Best McDonald’s Menu Items That You Can Buy In 2024

Visiting McDonald’s is an exciting experience for everyone. With a wide range of menu options, it can be overwhelming to decide what to order. To make things easier, I have gathered a list of the best McDonald’s menu items to choose from.

Menu Items At McDonald's

At McDonald’s, you can enjoy their best food items like French fries, big mac, iced coffee, chocolate shake, Oreo Mcflurry, sausage McMuffin, grilled chicken salad, hamburger, and happy meals. These menu items are truly timeless and their popularity is never dwindling. 

McDonald’s has been serving up delicious burgers for decades. With new menu items constantly being added, there’s always something new to try. They have a wide range of burgers, drinks, sides, sauces, and sandwiches.

Now, let’s look at the list of the best McDonald’s menu items to buy and the reasons behind choosing them. So, gather your friends and head to McDonald’s for a delicious meal.

Best Burgers / Sandwiches At McDonald’s


When it comes to burgers, one name comes to mind – McDonald’s. With various burgers/sandwich options, it is challenging to decide what to order. No worries! I have selected the best burgers to try at McDonald’s, so you can go there and grab a bite quickly. Also, if you want to try other best burgers at McDonald’s, find the whole list here.

1. McChicken 

Price: $3.09

What’s Inside: The burger features a crispy chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise on the bun.


McChicken is a classic burger at McDonald’s. The burger flavors are well balanced, with the savory taste of chicken patty complementing the creamy and tangy mayonnaise and fresh lettuce. It’s a delicious burger available at an affordable price.

2. Sausage McMuffin 

Price: $2.19

What’s Inside: This sandwich burger is packed with a juicy sausage patty, American cheese, egg, and an English muffin.


For breakfast lovers, the Sausage McMuffin is an excellent option. This sandwich burger comes with a warm toasted English muffin. The hot sausage patty and melted American cheese – all offer a tasty bite. It’s a great burger option for those in a rush in the morning. So, grab this burger for a quick bite in your morning breakfast next time you visit McDonald’s. 

3. Big Mac

Price: $4.79

What’s Inside: Big Mac is packed with two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions in a bun. 


The big mac burger is one of the most popular burgers on McDonald’s menu. A McDonald’s franchise in Pittsburgh invented the burger. The burger features some great ingredients. One such is the secret sauce added to this burger. The special sauce is a secret blend of ingredients that adds a tangy and savory flavor. It’s a big burger on McDonald’s menu, and the three-part bun holds everything together and gives you that satisfying burger experience.

4. Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese 

Price: $7.09

What’s Inside: This burger features two-quarter beef patties, melted cheese, tomato, onions, pickles, and ketchup – all packed in buns.


The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a classic burger at McDonald’s. It’s packed with two grilled juicy beef patties, melted cheese, a slice of tomato, and shredded lettuce – all in buns. To finish it off, the burger is topped with a special tangy sauce. This burger contains 740 calories. There are a lot of other burgers to try at McDonald’s.

Best Breakfast Items At McDonald’s 

Breakfast Burger

Who doesn’t love starting their day with a delicious breakfast? And what’s a better place than McDonald’s? With their wide breakfast menu items, you can get anything you want. The breakfast menu includes some hearty sandwiches, shakes, coffee, and burgers. 

But with so many offerings on the breakfast menu, it takes time to choose the best ones. Therefore, I have listed some best breakfast items at McDonald’s that you must try. Check out the list. Also, explore the age old battle on McDonald’s Mcgriddle vs Mcmuffin, which is better here.

1. Hash Brown

Price: $2.99

What’s Inside: The recipe features shredded potato hash browns patties. 


How about adding some extra spark to your breakfast today with McDonald’s beloved hash browns? No matter your age, these crispy little patties will surely bring a smile to your face. The hash browns feature a perfectly golden exterior and a fluffy potato center. Each bite is pure bliss that you will relish forever. Dip them in ketchup, honey mustard, creamy ranch, or sweet and sour sauce, or toss them into any sandwich on the McDonald’s menu for a tasty twist. 

2. McGriddle

Price: $3.99

What’s Inside: McGriddle features sweet griddle cakes packed with bacon, egg, and cheese.


McGriddle is a dynamic blend of taste and flavors. The griddle cake buns are soft and fluffy with a sweet taste. The bacon, egg, and cheese add savory flavors to the sweet bun. This combination is unique.

