27 Best Meal Delivery & Meal Prep Services In UK

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With the world shifting more towards a fast-moving body and soul, there is no time for us to sit and have a good meal. However, if you want some warm and delicious food, then meal delivery and meal prep services have your back. 

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Some of the best meal delivery and meal prep services in the UK are Too Many Food Boxes, Fresh Fitness Food, Mindful Chef, Tastily, Planty, Gousto, Cook, Muscle Food, Prepped Foods, Hello Fresh and Simply Cook. 

These meal delivery and meal prep services will deliver fresh food and ingredients to let you enjoy the right flavors. The best thing is that the food or the ingredients are really fresh and healthy. So you don’t have to worry about your diet preferences. 

Let us glance at all these meal delivery and meal prep services and find out what they serve. This will help you to select the best one, and when you really want to have a meal, you will know the right place. 

Best Meal Delivery Services In UK

Meal delivery services basically deliver fresh and ready-to-eat meals. The purpose is to fulfill the cravings when you don’t have time or energy to cook food for yourself. Most of the brands have special dieticians and chefs who prepare the food with love and care and deliver it to your doorstep.

The best thing about these meal delivery services is that you get to choose from a wide variety of foods and recipes. Let us have a look at some of the best meal delivery services. 

1. Too Many Food Boxes

too many food boxes

Too Many Food Boxes are simply the best platform where you can end your food search. From meal delivery to meal prep services, you get a stop solution here. You basically get a compilation of all the best brands that deliver food and recipes. 

The best thing is that you can check the latest deals and offers and save a lot of money on delicious food. You get to explore different meal boxes by different brands, which gives you a lot of flexibility. Too many food boxes are a perfect place for comprehensive and informative resources for food subscription boxes. 

2. Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food aims to deliver fresh food for those whose life is in motion. Before any other information, I would like to highlight that you can get a trial order and experience the services yourself. 

If you are still hesitant, then check out the reviews. One customer mentioned that fresh fitness food has a variety of food and punctuality to bring food home. I guess this comment sums up everything. Get ready to eat foods that are fully prepared. You can even personalize the order as per your diet preferences. From fat loss to muscle gain, fresh fitness food has everything for you. 

3. Mindful Chef

Mindful chef

Mindful Chef has delivered 30 million meals to more than 383,000 customers. These numbers backs up the credibility of this amazing meal delivery service. From delicious frozen meals to smoothies, all your fitness concerns end here. Simply choose from the recipes and schedule a delivery. You also get an option to select from the healthy bundles. Even if you are on a vegan diet, Mindful Chef has got you covered. Simply subscribe for the weekly box order that is very flexible as per your wish. 

4. Tastily


Tastily breaks all the myths about healthy food not being delicious. If you are hungry and want some healthy food delivered to your doorstep, then Tastily is your place to go. You get to explore different cuisines like Asian, European, Mexican, and many more like this. Tastily ensures that every meal has a perfect proportion of all the required nutrients. The chefs at Tastily prioritize health and flavors so that you get to eat delicious food without any hassle. 

5. Planty

With the increase in plant-based food, there are still some struggles to face. Planty focuses on delivering food and meals that are made completely with plants. This is a great step towards a sustainable and better environment. Now, you don’t have to worry about the flavors because even though the meals are plant-based, they are absolutely delicious. Simply select from the menu curated by the chefs and get delivered directly to your doorstep. 

6. Out Of The Box Food

Create your own meal boxes with Out Of The Box Food and enjoy the warm and delicious food served directly on your plate. The food is freshly prepared and placed in a recyclable box. All you have to do is heat the meal and enjoy every bite. You have a wide range of meal boxes to choose from. The only thing that might be concerning is the delivery days are fixed, which is Wednesday and Saturday for the UK. You can even subscribe to their plans and enjoy the healthy and delicious meals prepared by professional chefs. 

7. Prep Kitchen

prep kitchen

As Prep Kitchen says and I too agree, one should eat their best diet ever. Prep Kitchen is one of the most trusted meal delivery services. They have successfully delivered more than 3 million meals to more than 50k customers, and the number is going up. You simply have to pick the meal, and the best chefs at Prep Kitchen will cook it for you. You don’t have to put in any single effort except eating the food. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must try Prep Kitchen. 

8. All Plants

Plants have power, and that is the main reason why you should go for All Plants for all your meals. Enriched with energy and nutrients, each and every meal prepared at All Plants is with love. If you think that eating plant-based food is really difficult to make or not so satisfactory, try All Plants. All of your misconceptions will be gone, and you will actually enjoy the healthy and green foods. Try the bundles, and I am sure you will be addicted. 

