29 Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services In Dubai!

Food preferences change with time, and people are becoming more health conscious. As people bend towards healthy eating, healthy meal delivery services have increased. If you are living in Dubai and looking for the best nutritional meal delivery services, you are at the right place. 

Meal Delivery Services In Dubai

Some of the best healthy meal delivery services in Dubai are KCAL, 77 Veggie Catering, Colour My Plate, Curry Fit, Dubai Eat Well, Eat Clean Me, Fitbar, Hello Chef, iDiet, Jet Lagged Chef, Lifter Life, Low Calories, Meal Plans: ae, Meals On Me, and Munchbox. 

With these meal delivery services, eating healthy food has become more accessible. Also, you get to enjoy delicious flavors and meet your dietary goals. With these services, my health journey has changed completely. 

Now that you know some of Dubai’s best healthy meal delivery services, let’s dig deeper and explore more options. Please stick with me till the end, and we will uncover all the best services and their features together. 

Does Dubai Have Good Meal Delivery Services?

healthy meal

Yes, Dubai has good meal delivery services, and you have so many options to choose from. Dubai has a great food culture, and people there have a great appetite. Now, eating healthy food all the time is a problem for some of them because of their busy schedules. 

On the same note, as per one Quora post, several healthy meal plans in Dubai offer personalized meal options. So yeah, eating healthy without compromising the flavors is now easier in Dubai. 

What Are The Healthy Meal Delivery Services In Dubai?

Healthy meal delivery services in Dubai provide delicious and healthy meals that align with your dietary needs straight at your doors. You don’t have to compromise on taste to eat healthy and nutritious food. The best thing is that you have plenty of meal delivery services focused on providing healthy food that meets your dietary preferences and health goals. 

After knowing that many options are available for enjoying healthy meal delivery service, let us discuss each service available in depth. At the end of the conversation, you will have some great options to try and order your choice of healthy and delicious meals at your doorsteps. 

1. VMeals 


Vmeals are the best meal delivery service in the market, and you have to agree with me. Meals that meet your health goals and provide you with energy to tackle everyday problems. You will be surprised to know that Vmeals started its journey in 2020, and since then, they have been providing fresh and healthy meals every day. 

The best thing about Vmeals is that you can get guidance regarding your diet plans from highly efficient nutritionists. This way, you can enjoy meals customized according to your taste, dietary needs, and health goals. 

Not every healthy meal is delicious. Still, VMeals has world-class master chefs who prepare delectable meals while keeping your dietary needs in mind. So you don’t have to worry about flavors and aroma. You will be amazed that VMeals has around seven different nutritional options. 

Choose your plan from the options given. The best thing is that every strategy has its unique features and offerings. Upon choosing the plan, you can customize it as per your health goals and dietary preferences. 

The next step is to enter your details, such as the number of meals, delivery address, portion size, plan duration, and any special requirements you have. Now wait some time, and your delicious meals will be delivered to your door. You can heat the food in a microwave as the meals are packed in eco-friendly and microwavable containers. 

What are you waiting for? Visit the VMeals website and book a consultation with an expert today. Enjoy eating healthy and delicious food at home with your loved ones. 

2. KCAL Extra

KCAL Extra

Before I talk about KCAL Extra, one of the best meal delivery services in Dubai, let me tell you that you can avail of a discount of 25% for the first month using KCAl Extra services. Isn’t it great news? 

Now that we know this let us discuss KCAL Extra’s services. Founded in 2010, KCAL Extra has helped many people meet their desired weight goals. The aim of KCAL Extra is super straightforward – to make the world a better place through wholesome, tasty food and outstanding service.

With KCAL Extra, you can embark on your journey of transforming your body with perfect meal plans. Whatever your health goal is, KCAL Extra will care for it. The best thing I love about KCAL Extra is that you have to enter your weight goal and essential details to get your perfect meal plan. 

Once you have entered the details and have your personalized plan, you can choose from the meals according to your taste and flavors. You can order whatever you wish, from breakfast to snacks to lunch and dinner. 

Every plan will contain three nutritionally balanced meals and two macro-counted snacks. You don’t have to worry about the meals; you will get various options to select and order your meals. 

If you are still skeptical, please note that KCAL Extra has helped around 10000 people get into the best shape of their lives! You can, too, join and start your health journey without any hurdles. 

Lastly, you can switch your meals anytime you want by contacting your account manager. You will find your desired flavors and nutritious meals from over 800 options. 