The Mcgriddle is a fast food classic and a staple for many people. It’s a tasty option for those who crave a sweet and savory breakfast. If you want to try another sandwich burger like sausage McMuffin instead of McGriddle, we have covered a McGriddle vs. McMuffin debate article; it might interest you!

3. McDonald’s Hot Cakes

Price: $4.19

What’s Inside: Hot cakes are fluffy, warm pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and butter.


If you love pancakes, McDonald’s hotcakes are for you. These warm and fluffy golden hotcakes are the perfect sit-down experience at McDonald’s. It brings you the most comfort and satiates your taste buds. Each order comes with three hot cakes drizzled with maple syrup and butter. To make your hotcake experience richer, pair it with any premium roast coffee. With a total of 580 calories, McDonald’s hotcakes are the perfect morning meal. 

4. Sausage McMuffin With Egg 

Price: $5.09

What’s Inside: This sandwich burger features a savory hot sausage, a slice of American cheese, and a freshly cracked egg on a toasted English muffin. 


The sausage McMuffin with egg is a great breakfast option that packs in both protein and carbohydrates. It’s a 480-calorie sandwich burger that’s perfect for the morning meal. The sausage patty and egg provide a good source of protein to keep you full and satisfied. If you want extra flavor, try it with ketchup or hot sauce. 

Best Beverages At McDonald’s


You might know McDonald’s menu offerings, but have you tried their beverages? If not, we have compiled some of the best beverages at McDonald’s that you can try. Their beverage menu is vast, from milkshakes, smoothies, and flavored coffee to classic soda drinks. 

McDonald’s is also quite known for their distinctive taste in soft drinks. We have covered some articles related to that, such as why McDonald’s coke tastes better and why is McDonald’s sprite so good – check them out. 

There are many beverages, such as sweet tea, caramel frappe, mocha frappe, and shamrock frappe, for which we have covered recipes too. You can try all these beverages at home to replicate the exact taste of McDonald’s. For now, let’s see some famous drinks at McDonald’s.    

1. Chocolate Shake

Price: $4.29

Ingredients: It consists of a delicious soft serve, chocolate syrup, and finished with whipped light cream.


If you want the best chocolate beverage at McDonald’s, then a chocolate shake is the no.1 choice. It’s made with creamy, velvety vanilla soft serve and rich chocolate syrup blended to create a decadent drink. The shake is served in a clear cup, and topped with whipped cream, making it the perfect pick-me-up beverage on a hot summer day.

2. Premium Roast Coffee

Price: $1.99

Ingredients: It’s a premium roast coffee, roasted and freshly brewed—hot black coffee to start your day.


Looking for a rich coffee experience? Then McDonald’s premium roast coffee is the perfect choice for you. It’s made with premium Arabica coffee beans. This coffee is expertly roasted and freshly brewed. Enjoy this hot cup of coffee with your choice of sweeteners. This premium roast coffee is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. You will wonder if there are 0 calories in a small cup of coffee. 

3. Mocha Frappe

Price: $2.39

Ingredients: It’s made with brewed coffee, half and half, whipping cream, chocolate syrup, and sugar.


Mocha frappe is a cold and creamy coffee. It’s crafted with a perfect blend of rich chocolate and a hint of coffee – it tastes delicious. This mocha frappe is blended with ice and topped with whipped cream and chocolatey drizzle. Grab this perfectly delightful treat with your friends.

4. Iced Coffee 

Price: $1.39

Ingredients: It’s made with brewed coffee, half and half, vanilla syrup, sugar, and water.


McDonald’s iced coffee is a refreshing twist to your regular hot coffee. It’s a premium brew made with Arabica beans and can be customized with flavored syrups such as caramel, hazelnut, and French vanilla. This Iced coffee is firstly brewed hot, then cooled down and served over ice.

It’s a perfect coffee choice for those who prefer black coffee. Moreover, if you want to know how much caffeine your iced coffee contains, read here

Best Desserts At McDonald’s

Vanilla Cone

McDonald’s is known for its savory menu items such as McNuggets, burgers, and fries. But have you tried their dessert menu items? From sweet breakfast pastries to soft-serve ice cream, McDonald’s offers a variety of desserts at their outlet. 

However, navigating their vast menu and finding the best desserts can take time and effort. Therefore, we have taken some of the best dessert items you can try at McDonald’s. 

But wait, we have heard reports saying McDonald’s ice cream machines get broken in time. But do not worry; there are plenty of ways to enjoy this delicious treat. We have covered a few copycat recipes, such as Oreo Mcflurry, that you can try right in your kitchen.

