67 Best Gin Cocktail Recipes For Your Next Dinner Party

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As the Weekend is approaching, we are looking forward to a fun and adventurous dinner party night with some great drinks and food. Talking about drinks, I love cocktails specially made with Gin. If you want to know some of the best Gin cocktails recipes for the next dinner party, then stick with me till the end. 

Some of the best gin cocktail recipes include Blackberry Gin Shooters, Roku Sonic, Gin Fizz, Gin and Bitters Cocktail, Aviation Cocktail, Pom Sunday. Gimlet Cocktail, Thyme Apple Gin And Tonic, Gin Rickey, Vesper Martini, and Tom Collins are some other drinks on the list as well.  

Making these cocktails are super-easy and fun. You simply have to mix and match ingredients as per your taste preference, and voila – your cocktail is ready. You can customize every recipe and create something new. 

Now if you are someone like me who is too lazy, then I have curated a detailed list of the best gin cocktail recipes. These recipes are very easy to make and for sure perfect for parties and get together. So let’s slip into this conversation and try making perfect cocktails. 

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67 Most Popular Gin Drinks

When it comes to gin, the flavor must be sharp and piney. Now if you combine gin with other ingredients you can create a great cocktail. Let us see what are the best gin cocktail recipes that you can try.

1. Blackberry Gin Shooters

Blackberry Gin Shooters

Blackberry Gin Shooters are perfect for summer drinks. Now as it is shot, you might not get along with this idea. However, trust me when I say that gin combined with blackberry and lemon juice taste very delicious. You should definitely try these gin shots. 

The flavor of this cocktail will be very fruity and obviously tropical because of blackberry and lemon juice. Simply muddle some blackberries. On the other hand, combine gin with simple syrup and lemon juice. Make sure to shake it properly, and then add the muddled blackberries. This recipe calls for crushed ice, and trust me; it is a heavenly combination. 

2. Roku Sonic

Enjoy Roku Sonic if you are looking for something lighter than a gin and tonic mixture. A perfect blend of soda water and tonic makes this drink evident floral notes. Many say that Roku Sonic is the healthier version of gin and tonic. So you have a good substitute for the same. I love this cocktail for many reasons, and you must try this amazing drink with your meal. 

Combine Roku gin with an equal amount of soda and tonic water for this amazing light cocktail drink. You can top it with a lemon wedge to make this drink presentable. Make sure to stir everything well. You can adjust the quantity of each ingredient as per your desire. The purpose of this cocktail is to enjoy light-hearted gin drinks. 

3. Gin Fizz

gin fizz

The moment someone says fizz, most of us remember that gassy sound from the commercial. This protein-packed and bubbly drink is a must-try. I said protein packed because this drink has something different and special – egg white. This makes the drink more flavorful. The creamy egg white makes you feel subtle floral notes and a softer texture. 

Don’t worry; making this cocktail is easy and swift. Simply combine gin and lemon juice. Add some simple syrup and egg white. Make sure to add this in a shaker so that you can mix everything well and get a frothy drink. Add some ice and shake the drink. Serve in a glass, and add some soda water to finish. 

4. Gin and Bitters Cocktail

Bitters make an alcoholic drink much more dense and flavorful with its floral and spicy notes. This gin and bitters cocktail is a perfect match for someone like me who enjoys trying out new cocktail flavors. Gin and bitters cocktail is quite simple yet has that exoticness. 

The Best thing about this cocktail is that there is a wide range of butter you can go for. Every type of bitter that can be added to cocktails has a different and delicious flavor. So, simply try a new flavor of bitters, and you have a new gin cocktail every time. 

My favorite one is lemon butter. Simply combine some dry gin with lemon butter and pour it into a glass. Don’t forget to add ice to the glass before adding the mixture. Squeeze some lemon, and you are done. Enjoy sour and citrusy gin cocktails that kill off the heat and dullness. 

5. Aviation Cocktail


With the Aviation cocktail, you can feel the lavender haze creeping up on you, and you might want to stay in that. Having said that, this cocktail is perfect for those occasions that are filled with sophistication and class. The purple hue of the drink will take your heart at a glance. Perfectly gorgeous to pair with delicious meals. 

