25 Best Meal Delivery & Meal Prep Services In Australia

Note – We’ve created this article in collaboration with Wholistically Health. The article has been curated with the help of their team to provide precise information on the topic. 

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Meal delivery and meal prep services are so popular nowadays. Ordering your favorite meal or ingredients for your favorite recipes at your doorstep is very easy and convenient. Want to know the best meal delivery and meal prep service in Australia, then stick with me till the end. 

Some of the best delivery services in Australia are Wholistically Healthy, Lite n’ Easy, Garden Of Vegan, Dinemic, Thr1ve, Hey You, Soulara, Be Fit Food, Foodora, and Menulog. When it comes to meal prep services, My Muscle Chef, The Good Meal Co, Marley Spoon, and Hello Fresh are the best in the game. 

These delivery services are best at their work. You can enjoy delicious and healthy meals that are freshly prepared and delivered within a short time. Placing orders is also very easy and quick. You can easily order any meal of your choice at your doorstep.

If you are still confused about which delivery services are best for you, then tag along, and we will explore some of the best in the country. I hope this conversation will help you to enjoy your food at home with utmost comfort. 

What Is Meal Delivery & Meal Prep Services?


Meal delivery services provide prepared food at your doorstep. They provide fresh or frozen prepared meals that meet your dietary needs. You simply need to eat and enjoy the food. On the other hand, Meal prep services are a little different. They provide you with a meal kit so that you can cook your food without shopping for groceries and looking for ingredients everywhere. 

Are Meal Delivery & Meal Prep Services Worth It?

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Yes, meal delivery and meal prep services are really worth it. They allow you to enjoy delicious meals from different places at your home or office. They save you time and deliver the food at the busiest time of the day too. Placing orders at these meal delivery and meal prep services is too easy and involves fewer steps. You know that there are times when we crave something delicious and healthy but have no time.

Meal delivery and meal services are convenient ways to eat healthy without fuss. Meal Delivery is best when you don’t want to invest time in preparing or cooking the food. On the other hand, if you need some ingredients and detailed recipes that suit your dietary needs, go for meal prep services. Whatever service you choose, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 

What Are The Best Meal Delivery Services In Australia?

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There are many delivery services in Australia that deliver delicious meals to your doorstep. Below is the list of the best meal delivery services you can try.

1. Wholistically Healthy


Want some high-protein meals delivered to your doorstep? Try Wholistically Healthy, as they have a wide range of meals that are protein enriched. Wholistically Healthy has a menu that is too good to be true. Not only protein-based meals, but you have different types of meals as well. For instance, you can order plant-based meals or even gluten-free meals. Whether you are on a diet or looking for fully nourished meals, Wholistically Healthy got you covered. 

If you are more into the Ayurvedic lifestyle, Wholistocally Healthy will get all the vibes. The idea is to eat high-energy food that is made with love for your body as well as your soul. Simply check out their delicious menu and order whatever you like. You can even order meal packs like ten protein-based meal packs or ten plant-based meal packs that will include meals for your complete week. They will get everything freshly delivered. You can also order family meal options and plan a great family lunch or dinner time. 

2. Lite n’ Easy

lite n easy

Want to lose some weight and get along with your diet? Lite n’ Easy is here for your help. Firstly they will help you to find the perfect loss plan for you, and then you can choose from the menu that is specially designed by Dietician. Specially prepared food by the chef will be delivered to your home within less time. 

Around ten thousand Australians have satisfied their cravings while staying fit and healthy. Lite n Easy has helped people in their weight loss journey; you can be next. They are experts in their field and have been serving customers with love since 1986. Also, Canstar Blue had rated Lite n’ Easy as the No. 1 healthy meal delivery service for four consecutive years. 

3. Youfoodz


Another healthy food delivery platform – Youfoodz. Healthy eating does not necessarily need to be a struggling battle. You can easily order healthy meals from the menu and stay fit. They deliver ready-to-eat meals to your doorstep. Totally flexible – start or pause your meal plan anytime and anywhere. With great discounts on meal boxes, you can save a lot of money too.  

