50 Blue Foods You Should Definitely Take A Look At | A Detailed List

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Foods in different colors will make your platter look more appealing, which will be the most enthusing moment of your life ever. If you love the color too much and wish to eat foods of that color, today is your lucky day.

Blue Color Foods

Today we will take note of some blue foods we need to take a look at. There are so many obvious choices that sprout your mind when you say blue foods.

Some blue foods that you need to take a look at are blueberries, blue corn, elderberries, bluefin tuna, blue wheat, blue mushroom, etc. 

The categories that slot these blue foods also differ accordingly from naturally cultivated ones to derived items. However, the parade of these foods will be a treat to your eyes and senses.

The taste that goes with each food will instigate a temptation that will last forever.

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Natural Foods That Are Blue

The naturally available foods that are blue are the healthiest of all categories. The berries, vegetables, meats, and fruits we consume feed us with a lot of health benefits. Let us go over the items in this category and list down the blue foods we need to take a look at.

1. Blueberries


The naturally and obviously reminiscent blue foods that immediately strike us are blueberries. The name definitely gives the representation of these berries.

The sweetness and tartness of these fruits linger and make them more interesting.

Blueberries are touted to improve brain health and aid digestion with an excellent source of antioxidants. The anthocyanins in the fruit give them a vibrant blue color for our eyes.

They are also rich in vitamin C and manganese. This makes these fruits extremely healthy and superfoods that ought to be binged on a daily basis.

2. Blue Spirulina

blue spirulina powder

Blue spirulina are blue vegetables that lie undersea and are commonly consumed. These blue algae are rich in copper, iron, and vitamins B2 and B3. The blue algae are powdered and added to multiple items like smoothies, pies, lattes, and bars.

They give a distinct blue color to all food items. The blue hue also gives them a unique property that makes them eligible as garnishing agents that give color to dessert items.

These edible flowers are also filled with anti-inflammatory properties that help cure people of diseases to a large extent.

3. Blue Sausage Fruit

blue sausage fruit

Blue sausage fruits are another blue-hued fruit that is extremely delicious and savory. The flavor of these fruits is a mix of cucumber and melon.

They have blue peels which need to be removed before eating them. Blue sausage fruits are shaped like hot dogs and mix well with any recipe to sweeten the dish. The skin of the fruits and the seeds are to be eliminated because they are toxins.

Sausage fruits are very healthy in nature and with rich sources of prosperous and essential fatty acids. They have high antimicrobial properties that heal all kinds of illnesses.

4. Blue Corn

blue corn

Blue corns are the most natural blue-colored foods that have extreme health benefits to aid people. Blue tortillas and corn chips are made with blue corn, and the color of these food items makes them special.

They are healthier than white and yellow corn and are touted to have more proteins than them. The anthocyanins in blue corn make the fruit healthier and give them anti-cancer properties. 

Corn is generally very healthy irrespective of whether they are blue, white, or yellow. Hence including them in your diet regime helps a great deal to provide nutrition.

5. Blue Pea Flower Tea Leaf

blue pea flower tea leaf

Blue pea flower tea leaf, otherwise prominently called blue tea leaf, apparently has less caffeine content. It has a special fragrance with mild sweetness, which helps you perk up your mood and reduce anxiety levels.

Other health benefits that are much spoken about are weight loss, regulating blood sugar, and better skin health.

6. Blue Lobster

blue lobster

Blue lobsters are very similar to normal lobsters and cooked in the same way as the latter. They are available scarcely but are quite delicious in flavor and nature.

The blue color on the lobster is very attractive, but cooking or frying them removes the hue in the item. The cooked lobster is a treat to enjoy and fills your tummy as a fulfilling meal.

7. Elderberries


Elderberries are very similar to blueberries, with a mildly bitter taste that lingers after eating. They are commonly used to make wines, jams, jellies, and juices.

Elderberries are slightly bigger than blueberries and are very healthy in nature. They are eaten when fully ripened, as the immature ones can be toxic to your health. 

These fruits have the unique property of curing illness immediately and are a great source of antioxidants.

8. Blue Chocolate Tomatoes

blue choclate tomatoes

Blue chocolate tomatoes are similar to red tomatoes, with a thicker texture and meaty flavor. They are much heavier than normal tomatoes and are jammed, juiced, and made into syrups regularly.

The color makes the fruit exceptional. Blue chocolate tomatoes share the health benefits of red tomatoes, which are rich in vitamin C and lycopene.