Like other gin cocktails, it has floral notes that will amuse you. Its sweet scent will make you feel lighter, and the crisp texture is delightful. You will need gin, lemon juice, maraschino, cherry liqueur, and creme de Violette for this recipe. Add all these ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake it well and serve it in a martini glass. You can top the drink with maraschino cherries and enjoy. 

6. Pom Sunday

If you love pomegranates, then you have to try this amazing Pom Sunday cocktail. This bloody red drink is enough to make your soul happy with fruity notes. Full of flavors and refreshing elements, this cocktail is perfect every day of the week. 

The recipe will require some gin, simple syrup, and pomegranate juice. You must serve this with equal proportions of sparkling wine and soda water. The addition of wine will add floral notes and add more density. Make sure to add fresh pomegranate juice to enjoy most of the flavors.

7. Gimlet cocktail


The gimlet cocktail sounds so magical like it has come straight from the Harry Potter series. The real story is also more or less like some magic. It is believed that a gimlet was discovered back in the 18th century for sailors to stop them from getting scurvy. It was a magical potion for them. 

To make this refreshing drink, combine gin, lime juice, and simple syrup with some ice. Shake vigorously, and you are done. Garnish this beautiful and chilling drink with a lemon wedge. 

8. The GBC (Gin, Basil, Cucumber)

A perfect way to cool off the heat is to make some GBC. This drink has full flavors and refreshing factors. The addition of basil and cucumber will make sure that you enjoy the crispness of the drink. If you want a cooling drink to enjoy, this is your perfect cocktail. 

Start with rolling and chopping the basil. Use fresh ones to get the perfect punch of freshness and flavors. You can use some sugar or even simple syrup – I prefer the latter. Take a few slices of cucumber and chopped basil. You need to muddle the ingredients nicely to get the perfectly flavored cocktail. Add some lemon juice. Now comes the best part – crushed ice. I love to add a lot of ice. Pour some tonic water and have your GBC ready within a few minutes. 

9. Con Aranica Gin Tonic

Con Aranica Gin Tonic

Planning a date night or a small get-together, or want to relax all by yourself? Go for a Con Aranica Gin Tonic glass, and you will thank me later. Get some Malfoy Con Arnica, a fever tree Mediterranean tonic, and an orange wheel to garnish. 

The deep ruby red color of this cocktail will grab all the attention, and its citrusy flavor will make everyone’s gloomy day better. Adding an orange wheel will fill the air with a fruity aroma that nobody can resist. Make sure to try this at least once, and you will ask for more. 

10. Bloody Jasmine

If you have not tried bloody Jasmine, you are missing so much in life. This beautiful red-colored drink is everything to take your weekly blues away. This recipe requires Bloody Shiraz gin along with some Campari. You may also require some orange liquor for the fruity and tropical flavors. And also don’t forget about orange bitters. 

Place all the ingredients in the shaker. Add some lemon juice as well and shake after adding lots of ice. When you think you have shaken the ingredients enough, serve it in a cocktail glass. That is all. Your bloody Jasmine is ready to enjoy. Garnish with a lemon peel on the rim of the glass. The intense red color of this drink is very tempting, and I really enjoyed every sip. 

11. Tom Collins

Tom Collins

Tom Collins is believed to be named after a joke made by a group of friends. Anyway, the great thing about this drink is that it has been people’s favorite for a very long time. The sharp taste of this cocktail is enough to clear off all the tiredness, and do not forget that the tanginess of the drink is very likable. 

To make this drink, assemble some great quality gin and combine it with some lemon juice to add sourness, simple syrup for the sweetness, and club soda for the fizziness. The next step is to shake the ingredients really well. I love this part as it is fun and exciting. Serve the drink on the rocks and top it off with a lemon wedge. 

12. Thyme Apple Gin And Tonic

Before I tell you about this special gin cocktail, tell me a short story about apples and juice. I loved drinking juice made with apples, whether it was fresh or packed one, when I was little. It felt like drinking some classy alcohol which I was not allowed to have as I was too small. My likeness for thyme apple gin and tonic grew from that childhood experience. I must say that this cocktail tastes so much better than other gin cocktails I have ever tried. It hits exactly the right place. 

This drink is very refreshing and chilling. The fruit and tropical flavors are perfect enough to tease your tastebuds and satisfy your cravings. Let me tell you a secret – eliminate the gin, and you can serve this to your kids too. Anyway, the original recipe requires some thyme, apple juice, gin, and tonic water. You can garnish the cocktail with some apple slices or thyme sprigs. 

