Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu

Crispy fried wings slathered with the spicy sauce! Who doesn’t like snacking on such scrumptious bites? We all know the menu of Buffalo Wild Wings is filled with America’s favorite binge items. But there are some other creative combos that you won’t find on its official menu. Read on to know the secret menu of Buffalo Wild Wings.  

Buffalo Wild Wings has three secret menu items as ‘Hackables’, Vampire Slayer, Dirty Bird, and El Loco. Wanna know who hacked the menu? Well! B-dubs hacked its own menu. But you’ll have to ask for these dishes as you won’t find these ‘hackables’ on the menu of Buffalo Wild Wings. All these secret menu items are available at affordable prices.

Buffalo Wild Wings has been serving delicious wings since 1982. This brand was founded by Jim Disbrow, Scott Lowery, Bernard Spencer, and Elizabeth Brock in 1982 in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. It’s an American casual dining restaurant as well as a sports bar. At present, this chain has about 1279 operational locations and has franchises in America, Canada, India, Mexico, etc. 

Not just wings, but Buffalo Wild Wings is famous for serving delicious burgers, sandwiches, and many other satiating edibles. Hand-breaded tenders, traditional wings, cheddar cheese curd, buffalo mac & cheese, buffalo bleu burger, etc., are some of its famous menu items. The ‘Hackables’ are equally delicious and trust me, they’re truly worth a try!

Buffalo Wild Wings Hackables

Buffalo Wild Wings' hackables

1. Vampire Slayer

Vampire slayer is one of the ‘hackables’. This dish has soft and tender wings coated with the signature sauce of Buffalo Wild Wings. It has a garlicky, spicy taste. These wings are topped with a ‘zig-zag’ of parmesan garlic. It can be enjoyed with a refreshing drink at this restaurant.

2. Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird is another menu hack by Buffalo Wild Wings. This dish has chicken wings slathered with the signature Teriyaki sauce of Buffalo Wild Wings. These wings are topped with the Cajun seasoning to have more aromatic and spicy flavors in every bite. 

3. El Loco

The third ‘hackable’ is El loco. This dish has tender wings loaded with the B-dubs signature chipotle BBQ dry seasoning. It’s then smothered in thick creamy queso and topped with house-made pico de gallo, jalapeno, and shredded lettuce. These wings can be enjoyed with a dip, fries, and a refreshing drink. 


Can’t wait to try these menu hacks? Visit your nearest B-dubs now and taste all these ‘hackables’ with your friends and family. If you know any other B-dub’s secret menu item, feel free to share the menu hack with us.

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