Biggby Coffee Menu With Prices

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If you are a coffee lover, then visiting Biggby Coffee must be the next task for you. So in this article, I will tell you about the latest Biggby menu prices. This will make things a lot easier for you when you visit there.

Biggby coffee restaurant

Biggby Coffee’s menu has got a wide variety of coffee options such as hot, frozen and iced lattes. If you don’t like coffee, they have also got other beverages on the menu like creme freeze smoothies, tea lattes that you can try.

Biggby Coffee is one of the most loved and fastest-growing coffeehouses in America. They are even beating the likes of Starbucks and Caribou Coffee in terms of growth. Aside from the menu, I will also tell you the Franchising Details, Contact Information and Nutritional Breakdown of the items present on the Biggby menu.

Biggby Coffee is an American coffeehouse chain that was founded by Bob Fish and Mary Roszel in 1995. They first opened a coffee house named Beaner’s Coffee, but later on, they renamed it Biggby coffee. The first store of Biggby Coffee was opened in Michigan.

Even the slogan of the company is “B Happy, Have Fun, Make Friends, Love People and Drink Great Coffee.” This reflects the motto of Biggby Coffee that Biggby Coffee is a place where people can have fun, be happy and make new friends while having a cup of coffee.

Biggby Coffee Menu Prices

Coffee from Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee’s menu includes a wide range of hot and cold coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, chai tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, bagel sandwiches, muffins, baked goods, and soft drinks. But the main highlight of their menu is coffee.

Their coffee is made of premium coffee beans and prepared by trained baristas to ensure that every sip of the coffee tastes better than the last one. This is what makes Biggby Coffee so successful in such a competitive coffee market.

The company offers its coffee in different sizes named Tall, Grande, and Super that is 16 oz. , 20 oz. and 24 oz. Respectively. Biggby menu prices are very much similar to the other coffee chains as you can get a latte here for around $5.

So, without waiting, let’s check out the Biggby Coffee menu with prices.

Hot Lattes

Hot Lattes16oz20oz24oz
Honey Cinnamon Vanilla Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Caramel Marvel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Mocha Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
White Lightning$5.59$5.79$6.39
Mellow Mellow$5.59$5.79$6.39
Caramel Mellow$5.59$5.79$6.39
Mocha Caramel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Mocha Mellow$5.59$5.79$6.39
Teddy Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Wild Zebra$5.59$5.79$6.39
Fluffy Clouds$5.59$5.79$6.39
Vanilla Bean$5.09$5.29$5.89
Nutty Buddy$5.09$5.29$5.89
Butter Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Hazelnut Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Mint Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Sugar Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Neapolitan Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Golden Honey Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Golden Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Lotta Love Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Lissa’s Luscious Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Blueberry Bliss Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Mocha Nut Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Purple Haze Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Snow Bear Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Strawberry Puff Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Tan Line Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Beautiful Haze Latte$5.09$5.29$5.89
Berry White Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Spotted Owl Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Avalanche Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Black Forest Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Mellow Mochanut Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Nutty Mocha Caramel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Sunburn Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Sweet Tooth Special Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
German Mocha Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Buttercup Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Cinn-ful Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Cinnabuzz Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Coco-Marvel Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Cotton Candy Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Desert Paradise$5.59$5.79$6.39
Fire Fly Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Hazy Day Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Midnight Dream Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Moonboot Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Starry Skies Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Sugar and Spice Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Sweet Dreams Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
H=MC^2 Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Nutty Squirrel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Island Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Bear Cub$5.59$5.79$6.39
Raspberry Creme Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Peppermint Blizzard$5.59$5.79$6.39
Snow Berry$5.59$5.79$6.39
Vanilla Nut Creme$5.09$5.29$5.89

