18 Budget Halloween Food Ideas To Try

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I am sure that many of you may be having really great party plans for Halloween night. However, hosting a party for a large crowd can very easily burn a hole in your pocket before you know it. For that, I have got some Budget Halloween Food Ideas for you that you need to try! 

Halloween Budget Food Ideas

These food ideas are easy to implement and won’t be as pricey. After all, Halloween is all about having some fun. But it isn’t any fun if you end up spending more than what you really had planned. Although there are many recipe ideas out there, I am sure not all of them must be budget-friendly. 

So for that, you don’t need to look any further. This article has some budget-friendly food ideas that are both sweet and savory. Moreover, they are all Halloween-themed. So, depending on whether you would like to indulge in something sweet or savory, you can easily choose from the options given here. 

Or, you can also pick out both since it’s Halloween! It is indeed Halloween, so why not give in to every indulgence possible?! Now without making you wait any longer, let me introduce you to these budget-friendly food ideas. Wishing you all happy reading and a very happy Halloween too! 

18 Best Halloween Budget Food Ideas To Try

Halloween Budget Food Ideas 2

Before I begin with this list, I would like to say that all these food ideas can easily be put together with some store-bought ingredients. However, not all of them are ideas where everything is pre-made. Some of these budget food ideas do need to be assembled together. 

So, depending on the amount of time you have in your hands, you can choose whether you would like to go for something that just needs to be plated or also needs some prep. Although, I would like to mention here that even the ideas where you need to do some sort of assembling or preparation are actually quite simple and will barely take any time. 

So, either way, you won’t have to worry too much and can have your Halloween party in style! Finally, without me making you wait any further, let us take a look at the list! 

1. Spooky Chips And Dip

Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

Chips and dip are a great combination; I am sure no one will disagree with that. Chips and dip at a party? Yes, please! This combination is a match made in heaven that can never be replaced. This option is extremely budget friendly and really versatile too. 

You can, of course, opt for store-bought chips along with your favorite dip. However, in case you prefer something homemade, you can make your own chips with tortilla wraps, which will turn out to be even lighter on the pocket. Cut out some spooky shapes in the tortillas before you bake them for some extra Halloween fun! 

2. Apple Monsters

We usually associate parties with all sorts of junk food. But, I am sure that there may be many of you who would actually like to have something healthy and light, as opposed to a lot of junk food. So, as odd as apples may sound for a Halloween snack, I am sure for many, it must be a great idea. 

Whoever said you would have to serve apples just as they are? The best part about this is that you can carve the apples as per your liking. Carve out some monster faces on the monster apples, or you can even core them from the center and add mini marshmallows to make some teeth. Either way, this will be loved on Halloween. 

3. Banana Pops

Banana Pops

Yes, this one is a fruit-based snack too. But trust me, this takes bananas up a level in the best way possible. It is really a budget and time-friendly idea, so you won’t have to worry too much about these things. For banana pops, all you need is some bananas, and you will have to cut them in halves.

Take each half of the banana and secure them onto some sturdy plastic sticks or straws. Alternatively, you can also use satay sticks or wooden sticks to secure the bananas. Once the bananas are on the stick, dip them in some melted dark chocolate. Decorate them with some chopped nuts or sprinkles of your choice, and serve! 

4. Mummy Sausages

Mummy Sausages

If the United Kingdom has influenced you in some way, I am sure you must know about sausage rolls. Keeping my dad jokes aside, even if you haven’t been there, I am sure you must love sausages. Sausages are cheap and easily available. Moreover, sausages are also versatile and are available in different meat forms. 

So, whether it is a beef sausage or even a tofu sausage, for that matter, you can make these mummy sausages with anything you like. Wrap up some store-bought pizza dough around the sausages for them to look like mummies. Finally, brush them with butter, bake them, and they are ready to be served. 

5. Spider Cupcakes

Spiderweb Cupcakes

Cupcakes always make a delicious treat, no matter the occasion. Of course, if cakes are too much to handle, cupcakes are always the savior. Moreover, cupcakes can actually be extremely budget-friendly! Spider cupcakes are a great way to celebrate Halloween, that too on a budget. 

Cupcakes are easily available at most grocery stores. You can go for plain or frosted cupcakes of whatever flavor you may like. To make the spider web topper, pipe out some white chocolate onto a baking sheet in the shape of a spider web. Once it is completely dry, just top them onto some frosted cupcakes and serve! 