13. Gin Rickey 

Gin Rickey 

Get little Mickey with some gin rickey. I am sorry the line did not make any sense but trust me, this drink will blow your mind off. This is one of the original gin cocktail recipes that is a must-try for everyone. The interesting thing about this cocktail is that it was named after Joe Rickey, who liked to drink his bourbon with carbonated water, and one day he asked the bartender to add some lemon. The word spread and this cocktail was soon everyone’s new favorite.

Now this cocktail recipe calls for gin as a substitute for bourbon simply because of the capability of gin to combine with lemon. Very simple to make, gin Rickey is perfect if you do not want an extra sugary cocktail. You would require some good gin that will be mixed with lime juice and club soda. Make sure to add ice and finish the recipe with garnishing with some more lemons. 

14. Vesper Martini

Also called Bond Martini, this cocktail combines two of my favorite alcohols – gin and vodka. Now you can think how great the combination is, and I am sure it will show you places while you sit and sip the drink in a corner. The drink has the perfect fruity and piney flavor that no one can resist. 

Start with combining some Gin of your choice and vodka in a shaker. Pour some white vermouth too. You need to add some ice as well and shake it vigorously. Strain the liquid into a martini glass. Now garnish the drink with some lemon zest to add a little twist to the flavor, and enjoy. m

15. Lavender Bee’s Knees Cocktail

Lavender Bee's Knees Cocktail

As Taylor Swift’s biggest fan, this cocktail attracted me, and I ended up actually loving this version of gin. The lavender and lemon combination is magical. This cocktail’s light and herbal flavors are enough to lighten your mood. This cocktail is a perfect love potion that one can’t get over sooner. 

You can either make some lavender syrup or get it from the store if available. If making it at home, simply boil some water and stir some honey for the sweetness. Add some lavender and let the flavors sink in. Strain the liquid, and it’s ready. Use this lavender syrup to mix with gin and lemon juice. Use a shaker with some ice and mix everything well. Serve the drink after topping it with some more lavender, and enjoy. 

16. Ki No Bi Ginger

Ki No Bi is an amazingly flavored Japanese gin, and the Ki No Bi ginger is a heartfelt cocktail recipe. I won’t speak much about this drink because once you taste it, you will definitely love it. The fresh aroma of the Ki No Bi gin is mystical and reminds me of the mist in the bamboo forest. 

The star ingredient for me in this cocktail is Ki No Bi but Mirin. Start with combining the gin with some ginger ale. Add some crushed ice and orange peel. Combine everything well. Now add the mirin in a circular motion. No need to stir and your flavorful Ki No Bi Ginger cocktail is ready to enjoy. 

17. Marmalade Daiquiri


If you want to thank someone for introducing Marmalade Daiquiri to the world, then it is obviously Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. These two writers are the reason behind this cocktail getting popularized. This cocktail has the citrusy flavor of the orange marmalade. This is one of those cocktails that perfectly fits Christmas vibes. 

Take some gin and orange marmalade in a shaker. Add some lime juice, followed by agave syrup. Shake it well and serve in a glass after straining the liquid. Take a lemon wheel to garnish and call it a day with this cocktail. 

18. Watermelon Gin Punch

Watermelon sugar is high; as Harry Styles said, this cocktail is super delicious. Watermelon gin punch is everything you need to fight the gloomy days. This perfectly sweet cocktail has a tangy twist with minty fun. You can make a batch and store it in the refrigerator to enjoy it later. Use some fresh watermelon for the recipe, and when it comes to gin, go for the one with less bitter notes. 

Blend some fresh watermelon, or you can even use packed watermelon juice. Start with muddling the mint leaves in a pitcher. Once done, add the watermelon juice, lemon juice, gin, and simple syrup. I usually like less sugary drinks, so I skip the simple syrup. Stir everything well and serve it with some ice and club soda in a glass. Enjoy after adding some more mint leaves and have a sip. 

19. Herbal Gin and Tonic With Tarragon


Want to enjoy some herbal and floral gin cocktails? Try an herbal gin and tonic with Tarragon. This little twist with your regular gin and tonic will surely take away your heart in the first step. With the addition of Tarragon, you add an herbal touch to the amazing cocktail. Another great twist in this cocktail is using lavender bitters for the flavors; you won’t be disappointed. 

