Best Seafood Dishes From Red Lobster

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Are you familiar with the seafood empire? It is none other than Red Lobster. The restaurant is famous for a treasure trove of dishes that leave you stunned and drooling. Check out some intriguing facts along with the best recipes from Red Lobster in the article. 

Red Lobster platter

The reason what keeps people coming back is the quality seafood dishes and perfect services. Moreover, Red Lobster has special rewards for its members. If you sign up for the rewards, you will get exciting treats. Dig in some more secrets about the fast-food chain. 

Red Lobster was founded by Bill Darden in 1968 in Florida. Earlier it was named Green frog. However, the name Red Lobster got clicked right. Currently, it is owned by Golden Gate Capital and has more than 700 outlets worldwide. 

The menu of Red Lobster has evolved immensely since the day it was introduced. Presently, distinctive cooking techniques are used at Red Lobster to bring out rich and different flavors. It is worth trying their grilled and steamed dishes. 

Incorporate these knockoff recipes into your culinary list. We have got some of the iconic recipes that outdo the original. Churn out these dishes at home with the tips and tricks mentioned below. 

1. Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

Delicious cheddar bay biscuits

Do you visit Red Lobster to get the basket full of famed Cheddar Bay biscuits? These legendary biscuits are irresistible, and I am sure you will buy them whenever you pay a visit. But how about I share an easy recipe to make cheddar bay biscuits at home in no time? Scroll down!

Make a fresh basket of cheddar Bay biscuits using butter, flour, sugar, garlic powder, cheese, parsley, and buttermilk. Prepare a thick batter by mixing the dry rubs with liquids. Drop a heaping spoonful of batter on the baking tray and put it in the oven to bake. 

Warm and delicious cheddar Bay biscuits will be ready in 20 minutes. I know this would not be enough. Check out our article for the full recipe of Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits at home. All the details are mentioned in the article.

2. Red Lobster Tartar Sauce

Red Lobster tartar sauce is perfectly served with seafood dishes. This dip is full of rich and spicy flavors. Sauce up the platter with tartar sauce in your kitchen. It will uplift your spirits to a large extent. This sauce can be prepared in a blink of an eye. 

All that you need to make copycat tartar sauce is sugar, mayonnaise, carrot, and sweet relish. Stir in all the components, and the sauce will be ready. You can even store this sauce for up to a week. Serve the tartar sauce with your favorite food dishes. 

Refer to the recipe article to know all the required equipment, ingredients, and instructions to make tartar sauce. The nutritional facts are also mentioned in the article. 

3.  Red Lobster Pina Colada 

Pina colada is another amazing dipping sauce offered at Red Lobster. This dipping sauce is wonderful and tastes delectable. Did you know the homemade version tastes exactly like Red Lobster? See it yourself!

Often served with fried seafood like shrimps, fish, crab, or sometimes with chicken nuggets, this sauce satiates your cravings. You need pina colada mix, sugar, crushed pineapple, water, and cornstarch. Mix these elements, and the dipping will be ready. No matter the occasion, any dish could be served with Lobster-inspired pina colada sauce.

Relish in the flavor infused in this sauce at home. We have shared a link to the full recipe article. Seek out to know the list of required equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions. 

4. Red Lobster Clam Chowder

Warm and yummy clam chowder

Clam chowder is a scrumptious bowl of rich and flavorful soup. It is a true American classic that is loved by all. Making this chowder soup is not even a difficult task. Carry out the clam meat, get ready with your pantry staples, and make hearty clam chowder.

Once you make this in your kitchen, you will surely relish the bowl full of flavors. Prepare the roux gravy first; stir in the veggies and some spices. Bring it to a boil. Add canned clams to the stockpot to enhance the meaty and natural flavors.  

Garnish the clam chowder with freshly chopped parsley and a tablespoon of heavy cream. Don’t forget to click on the link. It will direct you to our recipe article. Follow and know the list of important details. Happy Cooking!

5. Red Lobster Artichoke Dip 

Among some tempting dips offered at Red Lobster, artichoke is flavored, healthy, and delightful. I have shared a quick recipe for making a knockoff artichoke dip at home. This dip surely will satiate your cravings. 