9. Blue Lingcod Fish

blue lingcod fish

The blue lingcod fish is a freshwater fish available in deep seas. Usually found in the pacific ocean, this fish is a great meal when cooked. Cooking removes the color of the fish.

Blue lingcod fish share the health benefits of other fish varieties and come across as the most delicious fish. The texture is also very soft and tender.

10. Blue Crabs

blue crabs

Blue crabs are natural meat available scarcely with a delicate texture and mildly sweet flavor. They have an earthy and buttery taste to make them ideal as fried meats.

They are considered superior to other normal varieties and come across as the most relished crab meats available.

The backfins of the crab are very flaky in texture, and the taste is also a little salty in flavor.

11. Bluefin Tuna

bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna are fattier than normal fish varieties. Bluefish range in wide different varieties, all of which turn out to be the most desirable meat.

They are eaten fresh and are cooked in different recipes with a combination of multiple ingredients. The texture becomes smoother when cooked and radiates an earthy flavor when eaten. It also looses its color when steamed, cooked, or fried.

12. Pacifico Mexican Blue Shrimp

pacifico mexican blue shrimp

Mexican blue shrimp is less salty, and the name explains where it is found majorly. It is sweet and soft with a delicate texture that is very soothing to munch.

It is one of the best shrimps you can chance upon in your lifetime. It oozes out a shrimp flavor and sits well as a meal that is loved and relished by all. The flesh of the fish is not blue in color and hence cooking does not retain the color.

13. Blue Cheese

blue cheese

Blue cheese is also a type of cheese with blue stripes on the surface. The bacteria which ferment the cheese are interspersed in the block of cheese.

Blue cheese is extremely rich in fat content and is a temptation for cheese lovers. Having it in moderation helps a great deal. 

Blue cheese is used on sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta and topped on soups, sausages, or desserts.

14. Blue Pansy Flowers

blue pansy flowers

Blue pansy flowers are completely edible leafy vegetables that are extremely fragrant and crisp in texture. These flowers have a mild and sweet taste with mint and water-green traces.

They are commonly used as a seasoning or garnishing agent in desserts and soups. Added to salads as well to give some color to the item. These flowers are also candied or topped on pastries.

15. Bachelors Buttons

bachelor buttons

Bachelor buttons are another variety of blue flowers with beautiful fragrances and sweet flavors. The petals are usually consumed, and they have a very attractive texture.

The petals are so colorful that adding them to salads or mixing them into teas is very conventional.

They are very healthy in nature and are useful in curing skin infections and stopping bleeding and stomach ulcers.

16. Tuscan Blue Rosemary

tuscan blue rosemary

Tuscan blue rosemary is exquisitely similar to that of rosemary. A strongly flavored herb is quite commonly used in dishes as toppings or sliced into pieces before being interspersed in salads.

It brings color to the food you eat and helps you a lot as a healthy herb as well.

17. Okinawan Sweet Potato

okinawan sweet potato

Okinawan sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes that have a blue hue on layers. They are extremely bluish and have a starchy texture that is very inviting.

They can be added to desserts and salads while being popular as decoratives on soups and desserts as well. The color distinguishes the item, and adding them could make the dish colorful and attractive.

17. Damson Plums

damsom plums

Damsons are blue plums that are often made into jams and jellies. Drying them and making prunes are also common ways of consuming them.

It would be tempting to pluck one damson plum and eat it, but we must ensure it is aged. Having them early could land in your mouth sourly and bitter. 

The fruit, after being ripened, is mildly sweet and is combined with sweeteners to make them more delicious.

18. Milk Cap Mushroom

milk cap mushroom

This edible mushroom is a staple in many regions, including North America, East Asia, China, Guatemala, and Mexico. Cooking them makes them softer and milder, slightly grayish.

These mushrooms are cooked the same way normal mushrooms are cooked. They also share the same health benefits as mushrooms.

19. Blue Eggs

Blue eggs

Blue eggs are richer than normal eggs and share the same health benefits as the latter. Different varieties of blue eggs include easter eggs, cream leg bars, lushi, Dongxiang, Arkansas blue chickens, and whiting blue chickens.

The blue hue is due to the presence of biliverdin in the shells. They are eaten extensively and are a little softer than white eggs when boiled.

20. Concord Grapes

concord grapes

Concord grapes are healthy blue-colored fruits that are usually eaten fresh and are used to prepare wines, juices, jams, and jellies. 

Concord grapes have smooth skin that can easily peel off the fruit’s flesh. They have wide popularity in the United States and other neighboring continents. 