If you want the best desserts to order at McDonald’s, read here to see what’s ranking on top. 

1. Hot Fudge Sundae

Price: $3.49  

Ingredients: Classic hot fudge sundae is made with creamy vanilla soft serve and smothered in chocolate hot fudge topping. 


Treat yourself to a creamy and delicious treat of hot fudge sundae. Vanilla soft-serve scoop with drizzled chocolate fudge served in a cup. The combination of warm sauce and ice cream creates a great variety together. The calories in hot fudge sundae are 330 calories.

2. Oreo McFlurry 

Price: $4.29

Ingredients: It’s made with creamy vanilla soft serve and contains crunchy pieces of Oreo cookies.


Oreo Mcflurry is a popular dessert item on McDonald’s menu for its unique combination. The creamy vanilla soft serve and chunks of Oreo cookies make an excellent bite. This particular dessert is quite popular among kids too. Whenever the kids come to McDonald’s for their birthday celebration, McDonald’s caters to them with Oreo Mcflurry for the hit party.

3. Vanilla Cone

Price: $1

Ingredients: McDonald’s vanilla cone features creamy soft serve in a crispy cone.


McDonald’s vanilla cone is a sweet treat for dessert lovers. It’s the perfect dessert treat to pair with any McDonald’s meal. The cone is crispy and adds a nice crunch to every bite. Plus, you can get an affordable menu item on a dollar menu.   

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Price: $1

Ingredients: Soft-baked cookies loaded with chocolate chips.


McDonald’s chocolate chip cookie is a soft baked dessert treat. The cookie is so chewy and loaded with gooey chocolate chips. Enjoy it as a snack and pair it with the Mccafe drinks menu. Indeed, this cookie will impress your tastebuds and bring you a delightful experience.

Best Milkshakes At McDonald’s 

Three Milkshakes

There’s nothing like a creamy, cold, and sweet treat to beat the summer heat with McDonald’s milkshakes. With a wide range of flavors, there’s something for everyone at this fast-food giant. Whether you prefer a classic chocolate or vanilla shake or feel adventurous with a limited edition flavor, there’s a shake for every mood. 

Moreover, you will wonder whether McDonald’s also provides some gluten-free options. They offer a wide range of gluten-free options for those with food allergies. We have also covered an answer on are McDonald’s milkshakes gluten-free. From refreshing drinks and milkshakes to filling meals, there’s something for everyone on the McDonald’s gluten-free menu.

So, rest assured that you’ll have plenty of delicious options next time you visit. Let’s dive into the best milkshakes you can get at McDonald’s!

1. Vanilla Shake

Price: $4.29

Ingredients: McDonald’s vanilla shake recipe contains creamy vanilla soft serve, vanilla syrup, and topped with whipped cream.


Sip on a smooth and creamy treat. McDonald’s vanilla shake is a perfect blend of ice cream and syrup. You can enjoy this decadent treat any time of the day. This milkshake contains 480 calories in a small size. 

2. Strawberry Shake

Price: $4.29

Ingredients: Creamy strawberry milkshake featured soft vanilla serve, strawberry syrup, and topped with whipped cream.


If you are looking for something different than a vanilla milkshake, then definitely it’s a strawberry milkshake. It’s a perfect blend of vanilla soft serve and strawberry syrup. The best part about this milkshake is that it is topped with light whipped cream, which makes all the difference. The small size drink contains 470 calories.

Best McCafe Items At McDonald’s 

Coffee Drinks

Who says McDonald’s is just about burgers and fries? They have a whole McCafe menu item that’s worth exploring. Their McCafe line boasts some of the most delicious coffee drinks and bakery items.

There is something for all, from rich premium coffee drinks to chocolate cookies. They have more than 30 coffee flavors to offer you and some bakery items to pair with your coffee. We will help you find the best McCafe coffee drinks today. 

Many iced coffee lovers want to choose the healthiest iced coffee based on their caffeine content. We have covered a whole article on how much caffeine McDonald’s iced coffee has. You can get all the caffeine content and choose your drink wisely. Now, let’s explore the best McCafe items at McDonald’s. 

1. Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Price: $2.29 (medium)

Ingredients: McDonald’s pumpkin spice latte is freshly brewed and spiced to perfection with hints of pumpkin and cinnamon flavors.


When the fall season arrives, McDonald’s seasonal pumpkin spice latte gets hyped by people. It’s a delicious flavored drink that brings ultimate comfort on chilly days. The perfect spice hint of pumpkin and cinnamon makes the coffee taste rich. 

