Top 5 Birthday and Anniversary Cake Flavours

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That creamy, luscious vanilla cake that you had at that birthday party seems to be stuck at your lips, right? When a cake is perfectly textured, 10/10 in appearance and even better in taste, then it is tough to forget it. It is more challenging when you just love cakes!

Birthday cake

Besides delicious foods, cakes are the main attraction of any party, be it a birthday or an anniversary, or a farewell party. Whereas chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch birthday cake are the ones which are very common in the parties, some people opt for some other flavours. And these other flavours are also on the rise of becoming everyone’s favourite.

Here Is The List Of The Top 5 Birthday Cake Flavours

1. Red Velvet cake – 

Red velvet cake is becoming everyone’s favourite choice for any kind of party. First of all the red colour at the top is attractive enough to catch everyone’s eyes. The colour red is itself a colour of love and celebration. Secondly, the inside of the cake is unique to be loved by everybody, from young to old. It is mostly a vanilla cake with a touch of chocolate.

The secret of the reddish-brown colour inside of the cake is the mixture of vinegar and buttermilk. This is the standard way the famous red colour of the cake is created and beautified. Nowadays, some go with the food colouring to intensify the red colour. This cake is perfect for any kind of party.

2. Strawberry Cake – 

The pastel pink colour and the sweet taste of strawberry are the main elements people desire in a strawberry cake. Milk and fresh strawberry mixture are an integral part of the batter of the cake. Layers upon layers, layers upon layers, choose however you want.

The decoration with icing and adding fresh slices of strawberry gives the cake an amazing finishing touch. So the strawberry flavoured cake is definitely a favourite choice at any party for many.

If you are a resident of Chandigarh and your birthday or anniversary is coming up, then you can enjoy strawberry cakes at your home only. Just go for online cake delivery in Mumbai and cherish your favourite flavour! Thanks to the digitized surroundings, it has made it possible to order delicacies from anywhere globally.

3. Vanilla Lemon Cake – 

You have tasted a vanilla flavoured cake, many times in your life for sure. And if you are a big fan of vanilla flavoured cakes at parties, then you should try vanilla lemon flavoured cake this time. It is a kind of combination of a lemon cake and a vanilla cake. But with a little quirk.

Besides other essential ingredients, lemon curd is another main element of the vanilla lemon cake. For the final touch of icing, lemon juice along with other integral elements, boost the taste of the vanilla lemon cake.

4. Cheesecake – 

Apart from the red velvet cake, cheesecake is also loved by many at different parties. It is also enjoyed as a dessert on no special occasion, which can make everyone happy! The fun part of these cakes is that it does not need many ingredients and that’s why experts enjoy experimenting while baking cheesecakes.

The misty, lustrous, smooth texture is what makes the cheesecakes absolutely amazing. The crispy crust of the cake is to crave. Sprinkles of the rainbow and melted butter on top of the cake will just amaze the ones who love cheesecakes. If your friend, living in Delhi, is a lover of cheesecake, then order and send the cake to Delhi with just a touch of your phone.

5. Chocolate Cake –

Here comes our beloved chocolate cake. Dr. James Baker should be heartily thanked for creating the chocolate cake in 1764. Almost everyone loves chocolate cakes at parties. As years have passed, bakers have shown great zeal in experimenting with chocolate cakes. Chocolate truffle, chocolate lava, chocolate peanut butter to chocolate rum cake, and experimenting never fade away. Be it a birthday party or anniversary party, chocolate flavoured cakes rule in most people’s hearts.

So here are the top 5 birthday and anniversary cake flavours listed. You can choose from anyone from this list or you can try other delicious flavoured cakes available in the bakery stores. After all, changing your tastes in food is good for the final choice! So go further and pick up your favourites.

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