3. 77 Veggie Catering

We all crave some home-cooked food, but it becomes difficult in a world where we don’t have time to eat a proper meal. Don’t worry, as 77 Veggies Catering has aimed to deliver fresh and homemade meals to your door. 

Before you ask me what’s so great about 77 Veggie Catering, let me mention that they are one of those meal delivery services that provide vegan, organic, gluten-free, and low-carb meals. If you have specific dietary requirements like vegan and gluten-free meals, 77 Veggie Catering is perfect for you. 

I have always been skeptical about ordering meals online, but with 77 Veggie Catering, you have complete security. Order your dinners and pay once they get delivered to your doorstep, and enjoy healthy and delicious meals. 

You can even choose your monthly vegan meal plan and sit back and enjoy wholesome meals without hassle. You have various options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and detox drinks. 

If you think eating vegan food is a little tricky because there are few options available, 77 Veggie Catering has made an exception by providing meatless meal options. 

4. Color My Plate

Color My Plate

What if you eat delicious food without worrying about your health goals and dietary preferences? This is possible with Colour My Plate, one of Dubai’s most versatile meal delivery services. 

From gluten-free to dairy-free to vegan to low FODMAP to pescatarian vegetarian and more, Colour My Plate has every possible diet option available. The best feature is that you can directly connect with them through WhatsApp.  

Founded in 2016, Color My Plate has only one goal – to provide good meals per your preferences. So if you have allergies to a particular food or simply like the taste, Colour My Plate will take care of everything. 

Not only for individuals, but Color My Plate has extended its hands and catering delicious and healthy meals at corporate events, house gatherings, and parties. You can be relieved that they offer different cuisines and foods from across the globe. 

You don’t have to worry about your medical conditions, as Color My Plate has an in-house accredited dietitian and a team of clinical dietitians. The best thing I love about Color My Plate is that they make every meal from scratch. Also, all their meals are 

refined sugar-free, preservative-free, and additive-free means they are super healthy. 

5. Curry Fit

Curry Fit

Curry Fit Sounds so delicious. Trust me, when you visit their website, you will be drooling. The dishes look so delicious and simply yummy, and that is not all. They are super healthy and full of good nutrition. You also get various food options like vegan, vegetarian, low carb, and many more.

It is like a one-stop solution for all your delicious yet healthy meals. You can pick a plan per your preference and enter some basic information so that your food arrives at your house on time. You can even download their app and stay tuned for upcoming deals and offers. 

If you still don’t believe me, you should check more than 2000 happy customers who have been using Curry Fit for two years. If you love Asian food, you don’t have to look further because Curry Fit has your back. I am sure you will be craving more and more dishes because the flavors are delectably delicious. 

Usman, who has been using the service of Curry Fit, has mentioned that he loves the attention that Curry Fit gives as a team constantly checking on him. Georgy, who swore he wouldn’t do the diet again, lost weight and enjoyed desserts. 

I have said enough, so now, whenever you plan to order some good meals for yourself, you need to consider Curry Fit. I am sure you will love the flavors and contain more and more. 

6. Dubai Eat Well

Dubai Eat Well

As the name suggests, Dubai Eat Well clearly states that they want people to eat well. Like any other meal delivery service, you must choose a meal plan, create your account, and get everything delivered to your doorstep. If you need more clarification, then people from Dubai Eat Well will be there to help you. 

They have categorized their menu into three plans: detox, athlete, and weight loss. Not only these three but there are more options available, like detox juicing, vegan meals, etc. The best thing about Dubai Eat Well is that every meal they provide is super organic and designed specially by professional chefs. 

Again, you should not only believe in my words but also check real customers’ testimonials. One of the customers mentioned that their daughter has Celiac and Dubai Eat Well had so many great options for her to eat. 

They have been satisfying customers with delicious food since 2016 and caring for people’s dietary preferences. Not only meal delivery services but Dubai Eat Well also provides excellent hospitality, and you can book a table to enjoy your meal.

7. Eat Clean Me

Eat Clean Me

Imagine that someone plans, cooks, and serves delicious fresh food. From diabetic to gluten-free to vegan and weight loss plans, Eat Clean Me has everything for you. Get proper assistance whenever needed, and start your healthy journey today. 

People discuss Eat Clean Me services and share their journey towards a better and fit life. They like the food updates on the menu, and many have lost weight with the help of their service. 

