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Indians who stay away from their motherland always stay connected to their roots with the food and culture. If you are one of them and missing your Indian culture, then you must go to Bikanervala.

Bikanervala’s menu is all about luscious Indian food. You can try out chatpati chaat, snacks & quick bites, North Indian & main course, thali and platters, South Indian, packed sweets, bakery & namkeens and much more from their menu.

Apart from the menu, I will provide you information regarding the Bikanervala Menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Bikanervala Menu.

I will start with history, which includes from where they started and now where they are. Lalji family, who moved to Delhi to make their shop a brand, opened Bikanerwala, Indian sweets and snacks brand, in 1950. The first shop they opened was in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. In the present times, they have more than 105 outlets all over the world, with its headquarters in Delhi, India.

People love to go to Bikanervala because they always try to bring newness in the products which are connected to the Indian roots.

Bikanervala Menu Prices

Bikanervala Menu

Bikanervala Menu includes sumptuous soups and sizzling snacks, Chinese with variety, healthy and delicious South Indian with a myriad variety of dosa and sambar, continental tasty and yummy burgers, and fries.

Bikanervala Menu also has North Indian food from the farm like sarso ka saag to rajma chawal, the great India where you find taste from the different regions of India, street food like Chatpati chat, Tandoori Delights with its delightful tandoori dishes.

Bikanervala menu also has beverages from the different states of India like lassi from Punjab, Rabri Falooda from Gujarat, Aam Panna from Mumbai, delicious and appealing desserts like something you can relate “khane ke bad Kuch Meetha ho jay” phrase which means, “let’s have some sweets after a hearty meal” with myriad variety.

Bikanervala shop has satisfied customers because they are not stuck to sell the products from one region of India. They almost have every kind of dish from every region of India with its traditional taste and uniqueness.

Bikanervala prices are very low and affordable and are all their dishes come under the prices $30. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Bikanervala Menu Prices.

Chatpati Chaat

Chatpati ChaatPrice
Bhalla Papdi₹130
Dahi Bhalla₹120
Pani Puri – Suji₹55
Pani Puri – Atta₹55
Bhel Puri₹90
Papdi Chat₹120

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Snacks & Quick Bites

Snacks & Quick BitesPrice
Chhole Bhature₹155
Dhokla Plain₹110
Dhokla Khandvi₹160
Plain Idli Dhokla (1 Piece)₹32
Matar Kulcha₹120
Dhokla Sandwich₹160
Dhokla Paneer₹170
Dhokla Fried₹160
Paneer Cutlet – 1pcs₹32
Paneer Pakoda₹34
Veg Sandwich₹45
Kachori Khasta₹16
Punjabi Chana Kulcha₹130
Vada Sambhar₹120
Veg Grill Cheese Sandwich₹155
Matar Kachori (1 Kg)₹440

Combos & Eco Meals

Combos & Eco MealsPrice
Paneer Tikka With Pepsi Can₹335
Pao Bhaji with Pepsi Can₹210
Chole Bhature With Pepsi Can₹210
Aloo Kulcha With Dal And Raita₹230
Chole with Rice₹150
Hyderabadi Chaap With Naan₹200
Onion Kulcha With Dal And Raita₹230
Rajma with Rice₹150
Paneer Kulcha With Dal And Raita₹230

North Indian & Main Course

North Indian & Main CoursePrice
Dal Makhani₹280
Shahi Paneer₹320
Daily Special Paneer₹320
Daily Special Vegetables₹280
Green Salad₹105
Paneer Kulcha₹95
Masala Channa₹230
Raita Boondi₹140
Veg. Pulao₹120
Rajma Masala₹190
Kadi Pakora₹170
Kadhi Chawal₹150
Dal Tadka₹210
Tawa Fulka₹25
Roomali Roti₹35
Amritsari Thali₹185

Thali and Platters

Thali and PlattersPrice
Delux Thali₹320
Special Thali₹250
Chinese Platter₹290
South Indian Platter₹300
Tandoori Platter₹340

Tawa And Tandoor Se

Tawa And Tandoor SePrice
Tandoori Butter Roti₹35
Aloo Kulcha₹85
Aloo Parantha₹95
Butter Naan₹75
Onion Kulcha₹85
Parantha Lachha₹65
Plain Naan₹50
Roti Missi₹55
Tawa Parantha With Curd₹80
Veg Seekh Kebab₹250
Paneer Tikka₹280
Tandoori Roti₹30