Cut down all the heat of cooking your meal and then get to eat it. Simply open and eat fresh & delicious food that is infused with a richness of nutrients. You can even pick your meal plans and take care of your daily nutrition requirements. Unlike most meal delivery services, Youfoodz does not believe in frozen meals. Therefore everything is freshly prepared and delivered to you. 

4. Macros


Macros also delivers fully prepared meals so that you can enjoy delicious and healthy ready-made food. If you are skeptical about eating ready-to-eat meals, go for Macros, and you won’t be disappointed. Many customers have reached their fitness goals with the help of Macros. Macros have categorized their menu that targets different fitness goals.

For your convenience, Macros can be accessed via the app too. The best thing about Macros is that the meals are designed by dieticians and cooked by great chefs. The menu changes frequently, offering you a wide range of food items. All the meals are plant-based and dairy free. There are no added nuts, and it delivers completely low carbs food. Don’t worry about food spoilage, as they are delivered in a properly insulated box. 

5. Thr1ve


Tired of frozen foods? Thr1ve will deliver fresh and healthy meals direct to your door. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you get everything you want with Thrive. Unlike other meal delivery services, Thrive takes care of your sweet tooth, too, with delicious treats. Keto-friendly and high in protein especially designed by dieticians and cooked by experts are served. 

You can simply heat the food and enjoy the meal within no less time. They also offer free delivery in some of the regions. As per Thrive, eating healthy does not mean compromising. The purpose behind Thrive is to transform health and wellness through simple yet delicious food. To meet their aim, they have designed meals as well as training programs.

Thrive also has third-party validation and scientific proof that verifies that they are efficient, effective, and sustainable. I mean, one can easily trust them on their authenticity as well. If you are still in doubt, take a chance and for sure you won’t be disappointed. You can also shoot your queries and doubts to their support email ID, and I am sure that they will sort out all your issues. 

6. Be Fit Food

be fit food

As the name suggests, Be Fit Food delivers healthy food menu items for your convenience. Your weight loss journey should never be difficult, and with Be Fit Food, it gets a lot easier. You can choose your meals and even personalize them as per your taste and requirement. Say bye-bye to all the confusion and enjoy fresh meals that are genuinely healthy and nutritious. The meals are designed specially by experts that help in rapid weight loss.

 You can personalize your plan and even book a free session with a dietician and understand all about weight loss and dieting. You can also check the real success stories where people have shown their transformation (Before and After). I mean, this is a clear sign that Is Fit Food is very genuine in its work. 

Another best thing about Be Fit Food is that their snap frozen meals are nutritionally balanced and follow a scientific approach to losing weight. So you don’t have to worry about the results. Join the newsletter and stay updated with the latest meals and plans. Be Fit Food has also been featured in Shark Tank, The Morning Show, Game Changers, and other big platforms.  

You can even earn money from Be Fit Food besides good and nutritious food. You can buy Be Fit Food shares and become one of the shareholders. As the meal delivery services demand is increasing, I am sure you will love to have a little extra income. 

7. Soulara


Do you prefer plant-based food but struggle to eat it as it is not easy to make or find? Soulara got your back. You can order plant-based food straight to your home. Soulara is an award-winning plant-based meal delivery service available in Australia.  

Full of nutrition created by renowned chefs, Soulara serves the best food. The meals are prepared locally, so they are totally fresh and full of flavors. Talking about flavors, everything is naturally made, from seasoning to caramelizing to roasting. 

Don’t judge as it says plant-based meals because Soulara offers meals that match all the tastebuds. Create your menu, and everything will be made with love and delivered directly. You won’t have to worry about dietary requirements as Soulara got you covered. You also get the benefits of plant-based food. 

8. Chef Good

chef good meal

The race to eat healthily is not over yet, especially when so many great brands are here to serve you with delicious food fully enriched with nutrition. With great chefs, the meals are prepared with complete love while maintaining the nutritional content. 

Another great thing about Chef Good is that they use all-natural ingredients. Still have doubts? Product Review has rated Chef Good 4.7 out of 5. Chef Good is a great delivery service in Australia that serves you the best quality food that is really healthy and delicious. 