The health benefits it bestows people include a healthy heart, improved digestive function, and repaired cognitive disabilities.

21. Starflowers


These beautiful edible flowers are star-shaped, as the name implies, and are vibrant in appearance. They look incredible on the plate and decorate any item with such magnificence.

They taste a little like cucumber oozing out some sweetness and traces of salty flavors. There are also some tiny hairs on the flowers, making them so chewy.

More than culinary consumption, these flowers are used extensively as herbal medicines in treating many ailments. The seed oil from these flowers is compressed and used as well.

22. Blue Sea Salt

Persian Blue Salt

Blue sea salt is a rare variety of salt found in Persia’s salt ponds. The blue color of the salt is from the mineral sylvanite.

This comes across as the most opulent of all the precious luxury salts. This blue salt has a lingering salty aftertaste after being consumed. 

They are commonly used as normal white salts, and the flavor is more vibrant and hence added in moderation.

23. Oyster Mushrooms

oyester mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are quite popular worldwide for their delicate texture and shape. The mushrooms have thick fan-shaped caps, which are tan in color, and gills at the bottom.

Blue oyster mushrooms are easily grown vegetables, with the blue color more dominating in appearance. They are used in salads and curries with fancy colors making the item more attractive.

24. Blue Honey

blue honey

Blue Honey is made in France, and the blue hue is from the M&M factory candies. The taste is similar to honey, and the color is too dominant and strong when added. 

They are sweeter than chocolates and fit well as garnishing agents in multiple desserts.

Processed Foods And Desserts That Are Blue

The color blue is a typical winner in a platter that wins over your temptation every time. Foods that are delicious and processed always attract us to a large extent.

Let us go over the blue foods we need to take a look at.

25. Japanese Blue Milk Bread

japanese blue milk bread

Japanese blue milk bread is made of interspersing blue butterfly flowers on the dough. The crust is thick brown, like normal bread, but the layer is blue. 

Blue milk bread works very similar to normal white bread which can be molded into sandwiches or toast. It has a buttery flavor with a softer layering and creamier texture.

26. Honeyed Yogurt And Berry Tart With Ginger Crust

honeyed yogurt and berry tart with ginger crust

Honeyed yogurt and berry tart is a perfect dessert that one would ask for more servings. It is creamy, sweet, and tangy as well to feed the people with a fusional flavor that everybody loves.

The cracker crust that tops the dessert layer is filled with blueberries, making it incredibly blue and yummy. Spicing it up with ginger is going to make it additionally flavorful.

Serving something blue on the table is unconventional and extremely fanciful for us to binge upon it. This is a perfect dessert that tempts us to a large extent.

27. Salt-Baked Trout

salt-baked trout

This is an extremely satisfying blue food item that one can relish. It is not naturally blue; adding blue hues makes it extremely luring and presentable.

This is coupled with an extremely tempting sauce made of pickled onions to make it more relish-worthy. It can be prepared easily in the kitchen and can be customized with any ingredients that give a blue appearance. 

Baking would take time and, once prepared, becomes the most savored food of people.

28. Two-Toned Potato Salad

two toned potato salad

A blue salad is an extremely fancier choice to binge on. A two-toned potato salad is made with different varieties of potatoes, and using Okinawan sweet potato instead of the yellow one makes the item blue.

The pickled onion is an addition that gives a blue hue to the food, and this is definitely an attention-puller at a dinner table. This blueish food is sided with extremely delicious cheese servings or creams and is devoured.

29. Blueberry Macaroons

blueberry macaroons

Macaroons come in different colors and are touted to be the most delicious dessert. The macaroon is adorned with blueberries which makes the item looks vibrant blue in color.

Macaroons can be eaten as a dessert or eaten as a treat to be enjoyed after a meal. They will taste like little drops of heaven and are creamy and rich in taste.

The macaroons can be refrigerated for 4 or 5 days and eaten as frozen foods enjoyed and dwelled.

30. Butter Blue Velvet Cookies

butter blue velevt cookies

This blue dessert is extremely jaw-dropping and mouth-watering. The velvety appearance of the food item is very captivating. Blue velvet mix is mixed with butter, cream, powdered sugar, and baked.

The toppings include cream and sprinkles, making the item look presentable and appealing. This dessert instigates the craving, and eating it captures your temptation. 

Making this item is a perfect treat for an occasion and renders extreme delight.