Learn these recipes at home and prepare your fresh dips and snacks. It is prepared with a blend of three kinds of cheese combined with lobster chunks and artichoke hearts. Fold the cheese, stir in the minced artichoke hearts, cooked lobster, and some spices. Bake the mixture for 15 minutes, and the artichoke dip will be ready!

Know the complete recipe with just one click! You will find the notable list of required equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions. 

6. Red Lobster Crab Stuffed Mushroom 

Rich stuffed mushroom

Have you ever tried stuffing your mushroom with king crab? Trust me, and it is a wonderful combination of mushroom and seafood. This appetizer has lip-smacking and drooling flavors. See it yourself!

Prepare the stuffing using cream cheese merged with dry rubs like garlic powder, garlic powder, and some other spices. Moving forward, add crab chunks, butter, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and lemon juice. Pour the mixture into the mushroom. 

Garnish the mushroom with parmesan and put it in the oven to bake. Remove from the oven when the mushrooms are baked. Serve warm! Let me make it easier for you, click and read the full recipe article. The details are mentioned in the article. 

7. Red Lobster Baked Potatoes 

Potatoes gonna potate, do you agree? If yes, then keep reading. Red Lobster offers baked potatoes filled with cheese and savory flavors. The best part about baked potato is that you can get it straight in your kitchen in a trice. Prepare warm and soul-nourishing baked potatoes at home with us. 

Baked all the way through, there is a slit on the top center for the toppings. Salty and seasoned cheese added in that slit makes the perfect stuffing. Bake the potatoes to perfection and top it up with spring onions, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. Serve warm!

Skip going to the restaurant and make your homemade version of baked potatoes. The full recipe with the important details is right here! 

8. Red lobster Nantucket Cod 

Here’s another loved recipe offered by Red Lobster, Nantucket Cod. A cod straight from Nantucket island rests on the menu until you place an order. But how about you make it fresh in your kitchen? If you like the idea, scroll down to refer to the details!

Delectable cod is made in a flash. Coat the codfish with some butter, lemon juice, and spice blend. Bake and broil to achieve the end result and flavorful texture. Smell the zest, and feel the goodness. Serve the Nantucket cod once it is cooked. 

Pair it with your favorite dips or coleslaw. Looking for the complete recipe? You are just a click away! Seek out the listed equipment, ingredients, instructions, and nutritional facts. 

9. Red Lobster Oven Roasted Tilapia 

Fish is a good source of nutrition, and Tilapia is no exception. It is packed with nutrient elements. Red Lobster offers this impressive fish roasted in the oven. We have shared a copycat version of making oven-roasted tilapia at home. Look no further, and follow it to make for your family and loved ones. 

Tilapia is infused with delicious veggies and rich spices. Season the beans, asparagus, carrots, artichoke hearts, and tilapia filets. Drizzle a splash of olive oil and squeeze lemon on the veggies and tilapia. Top it up with tomato and lemon slices. 

Yum it up in the oven and roast for about 25 minutes. Remove when you see the flaky texture of fish, and the color of the veggies has changed. Serve the tilapia with colorful veggies. Have a quick look at the full recipe of Red Lobster oven-roasted tilapia. 

10. Red Lobster Shrimp Nachos 

Fresh and made from scratch, the shrimp nachos from Red Lobster is appetizing. The blend of cheese, pico de gallo, and tortilla chips will give you a jaw-dropping experience. Add this cherry pie nachos recipe to your cooking list now! 

Cook the shrimp, prepare the cheese sauce by blending three types of cheeses and warm up the chips. Combine the chopped onion. Tomatoes, cilantro, and Jalapeno pepper for pico de gallo. Assemble to plate all on point. 

Place the nachos, pour the cream sauce, add pico de gallo, and garnish it with sour cream and jalapeno peppers. The shrimp nachos from Red Lobster will be ready at home. Know the entire recipe to put it together!