South Indian

South IndianPrice
Dosa Butter Masala₹180
Uttapam Mix Veg₹190
Idli Sambhar₹120
Dosa Onion Rawa₹180
Dosa Plain₹150
Dosa Masala₹170
Dosa Paneer₹210
Uttapam Plain₹160
Uttapam Onion₹190
Uttapam Tomato₹190
Uttapam Onion Tomato₹190
Paper Plain Dosa₹190
Onion Rawa Masala Dosa₹200
Dosa Rawa Masala₹190
Dosa Onion Plain₹170
Dosa Butter Plain₹150
Dosa Onion Masala₹190

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Chinese and Continental

Chinese and ContinentalPrice
Veg Chowmein With Veg Manchurian₹200
Veg Fried Rice With Veg Manchurian₹200
Veg Noodles₹180
Chilly Paneer (dry)₹240
Chilly Paneer (gravy)₹240
Veg Cheese Burger₹120
Chowmein With Chilly Paneer₹200
Fried Rice With Manchurian₹200
Fried Rice With Chilly Paneer₹200
Veg. Burger₹105
Spring Roll₹190
Tomato Soup₹100
Veg. Fried Rice₹170
Veg. Manchurian (gravy)₹210
Veg Sweet Corn Soup₹100
Veg Momos₹100
Paneer Momos₹140

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza and PastaPrice
Pasta Alfredo₹240
Pizza Bikano₹230
Pizza Paneer Chilly₹270
Pasta Arabita₹240
Pizza Mushroom₹230
Pizza Capsicum Tomato₹230
Pizza Cheese₹230
Pizza Veggie (Onion Capsicum Tomato)₹260

