The 7 Best Spots to Eat Vegan in Los Angeles

Vegan Restaurant

Are you currently looking for a vegan food restaurant and cannot find one? Well, do not worry! Los Angeles, known for innovating plant-based menus, has dozens of vegan restaurants. This article will tell you about the top seven ones. So, start your car engines and make it to your favourite spot!

Vegan Food Restaurants 

Before moving towards the list, I will be telling you why it is necessary to come up with a list of vegan restaurants. Los Angeles is currently observing a wave of the opening of new vegan restaurants. The food places range from small shops to sophisticated restaurants that are run by chefs. These restaurants are engaging in various innovative ways to make vegan food less bland and more flavorful. The restaurants highlighted below are the best among the sea of vegan places. These restaurants are the most cost-effective options, and the flavours they provide are extraordinary. 

1) Crossroads

This vegan place is regarded as the best vegan Los Angeles restaurants. If you are craving a delicious vegan meal, then this is the place that should be on your list. Vegan food does not necessarily need to be bland. Crossroads makes sure of this. By serving Mediterranean means along with cocktails, it leaves those taste buds satisfied to its fullest. The chefs at crossroads make sure to focus on flavour along with the presentation. Due to this, people hardly notice that the food they are eating is purely plant-based. These factors have made it very popular in LA.

2) Âu Lạc

Au Lac is best among the Vietnamese restaurants. If you are looking for cheap vegan restaurants, then this is the one that you should try. Everything at this place is plant-based and vegan. There are a lot of unique items on the menu. Some of them are lemongrass seasoned nori-wrapped soy fish, shitake mushroom broth and pan-seared chili. Mouthwatering, isn’t it? This restaurant has helped in the evolution of vegan food. Their dishes are continuously evolving. Only organic and natural ingredients are used in cooking. They also purify the water that is used in cooking through reverse osmosis. It is done to get a better taste in the dish. Gone are the days of bland tofu blocks. Plant-based food should not be bland and spongy, as imagined. It should have a flavour profile that will make the meal both enjoyable and healthy at the same time. 

3) Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

If you are looking for a cost-effective restaurant, then Rahel Ethiopian vegan cuisine is the best vegan restaurant for students. This restaurant was opened in 1985. It is homely and provides authentic cuisine. They have a grand buffet on weekends. The food that they offer is lentil stew, and veg served with bread. It is both flavoursome and affordable. The best thing about this meal is the bread; it is an injera bread that is sour. This sourness then balances the heat and sweetness of the veggies.

What’s more? Well, if you have a sweet tooth, then I have good news for you. This vegan restaurant offers vegan cheesecake, which is not to like here!

4) Vromage

Vromage is a cheese store in West Hollywood. It produces vegan cheese, which is made from nuts. This cheese is then aged for the flavour to develop. The menu that they are offering is limited. You can also check their website to see the variety of cheeses that they offer. Their menu is filled with delicious pizzas, sandwiches, and salads. Their cheddar sandwich is an absolute hit. They also have a cheese platter on the menu. What is not to like? So, grab your place at the counter and get a dose of cheesy goodness. If you don’t have a lot of money and have trouble writing essays, then use They write essays on an array of topics. You can get one on vegan cheeses too. So, check out their website now!

5) Azla

It is another Ethiopian restaurant where you can find affordable vegan food. It provides gluten and soy-free options that you can choose from. A combo meal of three items is served either with brown rice or injera bread. All of this costs around $9.95, which is pretty low. The diners are given the option to choose between salad and stewed vegetables. It would be best if you stopped for their daily specials. Well, if you are already there, then do try their chai tea, which, by the way, is free! 

6) Samosa House

It is an Indian restaurant that provides a wide variety of spicy vegan Indian food. It is known for providing traditional and authentic Indian flavours at affordable prices. If you want an example of a perfect servicescape, then Samosa house is the one to see. It has a modern and elegant décor, built in a café style. You can choose from three dishes, white rice, brown rice and chapati. This restaurant offers the most delicious mango lassi, which is why Samosa House is the best vegan restaurant. So, the next time you are craving Indian food or snacks, you can always go to Samosa house. Before leaving, you can check their website as they have posted prices along with their item list. It will help you when many guests are visiting, and you need to calculate how much money you are going to spend. 

7) Plant Food for People

I am now going to talk about LA’s all-vegan taco truck. It is located in Highland Park. We have all seen taco trucks in movies where a chef prepares a citrusy concoction. Similarly, at this taco truck, marinated jackfruit is the star. It is served with radishes, lime, and beans. You can choose between coleslaw, hot chile, salsa and other dips. They also have cheesy potato tacos. The starting prices are as low as $2. You can go to their website to check the menu. They have mentioned all the prices. The pictures of food are real and are not edited.


Veganism is growing at a fast pace due to being considered as a healthy lifestyle choice. Vegan food does not have to be bland and boiled in this century. It must be flavorful and must satisfy the taste buds. You will get a real example of flavours in the listed restaurants!

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