11. Red Lobster Flounder 

Crispy Flounder fish

Craving for fish? Skip going to the restaurant and be the chef for the day. Before you proceed, understand, what is a flounder? It is a flatfish found at the bottom of oceans. The flavors are mild with a sweet undertone. Enhance its natural flavors with your spice blend and prepare a flounder fish today!

Marinate the flounder fish with buttermilk. Roll it out with dry rubs like cornmeal, smoked paprika, black pepper, and salt. Place them into a frying pan and frizzle until they turn golden brown. Achieve authentic taste and flavors by following this process. 

Serve the flounder filets with tartar sauce or any other dippings of your taste. You don’t have to go far for the full recipe. Just click here! Check out the list of required equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions in the article. 

12. Red Lobster Style Cheesecake 

As any cheesecake, the Red Lobster style cheesecake features a crispy base topped with creamy filling. This is a dessert recipe from Red Lobster that tastes delicious. The crispy base is covered with cheese and smooth filling flavors. Dive in and get it ready!

For a crisp and crumble base, take Lorna Doone cookies, butter, and sugar. Mix all together and pat it in the springform pan. Further, blend cream cheese with sour cream, eggs, butter, cornstarch, sugar, and vanilla essence. Pour this creamy mixture on top of the base. 

Place the pan in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let it sit and cool down once you remove the pan. Garnish it with little crushed cookies and serve! The full recipe is right here!

13. Red Lobster Crab Alfredo 

Beyond a doubt, Red Lobster has a repertoire of seafood dishes. Out of most of the seafood dishes, crab alfredo stands out. Crab alfredo laid on the bed of linguine pasta satiates your cheesy cravings. 

Begin to make crab Alfredo with butter, cream cheese, butter, parmesan cheese, half and half, and a tablespoon garlic powder. Turn off the flame once the aromatic and flavored creamy sauce is ready. Boil the pasta and crab. Finally, toss everything in a bowl. 

With the help of tongs, combine linguine pasta, creamy sauce, and chunks of crab. Garnish it with parmesan cheese and serve warm! Follow the link for details and the full recipe. 

14. Red Lobster Brussels Sprouts

A fan-favorite healthy brussels sprouts from Red Lobster are delicious. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these sprouts are delightful. Scroll down to know more!

You can serve the brussels sprouts with butter sauce, balsamic glaze, and soy-ginger glaze. We made it with a simple butter-flavored sauce. Just take fresh Brussels sprouts, olive oil, butter, salt, and pepper. Bake the Brussels in the oven. 

Melt the butter until it is golden brown. Roll the baked Brussels in the butter sauce evenly. Serve warm. Get the full recipe of Red Lobster brussels sprouts with just one click. 

15. Red lobster Popcorn Shrimps 

Craving seafood? Prepare easy knockoff seafood dishes at home with our guide. Simply the best recipes are cooked with the right measurements of components. Bring beautiful and colorful orange shrimps home. Flip, dip, and fry. Don’t skip on the easy tips now. Check out the details.

Dredge the shrimps into dry rubs, coat with egg mixture, and put them into the frying pan. Cook until they are crispy and golden brown. Make this perfect combination of delish and fresh popcorn shrimps. You won’t believe it’s too easy until you see it yourself. 

The required elements, nutritional facts, equipment, and instructions are listed in the article. Right-click and seek out the full recipe.

16. Red Lobster Coconut Shrimps

The homemade coconut shrimps will not disappoint you. We are making the Red Lobster coconut shrimps at home with just simple tricks. Want to know? Scroll down. 

Jumbo shrimps tossed in coconut flavors taste heavenly decadent. It is quite fun to recreate the flavors and texture of coconut shrimps, just like Red Lobster. Bead the shrimps with coconut cream, rum, milk, flour, breadcrumbs, and coconut flakes. Put them into a frying pan. 

Fry the shrimps until they are succulent and golden brown. Be with us for some more time, and check out the complete recipe by following the link. You will find some significant details. 

17. Red Lobster Lobster Bisque

If you are a seafood fan, you would have surely tried Red Lobster lobster bisque. This soul-nourishing bowl of lobster bisque is irresistible. Just like peace gratifies the soul, this soup gratifies the taste buds. 