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Frozen Lattes

Frozen Lattes16oz20oz24oz
Frozen Latte$5.09$5.29$5.79
Frozen Caramel Marvel$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Mocha Mocha$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen White Lightning$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Mellow Mellow$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Caramel Mellow$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Mocha Caramel$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Mocha Mellow$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Teddy Bear$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Wild Zebra$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Fluffy Clouds$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Vanilla Bean$5.59$5.79$6.39
Frozen Nutty Buddy$5.59$5.79$6.39
Frozen Butter Bear$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Lotta Love$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Hazelnut Mocha$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Lissa’s Luscious$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Mint Mocha$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Sugar Bear$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Honey Cinnamon Vanilla Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Golden Honey Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Golden Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Blueberry Bliss$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Mocha Nut$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Purple Haze$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Raspberry Mocha$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Snow Berry$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Strawberry Puff$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Tan Line$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Beautiful Haze$5.59$5.79$6.39
Frozen Neapolitan$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Berry White$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Spotted Owl$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Avalanche$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Bear Cub$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Black Forest$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Mellow Mocha nut$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Nutty Mocha Caramel$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Sunburn Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Teddy Berry$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Black Bear$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Sweet Tooth Special$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen German Mocha$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Chai Charger$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Coco Marvel$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Cotton Candy$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Desert Paradise$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Fire Fly$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Hazy Day$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Midnight Dream$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Moonboot Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Starry Skies$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Sugar and Spice$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Sweet Dreams$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen H=MC^2$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Bear Paw$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Island Bear$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Cinn-full$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Cinnabuzz$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Golden Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Nutty Squirrel$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Peppermint Blizzard$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Snow Bear$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Raspberry Creme Mocha$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Cinnamon Roll Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Buttercup$6.09$6.29$6.89
Frozen Vanilla Nut Creme$5.59$5.79$6.39

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Iced Lattes

Iced Lattes16oz20oz24oz
Iced Caramel Marvel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Latte$4.59$4.79$5.39
Iced Mocha Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced White Lightning$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Mellow Mellow$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Caramel Mellow$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Mocha Caramel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Mocha Mellow$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Teddy Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Wild Zebra$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Fluffy Clouds$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Vanilla Bean$5.09$5.29$5.89
Iced Nutty Buddy$5.09$5.29$5.89
Iced Butter Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Mint Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Sugar Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Honey Cinnamon Vanilla$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Golden Honey $5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Golden $5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Lotta Love$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Hazelnut Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Blueberry Bliss$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Mocha Nut$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Purple Haze$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Raspberry Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Snow Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Strawberry Puff$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Tan Line$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Beautiful Haze$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Neapolitan$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Berry White$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Spotted Owl$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Avalanche$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Bear Cub$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Black Forest$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Mello Mochanut$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Nutty Mocha Caramel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Sunburn Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Teddy Berry$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Black Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Sweet Tooth Special$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced German Mocha$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Chai Charger$6.19$6.39$6.99
Iced Buttercup$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Coco-Marvel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Cotton Candy$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Desert Paradise$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Fire Fly$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Hazy Day$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Midnight Dream$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Cinn-ful$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Cinnabuzz$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Moonboot$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Snickerdoodle$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Starry Skies$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Sugar and Spice$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Sweet Dreams$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Winter Wonderland$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced H=MC^2$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Nutty Squirrel$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Island Bear$5.59$5.79$6.39
Iced Vanilla Nut Creme$5.09$5.29$5.89

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Traditions and Classics

Traditions and Classics16oz20oz24oz
Brewed Coffee$2.49$2.69$2.89
Red Eye$3.69$3.89$4.69
Hot Tea$2.69$2.89$3.39
Cafe Au Lait$3.39$3.59$3.79

Creme Freeze Smoothies

Creme Freeze Smoothies16oz20oz24oz
Banana Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.89
Banana Berry Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.89
Chocolate Chip Cookie Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.89
Mango Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.89
Neapolitan Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.89
Raspberry Zinger Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.89
Red Bull Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Strawberry Shortcake Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Honey Cinnamon Vanilla Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Peach Berry Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Coconut Blackberry Zinger$6.09$6.29$6.29
Coconut Beach Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Banana Split Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Black, White and Red All Over Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Blackberry Banana Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Blue Streak Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Dark Chocolate Cookie Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Frisbee Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Pina Colada Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Pink Panther Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Summer Breeze Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Intergalactic Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29
Blackberry Creme Freeze$6.09$6.29$6.29

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Hot Chocolates

Hot Chocolates16oz20oz24oz
Cocoa Carmella$5.09$5.19$5.79
Dark Hot Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
Mellow Hot Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
Mint Hot Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
White Hot Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
Teddy Bear Hot Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79

