Best Bobby Flay Sausage Gravy Recipe

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It’s time to kick-start your morning with Bobby Flay sausage gravy recipe. This savory and creamy sausage gravy is the best drizzle over biscuits, poached eggs, or even sausage casserole. Let me tell you how you can cook this up!

Sausage Gravy Topped On Biscuits

Start with cooking sausages in the pan. Add milk to it to make a flavorful gravy and season it well with onion powder, salt, and pepper. Thick drizzling-worthy sausage gravy is ready. 

If you are a spice lover, make this sausage gravy extra spicy with red pepper flakes. Moreover, you can make this gravy more creamy and rich by using whole milk.

Noting down these small tips will make your gravy ultra amazing. Make your morning crave-worthy by making this Bobby Flay sausage gravy recipe.

This will be a great addition to your morning rituals. Follow the instructions below to get a full grasp of the recipe. Refer to check out other Bobby Flay recipes.

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What Equipment Will You Need To Make Bobby Flay Sausage Gravy?

  • Cooking Pan – Cook up tasty sausage gravy in the cooking pan. 
  • Spatula – Mix and combine everything well with a wooden or rubber spatula. 
  • Knife – Take a sharp knife to cut the sausages into pieces.

How Much Time Will You Need To Make Bobby Flay Sausage Gravy?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
5 Minutes20 Minutes25 Minutes

What Ingredients Will You Need To Make Bobby Flay Sausage Gravy?

  • Sausage – Cook sausages in a cooking pan until brown to make this gravy.
  • Milk – Add milk to the gravy to make it thick and rich.
  • Flour – While cooking sausages, sprinkle some flour to give them proper structure.
  • Onion Powder – Add some savory flavor with onion powder.
  • Salt – A pinch of salt to balance the taste.
  • Black Pepper – A dash of black pepper for musky spice flavors. 
Sausage Gravy Served In White Bowl

Steps To Make Bobby Flay Sausage Gravy 

1. Sausages 

Heat oil in the heavy cooking pan. Keep the heat medium-high. Cut sausages into small pieces and then into the pan. Cook them until they are brown for five minutes. Once they start getting brown, reduce the heat to low and cook for another five to six minutes. 

Cook your sausages to perfection by adding a little flour to them. This will give them a firm structure. Then pour milk gradually and keep stirring. 

2. Cook Gravy 

Cook everything that is in the pan right now on low heat. Cook the mixture to achieve the desired consistency. Further, add onion powder and a pinch of salt and black pepper. Finally, add a splash of milk and cook for another 5 minutes.

3. Have Fun Serving

The gravy is prepared. You can adjust the taste with salt according to your preference. Ladle in the bowl. The sausage gravy is ready.   

Nutritional Information

Calories374 kcal
Total Fat26.74 g
Cholesterol55 mg
Sodium509 mg
Total Carbohydrates16 g
Sugar10.27 g
Protein16.68 g

How Will Bobby Flay Sausage Gravy Look And Taste Like?

Bobby Flay sausage gravy is lighter in brown color and much thicker. The pieces of thoroughly cooked sausages bring the utmost satisfaction. Above that, the sauce can be used as gravy and as a dripping savory sauce. 

Recipe Card

Sausage Gravy Topped On Biscuit

Bobby Flay Sausage Gravy Recipe

It's time to kick-start your morning with Bobby Flay's sausage gravy recipe. This savory and creamy sausage gravy is the best drizzle over biscuits, poached eggs, or even sausage casserole.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Chef’s Delight
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 374 kcal


  • Cooking Pan
  • Spatula
  • Knife


  • 1 pound Sausage
  • 4 cups Milk
  • cup Flour
  • 2 tablespoons Onion Powder
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Black Pepper (a dash)


  • Heat oil in the pan. Once the oil is hot, add sausages and cook for five minutes until pink to dark brown.
  • To make the sausages more firm, add some flour. Then pour milk into the pan and cook for five minutes until it thickens well.
  • This entire cooking will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Last, season the gravy with salt and black pepper.
  • Bobby Flay sausage gravy is ready.


How to Make Simple Sausage Gravy


Calories: 374kcal | Carbohydrates: 16g | Protein: 16.68g | Fat: 26.74g | Cholesterol: 55mg | Sodium: 509mg | Sugar: 10.27g
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between sausage gravy and country gravy?

Country gravy is made without meat while sausage gravy is meat-based.

Why is your sausage gravy tasteless?

Adding spices and herbs flavors to sausage gravy makes it flavorful. Balance the taste with salt makes it taste even better. 

How can you thicken your sausage gravy?

If you find your sausage thin, try to cook it for a longer time. If still it does not make the results better, add the cornstarch slurry to the gravy. This will help you get a thick consistency.

Can you make the sausage gravy in advance?

Yes! You can surely make sausage gravy in advance and use it for later use. Keep it refrigerated in an air-tight container. Whenever you want to use it, reheat it on medium heat and use it.

What should you serve sausage gravy on?

Use sausage gravy over the biscuits, and toasted potatoes, and even it goes well on hash browns. 


Pour this savory gravy over your biscuits for morning breakfast. Or use it as a dipping sauce for toasted bread. Whichever way you like – I have given you enough hints! So, wonderful people! what makes you wait so long to make this at home? Cook now.

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