, which account for just 15 percent of sales figures. In comparison, McDonald’s generates four times the sales.

“Breakfast has been an opportunity for us for a long time,” Chris Finazzo, president of Burger King in the Americas, told analysts. “We haven’t been as successful as we could be.”

“If you look at the daypart, you’ll find we under-invested in media,” Finazzo added. “We haven’t established a credible coffee program or offered the variety our guests expect. So, to win at breakfast, we must be much more deliberate and aggressive.”

Hence, Burger King eliminated many of its menu items, including the BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter. 

Was The Burger King Breakfast Platter Healthy?

Burger King platter

No, Burger King’s Ultimate Burger King Breakfast Platter was not healthy. It contains a significant amount of calories, carbohydrates, and sodium that could be harmful to health if consumed daily.

Let’s look at the nutritional values of Burger King’s Ultimate Breakfast Platter to understand why it was not a healthy option. 

Breakfast PlatterCaloriesFatCarbohydratesSodium
1450 Kcal84 g134 g2920 mg

By looking at the table above, we can see that the Burger King’s Ultimate Burger King Breakfast Platter came loaded with 1450 calories. They make up more than half of the calories adults require daily. Hence, this platter was not a healthy breakfast option for daily consumption.

But the Ultimate Burger King Breakfast Platter isn’t the only food item high in calories and sodium. If you look at the nutritional values of other Burger King items, you will be surprised to know that many things could be better for health. Hence, it would help if you ate them in moderation.  

Was It Worth Getting the Ultimate Breakfast Platter?

Burger King breakfast

No, Burger King’s Ultimate Breakfast Platter wasn’t worth it. It received mixed reviews from customers. People appreciated it for its variety. However, some liked its taste while others didn’t. 

Let’s look at some of the reviews to find out what people have to say about it.

According to a YouTube video review by Casual Game Reed, “Everything is great: the biscuits, hash browns, pancakes, and the sausage. 4.5 stars for the ultimate breakfast platter for Burger King.”

Sharing similar sentiments, viewers wrote: “Hi Reed, the best thing BK does is breakfast. I like the hash rounds, and it is such a big breakfast I would sometimes save the pancakes for supper.”  

Another commented: “I never had breakfast at Burger King, but maybe I’ll stop in and grab something that looks awful good.”

A third one wrote, “I got one the other day. Mine came with bacon. I liked it better than McDonald’s. The pancakes were fluffy, unlike McDonald’s, and the syrup was much better.”

However, another YouTube review shows that the platter needs to meet the expectations. The reviewer said, “There’s a lot of good stuff going on with the eggs, bacon, and the biscuit. But the hash browns are greasy, and the pancakes are very generic. I wasn’t feeling the flavor, and even the flavor was just ok. You are getting a lot of bang for the buck for the price, but overall, it is a little bit of a pass.”

Let’s look at another review by The Chronicles of Piercing Ken. “The Burger King, “Ultimate Breakfast Platter,” has Everything on the plate. There are scrambled eggs, Hash Browns, sausage, a warm baked croissant, and three fluffy pancakes drizzled to which you can add butter and syrup. I love the hash browns BK serves since they remind me of tater tots. This can be compared to the McDonald’s “Big Breakfast,” but it does seem to give you more for the money.”

Thus, Burger King Ultimate Breakfast Platter received mixed reviews. It was eventually removed from the menu due to a lack of sales.

Can You Still Get The Burger King Breakfast Platter?

Burger King platter

No, Burger King’s Ultimate Breakfast Platter is not available now. However, buying all the items individually can still make the platter. 

You can purchase all the Burger King breakfast items mentioned below in the table. Then, assemble them all on a plate, and your Ultimate Breakfast Platter will be ready! 

Let’s look at all the Breakfast Platter items and their prices that you will need to purchase. 

Breakfast Items Price
Pancakes$ 2.49
Eggs $ 2.99
Hash Browns$ 1.89
Sausage $ 2.79
Biscuit $ 1.19


Burger King Breakfast Platter was a classic American breakfast feast. It brought together several delectable breakfast staples to get the day started. However, it was discontinued as the sales of Burger King breakfast weren’t doing well. 

Burger King has time and again discontinued many items on its menu, like French Toast sandwiches, Crown Shaped Nuggets, and more. Likewise, they also quit Chicken Fries for a while. However, they were brought back to the menu permanently on customer demand.  

Regarding discontinued items, Burger King also quit the BK Stacker. It was one of the most loved burgers on the menu, featuring grilled beef patties, bacon, and a special stacker sauce.

Although the reasons for the items that have been discontinued are not known, some believe that they could have done better in terms of sales, and many weren’t even healthy. Most of the items offered by Burger King come saturated with calories and fat content. 

It’s common knowledge that excessive fast food consumption leads to health issues. Therefore, it is advisable to eat them in moderation. Now that you are aware of the options available at Burger King, why not find out if Burger King sells burgers in the morning?

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

What is Burger King’s Ultimate Breakfast Platter?

Burger King breakfast platter is a combination of breakfast staples. It includes scrambled eggs, Hash Browns, sausage, baked biscuits, and three fluffy pancakes drizzled in sweet syrup.

Is the Burger King Ulitmate Breakfast Platter still available?

No, the Ultimate Burger King Breakfast Platter is not available now. The item has been discontinued.

Is Burger King Ultimate Breakfast Platter healthy?

No, the ultimate breakfast platter is not healthy. It makes for half the calories and sodium required for daily consumption.

What are the breakfast platter options available at Burger King?

Burger King serves a Pancake Platter and Sausage and Pancake Platter.

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