Start with filling the glass with ice, add some lemon juice, and throw the wedge. Pour the tarragon simple syrup ( made with boiling water with some sugar and Tarragon) along with the gin of your choice. Once you stir everything, add tonic and top it with seltzer. Now it is time to pour in the lavender bitters to add the fruity flavors to the cocktail. Add a sprig of Tarragon (optional) and enjoy. 

20. Clover Club

If I have to make a list of the best gin cocktails, Clover Club is a must. Did you know that Clover Club was preferred by pre-prohibition gentlemen that emerged from the name of a men’s club – Clover Club? This cocktail is smooth and delicious, without any doubt. The fruity notes are simply lovely and ease your heavy mood. 

Take some ounces of gin and squeeze a good amount of lemon. You must also add the raspberry syrup to make this cocktail flavorful to the next level. The addition of egg white will do wonders for the drink, so make sure to pour that too. Add some ice and shake it (off) like Taytay. Strain the liquid and transfer it to the cocktail glass. Garnish with raspberries, and have a good drink. 

21. Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Gin & Tonics

Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Gin & Tonics

This may sound funny, but I feel a little fancy whenever I make some blackberry and Meyer lemon gin and tonics. The color of this cocktail is so beautiful and elegant. This recipe calls for lots of blackberries. Along with blackberries, get some mint leaves as well. This will add a refreshing element to your drink. The best thing about this cocktail is its fruity twist to your regular gin and tonic drink. 

Start with muddling blackberries and mints so that all the juice comes out. Pour some lemon water, followed by simple syrup. Add gin and lots of ice. Shake everything very well. Don’t forget to add more ice while transferring the drink to the glass. Top off your drink with some tonic water, and you are done. 

22. Jamunntini

Jamun, or black plum, is a famous fruit in India. The same is used to make this very special and unique gin cocktail – Jamunntini. It simply means jamun + gin cocktail. I am sure you will love this plum punch in your drink. This purple-colored drink is for sure a show-stopper. You will love the combination of sweet and sour flavors that is very refreshing. 

Run the rim in lemon juice to decorate the martini glass, followed by a mixture of salt and red chili pepper. Take a cocktail shaker and add the jamuns/black plum. Muddle them very well. Add ice and gin, followed by lemon juice and sugar syrup. Enjoy this amazing beautiful colored cocktail. 

23. Fresh Martini

Fresh Martini

I don’t have much to say about fresh martini because it is super simple yet elegant. Simply take your martini glass and pour some gin. Add a Lillet blanc and two dashes of orange bitters. You are one with your drink. Very flavorful and rich in taste. You can enjoy this drink at lunch or even dinner.

24. French 75

The most underrated combination in the world of cocktails is – gin and champagne. You may think this drink is great for dinner, but let me tell you this: it is also a great brunch drink. The flavors of the drink are too great and lovely. One interesting fact about French 75 is that the earlier version did not have gin, but the recipe has evolved. 

Simply take some gin and combine it with freshly squeezed juice. Add some simple syrup and obviously pour champagne generously. Garnish with a lemon twist and enjoy this amazing and fun cocktail. 

25. Strawberry Basil Cocktail With Gin

Strawberry Basil Cocktail With Gin

With strawberry and basil, you can create a commendable gin cocktail. The fruity and tropical flavors of strawberry combined with sweet and pungent basils make a perfect pair. This refreshing and herbal-flavored drink will kill all the heat and gloominess. Cut some fresh strawberries and drop them in the cocktail to add more punch of flavors. 

Take a shaker and throw some strawberries, basil, and lemon juice. Muddle all the ingredients so that juices come out. Pour in some gin along with liquor. Shake vigorously. Add lots of ice and pour the liquid. Pour some tonic water, and don’t forget to add the chopped pieces of strawberries. Perfect to lure the guests and make them dance on the tip of their feet. 

26. Gin and Ginger Ale

Gin and ginger ale are one of the most underrated cocktails. This easy yet flavorful cocktail is very sweet and gingery that no one can resist. A perfect drink for Christmas- like occasions. And the recipe is super easy. You only need ice, ginger ale, gin, and lime. Combine everything together and stir really well. Make sure to measure everything and do the mixology appropriately. 