Being on a diet means cutting down on many food items you may love eating. However, Eat Clean Me has ensured that you enjoy delicious food, which is why they have healthy delights. Here, you can get so many options for snacking that being on a diet won’t hurt your feelings. 

Not only healthy food but Eat Clean Me allows you to make some money. You can earn a 15% commission on every sale through their referral program. So show your near and dear ones the benefits and the results, and I am sure they will be delighted to join the service with your referral. 

Lastly, Eat Clean Me has tried providing services other than healthy meals. Check out the perks they offer every customer, like a spa and personal training for free or at heavy discounts. You will love the initiative and enjoy your journey with Eat Clean Me. 

8. Fitbar

The name itself is so fun and exciting. Picture perfect meals that are delicious and full of nutrients; Fitbar is the right choice. If I talk about their meal options, you will be more than surprised. You get everything like lean, clean, mean, keto, vegan, diabetic, vegetarian, and paleo. 

You can approach their Instagram handles and check out appealing and delicious meals. Fitbar was just an idea that two siblings came up with, and in 2016, they made the idea too real. Since then, they have been tackling bland food and providing delicious and healthy meals at your doorstep. You can subscribe to their meal plans and start your healthy yet tasty journey. You can customize your meals as you desire and enjoy the food you love. Even if you have some diet restrictions or want to mix and match the plans, you have the flexibility to do so. 

The meal plans’ prices are affordable compared to other meal delivery services in Dubai. You can even connect with the experts and get answers to all your questions. I suggest you subscribe to their newsletter and stay updated with their new plans and meals. 

The best part of using Fitbar is that the quality of ingredients and meals is assured. You can rely on them for your health goals. They offer you a 5- or 6-day meal plan option, and on the 7th day, you get a day off. 

9. Hello Chef

Hello Chef

Who has not heard about Hello Chef? Almost everyone is familiar with this meal delivery service. I would not call this a meal delivery service because it has a distinct feature. Instead of cooked meals, you get ingredients and prepared items. You have to gather all the items and cook warm and fresh food for yourself quickly. 

What’s fun in cooking yourself if you can get fully cooked meals? Many people believe the best way to enjoy food is to cook it yourself. However, they need more time to shop for groceries or prepare basic marinades and sauces. This is where Hello Chef comes into the picture. 

If I have to list the benefits of using the services of Hello Chef, they deliver fresh and best-quality ingredients from local farmers and shops. Secondly, every week, you get more than 24 recipes. You also get the complete recipes for the meals that are super easy to prepare, along with fresh ingredients. 

Another thing I appreciate is that they provide you with pre-measured items. Every item is accurately measured so there is no wastage and you cook the meal properly and precisely. 

You will love their service as it is very convenient and affordable. Choose your meal box and select the recipe you want. Wait for your delivery and enjoy some food that is quick to make. 

10. iDiet

Idiet by Health Box Me is something that you have to try. What I love the most about it is that they have taken care of your sweet cravings well. Moreover, you can choose from around 12 different meal plans. You have so many options to try and stay healthy without compromising the taste. 

The best thing I love about it is that they also have meal plans for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is like a one-stop solution for everyone. You can connect with their experts or do an online assessment to understand which plan fits you the best. That is it. Your daily delicious meal boxes are ready to be delivered to your doorstep. 

Serving the customers with the best and healthiest meals since 2010, iDiet has made sure that people enjoy every single bite of their food. The diverse flavors will make your health journey super easy and fun. 

11. Jet Lagged Chef

If you want precise measurements of nutrients in your meals, Jet Lagged Chef has got you covered. Each meal from Jet Lagged XChef has a barcode; once you scan the same, you can get all the precise nutrient content information in the dish. 

You can select 1-week plans according to your needs. From lunch to dinner, get anything and everything at Jet Lagged Chef. The best part is that they not only focus on nutrients but also aim to achieve the best flavors of the dish. So you don’t have to stuff your mount with bland food anymore. 

Another thing that may excite you about Jet Lagged Chef is their macro-focused menu – High protein, moderate carbs, and low-fat meals- along with essential micronutrients in the dishes. 

Get instant help through WhatsApp and make your eating healthy food journey super convenient. Starting with a simple Instagram account, Jet Lagged Chef has reached milestones and served many customers with delicious and healthy food. 

If you are still doubtful, head towards their social media and look for happy feedback and comments from their loved customers. You also get the flexibility to change your plan at the end of the week if you wish to. 