The purpose of starting a meal delivery service with nutritious food was simple – making healthy food delicious and convenient. You can build your plan and start your journey towards a better and fit body. They also have a guest chef series where you can order your food curated by distinguished chefs. You can enjoy the meal for a week as they are prepared freshly and stored easily without any spoilage. 

9. Foober

Finding it difficult to order some high-protein, keto-friendly, and delicious food? Foober got everything right. Effortlessly save money and time to enjoy delicious food that is fully nourished. Foobar cooks your meals and delivers them to your doorstep without compromising the flavors, quality, and nutrition. 

You get to enjoy your meal at your selected location, which is delivered fresh within a short time. Check out their meal plans, which extensively describe all the calories and other nutrients. This helps anyone and everyone plant their daily meals per their body requirement. 

Also, they deal in fresh food and not frozen food. You get more than 60+ recipes to choose from, and also have a separate menu for keto and vegan diets. Foobar started as a fitness provider, but as they learned that eating healthy meals is not so easy and convenient, they made sure to solve the problem. 

10. Dinemic


If you visit the website of Dinemic, you will get the complete vibe of healthiness. However, let me tell you that despite the healthy meals provided by Dinemic at your doorstep, you will surely love the flavors. You can order bundle meals that are freshly prepared and packed with flavors and nutrients. 

Founded in 2008 by Jason ( former AFL premiership player) and Karen (accredited practicing dietitian), Dynamic aims to create meals that are nutritious and balanced, especially for athletes. They opened a small retail shop that offered the public healthy meals for the first time. Later they extended their services not only to athletes but to other citizens as well. 

The biggest break was when they shifted to fresh meals from frozen ones in 2019. Indeed, a great history. Personally, I love their vegetarian meals like lentil & mushroom bolognese with linguine and Tuscan vegetable risotto. They have six- in-house dieticians who approve the meals for you. These ready-to-eat meals by Dinemic will help you to stay on track to eating healthy food. They have food stores in South Yarra and Prahran where you can get groceries items and delicious recipes that you can try. 

11. A Life Plus

The name – A Life Plus, itself depicts that you can get really healthy meals without compromising flavors and taste. Get delivered food that is cooked with love and maintains the finest quality. All the ingredients are local, with no added chemicals or preservatives. The best thing is that there is no minimum order policy, so you can order whatever you want. If you want to enjoy organic food that is so healthy for your body, go for A Life Plus. 

You can personalize your meals as per your desires. From keto to alkaline to plant-based, you get everything here. More than 1900+ reviews by customers really show that they are the best in the game. Their mission is to make healthy eating very simple and easy. 

Life Plus has been working for people since the beginning. They started by supporting cancer patients so they don’t have to consume processed food. Now they are helping so many people with their diets and healthy lifestyle journeys. 

12. Nourish’d


If you want to enjoy something that is a little different, full of flavors, and super healthy, then Nourished is the right platform. You can check their customer reviews and really understand why people love ordering from here. Nourish delivers whatever they show on their website, so try it once, and you are not going back. 

Simply choose whatever you like from their menu, and the chefs will make fresh and healthy food. You don’t have to prepare or cook; simply eat and enjoy. Not only great and healthy meals, but Nourish has also collaborated with the most trusted aged care providers. You get different sizes of meals – regular, large, and extra so that your belly is filled and satisfied. 

When it comes to sustainability, Nourish’d is pretty clear to make this world a better place with no waste of food. Also, their meal containers are recyclable, and this is a very great step towards saving the environment. So to conclude, Nourished takes care of your health and makes the world a better place. 

13. Garden Of Vegan


With changes in food choices, people struggle to find their type of food. Veganism has rapidly increased, but there is still a search for a place that delivers vegan food. Garden of Vegan is a well-known platform that delivers all plant-based food items. You can choose meal plans according to your needs and start a new journey toward a better tomorrow. 

If you really want to enjoy healthy food that is made without any chemicals or preservatives, then Garden Of Vegan is your go-to meal delivery service. Other than healthy meals, they provide NDIS. You can choose them as your NDIS provider and get food delivered to your doorstep without any worry of shopping and cooking food on a daily basis. 