9. Natural Fitness Food

natural fitness food

Being a health freak is all fun and good until you have to make your meals. Now, if you are the one who gets to move the body but fails when it comes to consuming good and healthy food, listen carefully. Natural Fitness Food pledges to deliver meals that are fully packed with essential nutrients for your body.

The specially trained chefs are masters in infusing the right flavors in the dishes that are directly served at your doorstep. Just between you and me, I have subscribed to their plan that serves me meals for each day. 

10. Stocked Food

Stocked food was a very different experience for me. I was not ready to get some delicious meal that looked a little different. Once I heated the food, I could smell the delicious food, and trust me, I loved each and every bite. Their meals were actually frozen, and the best part, I could keep for a little longer if I wanted.

If you are someone like me who is indulged in all-day paperwork but drooling over the thought of a delicious meal, Stocked Food is your answer. You can choose your meal and even get only the required portion of food to avoid any wastage. 

11. Food Prep

Whether you want some breakfast, lunch, or dinner, No. 1 Food Prep will deliver everything. You can even choose a pan so that you don’t have to worry about what to eat next. You can either go for weekly or monthly packages as per your wish. No. 1 Food Prep aims at reducing the stress associated with cooking food with a fast-forwarding life. I am sure that if you are someone like me who is working all day, this is the right place for all my food problems. 

12. Field Doctor

field doctor

Field Doctor actually works like a doctor who is committed to your health. As the tagline of the Field Doctors states, “Feed your health.” I can bet that with their meal, this will come true. The food prepared by chefs is frozen and delivered to you. Simply heat and enjoy the flavors at your home.

The powerful gameplay by dieticians and chefs is clearly seen in the meals. When it comes to food, you get to enjoy some of the very delicious recipes that are unique and different from other meal delivery services. 

13. My Prep

How will you feel when I tell you that whatever you want to cook for yourself will be done by someone else and you only have to enjoy the food? Sounds fascinating to me. My Prep is the right place if you want the same thing I mentioned above. Simply select whatever you wish to eat, and My Prep will prepare the same as per the restaurant standards just for you.

Get it delivered and have a good food experience. One interesting thing about My Prep is that the food can be stored for around 7 days as the best quality ingredients are used in the recipes. You also get free shipping over a certain amount. 

14. The Good Prep

If you don’t feel energized enough and crave for something delicious, then try The Good Prep. With healthy meals, you can even add juices and snacks as side items. You can get weekly deliveries and even manage your meal plans. The best thing about this is that you can pause or resume anytime you want. The Food Prep has been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Times, and even in The Telegraph. Why choose The Good Prep? Simply because the food is fresh and not frozen. 

15. Detox Kitchen

Last but not least, Detox Kitchen is one of the most important meal delivery services that aim at your better health and make sure that you enjoy this healthy food journey. Everything is freshly prepared and delivered to your doorstep. Ready-to-eat meals that are perfectly cooked by professional chefs. Check out their meal plans, and I am sure you will be ordering it next time. Go for their 3-day reset program and start your healthy food-eating journey now. 

Best Meal Prep Services In UK

Meal prep services basically deliver you the ingredients that are required to make any dish. The purpose of the meal prep services is to cut down all the stress and time that involves grocery shopping. All you have to do is select the meal you want to prepare, and you will get the exact quantity of items that are required in the recipe along with the recipe card. 

1. Gousto


Gousto gives you the option to choose from around 75 recipes every week and get exactly the required quantity of ingredients with recipe cards. This is for those who want to enjoy the cooking part as well. You don’t have to frown upon the fact that any item is out of stock or not available. If you go by numbers, Gousto has successfully delivered around 143 millions meals, and I guess that says everything about their services. 

2. Cook

Cook is one of those brands that are awarded for their commendable meal delivery services. You not only have an option to order, but you can even visit your nearest store and get everything from Cook. As per BBC Food, Cook has the best overall meal delivery service. I love the summer meals as the recipes are too great yet simple. The ingredients used in the recipe are sustainably grown, so you can be a proud person who helps in bettering the environmental conditions.  

3. &Dine

Have you ever thought of a place that has all your food items from different countries and places, and you get to pick one as per your wish? &Dine is a perfect match. You get so many options that you might get confused about what to order. You can try different foods with different flavors. From breakfast to snacks to dinner and desserts, &Dine got it all. Whenever I want some authentic Korean food, I know where to search. Trust me, and give it a try. You will definitely love it. 