12. Lifter Life

Lifter Life

If you want to lose weight or start eating healthy, whatever your fitness goal is, Lifter Life has your back. You get so many options, like low-carb pizza, main meals, vegan soups, salads, wraps, protein shakes, smoothies, and much more. 

Pick a plan, and the professional chefs will cook the best meals for you. Get it delivered to your home and heat it to enjoy delicious dishes. You can also visit their restaurant and enjoy their dine-in services. If you are still deciding about the food, try food at their restaurant and then subscribe to their meal plans. You can enjoy meal plans that meet your goal, whether losing weight or eating vegan food. 

I trust Lifter Life because many big brands like Fitness First, Dubai Police Academy, Arz Lebanon, and Zaytoni trust them. You can picture the quality of their service through this information only. 

Even if you are unsatisfied with their plans, you can call them up and ask them to customize everything you wish. Lifter life will happily do the same for you. They will be more than happy to do the same for you.

13. Low Calories

As the name itself is self-explanatory, with Low Calories, you can consume delicious food without adding many calories to your diet. So, no more confusion and stress while planning to eat something delicious but worried about the calories. 

Low Calories is a leading healthy food restaurant chain that delivers different meal plans per your desire. Download their app and start exploring the world of food and recipes that are low in calories and high in delicious notes. 

With Low-calorie daily meal plans, you can achieve your health goals. I usually order meals and heat them whenever I am hungry. The freshness of the food is well preserved as it is freshly prepared, so you can store it for a good time to consume later on. 

Try their menu specials; I am sure you will fall in love with the recipes in a heartbeat. You can even visit their restaurant and enjoy the food there or subscribe to their meal plans and enjoy food at home any time of the day. 

Get their monthly plans as it is super-saving and convenient. Stay updated with new offers and deals because they introduce them to their customers from time to time. 

14. Meal plans. Ae

Before jumping into the conversation, I want to share the fantastic news with you. Meal Plans has announced a 10% cost reduction on all package packages. This is one of the best news I have heard about Meal plans. Ae, you are saving so much on your meals. You get to enjoy the best quality of food with perfect flavors at a very affordable and reasonable price. 

From weight loss to athletes, gluten or dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and healthy meal plans, you get so much with meal plans. Ae. It is one of the best meal delivery services in today’s market. I enjoy the flexibility to select the choice of meals per my preferences. 

Anna has been a regular customer of Meal Plans. Ae mentioned that the food was excellent and tasty, and I agree with her on this. Another customer, Lilla, expressed her joy by describing the excellent results she had seen in herself. 

Another thing you would be glad to know about the Meal Plans issue is that they use eco-friendly packaging if you choose Meal Plans. That means you are choosing a better future for the planet. They have mentioned on their website about recycling the packaging of the meals. You can wash the container and put it into the recycling bin. Another great thing is that the cutlery they provide is also reusable as it is made with metals. 

If you are one of those people who prefer plant-based protein, then consider Meal Plans. They have been promoting a plant-based diet since the start. 

15. Meals On Me

Meals On Me

Meals On Me provides one of the best meals in the entire Dubai. You can enjoy wholesome meals that include keto, vegan, vegetarian, Indian, Arabic, International, and flax meal plans. Look at the options you are getting; they are the only ones with such an extensive menu of options available. 

If we talk about the quality of food, then the ingredients used in the preparation of meals are fresh, and they maintain a super hygienic kitchen environment. Don’t worry about the flavors of the food; as professional chefs prepare every meal, the flavors are truly delectable. 

So stop looking for your perfect meal delivery services. Meals On Me has the best meals that are super nutritious and balanced. The best thing I love about Meals On Me is that they are available to cater for your significant events and occasions and serve the best meals for you and your guests. 

So head towards their website and select the plan of your choice that matches your health goals. Now, all you have to do is sit and relax. Meals On Me will be on your door in a while with super healthy and delicious meals. 

16. Munchbox

If you constantly find it difficult to resist your urge to snack between meals, try Munchbox. You get delicious snacks that are calorie-controlled and match your dietary preferences. So choose Muchbox to satisfy your cravings between two meals and avoid gaining extra pounds. 

Before you decide, let me tell you what you will get with Munchbox. Every food item on Munch Box has no refined sugar, is cholesterol-free, preservative-free, has zero artificial flavors, is baked, is not fried, and every ingredient is locally produced. 