2. French Vanilla Cappuccino 

Price: $2.36

Ingredients: It contains whole steamed milk, bold espresso, fluffy foam, and a wealthy French vanilla flavor.  


The McDonald’s French vanilla cappuccino is a warm and indulgent treat. The drink will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. It’s a perfect morning cup of coffee. Enjoy the warm, fuzzy, and sweet flavors of this coffee.  

3. McCafe Latte

Price: $2.39

Ingredients: McCafe latte is a rich coffee blended with steamed milk.  


McCafe latte is a classic espresso-based beverage. It’s a smooth, creamy, and sweet drink. This latte is a delicious treat for the day with a rich and velvety texture. 

4. McCafe Iced Caramel Mocha 

Price: $2.39

Ingredients: It’s made with milk, chocolate, and caramel syrup and topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.


Iced caramel mocha is a delightful blend of espresso, caramel, and creamy chocolate, all served with ice. It has a rich, creamy, and smooth texture and is topped with caramel drizzle. A small cup of iced caramel mocha contains 280 calories.  

5. Apple Pie

Price: $1.59

Ingredients: Apple Pie recipe features American-grown apples and a lattice crust baked to perfection and topped with sprinkled sugar. 


Get ready to bite McDonald’s classic dessert, apple pie. It’s made with a crispy and flakey golden crust that encases warm and sweet apple filling. Every bite is delicious and has a perfect balance of tart and sweet taste. This is an ideal nostalgic treat, and you must try the McCafe bakery item. 

6. Cinnamon Roll

Price: $3.19

Ingredients: A pastry roll made with flakey dough and drizzled with cream cheese icing.


Start your day with delectable McDonald’s cinnamon rolls. It’s one of the unique offerings on the McCafe bakery menu. This roll is made of flakey pastry dough and topped with white cream cheese icing. It looks like a lovely treat at your favorite fast-food chain. Each roll contains 540 calories. Try them on your next visit to the outlet. 

Best Salads At McDonald’s

Salad Dish

Experience the taste of fresh ingredients in every bite with McDonald’s top salads. Each salad is packed with protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. One of the premium salads that McDonald’s offers are a southwest salad. Another fantastic salad is bacon ranch salad which comes with bacon, chicken, and ranch dressing. 

But out of all these salads, which one should you try on your next visit? Well, that’s why I have gathered some of the best salads at McDonald’s to try. So, let’s look at the list quickly. 

Good news for those who want to make a salad at home but want the taste of McDonald’s. We have covered McDonald’s southwest salad copycat recipes that you may like to try at home.

1. Grilled Chicken And Bacon Salad

Price: $5.39

Ingredients: This salad is prepared with lettuce, grilled chicken breast, bacon, cucumber, sliced tomato, and red onion. 


Get ready for delicious and nutritious grilled chicken and bacon salad. It’s a perfectly seasoned and grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, and fresh greens. Everything comes together in harmony to give you top-notch taste. The addition of croutons and cherry tomatoes adds a nice texture to the salad. So, go ahead and try this at McDonald’s.  

2. Crispy Chicken And Bacon Salad

Price: $5.39

Ingredients: It contains crispy chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, cucumber, sliced tomato, and red onion. 


Crispy chicken and bacon salad contain crispy chicken, salty bacon pieces, and veggies. All the meat and veggies are blended with creamy ranch dressing to create a savory flavor. 

The crispy chicken patty is a breaded chicken filet that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The bacon bits add a nice crunch and a salty, smoky flavor. The mixed greens, like lettuce, spinach, and kale, provide a fresh and healthy base for the salad. It’s a delicious salad to try.

3. Grilled Chicken Salad

Price: $6.17

Ingredients: It’s made with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, sliced tomato, and red onion.


If you are craving something delicious, then McDonald’s grilled chicken salad is for you. This dish is a delicious and nutritious option from McDonald’s healthy menu options. It’s loaded with juicy and tender grilled chicken and veggies. 

Best Wraps At McDonald’s 


Wraps are a popular menu item at McDonald’s. They are perfect for a quick meal option. McDonald’s has covered you with its wide range of wraps, from spicy and crunchy to creamy.

The options can be overwhelming when choosing the best wrap at McDonald’s. But don’t worry; I have got you. I have compiled a list of some of the best wraps that McDonald’s has to offer. So you can choose which one to try on your next visit.

Moreover, if you want to try some of the best McDonald’s wraps at home, I have a breakfast burrito recipe and McDonald’s chicken wrap recipe that you can try at home. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the best wraps at McDonald’s. 

