6 Best Keto Meal Delivery Services In Canada 

Most of you will agree that maintaining a keto diet is quite impossible. The lack of options and flavors generally makes the keto diet a daunting task. Well, fear not! I am here to help you out! In this article, I have mentioned the best keto meal delivery services available in Canada. 

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Whether you are already on the keto diet or have just started to follow the journey, a good meal delivery service turns out to be the best help. Factor, LiveFit Food, Good Food, Hello Fresh, and Droppit are the best keto meal delivery services available in Canada. You can try what suits you the best. 

Keto diets include a low-carb diet to fill your body with fats and proteins instead of carbs. Cut most of the carbohydrates from your diet and get the best possible results. These delivery services will help you to track your diet and serve you fresh and budget-friendly meals. 

In this article, you will get the minimum prices charged by each delivery service with their specifications. So what are we waiting for? Choose the best option and relieve your burden! 

1. Factor 

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Let’s start the list with my favorite one, Factor. When it comes to providing healthy diets to customers, factor tops the list. This meal delivery service uses the best quality ingredients loaded with fat and protein content.

These meals are best for following the keto diet. Customers can choose from 10 keto-friendly entrees. Moreover, you can choose from different add-ons, including keto shakes, breakfasts, desserts, and many more.

The keto-friendly meals are flavorful and quite flexible. In addition to this, they hire a group of dietitians to help the culinary team. They take care of the nutritional profile of the meal as well as design the meal. 

Price Range: $10.99–$13.49

2. Good Food

Another leading meal delivery service available in Canada is Good Food. They offer meals for every food connoisseur and offer a huge variety of meals. From classic vegetarian meals to keto-friendly meals, you can get whatever you want. 

They serve their customers with a wide range of meal choices. You must try your hand at the Clean 15 meal plan if you are following a keto diet. Not only this, but you can get a perfectly balanced meal, including ready-to-cook meals and also low-carb meals. 

They offer portioned ingredients for the recipes with simple and easy recipe cards. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps, and hola! You are done!

With mouthwatering and delicious flavors, the meal can be prepared in just a few minutes. Moreover, for Canadians, there are no delivery charges. Do you know the best part? They also offer you smoothies and breakfast menus. Enjoy! 

Price Range: $ 11.38 per serving

3. Live Fit Food


If you want to incorporate chef-cooked meals into your diet, then live fit must be your choice. This is a complete keto delivery service available in Canada. You just have to microwave the meal, and in just 5 minutes, you get the best dish served on the table. 

This service is special as you can get a different variety of meals. With a variety of options, this service is quite popular among the folks. You can get delicious gluten-free meals, vegetarian meals, vegan meals, whatever you want. 

The breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes are extremely healthy, and they also offer keto pecan puffs. Other than this, you can also buy veggies, fruits, and other pantry items. Particularly for the keto followers, they offer you meals that surely suit your lifestyle as well as preferences. 

You can get various options on their menu, including Bangers and Mash and Asiago spinach chicken. You don’t have to be limited to a few options. They offer keto recipes, including snacks and soups. 

Not only this, but if you have cravings for sugar, they also serve keto-friendly desserts. You can also try your hands on grocery items, including baked goods, pantry staples, beverages, and sauces. They believe in zero food waste.

Price Range: $8.99 – &13.99

4. Droppit

Well, for the ones who want to follow the strict keto diet, then this one can be the best option you ask for! I am telling you this because this delivery service does proper research and plans your diet menu as per that. 

They include a low-calorie meal in your diet, and thus, it will help you to lose weight. Full of flavors and taste, you can get the already prepared recipes that too on every week. 

This meal delivery service ensures that you get the best-flavored food and lose weight without compromising anything. You can surely say that this service is the diet coach that delivers the best possible keto meal for you. 

Price Range: $11.90 per serving 

5. Hello Fresh 

hello fresh

Let’s know about another meal delivery service that includes keto meals. They provide you with the best fresh, locally available ingredients. With these ingredients, you can prepare healthy and tasty dishes. Although they do not serve you with the distinct keto plan, it opens up the options to choose and swap various ingredients. You can get meals all across Canada from this delivery service. Not only this, they provide their customers with sustainable packaging. The best part of this service is that you can get a variety of options, even for your kids. 

Price Range: $8 – $12

6. Power Kitchen

Your search for affordable meal plans ends here. You get the most convenient meals when you order from the power kitchen. Keto meals are also made available from this meal delivery service. Their chefs just made the best-balanced meals and ready meals.

Loaded with fresh ingredients, an abundance of taste makes this an obvious choice for customers. When it comes to taste, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. You get a restaurant-like meal at your home. 

You are free to customize your meals and surely can add ons. Feel free to add protein as well as your favorite veggies. Not only this, you get a card which expresses the nutrition of the meal. 

So you can easily track your calorie intake. Another best option for this service is the heat-sealed packaging they offer. You can get fresh food every day. 

Price Range: $8.45 per meal 


Let’s wrap up the article. You get the fresh ingredients and meals served at your door. Some of these delivery services include chef cooking, whereas some of them hire dietitians to follow the track. Choose the one that suits your taste and pocket. See you next time, till then, take care! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best meal delivery services in Canada? 

Factor, LiveFit Food, Good Food, Hello Fresh, and Droppit are the best keto meal delivery services available in Canada. You can try what suits you the best. 

Are the keto meal delivery services pocket friendly? 

The prices of meal delivery services vary from place to place. The price of a meal also depends on the meal you are asking for! 

Which keto meal kit delivery service should you choose? 

Well, if you are in a hurry, then you can try Droppit. Otherwise, if you want to include some culinary skills, then you can go for Hello Fresh or good food. 

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