31. Blue Moon Ice Cream

blue moon ice cream

This delightful blue dessert is loved and opulent in all ways. Extremely satisfying treat to spruce up your spirits and lift your moods. Just swallowing a bite once relaxes your mood and perks you up in all its glory.

This has a marshmallow taste with a creamy twist that is attractive and capturing. It is also expected to be a superior treat for summer vacation.

It is prepared in 10 minutes without any ice cream machine. This frozen food is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

32. Marshmallow Popcorn

marshmallow popcorn

The patriotic marshmallow popcorns are extremely delicious and quite a treat on your eyes. One can easily binge them while watching movies. 

It is made with marshmallows, butter, and popcorn which is sweet and creamy in texture. It has a festive look, and the blue hue makes it opulent and fancy.

33. Cookie Monster Cheesecake

cookie monster cheesecake

It is adorned with chocolate chip cookie crush, blue cookies, and cream cheesecake fillings and topped with ganache and chocolate chip cookies. This tempting cheesecake is stuffed with chocolate taste and is extremely tempting and delightful.

The blue color of the cheesecake is so appealing and fanciful. This rich dessert is definitely a must-have and should be tried once in a lifetime.

34. Blue-Moon Lime Tart

blue moon lime tart

Blue-moon lime tart is a blue typed dessert item made with a soft texture and is milky or creamy in taste. Blueberries and blackberries are topped in this cheesecake to give a vibe to this dessert.

This does not involve any laborious cooking procedure and has no baking process. It is perfect for summer and is perfect for people who would not want to spend time in the kitchen.

35. Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

vegan blueberry pancakes

Vegan blueberry pancakes are a delight in their own sense. They are liked alike by adults and kids and would deem favorites as a snack and breakfast item.

The blueberries that top the item and are stuffed on this give the blue hue and a unique taste that is quite relish-worthy. A very delicious food item that is loved and adored by all.

36. Pickled Garlic

pickled garlic

Garlic, when pickled and fermented, turns bluish-green and extremely savory. This pickled garlic is used more as a garnishing or a mixing agent in many food items. The fermentation or pickling of the garlic makes it blue in appearance.

The color kind of sticks up in the food item it is eaten. It is also sided with many salads or bread varieties. A lovely blue food item one would want to get their hands upon.

Beverages And Cocktails That Are Blue

Beverages and cocktails are some extremely satisfying blue drinks we need to take a look at. They quench our thirst and keep us relaxed and comfortable. We will look at all the drinks and beverages that are blue and tempt us to a large extent.

37. Royal Blue Cocktail

royal blue cocktail

A drink in your favorite color is extremely satisfying and tempting. This eye-catching cocktail is extremely pleasing and appealing to your eyes. It looks like a deep ocean and radiates a deep-water sea blue color.

This cocktail has traces of citrus flavors and is served in hightail cocktail glass. This cool drink is added with exceptional alcoholic drinks to give it a buzz and punch.

38. Iced Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Latte

iced butterfly pea flower tea latte

This exquisite quencher is definitely a treat for your mouth. This has a dominant taste of butterfly pea flowers and is paired with condensed milk and vanilla extract. 

It lands sweet as you dissolve it and is filled with an exquisite taste profile that is endearing and lovely. You would want to have multiple servings of this latte and probably gobble all of it.

39. Cotton Candy Margarita

cotton candy margarita

Martinis are a loved drink that is loved by all. This has a unique taste and is flavored with cotton candies. 

It also has a mix of martini, tequila, and cotton candies that render lots of sweetness. Some food coloring on the mix can give an appealing blue twist.

40. Blue Hawaiian

blue hawaiian

The blue Hawaiian drink is a distinctly blue-colored drink that is delightful. It is sweet and delicious, by all means.

Coconut rum, pineapple juice, and rum will be mixed in the drink, and pineapple pieces tucked to the rim glasses are the best drink.

41. Blue Moon

blue moon drink

This blue drink is sweet and rich in taste. It is a charming drink with sweetness and a citrusy flavor.

It has a strong flavor and is loved by all. It is a pleasant drink that relaxes your mind and body to a large extent.

42. Jack Frost Cocktail

Jack Frost Cocktail

This is a stunning cocktail that is perfectly ideal for a holiday vacation. The drink is cold and icy, with vibrant blue color. Blue curacao gives flavor and appearance to the drink. 

The flaked coconut is added to the drink, and it is also attached to the rim. This icy drink is a delight to have and is enjoyed greatly.

43. Blueberry Mojito

blueberry mojito

Blueberries added to the mojito make it blue in appearance. The taste of the berries only dominates the flavor of the cocktail.