Bengali Sweets

Bengali SweetsPrice
Rasmalai – One Pc₹50
Chena Toast₹38

Packed Sweets, Bakery & Namkeens

Packed Sweets, Bakery & NamkeensPrice
Tikoni Mathi 400g₹89.28
Suji Rusk 600g₹100
Soan Papdi DesiGhee 900g₹323.81
Rasgulla 20pc 1.25 Kg₹200
Navratan Mix 400g₹88.39
Mini Samosa 400g₹89.28
Methi Mathi 400g₹89.28
Lovely Para 400g₹89.28
Matar Para 400g₹89.28
Kaju Salted 400g₹591.96
Gulab Jamun 12pc 1 Kg₹200
Gol Mathi 400g₹89.28
Dry Petha 400g₹90.48
Biscuit Gol Pista₹320
Biscuit Gol Kaju₹310
Biscuit Choco Chip₹310
Biscuit Attapatti 810g₹173.73
Bhakar Badi 400g₹89.28
Baked Del Namkeen Kaju Cookies 400g₹127.12
Baked Del Milk Kaju Cookies 400g₹127.12
Baked Del Marble 400g₹110.17
Baked Del Kaju Pista 400g₹127.12
Baked Del Jeera Cookies 400g₹101.70
Baked Del Coconut Cookies 400g₹110.17
Badam Masala 400g₹591.96
Baked Del Ajwain Cookies 400g₹101.70
Achari Mathi 500g₹160.72
Aloo Bhujia 400g₹88.39
Namkeen Dal Moth 200g₹40.18
Khari Jeera Puff-450g₹110.17
Namkeen Moong Daal Plain 200g₹49.11
Namkeen Nutkhat Nimbu 200g+50g₹44.64
Cornflakes Mix – 400g₹124.11
Namkeen All In One 200g₹44.64
Syrup Khus 1 Kg₹135.59
Marori Puff 500g₹118.65
Khari Plain Puff-400g₹110.17
Bhelpuri 200g₹40.18
Syrup Jeera Shikanji 1 Kg₹135.59
Rajbhog 10pc 1 Kg₹200
Soan Papdii Desi Ghee 250g₹97.14
Cham Cham 14pc 1 Kg₹200
Soan Papdi Desii Ghee 500g₹180.95
Namkeen Paneer Bhujia 200 + 50g₹62.50
Ajwain Puff 450g₹110.17
Biscuit Fruit Cake Rusk 400g₹127.12
Namkeen Khatta Meetha 400g₹88.39
Papad Punjabi 200g₹60
Namkeen Dal Moth – 400g₹79.46
Mathi Karela 400g₹89.28
Namkeen Kaju Mix 200g₹68.75
Kesar Angoori Petha Tin 1 Kg₹200
Cornflakes Mix 200g₹62.50
Papad Amritsari 200g₹60
Namkeen All Time Mixture 200+50g Extra₹44.64
Navratan Mix 200g+50g Scheme₹44.64
Papad Kali Mirch 200g₹60
Peanut Salted 200g₹44.64
Namkeen Tasty 400g₹88.39
Khatta Meetha 200g+50g Scheme₹44.64
Namkeen Kashmiri Mix 200g₹62.50
Aloo Bhujia 200g+ 50g Scheme₹44.64
Chakri Puff 700g₹161
Namkeen Shahii Mix 200g₹49.11
Baked Del Choco Kaju 400g₹127.12
Tasty 200g and 50g Scheme₹44.64
Boondi Salted 200g+50g₹44.64
Namkeen Kaju Mix- 400g₹136.61
Namkeen Shahi Mix 400g₹97.32
Biscuit Plain Cake Rusk 400g₹127.12
Chai Puri 400g₹89.28
Namkeen Moong Dal Plain 400g₹97.32
Agra Sev 200g₹44.64
Bhawnagri 200g₹40.18
Bhelpurii 400g₹79.46
Bikano Combi Papad 200g₹149
Bikano Diet Namkeen 90g Combi 450g₹70.54
Bikano Namkeen Combi 5 200g₹177.68
Bikano Namkeen Combo 85g₹88.39
Boondi Salted 400g₹88.39
Channa Almond Bite 1 Kg₹600
Diet Mixture 650g₹133.93
Ganthiya 200g₹40.18
Kachori 400gm₹89.28
Kaju Dal Moth 200g₹62.50
Kaju Dal Mothh 400g₹124.11
Kashmiri Mix 400g₹115.18
Kesar Rasbari 24pc 1 Kg₹200
Khokha Bhujia 200g₹40.18
Namak Para 400g₹89.28
Papad Chiplet 500g₹130
Peeli Bhujia 200g₹42.86
Peelli Bhujia 400g₹79.46
Aloo Bhujia 1 Kg₹175.89
Bikaneri Bhujia 1 Kg₹175.89
Khatta Meetha 1 Kg₹175.89
Navratan Mix 1 Kg₹175.89
Tasty 1 Kg₹175.89
All Time Mixture 1kg₹175.89
Chit Chat Mixture 1 Kg₹175.89
Shahi Mix 1 Kg₹198.21
Moong Dal Plain 1 Kg₹220.54
Bikano Aloo Bhujia 400g₹88.39
Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia 400g₹88.39
Bikano Shahi Mixture 400g₹97.32
Bikano Moong Dal Plain 200g₹49.11
Aloo Bhujjia 200g₹44.64
Syrup Thandai 1 Kg₹241.07
Syrup Rose 1 Kg₹135.59
Syrup Orange 1 Kg₹142.86
Namkeen Aloo Lachha Masalaa 150g₹44.64
Baked Del Nam Kaju Cookies400 g₹127.12
Khakhra Crispy Ajwain 200g₹71.43
Khakhra Crispy Plain 200g₹71.43
Khakhra Kasuri Methi 200g₹71.43
Khakhra Masala 200g₹71.43
Khakhra Multigrain Jeera 200g₹85.71


Lassi Masala₹95
Lassi Kesaria₹95
Blue Ocean₹130
Green Apple₹130
Vanilla Milk Shake₹130
Strawberry Milk Shake₹130
Chocolate Milk Shake₹130
Shake Coffee Milk₹130
Soda Lime Ice₹130
Can 7 Up 330ml₹57.14
Can Mirinda 330ml₹57.14
Can Pepsi Black 330ml₹57.14
Coffee Cold₹110
Can Pepsi 330ml₹57.14
Kesar Pista Badam Milk₹75
Vedica Mineral Water₹38.10

