How to Make Broiled Pineapple at Home

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Festive season is coming and do you want to make something healthy and yummy too? Just relax and take a deep breath because this recipe will make your day.

If you like pineapples, this is a perfect choice because this form of pineapples will change your whole idea about the pineapples. And after having this recipe, you will always like to have pineapples in this form.

This is a very easy recipe and you can make it in very less time at your home using a very few ingredients. And the name of this wonderful dish is Broiled Pineapples.

Broiled Pineapples is a beautiful idea for the dessert and it can be served with ice cream. You can add any flavour according to your taste and modify it accordingly. Now we will see the ingredients we need to make this recipe.

Ingredients for Broiled Pineapples

Slices of Pineapples7
Butter1/2 tbsp
Cinnamon1/2 tsp
Brown Sugar1/2 cup

These are easily available ingredient. One can find them at home or any nearby store. Let’s check the total time we need to make this recipe at home.

How Much Time it Will Take?

Yes ! This can be made in just 5 minutes and you don’t need to put much efforts to make this dish.

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
3 minutes2 minutes5 minutes

So without taking much of your time. Let’s just jump to the steps that you need to follow to make this dish at home.

Broiled Pineapple Recipe

Broiled Pineapples
  1. In a pan, place pineapple slices in a single layer.
  2. Stir the cinnamon with melted butter and drizzle over the rings.
  3. Over the rings, sprinkle some brown sugar and broil it for 2 minutes.
  4. Your Broiled Pineapples are now ready!

You can serve this with ice cream or grill these pineapples according to your choice.

Nutritional breakdown of Broiled Pineapples

Here is the list of nutrients present in broiled Pineapples. You can check their amount in the table given below.

Calories67 kcal
Fat0.4 g
Sodium3.5 mg
Potassium118.8 mg
Protein0.3 g
Iron5 mg

Give a try to broiled Pineapples and if you have any queries related to the recipe, then please write to us about it in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to give your precious feedback in the comment section.

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