Garden Of Vegan is the first meal delivery service that provides 100% vegan, gluten and oil-free meals. If you want to achieve your desired body shape, then your diet must be right, and Garden Of Vegan will make sure of this. 

What Are The Best Meal Prep Services In Australia?

meal del

Apart from meal delivery services, there are many brands and sites delivering meal kits. Meal kits help you to cook food super easily and save a lot of time. Let us see some of the best meal kit delivery services in Australia. 

1. Hello Fresh


Hello Fresh is a top-rated delivery service in Australia. They deliver meal kits so that you can easily make your meal and enjoy it. You can plan your meal and get ingredients delivered to your doorstep. You can use their app, too, and quickly order whatever you wish. Save your time and energy with HelloFresh, which delivers you the perfect amount of ingredients to make a comforting meal.

If we go back to the history of Hello Fresh, it was launched in 2012 in Australia. It was started in collaboration with Masterchef winner Tom Rutledge. Many don’t know that Hello Fresh was the first one with the Meal Kit concept, and since then, they have been serving their customers and helping them to make cooking food more fun and enjoyable. 

2. My Muscle Chef

muscle chef

Are you a fitness enthusiast? My Muscle Chef will take care of every type of body and different nutrient requirements. The best thing is that food really tastes like home. You can personalize your meal and enjoy food with great nutrients. The idea is to cut down the prep time and skip to the good part – enjoying delicious food. 

My Muscle Chef was launched in 2013 with the vision to create protein-packed meals that are easy to cook and flavorful. The idea was to make the fitness journey consistent without any hurdles. I am sure that My Muscle Chef has proven itself and served their customers with utmost sincerity. 

3. Marley Spoon

marley spoon

Marley Spoon offers great recipes and meal boxes for the same. You can order ingredients, seasonal recipes, and ready-to-eat meals. Marley Spoon also gives rewards for every dollar spent. You can easily plan your meal ahead of time and get precisely what you want in the right quantity. 

When it comes to the food, the chef prepares their in-house recipes after daily testing so that you get exciting and delicious recipes to try. You can get great inspiration to make super easy meals. Now if you are set with your recipes, you simply need to order the ingredients. Let me tell you that Marley Spoon works with local suppliers that deliver premium quality items.  

4. Pepper Leaf

From meal kits to different recipes, Pepper Leaf delivers the best quality food items. You get fresh items that are sustainably made and delivered to your doorstep. Pepper Leaf delivers fresh food from the farm to your table. Fastest delivery within 20 minutes, so you can enjoy your food without effort. 

You know that local food is rich in flavors and nutrients. They get your ingredients fresh from the farms. If you want to impress your partner or woo your friends, Pepper Leaf will help you with the same—fresh food items with simple yet delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. Pepper Leaf has been reviewed by many great brands like Australian’s Men Health, SBS, Better Home Gardens, and more. Also, Pepper Leaf is the only meal kit delivery service to be rated 5 out of 5v by Good Food. 

5. Every Plate

every plate

Every plate delivers the cheapest meal kit to your doorstep. They have simple recipes made with everyday ingredients. You don’t have to bang your heads for complicated recipes. For sure, you will enjoy their delicious recipes that are easy to make with simple ingredients. You will get whatever ingredient the recip[ calls for in the exact quantity, so no wastage too. 

I must say that Every Plate delivers the cheapest yet best meal kits. They are super affordable, and without any doubt, they offer great deals and discounts now and then. Simply select your plan, register, enter your address, and pick up your meals at your doorstep after making payment—a very swift and convenient way to order meals. 

6. Dinnerly


Dinnerly will help you to cook your meal with six ingredients within 30 minutes. Sounds so easy, and believe me, it is actually very easy and convenient. Dinneerly is one of my go-to meal kit delivery options as they are super quick in their delivery service and really understand my tastebuds. You get different recipes every week and every single ingredient that the recipe requires.

Starting with only $5.49 per portion with Dinnerly, you can make your cooking time more therapeutic and fun. You get more than 50+ recipes every week to choose from. Also, the ingredients that are delivered are super fresh and well-packed, so don’t worry about them getting spoiled. Start your plan anytime, and you can pause or cancel anytime. A great tip? If you are a student, then check them out, as they have student discounts as well.

