Does Buffalo Wild Wings Have A Holiday Menu?

Buffalo Wild Wings might not be an ideal destination for holiday-feasting. But its buffalo wings and beer can definitely ride out your winter chills and heat up your holiday feast. The menu of B-dubs has the best chicken wings sauced up in the wild and spicy flavors. But the question is, Does Buffalo Wild Wings has a menu featuring traditional holiday dishes? 

Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant

Buffalo Wild Wings has special offers on the menu during the holidays. It does not have a separate holiday menu as it does not offer traditional holiday food. You can visit this restaurant during holidays and enjoy its signature buffalo wings, beer, and its other comfort foods. There are many edibles on the menu that are perfect for keeping up the holiday spirit. 

Most of the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants are open during the holidays. But, these restaurants are active for reduced hours of operation. You can shop for your loved ones from B-dubs’ gift cards. Buffalo Wild Wings also hosts holiday parties. So, you can plan your own holiday party at B-dubs and forget about hefty recipes or washing dishes in your kitchen. 

What’s your holiday mood? Filling your tummy with spicy wings or stuffing stockings at your home? If spicy wings are what you want for Christmas, order the delicious party platters of wings and tenders from Buffalo Wild Wings! This restaurant chain also offers online order and delivery services during the holidays. Now, read further to know the best B-dubs dishes for a holiday meal. 

Buffalo Wild Wings Popular Dishes

Chicken wings and tenders at Buffalo Wild Wings are loaded with a celebration-worthy delight. You can enjoy many other B-dubs popular dishes, like chicken wings, at family occasions, parties, and even at the holiday feast. Read the list below to get an insight into how these dishes look and taste like.

Chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings

1. Chicken Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings are crispy golden and loaded with the flavors of cayenne, garlic, salt, vinegar, butter, and buffalo sauce. These chicken wings are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. These are dredged in the flour mixture and deep-fried to perfection. This dish is served with bleu cheese and celery. 

2. Thai Curry Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Thai curry wings are crispy wings dredged in Thai sauce. Every bite of these chicken wings drips off the scrumptious sauce. This sauce is filled with the flavors of coconut milk, spicy buffalo sauce, etc. Thai curry wings is a perfect dish to have a Thai-flavored twist in the holiday feast. This dish can be enjoyed with any side dish like mashed potatoes, steamed rice, coleslaw, side salad, etc. 

3. Honey BBQ Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings honey BBQ wings are mouth-watering appetizers. These wings are filled with smokey BBQ flavors with the mild sweetness of honey. This dish is a delightful combination of buffalo sauce, hot pepper sauce, honey, and cayenne. These wings are deep-fried after they’re handspun in the spicy flour mix. You can enjoy these wings with ranch or any condiment that balances the spicy BBQ flavors.

4. Parmesan Garlic Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings parmesan garlic wings are coated with parmesan garlic sauce. These wings are marinated in oil and seasoning spices and then deep-fried until these wings are perfectly crispy. The parmesan sauce coated on the wings has the taste of parmesan and garlic with a citrusy hint of lemon. Herbs like parsley, basil, etc., add a herbal aroma and twist to this dish. 

5. Fried Pickles

Buffalo Wild Wings fried pickles are a perfect side dish or snacks to be enjoyed with the holiday meal. These pickles are dipped in the flour and cornflour mixture and then in a spicy batter. Then, these pickles are deep-fried until they have a crispy golden finish. These crispy pickles can be enjoyed with ranch or any other condiment of your choice.


That’s all about the B-dubs menu items that you can enjoy with a holiday meal! Would you like to enjoy some other dishes at your holiday meal? Check out B-dubs’ entire menu on our platform. You can also try the recipe for the dishes listed above at your home. Give a click on the names of these dishes, and you’ll be directed to their respective recipe cards. Happy feasting!

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