Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak Recipe

I have an awesome American staple recipe from Bobby Flay’s kitchen! Today let’s make a juicy Bobby Flay Salisbury steak recipe from scratch.

Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak

The Salisbury steak served with flavorful mushroom gravy is mouthwatering. Your entire family will enjoy this dinner recipe.

The Bobby Flay Salisbury steak with a twist is easy to make. To start with, saute garlic and onions in the pan. Now bring all the steak ingredients together and form a dough made with the key ingredient, ground beef.

Make four to five steaks from the dough and saute them in oil. Prepare a mushroom gravy and dip your steaks in it. Your delicious dinner is ready in a trice.

The most important thing to make in this recipe is your mushroom gravy. To make your gravy thicker, add half and half or heavy cream. It will enhance the flavors of the steak. Also, make sure each steak is the same size. It allows them to cook evenly.

If you like mushrooms, you will get crazy over this mushroom gravy. It is full of flavor, a rich and savory dish that you wanna relish for life. Plus, you can get this done in less than an hour, so you don’t have to spend much time on it on weekends. Take note of recipe instructions and equipment details below. Get ready to drool over a delicious treat this weekend. Refer to check out other Bobby Flay recipes.

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What Equipment Will You Need To Make Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak?

  • Saute Pan – Saute veggies in the pan and also make mushroom gravy. 
  • Plate – After shaping Salisbury steaks, transfer them to the plate. 
  • Bowl – Mix ground beef and seasoning ingredients in the bowl.
  • Spatula – Flip steaks while cooking in oil with a spatula. 

How Much Time Will You Need To Make Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
20 Minutes30 Minutes50 Minutes

What Ingredients Will You Need To Make Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak?

  • Ground Beef – Make tasty Salisbury steaks with ground beef. 
  • Onion – Saute onion in the oil to add to the steak gravy.
  • Garlic – Add garlic for the fragrance to the gravy. 
  • Mushroom Buttons – Make Salisbury gravy with mushroom buttons for meaty flavors. 
  • Cornstarch – Make a cornstarch slurry to thicken the gravy.
  • Beef Broth – Bring beef broth to boil to make a Salisbury steak gravy. 
  • Oil – Saute veggies and steaks in the oil. 
  • Tomato Sauce – Add tomato sauce to the ground beef mixture for a sweet and tangy taste.
  • Yellow Mustard Sauce – Add yellow mustard to the ground beef mixture for a tart taste.
  • Worcestershire Sauce – Adding Worcestershire sauce to both gravy and steak gives a tangy flavor.
  • Egg – Eggs work as a binder for the Salisbury steaks. 
  • Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs help Salisbury steaks get a crispy outer layer.
  • Dried Oregano – Dried Oregano gives earthy flavors to the gravy. 
  • Onion Powder – Onion powder brings out aromatic flavors to the gravy. 
  • Garlic Powder – Adding garlic powder will give rich, fragrant flavors to the gravy.
  • Salt – Season gravy with salt for a perfectly balanced taste.
  • Black Pepper – A pinch of black pepper brings the gravy a flavorful taste.    
Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak

Steps To Make Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak 

1. Prepare Salisbury Steak

Heat oil in the pan. Sauté onions for five minutes. Then, add garlic and cook until fragrant. Allow cooling for two minutes.

Mix ground beef, cooked onion, garlic, egg, tomato sauce, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, breadcrumbs, oregano, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Use your hands to mix. Make four to five steaks. 

2. Sauté Steaks

Heat oil in the same pan. Cook steaks in batches until brown for two minutes on each side. Transfer to the plate. Saute mushrooms in the same pan and cook for five minutes. 

3. Prepare Mushroom Gravy

Heat oil in the pan. Pour beef broth. Stir in cooked mushrooms. Season with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Simmer for fifteen minutes. 

Combine cornstarch and water. Mix well and add the cornstarch slurry to the pan. Cook for five minutes until the sauce thickens. Transfer sauteed steaks to the mushroom gravy. Cook for another five minutes. Salisbury steaks are ready. 

Nutritional Information

Total Carbohydrates49 g
Fiber5.2 g
Sugar11.2 g
Total Fat72.9 g
Protein92.3 g

How Will Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak Look And Taste Like?

Bobby Flay’s Salisbury steak recipe is a classic comfort. Juicy ground beef steaks in a creamy mushroom gravy taste delicious. These Salisbury steaks are crisp, flavorful, and perfectly seasoned. Mushroom gravy is made with lots of veggies and seasonings and perfectly thickened. Steaks dipped in mushroom gravy give a full flavor of spices.

Recipe Card

Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak Served With Rice

Bobby Flay Salisbury Steak Recipe

I have an awesome American staple recipe from Bobby Flay's kitchen! Today let's make a juicy Bobby Flay Salisbury steak recipe from scratch.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes
Course Chef’s Delight
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4
Calories 1238 kcal


  • Saute Pan
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Spatula


  • Ground Beef
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Mushroom Buttons
  • Cornstarch
  • Beef Broth
  • Oil
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Yellow Mustard Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Egg
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Dried Oregano
  • Onion Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper


  • Heat oil in the pan and cook onions and garlic for five minutes. Keep it aside.
  • Mix ground beef, cooked onion, garlic, egg, tomato sauce, yellow mustard, and Worcestershire sauce in the bowl. Make four to five Salisbury steaks.
  • Heat cooking oil in the pan. Brown steaks in batches for two minutes. Keep steaks aside.
  • Saute mushrooms in the same pan for five minutes.
  • Heat oil in the pan. Add beef broth, mushrooms, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Mix it well and stir in the cornstarch slurry. Transfer steaks to the gravy, cover, and cook for fifteen minutes.
  • Salisbury steaks are ready.


Bobby Flay’s Salisbury Steak


Calories: 1238kcal | Carbohydrates: 49g | Protein: 92.3g | Fat: 72.9g | Fiber: 5.2g | Sugar: 11.2g
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are they called Salisbury steaks?

This steak was named after the famous doctor James Henry Salisbury.

What type of meat is Salisbury?

Salisbury is a type of ground beef.

Is Salisbury steak good for you?

Salisbury steak is high in calories, so eating it on special occasions is advised.

What is the difference between Salisbury steak and meatloaf?

The main difference between Salisbury steak and meatloaf is that meatloaf is made of ground beef. Salisbury steak is made of ground pork and beef. 

What goes well with Salisbury steak?

The best side dishes with Salisbury steak are brown butter glazed carrots, grilled zucchini spears, and egg noodles.

Are you looking for special recipes on important occasions? Try this Bobby Flay Salisbury steak is a perfect quest for family gatherings.

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