1. The Spicy Veggie One 

Price: $4.09

Ingredients: It contains veggie dippers, spicy relish, tomato slices, lettuce, and red onion rings – all packed in a tortilla. 


The spicy veggie is a delicious vegetarian wrap that will tantalize your taste buds. This vegan-friendly wrap is packed with veggie dippers and a variety of vegetables. What sets this wrap apart is its special sauce, made with chili pepper and a blend of herbs, that will give you a spicy kick. So why wait? Head to your nearest eatery and give this piquant wrap a try. This wrap is only available every Monday and Thursday.

2. The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled)

Price: $4.19

Ingredients: It contains garlic chicken, cucumber, tomato slices, lettuce, and garlic mayo packed in a tortilla.


The garlic mayo chicken one grilled is a delicious wrap that features a juicy grilled chicken breast filet paired with a generous amount of crunchy veggies. The slightly spicy sauce adds a touch of heat, while the garlic mayonnaise provides a tangy flavor. Perfect for those looking to eat more than just a burger in their main meal. Take an important note here: This wrap is available only on Monday and Saturday.  

3. The Sweet Chili Chicken One

Price: $4.19 

Ingredients: It’s loaded with grilled chicken, cucumber, lettuce, sweet chili sauce, and mayonnaise – all packed in a tortilla. 


Indulge in the delicious wrap that’s made with several sauces. The sweet chili chicken, one wrap at McDonald’s, is a must-try. The perfect combination of sweet chili sauce and mayonnaise elevates the juicy grilled chicken. These sauces combine to add a spicy kick to the chicken and create a harmonious blend of flavors. This wrap is also available with a crispy chicken option. If you want to try this wrap, grab this every Friday and Sunday at McDonald’s. 

4. The Spicy Sriracha Chicken one (Grilled)

Price: $4.19 

Ingredients: This wrap is loaded with grilled chicken, cucumber, spicy sriracha sauce, onions, and lettuce – all packed in a tortilla.


If you want something spicy, the spicy sriracha chicken grilled is for you! This sandwich features a juicy grilled chicken with crispy veggies and a generous spicy, aromatic Sriracha sauce. The chicken is perfectly seasoned, providing a delicious blend of flavors with every bite. The Sriracha sauce adds a touch of heat, giving the wrap a spicy kick. The combination of flavors is nothing short of delicious. Also, one thing to note here is that this wrap is only available on specific days of the week – that’s every Wednesday.

Best Side Items At McDonald’s

Side Items

McDonald’s is well known for its burgers and wraps, but have you ever considered the side items that pair with them? They can enhance the overall dining experience.

At McDonald’s, you’ll find a variety of sides to choose from, including French fries, chicken Mcnuggets, and more. You can mix and match to create the perfect meal at McDonald’s.

So, if you’re looking to try something new, why give some of the side dishes at McDonald’s a chance? There are various items on the side menu. Hence I have covered some of the best side items at McDonald’s so you can choose them. I am sure these side items will become your new favorite. 

1. French Fries

Price: Start from $1.09 

Ingredients: Potato, oil, salt


Fries are a beloved fast-food staple for McDonald’s lovers. They are known for their thin and crispy texture. One of the most significant benefits of this side item is its versatility. It pairs perfectly with any burger, wrap, and sauce, allowing endless flavor combinations. McDonald’s offers a range of sizes at affordable prices. It’s available in four sizes: kid-size, small, medium, and large. You can get medium Fries free every Friday with any $1 purchase, exclusively in the McDonald’s app. So, grab the famous French fries from McDonald’s and pair them with any burger you like.

2. Cheese Melt Dippers

Price: Starts from $2.59

Ingredients: Babybels cheese, breadcrumbs, all-purpose flour, egg, and frying oil.


Tuck into an ultimate cheesy delight with Cheese Melt Dippers. Perfect for cheese lovers, each piece is made with 100% camembert cheese and coated with a crispy exterior. Served with a zesty tomato dip, these cheese dippers make a delicious and satisfying snack. Ideal for vegetarians, they are available in two portions – 4 pieces or 12 pieces, perfect for sharing with friends and family. So, get your cheesy treat today at McDonald’s. 

3. Chicken McNuggets

Price: Starts from $4.29

Ingredients: White boneless chicken, water, oil, and flour.


