What Is The Best-Selling Item On The McDonald’s Menu In 2024?

The new year is here, and one thing that has stayed consistent in our lives for many years is the grand fast food chain, McDonald’s! They have been serving delicious meals together for decades now, and in this blog, we will look at the best-selling items on the McDonald’s menu in 2023!

Best-selling item on McDonald's menu

The fries from McDonald’s have managed to remain their best-selling item over the past few decades, followed by the Big Mac. The rest of the options are McGriddles, premium salads, apple slices, and also chicken McNuggets! 

McDonald’s has been around for decades now. This chain of fast-food restaurants will complete a whole century in just a few decades more! One of the reasons why McDonald’s has been around for so long is because people love the food that McDonald’s introduces. 

But, many menu items were sadly discontinued over the years. In this article, we will be doing a detailed review of all the best-selling items for this year, ranked from 10 to 1. Of course, the best will be revealed at last, so read until the end! 

Top 10 Best-Selling Items On The McDonald’s Menu, Ranked! 

Below is the list of all the best-selling items from the McDonald’s menu in reverse order. Along with a little bit about all these menu items, I have also included the price range! So, let’s get started! 

10. McGriddle McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwiches ($2.99 – $ 5.79)

McGriddle Sandwiches

The McGriddles from McDonald’s have created a sensation during their breakfast hours. One of the reasons this was introduced is that they wanted to combine the best of savory and sweet flavors and have done that in the best way possible! 

McGriddles from McDonald’s are the perfect combination of sweet and savory. The McGriddle cakes are perfect, with a crispy exterior and a soft interior. McDonald’s has a total of 6 flavors with their McGriddles. 

Some have sausage and egg, while others have chicken and even steak. All in all, it isn’t easy to decide which one of these is the best. However, the top seller has remained the Sausage McGriddle, which costs $ 3.99. If you want to try making this at home, check out this recipe for the same! 

9. Double Cheeseburger ($ 2.99)

Doubleee Cheeseburger

The regular cheeseburgers from McDonald’s have been a hit since they were introduced. But, one complaint that most people had was that it needed to be bigger and filled more. So, in 2002, McDonald’s took this classic to a new level by coming up with a double cheeseburger.

This one is just like the regular cheeseburger but a lot more filling since it has double the amount of cheese and beef! The double cheeseburger was initially introduced as a part of the dollar menu and was priced low.

However, over the years, as the cost of ingredients has increased, so has the cost of this classic. But again, the price increase has kept it from being one of the top sellers to date! 

8. Range Of Premium Salads ($ 4.59 – $ 4.79)

McDonalds salad

McDonald’s food can be too high in calories. Most of the menu options from McDonald’s are also loaded with many other things that are out of proportion, like fat, salt, and even sugar. 

So, eating McDonald’s food regularly is not the best for us. Hence, McDonald’s introduced some lovely healthy options on their menu, including a range of premium salads that everyone loves!  

Although there were a few more options initially, it has come down to Southwest grilled chicken salad and the bacon ranch salad. However, an important thing to remember is that not all McDonald’s outlets in the United States still serve salads! 

7. Apple Slices ($ 0.89)

Apple Slices

This may come as a huge surprise, but if we talk more about the kids’ menu, the apple slices are one of the top sellers. The story of how apple slices made it to the McDonald’s menu is similar to the salads. 

Initially, with the happy meal that McDonald’s has for kids, they used to serve fries as the side. But again, everyone wanted healthier options as a side for kids. So, the apple slices were added as an option, and surprisingly, more kids chose those over the regular fries! 

The slices were introduced along with a caramel sauce dip as well. But over the years, the apple slices became a pretty popular side for kids, so they ended up adding it as a side option, even for adults, on the regular menu! 

6. Chicken Nuggets ( $ 2.19 – $ 2.39)

McDonalds chicken nuggets

Although the McDonald’s chicken nuggets are not the healthiest thing you could eat at the chain of fast food restaurants, they are still the sixth most selling item on the McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s introduced chicken nuggets back in 1980. 

Ever since they became a part of the menu, they have been one of the most popular menu items almost every year. Chicken nuggets are so popular that every country with a McDonald’s serves these classics! 

Chicken nuggets are served along with various dips available in different sizes. They are also a part of the kids’ menu, which makes them even more popular! If burgers aren’t your thing, then chicken nuggets are worth a try! 

5. Breakfast Egg McMuffin ($ 4.19)

Egg McMuffin

The next top-selling item on this list is the breakfast egg McMuffin. Like the chicken nuggets, almost every country with a McDonald’s serves one of these as the breakfast option. It has also remained one of the best sellers in almost every country! 

The egg McMuffin was like a revolution for the fast food industry. This was true; the first menu item that a fast food restaurant served, that for breakfast! Moreover, the egg McMuffin has been around for much longer than you may have thought! 

The egg McMuffin has been on the menu since the 1970s. Back then, Herb Peterson wanted to create an eggs Benedict sandwich to serve for breakfast at McDonald’s. He eventually put a poached egg and some Canadian bacon in between two English muffins; the rest is history! 

4. McDonald’s Snack Wraps ( $ 2.99)

Snack wrap

Many prefer eating smaller meals from McDonald’s rather than larger burgers. This is when McDonald’s added snack wraps to their menu, and just like most other things that McDonald’s has ever introduced, the snack wraps were a hit! 

