Best McDonald’s Slushie Flavors To Buy In 2024

McDonald’s has been known for introducing limited-time deals and menu options that people enjoy. One such limited menu item that won many hearts was their classic slushies! In this article, we will be talking about the best slushie flavors to buy from McDonald’s! 

Best McDonald's Slushie Flavors to buy

McDonald’s has had a history of introducing some of the best limited-time menu items. Moreover, with limited-time menu items, McDonald’s has also been collaborating with other multinational chains; in this case, it was with Minute Maid. 

Some of the best slushie flavors to buy from McDonald’s are classics like Minute Maid Tropical Mango, Minute Maid Pink Lemonade, Minute Maid Fruit Punch, Frozen Coca-Cola, frozen Sprite, and frozen Fanta. 

The central collaboration here was with Minute Maid; most flavors were made using this drink. But McDonald’s also introduced several slushies with their classic beverages. This, of course, includes Coca-cola, Sprite, and also a few flavors of Fanta. 

Everyone had their favorites when it came to the slushie flavors. But a few won the hearts of most people despite all odds! This article will rank the best slushie flavors to buy, so let’s get started! 

How Many Slushie Flavors Does McDonald’s Have?  

How many slushie flavors does mcdonalds have

Over the years, McDonald’s has introduced a lot of slushie flavors. Some of them managed to stay on the menu long term, whereas the customers could have done better to receive others.

The slushie flavors have also rotated quite often on the menu so that you may have come across some or the other taste. The slushies were something most people would look forward to, especially around summertime.

Rather than going for a regular soda or cola, the slushies were a fun and innovative way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Plus, all the sugar did help a lot as well! All this while, McDonald’s did some flavor experiments.

Out of them all, a total of nine flavors managed to stay intact on the McDonald’s menu. Out of these, five flavors have minute maid as the base, whereas the others have Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta as the base flavors. 

 The flavors that were introduced by McDonald’s are Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry, Frozen Sprite Lemonade, Frozen Coca-Cola, Minute Maid Blue Raspberry, Frozen Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, and Tropical mango. 

Best McDonald’s Slushie Flavors, Ranked

In this section, you will find information about all the slushie flavors you could find at McDonald’s, ranked from the best to least. These rankings are primarily based on the sort of preferences that customers have had over the years, so let’s take a look at the same.

1. Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry

Frozen fanta blue raspberry

The favorite slushie flavor on the absolute top of this list is the Frozen Fanta blue raspberry flavor. Although Minute Maid also introduced a blue raspberry flavor, one of the reasons why the Fanta version stood out was that this one has a more robust tart flavor.

This slushie, like the previous one mentioned on this list, has a lower sugar content. This makes the tartness of the raspberry stand out, making it the best-selling slushie from McDonald’s.

Although McDonald’s usually sells slushies only for a limited time, this one has been in high demand with customers and keeps coming back on the menu, now and then, topping the list. 

2. Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry

Frozen fanta wild cherry

Although Fanta is a beverage that is mainly known for its iconic orange flavor, the company has also come up with other citrus-flavored drinks that people love. One such flavor was the Fanta Wild cherry, which they converted into a beautiful slushie flavor!

Again, one of the best things about this is the sheer balance of flavors, which works exceptionally well. Just like the sprite lemonade, this particular slushie’s sugar content is less, making it stand out.

The low sugar content also makes this slushie stand out in terms of the citrus flavor shining through! If you have ever enjoyed a cherry-flavored soda before, then you will know the sort of flavor to expect from this slushie. 

3. Frozen Sprite Lemonade

Just like coca-cola is an iconic beverage in the United States, especially in refreshing drinks, Sprite is just a little behind in this race. Sprite is a refreshing beverage, and McDonald’s made it even more vital in this new avatar!

The frozen sprite lemonade is the perfect combination of Sprite and classic lemonade. Most people who tried out this slushie flavor did say that it tasted like a tart version of Sprite, which made it iconic.

Plus, considering the obvious fact that this beverage is frozen, it is the perfect heat buster. Another great thing about this beverage is that it is much lower in sugar content compared to other slushie flavors, which is like a cherry on top! 

4. Minute Maid Blue Raspberry

Minute Maid Blue Raspberry

We all enjoyed our share of blue drinks when we were younger! Along with having an utterly refreshing taste, most people love the blue raspberry flavor because it instantly takes them back to their childhood!

That is precisely what this slushie flavor from McDonald’s does! The Minute Maid Blue Raspberry flavor perfectly balances sweetness and tartness.

