Black Rock Coffee Bar Holiday Menu With Prices

Coffee is something that most of us love. There are so many lovely coffee bars out there! One such popular place is Black Rock Coffee Bar! Want to know all about their holiday specials? Then, let’s explore the Black Rock Coffee Bar holiday menu with prices, all in this article! 

Black Rock Coffee Bar

Some of us really cannot live without that morning caffeine fix. I mean, if I had to talk about myself, there wouldn’t be a single day that would go by without me enjoying my cup of joe! But, just like me, there are also many other people that look forward to holiday coffee flavors and Black Rock Coffee Bar has some great ones this year! 

Black Rock Coffee Bar is a well-known coffee roaster in the United States. This year for the holiday season, Black Rock Coffee has a special holiday menu that they have released, along with the prices too! On average, anything from their holiday menu should cost somewhere between $ 6 – $ 10. 

Here, before we begin exploring the Black Rock Coffee Bar Holiday menu with prices, I would like to mention that there are chances that the prices of these very options may differ from one place to another. The prices for this article have been taken from Black Rock Coffee Bar’s location in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

To know the precise prices for all these new options for the location closest to you, then you can enter your location on their official website. Now, let us discover this marvelous holiday menu, but before that, here is just a brief introduction to Black Rock Coffee Bar itself! 

Black Rock Coffee Bar was founded back in 2008 by Jeff Hernandez. This coffee place had its first outlet in Portland, Oregon. But, as they were well received by all the customers, they soon began expanding rapidly. 

Now, the company has over 100 retail locations across various states in the country. Moreover, along with serving delicious coffee, they also serve coffee blends, T-shirts, and various other merchandise! 

Black Rock Coffee Bar Holiday Specials And Their Prices

Black Rock Coffee Bar 1

Most coffee places and other restaurants, too, for that matter, offer a great variety of treats for every season. These variations are mostly based on the holiday and also the season that they are looking at.

Halloween and Thanksgiving are holidays where we end up seeing a lot of pumpkin-flavored treats. Keeping that in mind, Christmas and, in general, the holiday season is also a time when there are certain favorite flavors.

So, although the new options on their menu are not necessarily something that looks like the holiday season. However, they sure do have that flavor! Now again, as Black Coffee Bar has locations across various parts of the United States, almost every beverage on their holiday menu is also available in both hot and cold forms.

That is indeed nice, considering the fact that it doesn’t get as cold in some places in the country! Now, let me tell you all about these new beverages and their prices too! 

1. Caramel Nog Latte

Lattes are the perfect coffee for anyone who likes a cup of joe with a creamy finish. Now caramel lattes are great, in general, but not really Christmas-themed. Anything that can make this classic perfect for the holidays?

Why, of course, there’s eggnog to the rescue! This caramel nog latte is a great combination of flavors like eggnog, caramel sauce, and of course, their classic roasted coffee. 

The caramel nog latte is available in four size variations. It is also available in hot, iced, and blended forms, and you can also add in some extras at no added cost! However, for the blended version of this drink, you will have to pay $ 1.50 extra. Here are the prices for this special holiday treat! 

SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Caramel Nog Latte$ 6.20$ 7.00$ 7.80$ 8.60

2. Peppermint Bark White Mocha

Other than eggnog, one flavor that truly defines the flavors of the holiday season is peppermint, hands down! Peppermint is one of those flavors that take us right to our childhood, where we all enjoyed our fair share of a candy cane! 

Now you can enjoy this flavor in the form of a mocha! Made with white chocolate mocha and freshly made coffee, this beverage really tastes like Christmas in a cup! The flavors are very subtle yet well-balanced. 

The peppermint bark white mocha is also available in four size variations to choose from. This beverage is available in hot, iced and blended forms, where you would have to pay $ 1.50 extra for any blended beverage.

SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Peppermint Bark White Mocha$ 6.20$ 7.00$ 7.80$ 8.60

3. Christmas Cookie Cold Brew

Cold brews are one of the most refreshing forms of coffee ever made, for sure! I don’t think there is ever a bad time to enjoy a cold brew, regardless of whether it is hot or even freezing! Black Rock Coffee Bar took this simple cold brew up a notch! 