27. The Last Word

The Last Word

One of the most rebellious drinks of all time – The Last Word, is simply fantastic. It is also known as a classic Prohibition-era drink. If we talk about the ingredients of the drink, it has gin, green Chartreuse, Luxardo, and fresh lime juice. A modern twist with an old-school drink. This is a very classy drink to enjoy with your friends and family. The flavors are very complex with a herbal touch. Does not have that much sweetness, but if you want to enjoy a strong and acidic drink. 

28. Gin sling

Any drink with some sugar, spices, and water is called a sling. Gin sling is a spicy yet sweet version of a gin cocktail. It is super delicious and has a pleasant feel and texture. You can try different variations too in the drink. Add some fruity punch with pine soda, and you will ask for more. 

Mix some gin with lemon juice, followed by sugar syrup. Add Angostura bitters along with either tonic water or pine soda. Don’t forget to add ice, and you will enjoy the chilliness. Top the drink with a rosemary sprig and a lemon wedge. Your tropical, sweet, spicy, herbal gin cocktail is ready to be served. 

29. Blueberry-Thyme Gin Smash

Blueberry-Thyme Gin Smash

If you are looking for some complex flavors, then you must try blueberry thyme gin smash. The combination of blueberry and thyme gives a very tropical and herbal touch. The crispness of the drink will perfectly match your cravings for exotic cocktails. For this recipe, use blueberry-thyme syrup. If you can get it in-store, then it’s amazing, or else you can also make this at home. 

Start with mixing gin and syrup. Pour some elderflower liqueur and add club soda. Add some ice and stir the liquid really well. You can garnish the drink with lemon, fresh berries, and a sprig of thyme or mint. You can line the berries with a toothpick, making the drink more fancy and delightful. 

30. Cucumber & Mint Cooler

This cucumber and mint cooler is a perfect drink for summer. With the refreshing elements of cucumber and mint, you will enjoy the amazing twist in your regular gin. To make this delicious cooler, you just need gin, cucumber slices, lime wedges, tonic water, mint leaves, and sugar. You can use some mint leaves and lemon wedge to garnish the drink. You can even add cucumber slices to the drink, making it more flavorful and refreshing. I love having this now and then because it is too simple yet dense in flavors. 

31. Cucumber Gin Spritz

Cucumber Gin Spritz

Another great gin cocktail made with cucumber is – cucumber gin spritz. This is a little different because, with gin, we will combine some sparkling wine as well. Suppose you want to enjoy a light yet very refreshing drink. It has perfect sweetness with a punch of lemon zest. You will definitely enjoy the crispiness and the crunchiness of cucumbers. 

Make this amazing cocktail by combining gin, simple syrup, and lime juice. Transfer everything to a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Serve this drink by adding a dash of soda water to get the fizz. Cut some cucumber slices and garnish the drink. You can even add some lemon wedge for garnishing, and that’s it. 

32. Pineapple Passionfruit Tom Collins

If you want to try something different with Tom Collins, go for pineapple and passion fruit. This fruity version of Tom Collins is perfect for enjoying with friends at brunch or dinner. Trust me; this drink looks so beautiful and aesthetic that you might want to show it on social media. 

You would need some pineapple juice along with passion fruit nectar. Combine these two ingredients along with some lemon juice. Shake the ingredients really well after adding lots of ice. Transfer in a glass, add soda water, and then pour gin per the measurement. Use some lemon wedges to garnish, and your fruity Tom Collins cocktail is ready. 

33. Grapefruit, Rosemary & Gin Cocktail

Grapefruit, Rosemary & Gin Cocktail

I love grapefruit more than any fruit, and the moment I tried this version of gin, I was flying high. Grapefruit, rosemary, and gin cocktails hold a special place in my heart. The herbiness from rosemary soothes your soul. And the fruity and tropical flavors from the grapefruit are the best thing about this cocktail. Even though this recipe has so many flavors, it has a very simple cocktail you can make without effort. 

To make this amazing fruity cocktail, start with making some rosemary syrup and combine it with gin and pink grapefruit juice. Make sure to add ice in a shaker and then combine the liquids. After you shake the ingredients well, transfer them to a glass. You can use a rosemary sprig to garnish the cocktail. Enjoy the subtle pinkish-colored cocktail, which is sweet, tart, bitter, and sour- all at once. 