6. Halloween Popcorn Hands

Halloween Popcorn Hands

Everyone loves some good old popcorn! It is the best thing to have on any occasion and is also very easily available. Plus, popcorn is also really budget-friendly! But, I am sure plain buttered popcorn just won’t do it, as it is Halloween. Here is the good part, you can easily turn regular popcorn into Halloween popcorn hands

To make some of these spooky hands, you can use store-bought popcorn or even pop it yourself at home. The popcorn can be of any flavor that you personally prefer. Once the popcorn is ready, fill it up with some plastic hand gloves till they are full. If you want, you can also add some candy corn and pretzels to make this combination even more interesting. 

7. Finger Treats

As odd as this may sound, no, I’m not suggesting you use actual fingers to make these treats! These finger treats can be a delicious snack for Halloween and also a great way to be spooky. They are actually made with shortbread and almonds and are really easy to assemble together. 

You can use any type of shortbread that you prefer to make these finger treats. Once you have the shortbread ready, slice up some almonds into halves and place one at the tip of each shortbread or finger. That is all that it takes to make these fingers, and I am sure these will horrify and satisfy everyone at your party. 

8. Party Mix

Halloween Party Snack Mix

Is it really even a party if you don’t have a bowl of trail mix that is being passed around everywhere? I am sure that trail mix is an important part of the party that you are planning too. The best part is that it is budget-friendly, and it can be customized the way you would like it to be. 

To make a Halloween party mix, all you will need is a few store-bought ingredients. If I had to suggest some myself, my options would be popcorn, hard pretzels, gummy bears, and MnMs. The sweet and salty flavor combination actually works really well together, and I am sure trail mix will never be the same once you try this. 

9. Halloween Devilled Eggs

Pumpkin Devilled Eggs

Devilled Eggs are actually one of my favorite snacks and also one of the easiest snacks to put together. Well, all you need is some boiled eggs and a few seasonings, that’s about it! To make these devilled eggs more Halloween theme appropriate, you can mix in some pumpkin for extra flavor. 

While making the yolk mixture for devilled eggs, add some unsweetened pumpkin puree to it, along with chives, salt, and also cayenne pepper. Mix it all together and pipe the mixture back into the egg whites. The pumpkin will add a flavor that no one would have seen coming in devilled eggs! 

10. Halloween Veggie Tray

Halloween Veggie Platter

Grazing trays are the best option when it comes to parties. They can be packed with as many things as you like, without worrying about everyone’s preferences. For a budget Halloween party idea, you can easily put together a veggie tray that everyone will absolutely love! 

To get the veggie tray together, just carve some of your favorite veggies, like fingers and toes. You can also add a broccoli or cauliflower head as a centerpiece if you would like. Get together some of your favorite dipping sauces to serve alongside this delicious veggie tray, which can, of course, also include some meat if you would like. 

11. Monster Bananas

Monster Bananas

Whoever said party snacks have to be unhealthy? To make all your vegetarian, vegan, or health-conscious friends happy on Halloween, you need to serve some monster bananas! These bananas are not the same as banana pops, for sure. In fact, they are even more budget-friendly!

To make monster bananas, slit the bananas horizontally into two halves. Once the halves are ready, secure them onto a sturdy plastic or wooden stick. You can drizzle some caramel sauce on the bananas if you would like; however, that is completely optional. Stick in some chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth, and serve. 

12. Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops 2

Marshmallows have to be one of the most liked sweet treats. For children, marshmallows are all about the sugar rush, and for adults, it is all about nostalgia. So, it would be only fair to have a marshmallow treat on this list. Marshmallow pops will not take much of your time to prepare, and they are pocket friendly. 

To make these little treats, you will first have to stack marshmallows together onto a stick, either wooden or plastic. Once the marshmallows are stacked, coat them evenly with some melted chocolate. Finally, sprinkle some of your favorite nuts and sprinkles, and don’t forget the fact that everyone will get a sugar rush with these! 

13. Cheesy Halloween Breadsticks

Everyone loves the combination of bread and cheese! Of course, except for people who are lactose or gluten intolerant. If you and your family do not have these issues, I am sure that this combination must already sound delicious to you! Breadsticks are easy to pass around and easy to put together. 