Hot Chocolates- Frozen

Hot Chocolates- Frozen16oz20oz24oz
Frozen Cocoa Carmella$5.59$5.69$6.29
Dark Frozen Chocolate$5.59$5.69$6.29
Mellow Frozen Chocolate$5.59$5.69$6.29
Mint Frozen Chocolate$5.59$5.69$6.29
White Frozen Chocolate$5.59$5.69$6.29
Teddy Bear Frozen Chocolate$5.59$5.69$6.29

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Hot Chocolates- Iced

Hot Chocolates- Frozen16oz20oz24oz
Iced Cocoa Carmella$5.09$5.19$5.79
Dark Iced Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
Mellow Iced Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
Mint Iced Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
White Iced Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79
Teddy Bear Iced Chocolate$5.09$5.19$5.79


Espresso con Panna$3.19
Espresso Macchiato$3.19

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Other Cold Beverages

Other Cold BeveragesPrice
Cold Brew$3.69
Iced Americano$3.89
Magic Milk$2.99
Sweet Foam Caramel Cold Brew$4.69
Iced Coffee$2.69
Iced Tea$2.49
Premium Iced Tea$2.99
Iced Cafe Au Lait$3.39
Arnold Palmer$2.89
Red Bull Over Ice (16oz)$3.49
Matcha Lemonade$3.39
Berry Blast Mocktail$5.49
Kickin Raspberry Mocktail$5.49

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Tea Lattes

Tea Lattes16oz20oz24oz
Enlightened Chai$5.59$5.79$6.39
Frozen Matcha Latte$6.09$6.29$6.89
Matcha Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Tea Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Chai Latte$5.59$5.79$6.39
Chai Charger$6.19$6.39$6.99
Golden Chai$5.59$5.79$6.39


Donut Holes$2.99
Ham & Cheese Bragel$4.99
Blueberry Muffin$2.99
Coffee Cake Muffin$2.99
Tuxedo Muffin$2.99
BIGG Cookie$2.49
Yogurt Parfait$3.39
Bagel & Cream Cheese$2.79
Egg & Cheese Bragel$4.99
Sausage & Cheese Bragel$4.99
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bragel$5.99
Turkey Havarti Bragel$4.99

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Retail Items

Retail ItemsPrice
BIGGBY Best Coffee Beans – 12 oz.$10.99
BIGGBY Best Coffee Pods$11.99
Fraser Tea$10.99

Boost Smoothies

Boost SmoothiesPrice
Golden Boost Smoothie$7.09
Strawberry Chai Boost Smoothie$7.09
Banana Berry Boost Smoothie$7.09
Matcha Boost Smoothie$7.09

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Biggby Coffee Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday7 am to midnight
Saturday9 am to midnight
Sunday10:30 am-midnight

Note: Some outlets may close up by 12 in the night, so please check ahead of time.

Biggby Coffee Happy Hours

Monday to Sunday3 pm to 6 pm

During their happy hours, the Biggby Coffee timings may vary from locations to locations, so we suggest you check your location ahead of time.

Biggby Coffee Franchising Information

Biggby coffee franchise

Biggby Coffee has around 235 coffee stores in different states of America like Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, and South Carolina. So if you want to open a Biggby Coffee store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Name of FeeCost
Initial Franchise Fee$20,000
Real Property RentalFrom $1,500 to $21,000
Leasehold ImprovementsFrom $80,000 to $170,000
Equipment, Furniture and DecorFrom $46,000 to $55,000
Blueprints, Plans and PermitsFrom $5,500 to $11,000
Signage (Interior/Exterior)From $7,000 to $15,000
Initial InventoryFrom $9,000 to $14,000
Insurance – General Liability, Property and Workers CompensationFrom $3,500 to $4,500
Utility ExpenseFrom $800 to $3,600
License Permits and OtherFrom $1,000 to $2,500
Initial Advertising and Grand Opening PromotionsFrom $5,000 to $5,000
Miscellaneous Travel and Living Expenses for TrainingFrom $500 to $5,000
Organizational ExpensesFrom $2,050 to $2,500
Additional Funds – 3 MonthsFrom $5,000 to $40,000
ESTIMATED TOTALFrom $186,850 to $369,100

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Biggby Coffee Contact Details

Biggby Coffee Corporate Office Address 2501 Coolidge Rd Ste 302 East Lansing, MI 48823, United States

Biggby Coffee Corporate Office Contact Number– 517-482-8145

You can also contact the team of Biggby Coffe by using the contact form on their website.

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