34. Salty Dog

With the goodness of grapefruit, the salty dog is one of my favorite gin cocktails. The combination of gin and grapefruit makes a great martini. People always prefer salty dogs on the rocks. Perfect to beat the heat and enjoy the tropical twist. 

Making this gin cocktail is super easy. All you need is some gin, grapefruit juice, and grapefruit slides. Combine gin and grapefruit juice in a glass filled with ice. Store it really well. Add some grapefruit slices for extra punch. You can use it for garnishing as well. That is all. Run the rim of the glass with some lemon and salt to make it a little fancier. 

35. Negroni


Those who love gin and cocktails might wonder why I took so long to mention Negroni. Apologies for that, because I know this is a likable cocktail version made with gin. This is another easy-to-make cocktail you can enjoy with friends and family. It has sweet and fruity notes and also has a herbal touch. In general, this cocktail is bitter, but with the addition of sweet vermouth, you can balance the flavors. 

To make this cocktail, combine gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth in a mixing glass and stir well. Pout the liquid in a serving glass over ice. Take an orange peel and use it as a garnishing element. 

36. Pink gin 75

If you want to enjoy the fruity and sweet flavors of raspberries and strawberries, try pink gin 75. You get to enjoy the tropical flavors with a tangy punch. The color of this cocktail is pretty cute and pleasing to the eyes. Perfect for a social gathering and get-together. The combination of sweet and tangy berries with gin makes a perfect drink to enjoy. The special guest in this cocktail is champagne.

Combine gin, raspberries, grapefruit juice, and sugar syrup in a shaker. Don’t forget to add ice to the shaker. Shake vigorously. Transfer the mixture into a glass. Top the cocktail with champagne. Finally, add some raspberries and enjoy. 

37. Elderflower Smash 

Elderflower Smash 

Many, like me, love the herbal flavors in their drinks and cocktails. Elderflower smash is a treat for such people. The ingredients are super simple, but when combined, you get a refreshing cocktail. The addition of elderflower liqueur brings out the sweet and floral notes. Gin, mint, and bitters elevate the flavors and add a gentle crispness to the drink. 

Making this cocktail is like playing a game. Simply muddle some mint leaves in a shaker. Let all the minty juice come out, and then add gin, elderflower liqueur, bitters, and lemon juice. Add some ice to the shaker and once you mix everything well, transfer it to a cocktail glass and garnish it with lemon wedges. I prefer to add more ice and top the drink with more mint leaves for extra cooling and refreshment. 

38. Hanky Panky

As the name is very funky and quirky in itself, hanky panky is one of the best sweet gin cocktails to enjoy. With time the recipe of the hanky panky has evolved. People prefer adding orange juice as well to get that fruity note. However, I prefer orange for garnishing as it makes it more fancy and has the right flavors. 

All you need is some sweet vermouth and Frenta Branca that will be stirred with gin. Make sure to add ice and strain the liquid in a martini glass once you mix everything well. Now as mentioned above, you can add orange juice as well, but I use an orange twist to garnish. That is all; your cold-weather cocktail is ready to enjoy. 

39. Gooseberry Gin

Gooseberry Gin

If you really want to enjoy a different and flavorful cocktail, then you must try gooseberry gin. This is not a 5-minute cocktail recipe. This cocktail requires a lot of time and patience. The flavors come out when gooseberries are stepped for at least some weeks. 

Trust me when I say this, the longer you steep the gooseberry, the better the cocktail will taste. Just check on the mixture daily and stir so the sugar dissolves. Just get some fresh gooseberries from the market and place them in a jar after parting them into two pieces. Add gin and sugar to the same jar. Stir everything well and place the jar in a cool and dry place. 

Every day stirs the mixture so that the sugar dissolves. After some time, you can see that the gooseberries have become white, and the liquid is turning pink. You can steep the gooseberries for 2 to 3 weeks. It really depends on your personal choice. Once done, strain and serve with lots of ice. 

40. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

Who said that tea cannot be fun and full of alcoholic flavors? Try the earl grey tea cocktail, and you will definitely fall in love with this version of the gin cocktail. The perfect foam of the cocktail is too tempting. The best part is that you can enjoy this cocktail with your breakfast. Try using tea infused with gin for better flavors and an easier process. You can obviously use Earl Grey tea bags and combine them with gin. 

