The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

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What’s one thing in your kitchen that you use quite frequently but have never quite paid attention to it? Let me save your time and tell you that it is probably your kitchen faucet. We use the faucet so much on a daily basis yet take its functionality for granted. There are a lot of brands that are making innovative kitchen faucets that’ll aid you in your daily cooking and washing ventures and I just happen to have a list of some of the best kitchen faucet brands with me right here. 

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Well, you might be thinking that why would you need a new and improved kitchen faucet when the old one works just fine. Let me tell you that some of these faucets do a lot more than just spray water. Some have different modes, some are flexible, and some are high on the technology radar. This little change that you make will change your entire perception of how a regular kitchen should be.

Moreover, a faucet should be leak-proof but also sleek and stylish. I mean, it doesn’t look bad to have efficient hardware that’s also beautiful. These brands serve that well. You get a tough piece for your kitchen that’ll go great with your wooden interiors. 

In this list, I’ll tell you about some of the best kitchen faucet brands. That’ll help you better choose a faucet that is best suited for your needs. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the list of best kitchen faucet brands.

1. American Standard

American Standard Faucet

If you are looking for a brand that can serve you with smart, efficient yer stylish faucets, American standard is your brand. They have a wide variety of kitchen faucets with single-handle, two-handle, and touchless faucets, including the ones with pull-out and pull-down functions. Their designs are sleek, and many of them are scratch-resistant, so you know their shine will last. There are also wall-mounted and deck-mounted options. Another convenience that the brand offers you is filtered water faucets and measure-fill faucets. 

If you like your faucets a bit technologically advanced, American standard offers faucets with motion-sense. You can turn your faucet on and off with just a wave. You can get their faucets from either their official site and stores or from Amazon.

2. Delta

Delta Faucet

Delta has it all; sleek designs, groundbreaking technology, standard quality, and a good reputation as a brand. But there’s one more thing that makes Delta a great choice for your kitchen faucet brand. It’s their initiative for water conservations that is even reflected in their designs and manufacturing of products. 

On the technological front, Delta is winning too. They offer touch and even voice-activated faucets. Want to get out tough stains with a high-pressure stream of water? Delta has your covered with their ShiedSpray technology. They also make sure that their sprays retract completely when they are not in use. What else can you ask for, really?

3. Danze

Danze Faucet

If your top priority is reliable and durable quality products, then Danze is your brand. They make high-quality brass-constructed faucets that are designed in a way that they don’t drip. They are installed with high-quality ceramic discs to achieve the dip-free part. They don’t compromise on style either, and you can choose from a variety of styles from their single handle and side spray faucets. 

4. Forious

Forious Kitchen Faucet

Want the style, quality, and convenience but friendly to your budget. Here’s Forious for you. This brand makes amazing faucets with lead-free materials to make corrosion and also rust-free faucets. They also manufacture faucets with stream and spray technology for user convenience. You can find their faucets in supermarkets, wholesale shops, retail shops, and online as well.

5. Grohe

Grohe Kitchen Faucet

This German brand is known for its superior quality products that are high in quality, style, and technology. They have faucet options with one-touch technology and even hands-free options for your ease. Some of their faucets have EcoJoy technology that helps save water. You can also switch to full flow whenever you want. Their Blue single-handle faucet gives you a variety of water, unfiltered, chilled, filtered, sparkling, and medium-sparkling, all with a touch of a button. 

6. Hansgrohe

Hans Grohe Kitchen Faucet

Hansgrohe is another German company that uses its excellent cut edge German technology to manufacture great faucets that are both stylish as well as efficient. They use brass and stainless steel to make their faucets with on-and-off buttons that shift between the shower and normal spray modes. They also score on their sleek designs. 

7. Kohler

Kohler Kitchen Faucet

This brand doesn’t even need an introduction as it is one of the oldest and most trusted brands for kitchen faucets. They have a wide range of quality products that have a price range that starts from budget-friendly and goes all the way up to high-end. They also have a lot of designs for spouts like swivel and high arc. The pull-out spouts have a magnetic technology that helps them retract completely and stick to the faucet. The faucets also have a stream to spray technology, helping you to get the needed water pressure. 

8. Kraus

Kraus Kitchen Faucet

This New-York based company offers high-quality, high-functionality faucets that are suited to be called economical. Their designs range from traditional to modern. Their faucets and plumbing fixture are made with high-grade materials. They have the on-and-off single handle functions as well water flow control in their faucets. 

9. Moen

Moen Kitchen Faucet

Moen has some of the best, and highest-rated kitchen faucets in the U.S. Their price range and design range are both great. The faucets have water flow control systems and also can be modulated with hands-free, voice, manual, and even app. Their newest technology even uses Alexa and Google Assistant to turn the water on and off and control the water stream and pressure. 

10. Pfister

Pfister kitchen Faucet

Last on the list is Pfister. This brand, like all others on the list, manufactures high-quality faucets that range from shopper-friendly to a little and a lot expensive. All of them come with special functions that complement your kitchen decor as well. Some of their faucets have touch activation as well as in-built systems for water filtration. 


So, these were the best kitchen faucet brands that you should consider before you decide to buy a faucet for your kitchen. If you want to know about best faucet for portable dishwasher. then do check out this blog. I hope this list helped you to make a better decision that suits your needs well. Happy Shopping!

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