Crafted from only the finest ingredients, these McNuggets are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. A serving of 4 pieces packs 170 calories, making it the perfect snack for those seeking a quick bite. Dip each piece into the sauce you like for an even more compelling experience. You will have chicken McNuggets in various sizes, like four bits, six articles, ten pieces, 20 pieces, and even 40 pieces. Take advantage of this irresistible treat – try them today. 

Best Kids Items At McDonald’s 

Happy Meal

Besides regular and healthy meals, McDonald’s also offers a kid’s menu. It’s one of the most successful menus in the history of McDonald’s. Kids menu is a popular choice for families who want a fun and playful time with their kids. Happy meal menus include burgers, chicken McNuggets, apple slices, and low-fat jug milk.

In this section, I will list some of the best happy meals on the McDonald’s kids menu that kids can’t get enough of. So, let’s discover kids’ items listed on McDonald’s menu. Also, check the latest McDonald’s kids menu to see what’s available now.

1. Hamburger Happy Meal

Price: $3.29 

What’s In It: This happy meal contains McDonald’s hamburger, kid-sized fries, an apple slice, and a low-fat milk jug.


Enjoy a hamburger happy meal menu that kids will love for sure. Wondering what comes with this happy meal? Well, this hamburger happy meal burger contains four items listed above. All these items are packed in a red box with McDonald’s logo. The best part is this happy hamburger meal contains only 475 calories, so it’s always best for the kid’s health. 

2. 4 Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal

Price: $3.29 

What’s In It: This happy meal includes four pieces of chicken McNuggets, kid-sized fries, an apple slice, and a low-fat milk jug. 


Grab a McDonald’s four chicken McNuggets happy meal. There are four tender Chicken McNuggets made with white meat, kid-sized fries, and a side of apple slices. The meal is paired with a low-fat milk jug. Plus, a fun toy completes every McDonald’s kid’s meal. There are 395 calories in a 4-piece chicken McNuggets happy meal. 

Best Sauces At McDonald’s 


McDonald’s sauces are known for their unique taste and versatility. Whether you’re eating a burger, nuggets, or fries, dip in one of these sauces can take your dining experience to the next level. Each of these sauces has its distinct flavor and can be used in different ways to enhance the taste of your meals.

You will wonder why McDonald’s has more than ten sauces to try from. So, if you want to grab one or two for your meals or grab the most versatile one, I have made the best McDonald’s sauce list for you. 

If you love keeping sauces at home and store for cooking use, you can try some of the sauces recipes. We have covered some sauce recipes, such as McDonald’s tartar sauce, McDonald’s breakfast sauce, and McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce, that you can make at home. 

Let’s look at some of the best sauces at McDonald’s. Keep reading. 

1. Ketchup Packet

Price: $0 to $0.5

Ingredients:  Tomato concentrate from ripe red tomatoes, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, salt, and natural flavors.


Get a ketchup packet with your fries, burgers, wraps, and meals. It enhances the taste and the flavor of any menu item you choose, from burgers and wraps. To add a zesty and sweet taste to your burgers, ketchup plays more significant role. In every sachet, there are ten calories. You can’t go wrong with ketchup to pair or dip your food.

2. Mustard Packet

Price: $0 to $0.5

Ingredients:  Distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, and spice extractive.


Enjoy a mustard sauce with McDonald’s burgers. It adds salt and spiciness to your food items. Moreover, the creamy texture of this sauce also makes it pleasurable to eat with burgers and wraps. One small sachet of a mustard packet contains five calories.

3. Mayonnaise Packet 

Price: $0 to $0.5

Ingredients: Oil, water, liquid egg yolk, vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard seeds, mustard bran, xanthan gum, and egg.


McDonald’s mayonnaise packet is a creamy and tangy addition to your burgers and sandwiches. It’s made with a blend of simple ingredients such as oil, vinegar, and egg yolks. The texture is just super unique and gives an excellent taste to burgers. If you are a big burger lover, try adding mayonnaise to enhance the flavors of your burger. One small sachet of mayonnaise contains 90 calories. 


In this article, I have covered all the best items you can buy at McDonald’s. From burgers and sandwiches to breakfast items, beverages, desserts, milkshakes, McCafe items, salads, wraps, side items, kids’ items, and sauces – every best thing listed under these titles. 

These items are handpicked and chosen based on top-ranked items on the McDonald’s menu. So, you know exactly what to try from McDonald’s next time you visit there. If you are eating at McDonald’s for the first time or want our recommendations – this list will fulfill all your needs. So, try all the best menu items at McDonald’s. I am sure you will love this curation.

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