The blue twist in the cocktail makes it appealing. The tartness of the berries compliments the taste of the mint in the liquid. It is a perfect quencher that is a delight in summer.

44. Rum Blue Island Cocktail

rum blue island cocktail

This cocktail is an elegant mix of coconut rum, white rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, sprite, and maraschino cherries. The sweetness of the cocktails is extremely pleasant and quite soothing to drink.

There is a double dose of rum which makes the drink extra boozy. Hence it has to be had in moderation.

45. Blue Lagoon Cocktail

blue lagoon cocktail

The blue lagoon cocktail is very similar to the blue island cocktail. The taste could slightly differ with an extreme tartness that separates the drink from the latter.

The lemonade base is slightly dominating in flavor and is filled with vodka-based. This would be an ideal cocktail if you can tolerate a sour taste.

46. Vista Blue

vista blue

Vista blue is a simple drink that can be made in a jiffy. The mixed vodka with pineapple juice and blue curacao is mixed in the drink.

This blue aqua drink can be slightly bitter in taste, but the pineapple flavor dominates the vibe. Vodka added to the cocktail makes it strong and boozy.

47. Coconut Gin And Tonic

coconut gin tonic

This drink is not exactly blue, but the added twist of blue curacao can make it blue. It is a minty drink with slight traces of coconut flavor.

The gin and tonic in the drink make it boozy and strong in flavor. It is quite a relaxing drink that can be devoured in summer and is a treat to your taste buds.

48. Chi-Chi Cocktail

chi chi cocktail

A tropical blue drink that is sweet and relish-worthy. It is served cold and with an extra creaminess that makes the drink vibrant.

A mix of vodka, blue curacao, cream of coconut, pineapple crushed, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is served with rock or in a neat way.

49. Ocean Bleu Cocktail

ocean bleu cocktail

This bittersweet delight is extremely savory and looks like it comes from a nightshade family. This cocktail is loved and used as a party and themed drink.

People who can tolerate a little bit of bitterness can devour this and enjoy it. It is a delight in summer and dwelled upon without any miss.

50. Mad Eye Martini

mad eye martini

Mad eye martini is a mixed cocktail which is served on occasions. it is also name-dropped as the harry potter drink that is attractive and ideal.

It is made from vodka, lychee juice, and fruit syrups radiating a flavor that is tangy and slightly sweet. It cools the body and relaxes your mind.

List Of 50 Blue Foods You Should Definitely Take A Look At

Blue Color Foods

Foods That Are Blue In Color

Here is the list of 50 foods that are blue in color.
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  • Blueberries
  • Blue Spirulina
  • Blue Sausage Fruit
  • Blue Corn
  • Blue Pea Flower Tea
  • Blue Lobster
  • Elderberries
  • Blue Chocolate Tomatoes
  • Blue Lingcod Fish
  • Blue Carbs
  • Bluefin Tuna
  • Pacifico Mexican Blue Shrimp
  • Blue Cheese
  • Blue Pansy Flowers
  • Bachelors Button
  • Tuscan Blue Rosemary
  • Okinawan Sweet Potato
  • Damson Plums
  • Milk Cap Mushroom
  • Blue Eggs
  • Concord Grapes
  • Starflowers
  • Blue Salt
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Blue Honey
  • Japanese Blue Milk Bread
  • Honeyed Yogurt and Berry Tart With Ginger Crust
  • Salt-Baked Trout
  • Two-Toned Potato Salad
  • Blueberry Macaroons
  • Butter Blue Velvet Cookies
  • Blue Moon Ice Cream
  • Marshmallow Popcorn
  • Cookie Monster Cheesecake
  • Blue-Moon Lime Tart
  • Vegan Blueberry Pancakes
  • Pickled Garlic
  • Royal Blue Cocktail
  • Iced Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Latte
  • Cotton Candy Margarita
  • Blue Hawaiian
  • Blue Moon
  • Jack Frost Cocktail
  • Blueberry Mojito
  • Rum Blue Island Cocktail
  • Blue Lagoon Cocktail
  • Vista Blue
  • Coconut Gin and Tonic
  • Chi-Chi Cocktail
  • Ocean Bleu Cocktail
  • Mad Eye Martini


  • Go through the list and find your favorite foods that are blue in color.
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Colors brighten our life. Having a glimpse of all the blue-colored food must have excited and thrilled you to a large extent. It is a parade of blue-hued foods that must have been a treat to your eyes.

Just glancing at all these items must give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

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