The snack wraps were also a part of the kids’ happy meal menu. They are mainly available in three flavors: grilled, crispy, and chicken and bacon. However, not all McDonald’s outlets have been selling these over the years! 

Since the past few years, despite their demand, Snack wraps have been discontinued from the McDonald’s menu at many of their outlets. It is not all bad, though! There are still many select locations in the United States where you can enjoy one of these. 

3. McDonald’s Happy Meals ( $ 4.19 – $ 4.99)

McDonald's Kid's menu

The next option that has been a top seller over the years is the happy meals from McDonald’s. Again, just like many other menu items, this trend caught on quite well; now, every country has a version of its happy meal! 

This meal is one of the most popular ones that McDonald’s could ever produce! One of the reasons behind this menu item’s popularity is that it is perfect for kids in every way possible! 

Every happy meal consists of four main things that make it: the main, side, beverage, and the toy, which is the cherry on top of the cake! The main opinions, as of now, include hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

The sides are fries, apple slices, and beverage options! The prices of the happy meal vary as per the customization of the meal. 

2. McDonald’s Big Mac ( $ 4.79)

Big Mac 1

Many of you probably anticipated the fact that Big Mac would be a part of this list. Well, why wouldn’t it? This burger, named after the chain itself, is truly one of a kind. Big Mac has been a part of the menu since its introduction. 

It has also remained one of the best burgers to buy and one of the top sellers ever since! The Big Mac is so popular that people have hacks on how to enjoy big mac sauce with fries at McDonald’s and get a big Mac for a lower price! 

In countries like India, where McDonald’s does not serve beef, they have a chicken and vegetarian version of this beauty too! Due to its popularity, McDonald’s came up with versions of the Big Mac, both larger and smaller than the original version. 

The bigger version is called Grand Big Mac, and you can know the difference between a Grand Big Mac and a regular Big Mac here. The smaller version is a Big Mac Jr., which is also just as popular for people with a smaller appetite. 

There have been various debates going on about this. People are divided between Big Mac and Quarter pounder. But Big Mac has remained one of the best burgers to buy from McDonald’s, without a doubt. Here is a recipe to make your own Big Mac, right at home! 

1. French Fries ( $ 3.59 – $ 5.79)

McDonalds french fries

Finally, we have come to the top seller from the McDonald’s menu- French Fries! Although French fries were one of the first things introduced on the McDonald’s menu, a lot has been added since it has yet to replace them as the top seller! 

These are perfectly crispy on the outside, with a soft and tender texture on the inside, creating a great balance. They are also salted well and have created the epitome of a perfect French fry for all other chains of fast food restaurants. 

No other chain has even been able to come close to the classic fries from McDonald’s! Like many other options on the McDonald’s menu, versions of classic french fries are available in different parts of the world. 

The french fries at McDonald’s in the United States have an added ‘natural beef flavoring.’ It helps a lot with elevating the flavor of the fries; hence, the french fries are not fit for vegans or vegetarians. 

You will see such cases in countries like Canada and Australia. They don’t add natural beef flavor, but they use the same fryers for everything. The chances of cross-contamination are high. 

The United Kingdom and India are the only countries where McDonald’s french fries are completely vegetarian. But, despite all that, the French fries have still managed to remain the top-sellers from McDonald’s worldwide! If you want to make vegetarian french fries at home, check out this link


As we have concluded this article, I hope the list of top-selling McDonald’s menu items was worthwhile! Some of these options may have been a huge shocker to many of you (yes, the emphasis is on apple slices). 

However, other options are still pretty obvious, and you would have expected them to be featured on this list. Although top-sellers, some menu items can only be found at McDonald’s locations in the country. But if you come across any of them at remote places, remember to try them out! 

You should check out some hacks to save money at McDonald’s, and also some crazy facts about McDonald’s!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the apple pie also as popular as the apple slices? 

Yes, the apple pie from McDonald’s is also popular, but less than the regular apple slices. 

Is the Big Mac from McDonald’s available everywhere in the world? 

Big Mac is available at almost all McDonald’s locations across the world. However, in countries like India, where they don’t serve beef, they have a chicken and vegetarian version of Big Mac. 

Are the French fries from McDonald’s vegan? 

No, the French fries from McDonald’s have added natural beef flavoring. Hence they are not qualified as a vegan option.

Are there any hacks to enjoy a Big Mac for a lower price? 

Yes, McDonald’s secret menu has a few hacks that can help you enjoy a Big Mac for a lower price. 

Are the chicken nuggets from McDonald’s gluten-free? 

No, the chicken nuggets from McDonald’s have gluten in them. 

Are only two options available for kids as a part of the happy meal? 

Yes, only two main and side options are available for kids as a part of the happy meal. However, chicken nuggets are available in two different sizes, and the beverage options are plenty in this case! 

Are Snack Wraps still available? 

Snack wraps are available at McDonald’s in various countries outside the United States. However, in the US, only a limited number of locations offer them. 

Are McGriddles and Egg McMuffins from McDonald’s available all day long? 

No, sadly, McDonald’s does not offer all-day breakfast anymore. So, you will have to enjoy the breakfast options during their official breakfast hours. 

Are McCafe options available all day? 

Yes, McCafe options like coffee, beverages, and more are available all day! 

Can you order Big Mac sauce as it is?

You can order Big Mac sauce on the side to dip your fries in. Fries with Big Mac sauce are one of the most popular options from McDonald’s secret menu! 

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