Take your time, as Munch Box provides great offers and discounts for every subscriber. Check out their social media handles, and you will be drooling over the food items posted by the team. The food is equally delicious, as shown in the pictures on the website. 

Reehan was happy to get a delicious keto snack, and they also loved the packaging. Sarah’s favorite is the peanut bundle, and Khaled loved the fluffy and super fantastic bread. 

You can shop at Munch Box by category; trust me, you will go crazy with their range of items. You have so much to choose from, from chips, pasta, nut butter, chocolates, and cookies. 

Still, needs to be satisfied? You can even shop at Munch Box according to your diet preferences. Keto, high protein, vegan, gluten-free, low carbs, diabetic friendly, dairy free, paleo and sugar-free. 

17. Nafas Beirut

If you want to enjoy the authentic flavors of Lebanon, then go for Nafas Beirut. From lunch to dinner, you get everything you want to enjoy. You can even order a family order and enjoy a full-fledged meal with your loved ones. 

Shall I tell you a secret? Nafas Beirut, by Allo Beirut, provides 15% off on the launch offer. Isn’t it amazing? This is great as you enjoy delicious food with great nutrition at affordable prices. 

Enjoy the feast filled with flavors and nutrition at your table without hassle. If you want to impress your friends and guests, set up a live station with Nafas Beirut. You can even organize a corporate buffet and let your co-workers enjoy delicious and healthy food. 

18. Right Bite

Right Bite

Right, bite is the perfect solution for your healthy lifestyle. Dietitians and specialized chefs prepare the meals planned by Right Bite to provide fresh, balanced, and delicious nutrition. 

Another thing that you should know about Right Size is that they also deliver healthy groceries. 

Some of the most popular meals that Right Bite provides are kale chicken caesar salad, hearty harvest chicken salad, grilled pepper steak, red Thai beef curry with rice, and chicken shawarma platter. 

If you are still deciding about the meal plans, consult the experts and clear all the ifs and buts. You will get personalized nutrition, and the experts follow a holistic approach. 

Emily, a customer of Right Bite, said, “I love Right Bite. The quality of the food compares to no other meal plan in Kuwait”. “I was not sure what to expect when I started my meal plan with Right Bite … I just love it, truly”, said Elie K.

19. Smith Street

You will be amazed that Smith Street is one of the first and best cafes that delivers healthy food items. Going to a cafe or consuming cafe food is not unhealthy anymore. You can subscribe to their weekly meal plans and enjoy delicious food and dishes. 

If you enjoy delicious, nutritious, whole foods and want some options that are gluten-free and low in problematic gut irritants, Smith Street is perfect for you. 

Every recipe comes with detailed calorie and nutritional information matching your dietary needs. Select the Not So Paleo option and alter the nutritional values as desired. 

From breakfast to lunch to dinner and even snacks, Smith Street has everything for you. Get some paleo hacks from Smith Street and make your health and fitness journey smooth and better. 

Smith Street was first involved in providing raw snacks in 2015 and then introduced make-at-home mixes after a while. This was a game-changer. After this, they started ​​Smith St Cafe in 2021; since then, they have never looked back. 

20. The Cycle Bistro

The Cycle Bistro

If you want some other options for paleo meals, then The Cycle Bistro is perfect for you. They are another great place to enjoy meal plans that serve paleo restaurants in Dubai. 

Place your cake orders at The Cycle Bistro and enjoy sweet treats that are super healthy and won’t hamper your healthy journey, from carrot and walnut, chocolate dream, espresso layer cake, chocolate truffle, and many more delicious items like this. They are super tasty, and you won’t regret any single bite. 

Another thing you would love about The Cycle Bistro is their Dine-in options. So you can enjoy a friendly and healthy atmosphere. Go and check out their detailed plans, and I am sure you will find many things that match your liking. They have new plans for delivery and trust me their wide range of options will satisfy you. 

21. PrepHero

With 4.8 ratings on Google, PrepHero is Dubai’s best meal prep service that serves nutritious and delicious daily meals. With more than 200 meals, you have so much to choose from, and you will always enjoy the food. 

You will enjoy the food and many things they offer, like lunch bags with goodies. So head towards their website and sign up for healthy and delicious meals. Choose the plan that suits your dietary preferences, and if you need clarification, you can even get a free consultation on demand. 

From weight loss to fuel performance to muscle gain, whatever your health goal is, PrepHero has the perfect meals for you. Not only this, they have premium ingredients along with environmentally sustainable packaging. 

