Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

B-dubs’ menu has got chicken wings sauced up with every flavor you might crave for! You can also enjoy these chicken bites along with other B-dubs’ delicious comfies (I mean, comfort foods) at your private parties. Read on to explore the catering menu of Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

The catering menu of Buffalo Wild Wings has party platters like party-size traditional wings, party-size boneless wings, tenders, etc. Classic chicken wraps platter contains 6 classic hand-breaded chicken wraps or 6 classic pulled chicken wraps. 

The sides and extras on Buffalo Wild Wings catering menu are southwest platters, everything pretzel knots, party sampler, potato wedges, Caesar salad, chips & salsa, etc. You can enjoy a party meal at Buffalo Wild Wings for around $50. 

In case you want to enjoy partying at home having delish wings and tenders from B-dubs, then order its food online. You’ll find the catering menu of Buffalo Wild Wings on its official app. The links for the B-dubs app are provided below, along with all the other important links. 

If you desire to work with Buffalo Wild Wings, I’ve provided the B-dubs career link in this article below. You can also contact the team of Buffalo Wild Wings to have more updates about job opportunities at this restaurant chain. Now, before we move to the menu prices of Buffalo Wild Wings, let’s read the history of BW3. 

Buffalo Wild Wings started as Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck in Ohio, Columbus, the U.S., in 1982. This restaurant brand was founded by Jim Disbrow, Scott Lowery, Bernard Spencer, and Elizabeth Brock.

This restaurant chain has 1280 active outlets in multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, India, and Panama. 

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu With Prices

Catering food items at Buffalo Wild Wings

You wanna enjoy crispy tenders on your private occasion? B-dubs menu has the most authentic buffalo wings for you. Its traditional wings platter has New-York style chicken wings handspun in any two different sauces of choice. You can also choose to have these wings rubbed with aromatic dry seasoning. 

Traditional wings platter is served with celery, bleu cheese, carrots, and ranch. The menu has three different party-size platters for traditional wings having 50 wings, 100 wings, and 150 wings.

The choice of sauce for the wings is honey BBQ, lemon pepper, parmesan garlic, mild buffalo sauce, and hot buffalo sauce. 

Party-size boneless wings platter has juicy white-chicken breaded and handspun in any two sauces of your choice. These wings can also be flavored with dry seasoning if you want. Carrots and celery, along with condiments like Bleu cheese and ranch dressing, are served with these wings. 

The party-size boneless platter comes in three different sizes. You can order your favorite party-size platter depending on the number of guests. You can have a boneless wings platter having 50 wings, 100 wings, or 150 wings.

You can choose to have mild dry seasonings like lemon pepper or sauce like honey BBQ, parmesan garlic. Enjoy feasting on tenders from Buffalo Wild Wings! The party platter for tenders has 25 chicken tenders, hand-breaded or naked.

Naked tenders are rubbed with aromatic spices, while hand-breaded tenders are dredged in spicy flavors and then deep-fried to perfection. These tenders can be flavored with your choice of sauce or dry seasoning. 

You can also choose to have a party tender combo. This combo includes both hand-breaded and naked tenders. You can try these tender chicken bites loaded with the flavors of lemon pepper, honey BBQ, Asian Zing, or spicy garlic sauce. 

Side dishes and appetizers on B-dubs’ catering menu are hatch queso, chili con queso, everything pretzel knots, party sampler, etc. Southwest platter has two chicken quesadillas, and six street tacos served with house-made pico de gallo and crema. A southwest platter serves about 6 to 8 people. 

Everything pretzel knots are topped with everything seasoning. These crispy pretzel knots are served with New Belgium Fat Tire beer cheese and honey mustard. A pretzel platter serves about 6 to 8 people. Desserts on the catering menu are whole cheesecake and whole chocolate fudge cake. 

Read the tables below to have a detailed view of the catering menu of Buffalo Wild Wings. Check out all the other important links mentioned in this article.  


Party 50 Traditional Wings$53.99
Party 100 Traditional Wings$107.49
Party 150 Traditional Wings$159.99
Party 50 Boneless Wings$47.99
Party 100 Boneless Wings$94.49
Party 150 Boneless Wings$140.99
Party 25 Hand-Breaded Tenders$36.99
Party 25 Naked Tenders$36.99
Party Tenders Combo$36.99
Party 6 Classic Hand-Breaded Chicken Wrap$39.99
Party 6 Classic Pulled Chicken Wrap$39.99


Hatch Queso $24.49
Chili Con Queso$26.49
Southwest Platter$26.49
Everything Pretzel Knots$14.49
Party Sampler$26.49
Potato Wedges$14.99
Caesar Salad$24.99
Baked Mac & Cheese$24.99
Chips & Salsa$8.49
Chips & House-Made Guacamole$24.99


Whole Cheesecake $39.99
Whole Chocolate Cheesecake$39.99


With this we conclude our exploration of Buffalo Wild Wings culinary delights! I hope you will enjoy their latest menu items with their wallet-friendly prices. The restaurant also caters to various dietary preferences. Whether vegan or keto-friendly, Buffalo Wild Wings have covered for you. Indulge in the ultimate flavor journey at Buffalo Wild Wings and let your taste buds revel in delight!

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Buffalo Wild Wings Catering [FAQs]

When was Buffalo Wild Wings Catering was founded?

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in Columbus, the U.S., in 1982.

What are the operational hours of Buffalo Wild Wings Catering?

Buffalo Wild Wings open at: 11:00 AM and close at: 11:55 PM.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Catering provide gift cards?

Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings Catering provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Can we order food online from Buffalo Wild Wings Catering on holidays?

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering accepts online orders from its official website and food delivery apps on holidays. You can also opt for Buffalo Wild Wings catering services and enjoy your family feast at home.

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