Bruster’s Ice Cream Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023]

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If you love ice creams, then you will definitely love Bruster’s Ice Cream as well. Check out the menu prices of the ice-cream parlor.

Bruster's Ice Cream Restaurant

Bruster’s Ice Cream serves you the best ice cream flavors like ice cream cones, a cup of ice cream, waffle bowls, shakes, blasts, and freezes and kids sundaes. The most famous ice cream from their parlor is Waffle Cone.

So in this article, I will discuss the Bruster’s Ice Cream menu with you. Apart from the menu, I will also tell you about the franchising details, contact information and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Bruster’s Ice Cream menu.

Bruster’s Ice Cream is an American ice cream parlor chain that serves ice creams and yogurts. It was founded by Bruce Reed in 1989. The first store of Bruster’s Ice Cream was opened in Pennsylvania. The chain has its headquarters now in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania.

Bruster’s Ice Cream takes a lot of pride in the cleanliness, hygiene, and fresh ingredients used to prepare the ice cream flavors. With this, Bruster’s is one of the most impressive ice cream parlor chains in the United States.

Bruster’s Ice Cream Menu with Prices

Bruster's Ice Cream menu

Bruster’s Ice Cream is widely popular for its freshly made ice cream. Bruster’s Ice Cream menu includes black cherry ice cream with whole black cherries, mint chocolate cream with rich chocolate flakes, coffee ice cream with cinnamon and a lot of other ice cream flavors as well.

The reason why Bruster’s makes its ice cream daily is to prevent crystal formations on their ice cream that will degrade the overall quality of their ice cream. Bruster’s prepare its ice cream daily to maintain the freshness of its products.

Bruster’s menu also includes cakes, pies, shakes, sundaes, splits and classic cones that are also made on a daily basis. They even offer birthday cakes and cakes for special occasions. And don’t worry if you are conscious about your diet. Bruster’s Ice Cream menu also has “No Sugar Added” “Fat-Free” flavors.

But the Bruster’s Ice Cream menu prices are a little bit higher as compared to other ice cream parlors. So without further waiting, let’s check out the latest Bruster’s menu with prices.

Cup of Ice Cream

Small Cup of Ice Cream$4.89
Regular Cup of Ice Cream$5.19
Large Cup of Ice Cream$6.29

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Ice Cream Cone

Small Waffle Cone$4.89
Regular Waffle Cone$5.89
Large Waffle Cone$6.99
Small Cake Cone$4.19
Regular Cake Cone$5.19
Large Cake Cone$6.29
Small Sugar Cone$4.19
Regular Sugar Cone$5.19
Large Sugar Cone$6.29

Waffle Bowls

Small Waffle Bowl$4.89
Regular Waffle Bowl$5.89

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Shakes, Blasts, and Freezes

Small Shake$5.09
Regular Shake$6.29
Large Shake$7.39
Small Blast $5.69
Regular Blast $6.79
Large Blast$4.59

Kid’s Sundaes

Dino Sundae$3.99
Dirt Sundae$3.99

Specialty Items

Dino Cookie$2.29

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Side Toppings

1/3 CUP Cookie Dough Pieces$1.15
1/3 CUP Oreos$1.15
1/3 CUP Butterfinger$1.15
1/3 CUP M & M’s$1.15
1/3 CUP Reece’s Pieces$1.15
1/3 CUP Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups$1.15
1/3 CUP Nestle’s Crunch$1.15
1/3 CUP Pop Rocks$1.15
1/3 CUP Snickers$1.15
1/3 CUP Brownie Bites$1.15
1/3 CUP Heath$1.15
1/3 CUP Pecans$1.15

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Bruster’s Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday11 am to 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday11 am to 9 pm

Note: Some outlets may close up to 12 in the night, so please check ahead of time.

Bruster’s Happy Hours

Monday to Sunday3 pm to 6 pm

During their happy hours, Bruster’s menu may vary locations to locations, so we suggest you check your location ahead of time.

Bruster’s Nutritional Information


So to check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Bruster’s Ice menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Bruster’s Franchising Information

Bruster's Ice Cream Franchise

There are around 200 Bruster’s Ice Cream stores all over the United States and if you want to open your own Bruster’s store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Liquid Capital Required$125,000
Franchise Fee$30,000
Total Investment$150,000

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Bruster’s Ice Cream Contact Details

Bruster’s Corporate Office Address- 730 Mulberry Street, Bridgewater, Pennsylvania 15009

Bruster’s Corporate Phone Number- (724) 774-4250

You can also contact the team of Bruster’s Ice Cream by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles


Instagram Account-

Twitter Handle-

Pinterest Account-

Bruster’s is available on the given social networking sites. Users who are interested in receiving updates about their offers, deals, combos or others can follow these accounts.

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