Another thing that is appreciable about PrepHero is that they provide flexibility to start, pause, or cancel your plans whenever you wish to. Now, the next great thing is coming soon. The new app features will be launched, and you can view and choose your meals, track your calories and macros, pause your plan, and even rate your meal. 

In short, the mission at PrepHero is to influence and boost the UAE to a fitter and healthier direction. Every meal has no refined sugar or sodium glutamate (MSG) and does not have ultra-processed ingredients. 

You will be amazed that they have so many dietary options. Gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, pescatarian, and even international; there are so many options, and you can always choose whatever you want. 

22. Zerofat

If you want to eat clean food, Zerofat is the right place. Select the plan or build your program; everything is according to your wish. You also get the option to go for a weekly or monthly plan. Not only that, you also get the flexibility to customize your plans and meals. 

You can even visit their restaurant or enjoy regular deliveries at your convenience. Select your goals like weight loss, lifestyle, or athlete, and get on with your life with healthy and delicious food. 

The best thing about Zerofat is that they prepare fresh food and make it with proper dedication. Without any guilt, you can enjoy delicious meals that are aligned with your dietary needs. 

I love the Ube cheesecake and spinach ricotta ravioli. However, you have so many options to try. Looking at the reviews, you will understand why Zerofat is one of the best meal delivery services that will address your needs and requirements. 

Zerofat has also been featured in Sky News, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, and Time Out. Not only that, Zerofat has global recognition, too. From Phil Heath to Ronnie Coleman, Zerofat has been a favorite for many important people. 

23. Calo

Calo says, and I agree that they have meal plans for busy people. Now, if you are stuck in a long, hectic job, then who will take care of your meals? Try Calo; trust me, you won’t have to worry about your daily nutritional requirements. 

“My experience with Calo has reflected punctuality, quality, and professionalism,” says Shoug Naimi. Ali, who has been using Calo meal delivery services, says, “Over the past three years, I’ve tried several meal plans, and I would say Calo was one of the best meal plans I’ve tried!” 

The flexibility to pause and cancel any meal plan makes Calo super user-friendly. 

You can set your targets and goals and track them with the Calo mobile app. Don’t worry about the meals; you will get many options, from vegetarian to low-carb. If that is not enough, try building your plan, and you will be amazed. 

From butter chicken to burger bowl, you can enjoy every cuisine worldwide and stay fit and healthy. Another great catch about using Calo is that you only have to consume the meals within 24 hours. The reason is that none of the meals are frozen or have preservatives, so you may have to finish the meals within a set time frame. 

24. Fiit Meals


Low calories, lean, muscle gain, vegetarian, FIIT kids – you name it, and Fitt Meals will get your meal plan. Choose whatever aligns with your health goals. Trust me, Fitt Meals is one of those meal delivery services that are super affordable and serve healthier meals. 

Get a health consultation and proper clarity for achieving the desired health goal. Not only this, but they are HACCP & ISO Certified so that you can rely on them with every single need of yours. 

They even offer free delivery, and there is no minimum order. You may order one meal or get yourself a proper lunch and dinner. You will be surprised that they started their journey in 2019 only in a small kitchen. Even after the pandemic, they stood straight, now serving customers nationwide. 

Professional chefs cook the food under the guidance of an in-house nutritionist. So you have a perfect balance of nutrition and flavors. Your meals are delivered on time with the help of their in-house drivers. If you have any questions or need assistance, they have people for that, too. 

25. 8020 Meal Prep

What if I say there is a meal prep service with chef-prepared meals using premium and fresh ingredients and delivering them six days a week? You will be like, there are so many that have the same services. Indeed, 8020 Meal Prep is the new addition to the meal plan game. 

With more than 450 happy customers, 8020 has tried making its place where every other brand is health-centric. Started in 2017, 8020 Meal Prep desires to provide healthy yet delicious meal prep. 

The best thing is that they deliver meals to your doorstep on time every two days in cooler bags. All you have to do is reheat the food and enjoy the delicious meal. Click on the Order Now option, and you will be directed to another page with an array of meals and meal plans just made for you. 

They provide two meal plans – Low cal 350 and standard cal 550. You have a complete idea of what each plan will offer you. You can select the number of meals you want, along with snacks. I suggest you get some snacks as you will love the item served. 