7. ChefPrep

Chefprep is another great delivery service that is now merged with CoLab. Now they are serving their customers with utmost sincerity and believe in serving the best ready meals to their customers. I believe that you should definitely try their food and services because they are more robust in the game. 

Get anything ingredients for the recipe you selected and enjoy the great cooking time. It is not necessary to make cooking time hectic. ChefPrep, which is now known as CoLab, helps you to discover food, shop, and enjoy the food. They provide divorce 24/7 and deliver everything you want. 

8. Make-Out Meals

make out meals

Want to throw a dinner party that is too good in terms of food and flavors? Make-Out Meals are there to your rescue. They are super cool and add life to any dinner party or simple brunch. They have kids’ meals for the little ones too. Simply pick your meal and get all the ingredients delivered. Easy to cook and super delicious, Make-Out Meals are perfect for any time of meal. 

Make Out Meals offer super flexible meal boxes that suit your flavors and dietary needs. They have more than a thousand five-star ratings from customers. You can join their newsletter to stay updated with the latest recipes and news. If you ask me about their recipes, then you get to choose from 12 recipes every week. 

9. Fitness Meals Fresh (Performance Eating)

Start eating healthy meals with Fitness Meals Fresh. They deliver everything you would require to stay healthy. You can order your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Schedule and stick with healthy eating. Fitness fresh meals will deliver whatever you want and make healthy eating super convenient. 

Recently they have been acquired by Performance Eating, and I can bet that they are now much stronger and better in the game. Sort your diet with Fitness Meals Fresh and start your journey of eating healthy and delicious food. 

10. Weight Watchers

weight watchers

Trying to lose weight but struggling every single day? Weight Watchers are here to help you. You can track your diet and everything. Earn points and rewards. Get recipes and ingredients that are specifically made for your body. A perfect weight loss plan is what you need, and weight watchers are always there for you. 

Can I tell you a secret? You get the first three months free. I know it is not a big secret for those who have been using weight watchers. For those who are new, check them out and grab this grand opportunity. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your taste. That is why Weight Watchers make sure that you eat what you love. 

11. The Good Meal Co

The Good Meal Co will allow subsidies on food if you are eligible. Isn’t it exciting and something new? Not only this, The Good Meal Co is perfect for ordering delicious and easy meals that can be prepared with convenience. You can order and pay for your meal and get it delivered within no time. You get almost everything that is delicious and nutritious. 

From breakfast to dinner, you can order any type of meal. Don’t worry about quantity, as they are super flexible. Looking for dairy-free, vegetarian, or Halal food items- The Good Meal Co is your answer. They also provide NDIS and Aged Care. 

12. The Dinner Ladies

the dinner ladies

The Dinner Ladies is a little different delivery platform. Here you get prepared meals that are frozen and then delivered to your doorstep. Simply heat the food or do minimal cooking and enjoy delicious meals without the hassle. You can choose your meals from a wide range of options. From small bites to full-fledged meals to desserts, you get everything here.

 Get gift cards for your loved ones and show them your love with great and healthy food. They do deliver frozen food, but the quality is never compromised. Snap freezing enables them to maintain the flavours and nutrients of the food as it is. 

Two great women who are behind this amazing service, Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood, started with only two camp stoves in the backyard. Now they are helping many people by delivering ingredients and recipes curated by renowned chefs. They aim to make dinner time the day’s highlight for everyone. 


So, at last, we are at the end of this amazing and delicious conversation. I am sure that you are now very clear when it comes to ordering food. I hope you try some of these delivery platforms and let me know your experience. I will be back soon with some more interesting conversations. Until then, keep eating and enjoy your life. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it safe to order food online?

Yes, it is very safe and convenient, too, if you order food through an online delivery system. They provide a different range of food and deliver to your doorstep very quickly. 

What are the best delivery services in Australia?

Some of the best delivery services in Australia are Deliveroo, Wholistically Healthy, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Delivery Hero, Lite n’ Easy, EASI, Hey You, Skip, Be Fit Food, Foodora, and Menulog. 

What is the cheapest food delivery service in Australia?

Menulog is a very cheap yet great delivery service available in Australia. 

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