Bisque is a thick and creamy soup that is made by adding stews. Prepare a comforting soup with refined condiments. For making a perfect bisque, simmer the lobster tail and combine it with sauteed veggies and rich spices. 

The warm and hearty lobster bisque will be ready! Skip the long drive and get this soup ready in your comfortable kitchen. Find the full recipe here with a click. The notables are mentioned in the article. 

18. Red Lobster Corn On The Cob 

Get a-maize with corn on the cob from Red Lobster. Incorporate the blend of knockoff flavors and get your homemade version of corn on the cob. It is one of the popular snacks at the fair. To know a simple trick to get the corn done right, stay around!

Simmer the corn on the cob and spice it up with the Old Bay seasoning and butter. The seasoning has a perfect blend of rich spices that enhances the flavor of kernels. If you wish to add some other seasonings, don’t be shy. Go ahead and satiate your taste buds. 

Peep into our recipe article and check out the details. You will find the full recipe with equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions. Click to see the steps. 

19. Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi 

What a perfect companion a scampi has, crispy and colorful shrimps. Red lobster shrimp scampi is one of the popular and expensive dishes. How about you prepare the exact shrimp scampi at home? Follow the guide and learn to replicate the flavors. 

Lemon, garlic, white wine, and butter make a perfect scampi. First, cook the shrimp and then make the scampi gravy. In a skillet, saute garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil. Add white wine, Italian seasoning, and lemon juice for flavors. 

Simmer to perfection and toss the shrimps into the gravy. Garnish with parmesan and parsley when it is cooked. Don’t delay anymore and get started to make shrimp scampi with our copycat recipe. Click to see the full recipe.

20. Red Lobster Chicken Pasta 

The pasta, the sauce, and holy chicken balls! Red Lobster chicken pasta is perfectly combined with linguine pasta, cream sauce, and chicken. Isn’t it crazy? You can get a copycat pasta ready just like Red Lobster. Find your real comfort with a packet of pasta in the pantry and get started. 

Infuse the butter with heavy cream to get the creamy and thick Alfredo sauce ready. Meanwhile, boil the pasta and chicken. Toss in the pasta and chicken with the cream sauce. Top it up with parmesan, parsley, and some chunks of chicken. A quick chicken pasta will be ready!

I know you must be thinking about the details. Click to know the required equipment, ingredients, and nutritional facts. Don’t delay!

21. Red Lobster Bacon Potato Soup 

Red Lobster bacon potato is a warm and soul-gratifying soup. A whiff of a savory aromatic soup always grabs the attention. Do you agree? If yes, then prepare a pleasing bowl of tempting bacon soup. Get all of the goodness in one bowl. 

Bacon potato soup is an inspired soup that puts the heart at ease. Try making it at home someday, and I am sure you will remember what I said. Let’s quickly peep into the process. Simmer the potatoes, along with bacon, half and half, onions, garlic, and some spices. 

Cook until the soup is thickened and creamy. When the liquid is reduced to half, top it up with parmesan, parsley, or any other toppings of your choice. Refer to the full recipe for the right estimation of time and ingredients used. The link is here!

22. Red lobster Rice Pilaf 

Look at the last recipe on the list, Red Lobster rice pilaf. It is cooked with amazing and delectable flavors. The pilaf is nothing but rice cooked with stock or flavored water. If you want to get a copy of pilaf rice in your kitchen, then follow the guide.

The Pilaf is filled with herbs, seasoning, and veggies. We have used wild rice for making pilaf. Grain rice, also known as wild rice, is rich and nutritious. Saute the veggies, smoke the spices, and add rice. Simmer for 15 minutes, and the rice pilaf will be ready. 

Grab your apron, get ready with the pantry items, and prepare a classic knockoff recipe of Red Lobster rice pilaf. Check out the link for the entire recipe. Click blink!


Try these best seafood knockoff dishes by Red lobster. You will surely love to replicate recipes with the right guide. For now, I will take a leave and let you decide what to cook today! Share your cooking experiences as well as blunders with us in the comment section below. We would be happy to hear your feedback. 

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