This Christmas cookie cold brew is really exactly how it sounds! Their freshly made cold brew is first topped with some sweet vanilla foam, along with delicious Christmas cookies! This cold brew is sweet and crunchy too! 

The cold brew is also available in four different sizes to choose from, along with add-on extras and more. This beverage, being a cold brew, does not have different versions of it, unlike the ones mentioned before. 

SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Christmas Cookie Cold Brew$ 6.20$ 7.00$ 7.80$ 8.60

4. Orange Marmalade Fuel

Okay, so orange marmalade, or just, in general, a citrus beverage, is not something that you would expect on a holiday menu. But when it comes to Black Rock Coffee Bar, you can surely expect the unexpected to happen! 

This drink is made with a combination of three flavors, which are vanilla, almond and, yes, orange too. As per the chain, this beverage will fuel you with all the holiday energy that you need, and boy, they are so right! 

This beverage is yet again available in four sizes. Here too, you can opt for either an iced or a blended version of this beverage, where you would have to pay $ 1.50 extra for the blended version of it. 

SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Orange Marmalade Fuel$ 6.00$ 6.40$ 7.10$ 9.60

How To Order Online From The Black Rock Coffee Bar Holiday Menu? 

Black Rock Coffee 2

The holiday season is surely a fun time to go out and explore and, yes, enjoy your favorite treats as well. However, not everyone would prefer to go out at this time of year, I am sure!

So, for those of you who would rather enjoy your holiday beverage right at home, then you can easily order them! To order online from the Black Rock Coffee Bar holiday menu, you can easily place your orders on their official website, along with their iOS app.

Moreover, they are also available on various delivery platforms, like Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash and Postmates, if that seems to be an easier option for you! 

Similar Restaurants Offering A Holiday Menu

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  4. Red Lobster – Who said no one would crave seafood during the holiday season? For the freshest seafood ever, is there even a better place than Red Lobster? This chain has a number of feasts that have been added on their holiday menu, perfect for any sort of appetite! 
  5. Dairy Queen – Dairy Queen is known for its soft serves and various other frozen treats. Keeping that in mind, they have launched a holiday menu with some delicious options for blizzards and more! 
  6. Tim Hortons – This Canadian coffee chain has perfectly found its place in the United States and for fans, their holiday menu is filled with a number of sweet treats, coffees and various other delicious beverages.
  7. McDonald’s – McDonald’s surely needs no introduction! This internally acclaimed fast food chain has offers all through the holiday season and also a bunch of special menu items which you can’t miss out on! 
  8. Dunkin’ Donuts – Americans love their donuts and what better if these donuts are all holiday flavored? That surely isn’t all that you can enjoy at this chain during the holiday season, so, do have a look at the entire menu! 
  9. Starbucks – Starbucks is the perfect place to get a good cup of coffee and this restaurant chain does not disappoint when it comes to holiday specials! From coffee to lovely holiday food, they have everything you need! 
  10. IHOP – International House Of Pancakes, also called IHOP is known for their pancakes, of course and a lot more! This chain of restaurants has a fantastic new holiday menu with a number of different specials that are worth a try! 


Black Rock Coffee Bar has released an all-new holiday menu right in time for Christmas. The holiday menu features four new drinks, which are all based on classic holiday flavors and more. Depending on what you buy, on average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $ 6 – $ 10 at Black Rock Coffee Bar. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the holiday menu be around all through the holiday season? 

Yes, the holiday menu will be around all through the holiday season. 

Can these beverages from the holiday menu be ordered online? 

Yes, you can order the beverages from Black Rock Coffee Bar’s holiday menu online. 

How much would a beverage from the holiday menu cost?

On average, depending on various factors, you can expect to spend anywhere between $ 6 – $ 10 from Black Rock Coffee Bar’s holiday menu. 

Will the prices of these beverages be the same at all their locations? 

No, there are chances that the prices of these beverages may vary from one location to another. 

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