4. Muscle Food

muscle food

If you are trying hard to build muscles and food always comes your way, then this is for you. Muscle Food is strictly dedicated to those who want fully nourished meals that help them gain muscles. Muscle Food has also been rated as the UK’s No.1 healthy meal delivery service. As soon as I say muscles, lean meat strikes the mind, and that is right.

You can select many options, from chicken breast to fish, that are enriched with protein. Not only meat, but you also get to order some vegetarian food options that help you in muscle growth or weight loss, whatever your goal is. 

5. Prepped Pots

I know that many meal preps are great, but sometimes, I don’t want to put in extra energy. That’s when I think of Prepped Pots. They deliver meals that are ready within less than 4 minutes. Even if your life is super busy, you get your meals in your own way. Prepped Pots focuses on your goal and delivers everything with the utmost quality. The meals are irresistible, and you can choose from a global menu. 

6. Abel & Cole

If you think that there is no plant-friendly brand that serves good food, then you are mistaken. Abel & Cole has decided to deliver plant-based foods that are grown sustainably. Get started by selecting a weekly box for yourself. You can select from a huge range of planet-friendly food and drink and just wait for the delivery. You can also explore their sustainable online store and get whatever you wish. 

7. Hello Fresh

hello fresh

I don’t have to introduce Hello Fresh to anyone. HelloFresh has become a very important part of many of our lives. As Hello Fresh says, you can easily remove stress from cooking and enjoy your food. HelloFresh is one of the most popular meal kits that delivers everything you want as per your selected recipe. I am sure that even if you have not tried, you might have heard about them. And if you want, you can place a bet on them. 

8. Grubby


When following a vegan diet, you always find yourself surrounded by not-so-delicious food options. Grubby makes sure that you get to eat delicious food even if you are on a vegan diet. As they say, plants may not taste very good, but Grubby strikes out this fact every time.

There are more than 150+ recipes to dig in, with free delivery across the country. Also, I love Grubby for the initiative they have taken to donate meals to the child suffering from poverty. Good food and good deeds. 

9. Green Chef

green chef

I cannot emphasize the point that nowadays, healthy and delicious go hand in hand. This is only possible because of brands like Green Chef that promote healthy food and deliver the right ingredients at your door with all the layers of flavors. Simply choose from the options available and cook them as soon as you revolve the ingredients and the recipe instructions. With Green Chef, you make sure that you eat the right food with the right flavors.

10. Fuel Hub

Without any doubt, Fuel Hub focuses on boosting your energy and fueling your body. And this is possible with their meals that are delivered to your doorstep. These meals are cooked by professional chefs that are approved by dieticians. The main goal is to give the body what it requires without compromising any flavors.

Simply heat the meal received and enjoy the warmth and love that is mixed in the dishes. Ready in 3 minutes, you can choose from more than 30 menu items and order whatever you desire. 

11. Riverford


Another place where you get to enjoy veg or plant-based food with all the right and sedated flavors. Riverford delivers directly from the farms to your doorstep without any contamination. You can really trust the freshness of the ingredients received. They also make sure that the workers are equally treated and get their fair share of payment. Completely organic foods that touch your soul and satisfy your taste buds. 

12. Simply Cook 

If you want subscription-based meal boxes that match your taste buds, try Simply Cook. With recipes that are ready within 30 minutes, you come a step closer to happy and simple cooking. If you are one who wants homemade food but finds it really stressful when it comes to preparing any meal, Simply Cook will rescue you. You get simple, easy-to-follow recipes for those cuisines that look really complicated. 


I am sure that this whole conversion was helpful. Meal delivery and meal prep services are really great and shift towards a healthy motto every day. With healthy food recipes and meals, you can trust them with your health. I hope this was helpful. I will be back with some more conversations like this. Until then, keep eating good food. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are meal delivery services?

Meal delivery services basically deliver fresh and ready-to-eat meals. The purpose is to fulfill the cravings when you don’t have time or energy to cook food for yourself.

What is meal prep services?

Meal prep services basically deliver you the ingredients that are required to make any dish. The purpose of the meal prep services is to cut down all the stress and time that involves grocery shopping.

Is meal delivery and meal prep services same?

No, meal delivery and meal prep services are not same. Meal delivery involves complete ready to eat meals whereas meal prep delivers ingredients and recipe instructions to follow.

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