26. Prep&Co


Scrambled eggs with berries, chocolate chia pudding, and Cauliflower Rice with Honey Miso Salmon sound so delicious that I really wish to order some for myself. Prep&Co is where you and I can get delicious meal options and maintain our diets. 

From weight loss to muscle gain, whatever your health goals are, Prep&Co has your back. Start with talking to the nutritionist and understanding all the aspects of healthy eating. Have you got any questions? Feel free to ask and clear all your doubts. 

Follow them on Instagram and stay updated with their meal plans and other offers. Rola, a new customer of Prep&Co, says,” It’s my second week with Prep and Co, and I’m loving it!” Another customer, Sarah, mentions, “I recommend Prep and Co Meal Plans because it just doesn’t feel like being on a diet.”

Prep&Co aims to deliver wellness right to your doorstep without compromising on taste. After reading their reviews, I believe they are the best at their work. 

27. Delicious

I am sure that almost everyone has heard about Delicut, and the reason behind this is super simple – they are super popular. With the five-day trial option, you can try Delicut and figure out your preferred meals and plans that meet your health goals. 

The best thing is that they have delicious options for snacking, and for their meals, you have the flexibility to customize the number of meals you want. Also, you are getting 15%, which is, without any doubt, a great deal to catch. 

You get everyday prices for every meal; trust me, the flavors are superb without compromising the nutritional content. The ingredients used to make meals are fresh and natural. If you are still doubtful, you should hear the experiences of more than 1,000 customers enjoying their health journey with Delicut. 

Check out the weekly menu and select whatever suits your liking. Delicut is an excellent meal delivery service that provides delicious, healthy, affordable meals. Starting meals from AED 700 per month, you have many options.  

28. Honest Badger

Honest Badger is undoubtedly candid in its service. You will truly love what they are serving and enjoy a new turn in your health journey. Check out their price list and note that they are providing 15% off on the first two orders. Isn’t that great? 

You will also get different meal plans like vegan, active vegan, and functional protein. The difference between active and regular plans is only calorie counts. You get everything you require, from breakfast to lunch, dinner to dessert, snack to fresh juice, and herbal tea bags. 

Choose your package and let the professional chefs plan, shop, and cook delicious meals with high nutritional value. Sit back and relax while Honest Badger delivers the perfect meals on time. Order or visit Spinneys & Waitrose stores to get the meals prepared by Honest Badger. 

The meals prepared by Honest Badger are dairy-free, wheat-free, and refined sugar-free. The flexible plans of Honest Badger start from 1 day and go to a monthly plan.

29. Keto Life

Mohammad Alarjah, who has been using Keto Life, mentioned that he had tried many diet programs within the last 20 years, and most of them were complex and had adverse effects. After trying Keto Life, he lost 12 kgs only in 3 months with regular exercising. 

Keto Life uses fresh ingredients in every meal plan. Also, they use grass-fed meat and hormone-free poultry to ensure the quality of the meals. They also prepare ketogenic meal plans and deliver them to your doorstep.

You can select different meal plans and subscribe to 5, 6, 20, or 24-day plans per your health goal. Don’t worry about the calories as the total calories in their food are around 1400-1800 kcal in their regular plan, and the calories increase as per your plan selection. 


As we are at the end of such a delicious conversation, I am sure it was great learning about healthy meal services available in Dubai. To ensure that your dietary needs are met without compromising flavors, you should try the mentioned meal delivery services. With these meal delivery services, you no longer have to compromise on flavors to eat healthily. 

I have always loved ordering food from some of the mentioned meal delivery services, and trust me, I was delighted with the flavors and nutrient values. Try it yourself, and you may find your best match for a meal delivery service. This whole conversation was helpful for your health journey. I will be back with some more conversations like this. Until then, enjoy your meal. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are meal delivery services?

Meal delivery services provide flavorful and delicious prepared meals that meet your health goals. You can order your choice of meals and recipes that are flavorful and nutritious using the apps or website and get them delivered at your convenience. 

Are there any good meal delivery services in Dubai?

Yes, many good meal delivery services in Dubai offer great healthy meals. Some of the best nutritional meal delivery services in Dubai are KCAL, 77 Veggie Catering, Colour My Plate, Curry Fit, Dubai Eat Well, Eat Clean Me, Fitbar, Hello Chef, iDiet, Jet Lagged Chef, Lifter Life, Low Calories, Meal Plans: ae, Meals On Me, and Munchbox. 

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