You may wonder what flavor a blue raspberry is; it is tart, precisely like a raspberry! Although the slushie is also quite sweet, the raspberry’s tartness shines through, giving this a higher rank than other options.

5. Minute Maid Frozen Pink Lemonade

Just like coca-cola, if one beverage is iconic to summertime, it has to be lemonade. McDonald’s took the concept of a thirst-quenching lemonade further and made a slushie version!

So, obviously, on a hot day, nothing is better than a chilled glass of frozen lemonade from McDonald’s! Plus, the appearance of this lemonade won hearts as well.

The classic pink flavor of this lemonade attracted a lot of customers. Moreover, another great thing about this lemonade was the flavor balance of the sweetness, along with the tart lemon flavor, was great, making it one of the best slushies of the lot! 

6. Frozen Coca-Cola

Frozen Cocacola

No other beverage is as iconic as Coca-Cola, primarily when you associate it with McDonald’s. We all know and have accepted that McDonald’s coke tastes much better compared to other fast-food restaurant chains.

So, considering that, you can expect the frozen coca-cola slushie to taste just as fantastic! When it comes down to the flavor of this beverage, it is indeed spot on.

The perfect balance of the crisp taste of coca-cola, along with the sweetness and refreshing flavor, have all been replicated with this lovely McDonald’s frozen creation. 

7. Minute Maid Fruit Punch

The Minute Maid fruit punch slushie from McDonald’s was great. The flavors of a fruit punch did shine through, and although the slushie was too sweet, this drink’s fruit and citrus flavors caught everyone’s attention. However, it still makes the 7th position on this list. 

The reason why this particular slushie did not rank as well as some others are not that it could have been tastier. The whole reason why this slushie did not top the list was just that some of the other flavors that McDonald’s introduced were preferred more by customers. 

8. Minute Maid Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

The bright red color of this drink attracted many people, and the flavor was good. With this slushie, they tried to combine two summertime flavors that work well together.

Although the strawberry flavor is slightly more natural, the watermelon flavor is like a candy melt. The overall flavor of watermelon is too bland and mostly just sweet.

You will surely be able to taste the strawberry flavor first, after which the watermelon candy comes about more as an aftertaste. Hence, this slushie flavor gets the 8th position on our list. 

9. Minute Maid Tropical Mango

One slushie out of all the flavors McDonald introduced, which did not cut with most customers, was the Minute Maid Tropical Mango. Although it looks bright orange and is easy to confuse with an orange drink, this beverage has no citrus flavor. 

However, as per most people, this flavor does no justice to an authentic mango flavor. Many people even claimed that this flavor is easy to mix with a peach flavor.

The beverage is alright, per se. But, the artificial flavor of mango does not shine, making this beverage mostly taste sweet.

Does McDonald’s Still Have Slushies? 

Does mccdoanlds still have slushies

As I mentioned, some of the slushies are so lovely that most people have demanded them to be regular on the McDonald’s menu. So, McDonald’s slushies are more of a limited-time option on the menu and are not available all year round. 

Some classic flavor options, like frozen coke and Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry, can still be found at various McDonald’s outlets across the country. However, the rest of the options are always available for some time.

But keep an eye out on this page for the latest updates about when McDonald’s will bring these slushies back! Moreover, although not slushies, McDonald’s offers many things all year round!

One such thing that attracts most customers is the sweet deals that this chain comes up with. To know more about the latest deals from McDonald’s for 2023, check out our article. 


As we have come to the end of this article, I hope you got all the answers you needed about the best slushie flavors. Here, some of the slushie flavors may be ranked less than others. But that does not dismiss the fact that all the flavors are incredible. 

Customers indeed had specific preferences; hence, some flavors were liked a little more than others by comparison. So, it comes down to your personal flavor preferences and what you would like. 

I want to mention that most of these slushies have very high sugar content, so it is best not to have too much and always in moderation as possible.

If you want to know more about McDonald’s food rankings, check out our articles on the best McDonald’s burgers to buy, the best McDonald’s sauces to buy, and the best McDonald’s breakfast items to buy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are these slushie flavor rankings based on? 

The slushie flavor rankings are based on customer reviews and just how popular they were. 

Are any of these slushie flavors still available at McDonald’s?

You may find frozen coke at some McDonald’s outlets, but most slushies are only available for limited times, mostly around summer.

When is McDonald’s bringing back slushies to their menu? 

There has been no such announcement by McDonald’s, but keep an eye on this space for the latest updates about the same! 

Were all nine flavors of slushies available at the same time? 

No, most of the slushie flavors were available at different times, have been rotated in the menu, and have been available at other times. 

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