Breadsticks and cheese also make a great combination that is really budget-friendly. You can make these cheesy Halloween breadsticks with some store-bought soup or breadsticks, along with your favorite cheese slices. To give them a spooky look, you can tie the cheese around the breadstick and give it frills for it to look like a broom. 

14. Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

We all know Caramel Apples as one of the best foods to munch on while at a carnival. But caramel apples do have a spooky thing about them, of course, if they remind you of the poison apple from Snow White! These caramel apples make a perfect fit for Halloween and will surely make apples really indulgent too! 

It would be better if you carved a face and eyes into the apples before dipping them in some caramel sauce or even caramel, as that will give it a spooky touch. Dip the apples in light caramel once they have been secured onto sticks. Do be careful around the caramel as it is really scalding. 

15. Candy Corn Bark

Halloween is incomplete without some candy corn! This candy is a perfect fit for this scary festival, and hence, even though late, candy corn had to make an appearance on this list. Candy corn bark will add a different flavor to chocolate that is actually quite pleasing, and I am sure everyone who loves the two individually will surely like the combination. 

You can use any chocolate you like to make the candy corn bark. Moreover, in case you want to use more than one type, that is also a great idea. Just melt the chocolate and spread it across a baking sheet. Once halfway dry, add some chopped candy corn to it and once it is completely dry, serve. You can also add some hard pretzels for extra crunch and flavor. 

16. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Halloween can be more about making flavors more interesting and does not necessarily have to be about spooky treats. I am sure quite a lot of you would agree with this. As pumpkins are a must around fall and especially Halloween, they do make a great addition to various desserts, like pumpkin sugar cookies

To make these sugar cookies, you don’t need to bake the cookies from scratch. You can use any of your favorite sugar cookies. The pumpkin flavor is to be added to the frosting rather than the cookie itself. Fold in some sweet pumpkin puree with vanilla frosting and top it on the cookies. Serve these delicious treats with some pumpkin devilled eggs for a great flavor combination or pumpkins! 

17. Halloween Punch

I am sure that a punch must have taken many of you down memory lane, straight to your high school prom. Not just a prom, I feel any party should always have a punch as a drink. A punch for Halloween can actually be put together much more easily than you may have expected. 

Depending on whether the punch is supposed to be kid-friendly or not, you can choose all store-bought ingredients of your choice. In case you want to make a punch for adults, I would suggest making it with some ginger ale, cranberry juice cocktail, and frozen lemonade. Add some frozen ice hands for an extra scary effect! 

18. Pumpkin Cheese Dip

I think I may have already mentioned my love for pumpkins way too many times by now! Honestly, there is no way that I can help this love since pumpkins are really one of the most versatile vegetables you could ever work with! This pumpkin cheese dip can be made in a sweet and savory form, and it needs barely any ingredients. 

To make a savory version of this dip, whip up some cream cheese along with unsweetened pumpkin puree. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and serve it alongside some crackers. Likewise, for a sweet dip, whip cream cheese with sweetened pumpkin puree and serve with graham crackers. Either way, you serve them; these dips are absolutely divine! 


Halloween is a time when we all want to plan get-togethers and parties with our friends and family. However, it can be a troublesome situation, as planning snacks for a party can actually turn out to be really expensive. However, there is no need to worry as now you have some options to look forward to for Halloween, which are extremely budget-friendly. 

The options given above, both sweet and savory, are really worth a try. Moreover, the recipes and ideas are really flexible, so you can easily make a few changes here and there in case you want them to fit your budget better. In any case, I am sure that these budget Halloween ideas will be great for your party and will make all your guests and you really happy! Wish you a very happy Halloween! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the options given above budget-friendly Halloween food ideas beginner friendly?

Yes, all the options are extremely beginner friendly as most of them require barely any work to be put together and are made with store-bought ingredients.

On average, how much would you estimate these ideas would cost? 

Depending on the number of portions you are preparing, these snack ideas can cost anywhere between $ 5 to $ 20. 

How much time would you need to make these snack ideas?

The approximate time you will need to make any of the options given above should be from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. 

Do I need to bake cupcakes and cookies from scratch for these ideas? 

No, you can easily just use store-bought cupcakes and cookies instead if you would prefer that. 

Will I need any large equipment to make these snack ideas?

For some of the snack ideas, you might need to use your oven. Other than that, you won’t need any large equipment. 

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