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Are you afraid from preservatives and artificial flavours added to juices on the name and you are worried about your health? You can now look for a juice store that gives you the guarantee of pure fresh juices. Booster Juice is one such juice store.

Booster Juice store

Booster Juice is a place that is famous for its refreshing drinks and eatables like smoothies, juices, seafood, grilled fresh breakfast and food which is high on protein. You can have a great breakfast meal here for under $30.00.

In this article, I will provide you is regarding the Booster Juice menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of Booster Juice Menu. But you are a history lover like and you want some bits of history also. So, let’s start with the history first.

Dale Wishewan is the founder of Booster Juice, Canada’s largest golden juice chain and he founded this chain in the year 1999. The first store he opened is Sherwood Park, a hamlet located east of Edmonton. Booster Juice has more than 400 stores traditionally and non-traditionally. The headquarters of Booster Juice chain is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Booster Juice is famous because of the puritiy they serve and the main purpose of opening Booster Juice was to give people home like taste of juices and the drinks.

Booster Juice Menu Prices

Booster Juice Food

Booster Juice Menu includes delicious classic smoothies such as strawberry sunshine, breezy banana with the original shake; they also have appealing combos with snack combo, regular combo, and a family pack for your precious family.

Booster Juice Menu also includes savory spirit smoothies, hardcore smoothies and energy booster high protein smoothies with superfood smoothies, and last but not least, healthy fresh juices.

If you are feeling hungry while having juice, don’t worry. Booster Juice Menu also has eatables like grilled fresh with breakfast food items and some specialty food items.

Booster Juice promises you to provide incredibly delicious food. With a nutritious active lifestyle. They also provide you with extraordinary customer care service with a clean and safe environment with assurance.

Booster Juice prices are quite high, but in front of their service and quality, nobody can beat them and most of their items are under $10. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Booster Juice Menu Prices.


Regular Combo$14.50
Snack Combo$12.50
Juice Combo$13.50
Family Pack $22.49
2 Can Booster$28.99
4 Can Booster$49.49
Triple Play Regular Smoothie$11.99
Triple Play Snack Smoothie$10.49
Triple Play Juice$11.49

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Classic Smoothies

ItemRegular SizeSnack Size
Strawberry Sunshine$7.32$5.01
Very Berry$7.32$5.01
The Original$7.32$5.01
Mango Hurricane$7.32$5.01
Tropical Tornado$7.32$5.01
Breezy Banana$7.32$5.01

Spirit Smoothies

ItemsRegular SizeSnack Size
Funky Monkey$7.32$5.01
Canadian Colada$7.32$5.01
Berry Cream Sensation$7.32$5.01
Pineapple Freeze$7.32$5.01
Pea (Not) Butter 2.0$7.32$5.01

Hardcore Smoothies

ItemRegular SizeSnack Size
Spinach Is In It$7.65$5.12
Coco Crush$7.65$5.12
Wildberry Basil$7.65$5.12

High Protein Smoothies

Ripped Berry$7.87
Strawberry Strom$7.87
Banango Burst$7.87
Nuttin’ Better$7.87

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Superfood Smoothies

ItemRegular SizeSnack Size
Brazillian Thunder$8.09$5.23
Pomegranate Passion$8.09$5.23
Matcha Monsoon$8.09$5.23
Marathon $8.09$5.23


High Impact Acai$8.31
Mind Over Matcha$8.31
Pomegranate Punch$8.31

Fresh Juice

Heavenly Horizon$6.77
Strawberry Lemon-Aid$6.77
Hail To The Kale$6.77
Red Sunrise$6.77
Ginger Hammer$6.77
Maui Juice$6.77
Tahiti Squeeze$6.77
Green Hornet$6.77
Apple Juice$6.77
Carrot Juice$6.77
Orange Juice$6.77

Grilled Fresh Breakfast

Chorizo Breakfast Panini$5.49
Egg White and Cheeze Wrap$5.12
Egg White and Chorizo Wrap$7.54

Grilled Fresh

Chipotle Chicken Wrap$7.54
Chicken Quesadilla$7.54
Chipotle Steak Wrap$7.54
Pesto Chicken Panini$7.54
BBQ Chicken Panini$7.54
Chipotle Chicken Panini $7.54
Tuna Wrap$7.54
Chipotle Steak Panini$7.54

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Specialty Items

Lemon and Ginger Shot$3.03
Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric and Coconut Water$3.03
Orange, Cayenne, and Ginger$3.03
Booster Ball$3.03
Booster Balls 2$5.50
Booster Balls 3$6.88
Very Berry Booster Cake$2.15
Funky Monkey Booster Bake$2.15

Booster Juice Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Booster Juice Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Booster Juice Franchise Details

booster juice franchise

Booster Juice has more than 400 outlets in countries like Canada, India, United States, and Mexico. Majority of their stores are in Canada. So If you want to open a Booster Juice franchise store, then here is the cost.

Franchise Fee$30,000
Minimum Net Worth$375,000 
Liquid Cash$110,000
Total Investment $299,000 – $325,000 
Royalty6% of Gross Sales

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Booster Juice Contact Information

Booster Juice Corporate Office Address: #205, 8915 – 51 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5J3

Booster Juice Corporate Office Phone Number: 780-440-6770

To contact the team of Booster Juice, you can fill the contact form on their website as well

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