Best Places to Study Nutrition and Dietary

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Over the years, diet, obesity and exercise have been the subject of extensive discussion worldwide and have even gained more popularity. Professions such as nutritionist, dietician, and personal fitness trainer have gained popularity, and they are now mentioned among top careers any serious-minded individual can get into. However, many of us might be wondering where these experts got their start. If you ever dream of being a nutritionist or running nutrition therapy, a university nutrition degree is needed.

Best Place to Visit Nutrition and Dietary

Presently, Nutrition and Dietary departments are growing, owing to obesity rising at a fast pace among children and adults. Studying Nutrition requires certain necessary facilities such as a food science lab and other items needed to understand Nutrition’s nitty-gritty. Colleges have been widely known for producing experts in Nutrition and getting admission to universities is not easy. The following have been certified excellent places to study Nutrition in certified theory and practical.

1) Baylor University

Baylor University

What distinguishes Baylor from other Nutrition inclined dietary institutions are the numerous out-of-classroom opportunities it offers. The university offers an innovative peer nutrition education program that equips students to teach other students about healthy foods. The school also has a residence hall meant for students with a strong desire for health care and nutrition majors.

2) University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

Human beings can no longer underestimate the importance of food science, with the world facing a shortage of food in some parts. UBC offers one of the best environments to study Food Science, Nutritional Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Food, Nutrition, and Health, Dietetics, Food Market Analysis, and Health. Also, there are areas of concentration that focus on processing and producing food on consumption, marketing, and Nutrition impact of individuals and large communities. The ideal part is that farm works students carry out experiments to have first-hand knowledge of Nutrition in farm products.

3) The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This school is situated between the school of medicine and the school of public health. Students are provided with a wide range of faculty experience and professional lecturers. It is a great place to study obesity research, Nutrition, and physical activities that prevent and treat diverse diseases. Besides that, you are also allowed to study agriculture and how the food system can improve healthy food and promote economic development. The school also offers opportunities to graduates that have been certified excellent.

4) Ohio State

Ohio State University

The nutrition program in Ohio has been certified on the international level because of its technical research, teachings, and outreach concentrated on diet and risk of disease, nutrient metabolism, sports nutrition, food security, healthy behaviours, food safety education, weight management and prevention of obesity, diet and risk of disease. There is also a supervised and planned internship program where students practice what they have learned in school. This allows them to get experience in the area that interests them. 

5) McMaster University

McMaster University

For experiential learning of Nutrition and diets, McMaster’s program offers one of the best learning environments. The university also has an undergraduate program in Kinesiology and Life Sciences where solid nutritional components are taught. Equipped with modern labs, students can also access field courses on local and remote sites, attend seminars in different research areas and many more.

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6) Michigan State

Michigan State University

This institution has the most prominent and well-established dietetics programs in the United States. It comprises students from almost everywhere globally, and there is an active student body that oversees nutrition-related clubs. It offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in food science, nutritional science, and dietetics. The faculty is highly functional in solving problems in quality and safety, food production, nutrients function, and how it can be applied to human health and prevent chronic diseases.

7) NYU


Known as the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, it offers programs that range from Food Studies, Global Public Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics. You can also combine any of these courses. Students are advised to take class courses from all areas during their undergraduate years. The programs also allow students to put nutritional knowledge in context through its solid liberal arts foundation.

8) Texas A&M

Texas A&M

Although the department is still young, it is an innovative faculty that focuses on phytochemicals’ role in health, childhood obesity, cancer prevention, and the relationship between depression and anxiety to disordered eating. The institution has an undergraduate study in Food Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, and Technology. Also available are graduate programs that are highly regarded.

9) Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech

To study Nutrition at Virginia Tech, you will have to apply to the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise. You get to learn about the combination of Nutrition and exercise science, which put the school forward as a front liner towards the fight against disease prevention through diet. Among the things to research in this course include human performance, behavioural intentions, psychosocial dimensions of food and health, youth and adult weight management. There is also an inclusion of outreach and community service.

It is advisable to read more on the importance of diet, which is a subject of much significance due to the prevalent poor understanding of diet and health in particular. If you are interested in diet and Nutrition, these places mentioned will open an opportunity to explore a lot of it.

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