5 Best Wines To Pair with Breakfast Meal

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Contrary to the myth that wine should not be consumed before 5 PM, Wine lovers start to drink wine as they enjoy their breakfast. More people are now incorporating wine not only at lunch or dinner but also during breakfast. Who would have thought that wine is also best paired with egg, sausage, and other breakfast delis? 

If you want to explore wine and breakfast, here is the list of wines you can consider that will surely match your breakfast favourites. 

Sparkling Fizz and Egg

Sparkling wine is always the best choice to pair with eggs. Sparkling fizz works best for any egg dish. Between Champagne and Prosecco, the former would be the best to pair with egg dishes. Although it can overpower the egg’s flavour, it still provides the right balance at the end. 

If you love to combine the egg with fish, specifically salmon, Prosecco should be your go-to wine. This variety of wine can provide enough balance of the egg and salmon. The sweetness that the green apples, honeydew melon, and honeysuckle bring out the savoury taste of the egg and salmon. 

Sauvignon Blanc and Cheese

Sauvignon Blanc

It is a rule of thumb always to pair cheese with white wine. Aside from egg, cheese is one of the most traditional breakfast favourites of many. Most of us think that red wines are the best choice to pair with cheese. However, as many did not know, cheese is best enjoyed with whites. 

Full-bodied red wines can overpower the most vigorous of cheeses. White wines with a lighter tone would be the best choice to compliment the flavour of the cheese. To better enjoy your cheese during breakfast, always opt for whites to enhance its flavour. 

You might ask about the pairing of blue cheese with the red wine, Port. As you know, Port has a sweet and fortified flavour that gives a perfect foil for the tangy saltiness of blue cheese. However, a Sauvignon wine, namely Sauternes, can be a great alternative. 

Sauternes is a very sweet variety of white wine classified as a Sauvignon Blanc with a note of butterscotch, honey apricot, and coconut with a citrusy theme. You can also taste a hint of mango, marmalade, and ginger that will surely taste good on your taste buds along with the tanginess of the cheese. 

Muscat Blanc and Pancakes

Muscat Blanc

If you love pancakes in the morning, the sweet and dry texture of Muscat Blanc can fuse with the sweetness of the pancake. This variety has low alcohol content and can fuse with both sugar or lemon pancakes. 

Muscat has a clean syrupy texture that also has low acidity and tannins, aside from its alcohol content. It is the best wine to pair not only with pancakes but also with desserts. The most favoured muscat blanc is the Moscato d’Asti that has a taste of peaches and an orange blossom with the crispiness of lemon. 

Chicken and Waffles with Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Wheat waffles and juicy chicken for breakfast can be best enjoyed with a glass of Pinot Noir. This breakfast combo can be perfectly complemented with some sparkly bottle of Chiles fine Astro Costera Santa Macarena. 

Pinot Noir wines can also be added to your pancake syrup as a cherry pinot noir waffle syrup. It can enhance the sweetness and compliment your pancake’s fluffiness that will surely give you a pleasurable breakfast. 

Pinot Noirs, especially the 48th on last the 2019 wine ratings, Peter Zemmer has a wide range of food pairings due to its sweet taste and the light notes it provides that best compliment almost all of the common breakfast meals.

Riesling and Bacon 


Riesling is already pork’s best friend, and you can pair it with bacon too. The bacon’s smoky, savory, and salt flavor goes well with different types of wine, mostly Riesling variety. The bacon’s fat can be complimented well with Riesling wine more than any variety can do. 

If you love your bacon with the extra bacon fat, Riesling would be your wine of choice to better compliment your breakfast meal choice. Riesling is best consumed when young. It is one of the most aromatic varieties of white wine and tends to be expensive. 

Riesling wine is very flexible in both flavors and its ability to be crafted into different wines. The most well-known Riesling product is made from Germany, Austria, Canada, and France. This variety of wines originated in Germany and was adopted from different regions all over the world. 


Wines are not only enjoyed with lunch or dinner meals but also can be enjoyed with breakfast. Just like lunch or dinner meals, wines can also be paired with specific breakfast dishes. For you to know what wine is best for specific morning meals, the wine variety listed above can be your best option. 

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