Sweets & Desserts

Sweets & DessertsPrice
Moong Dal Halwa₹160
Kaju Burfii₹430
Chena Murki₹310
Kaju Apple₹315
Chocolate Bite₹315
Kaju Lemon₹330
Dryfruit Cutlet₹330
Kaju Anjeer Cake₹350
Kesar Peda₹350
Shahi Pinni₹390
Kesar Sandesh₹370
Matka Kulfi₹115
Badam Bite₹315
Orange Bite₹270
Rose Bite₹315
Kalakand 1 Kg₹660
Kalakand 500 Gm₹330
Bikano Mix Sweet Box₹565
Mewa Bites Red Box₹620
Diamond Meetha Namkeen Dry Fruit Mix₹1156
Golden Super Kaju Mix₹1240
Diamond Mix₹920
Panchratan Mix Sweet Box₹735
Golden Super Mix Sweet Box₹765
Golden Khoya Mix Box₹715
Golden Mix Sweet Box₹715
Gound Pak₹350
Gulab Jamun (1 Piece)₹30
Mathura Peda₹280
Dhoda Special₹270
Rose Laddu₹740
Kaju Roll₹630
Khoya Burfi₹280
Khoya Pista Burfi₹330
Laddu Atta₹260
Laddu Besan₹280
Milk Cake₹330
Moong Dal Burfi₹310
Kaju Kesar Burfi₹640
Laddu Banarsi₹180
Laddu Bikaneri₹220
Laddu Special₹260
Rabri Faluda₹115
Rajbhog (1 Piece)₹36
Special Patisa₹270
Badam Burfi₹480
Laddu Gound₹340
Special Pinni₹320
Badam-Lauj 500 gms₹800
Badam Lauj 1 Kg₹1600
Pista-Lauj 500 gms₹1600
Pista Lauj 1 Kg₹3200
Safed Peda 500 gms₹320
Safed Peda 1 Kg₹640
Kali Rasbhari₹250
Lal Rasbhari₹270
Dry Rasbhhari₹200
Besan Laddu Special₹360
Malpua (1 Pc)₹28

Falahari Special Menu

Falahari Special MenuPrice
Badam Lachha-400g₹150.89
Aloo Chips 200g₹44.64
Badam Lachha 200gm₹75.89


Biscuit Teen Badam₹330
Biscuit Milk Pista – 400 gm₹144
Biscuit Jeera Namkeen – 400 gm₹240
Biscuit Milk Kaju – 400 gm₹320
Biscuit Milk Butter – 400 gm₹400
Biscuit Kaju Pista – 400 gm₹320
Biscuit Chocolate Kaju – 400 gm₹310
Rusk Fruit Cake – 500 gm₹310
Biscuit Almond Pista – 400 gm₹330
Biscuit Atta Patti – 500 gm₹240
Biscuit Atta Patti Sugar Free – 500 gm₹440
Biscuit Almond Butter – 400 gm₹350

Ready To Eat (Packed)

Ready To Eat (Packed)Price
Shahi Paneer RTE 300g₹105.94
Rajma RTE 300g₹63.56
Punjabi Chole RTE 300g₹63.56
Plain Basmati Rice RTE 250g₹59.32
Matar Paneer RTE 300g₹105.94
Kadi Pakoda RTE 300g₹63.56
Dal Makhani RTE 300g₹80.36
Dal Tadka & Rice Combo RTE₹127.12
Kadi Pakoda & Rice Combo RTE₹127.12
Matar Paneer & Rice Combo RTE₹152.54
Shahi Paneer & Rice Combo RTE₹152.54
Dal Makhani & Rice Combo RTE₹135.59
Veg Biryani RTE₹135.59

Bikanervala Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Bikanervala Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Bikanervala Franchise Details

Bikanervala Franchise

Bikanervala has more than 86 outlets in India 30 in countries like UAE, Nepal, New Zealand, Singapore, and USA. If you want to open their franchise here is the cost then.

Total Investment$20,000-$40,000

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Bikanervala Contact Information

Bikanervala Corporate Office Address: Address: A- 28 ,Lawrence Road Industrial Area ,New Delhi – 110035

Bikanervala Corporate Office Address:  011-47006729

To contact the team of Bikanervala you can fill the contact form mentioned on their website.

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