Start with brewing the Earl Grey tea bags. While the tea is brewing, make simple honey syrup by heating honey in water. Let the syrup cool down in the fridge. Now comes the best and last step of making the cocktail. Add gin, brewed tea, simple syrup, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Thrown in some ice and shake. You can use lavender sprigs for the floral touch. Strain the liquid in a cocktail glass and enjoy the morning brew. 

41. The Drunk Cucumber

The Drunk Cucumber

You can make so many gin cocktails with cucumber. The addition of cucumber elevates the flavor and makes the drink more refreshing and calming. A perfect cocktail to enjoy the summer. I prefer to have this cocktail during the day to relax my mind.

Cut some fresh cucumber slices and muddle them into a cocktail shaker. You will see the cucumber juice come out. Then add some lime juice and simple syrup. Muddle the cucumbers until they dissolve in the liquid. Add some ice and gin to the same shaker. Strain the cocktail into a cocktail glass and use a cucumber slice to garnish. 

42. Bramble

Bramble does not need any grand introduction. It is one of the most flavorful gin cocktails with lots of ice. The love of Bramble is never-ending. This cocktail perfectly balances sweet, tart, and refreshing flavors. The name Bramble was inspired by the fresh berries that Bradsell picked in his childhood. The beautiful hue of the cocktail is very likable and fancy. 

To make this recipe, you need some gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Place all the ingredients in a shaker and throw in some ice. Shake everything really well. Strain the liquid in a glass with some ice, and now comes the best part – the creme de mure. Pour some creme de mure on top of the drink. Use some lemon wheel and blackberry to garnish the cocktail, and enjoy.  

43. English garden cocktail

English garden cocktail

Like Taylor, I love London boys and drinks, so one of my favorite gin cocktails is an English garden cocktail. I really fancy this cocktail because it tastes good and is a beautiful drink.  

All you need is some elderflower, cucumber, and gin. If you are kike me and want little fruity flavors, then go for apple juice as well. The recipe also calls for some lemon juice for the sourness. Combine all these ingredients except cucumber in a shaker. Mix everything well by shaking the ingredients vigorously. 

44. Rose And Tarragon Gin Lemonade

The anise flavor of Tarragon combined with rose and gin combines well and gives a very tropical cocktail to enjoy. This drink is super easy to make and, for sure, a very elegant one that can be served at a party. 

Combine some gin, ice, and a sprig of Tarragon in a shaker. Stir and shake everything until you think it’s done. Transfer everything to a glass and pour some chilled sparkling rose lemonade. The best part is yet to come. Garnish the drink with some rose petals and another sprig of Tarragon.  

45. Green Goddess

Green Goddess

I want to rename this cocktail Greek goddess because the color is mesmerizing and Greeky. This cocktail has one of the most exotic fruit, kiwi, elderflower, and lime. If you want to enjoy a fizzy drink with some fruity and floral notes, try Green Goddess, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Peel some fresh kiwi and place it in a shaker. Try muddling the kiwi so that all the liquid comes out. Add some gin, followed by lime and simple syrup. You must shake the ingredients well and then transfer them into a glass. Top the drink with some sparkling water and enjoy all the fizz. Garnish with some kiwi or limes, and enjoy. 

46. Strawberry Gin Smash

Nothing can beat a drink with some strawberry punch. Try this yummy strawberry gin smash and feel the sweet rush in your body. Perfectly muddled strawberries with some lemon juice are perfect for killing the gloomy vibes. I love this cocktail so much that I make a batch and store it in the refrigerator for a few sips. 

Start by squeezing some lemon juice into a glass and adding a sugar tablespoon. In the same glass, add the strawberries. Muddle the strawberries until the sugar dissolves properly. Throw some ice and gin the glass. Add some club soda to fill the glass. Stor everything, and your strawberry gin smash is ready. 

47. Gin Basil Smash

Gin Basil Smash

Basil is one of the best herbs to be paired with gin cocktails. A perfect summer drink that can be enjoyed in the day or night. Super refreshing and calming, gin basil smash can be made within a few minutes. Make sure to use fresh basil, and you will love the flavors. 

All you have to do is muddle some basil leaves in a shaker. Keep some basil leaves to garnish the drink at the end. Pour gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup into the same shaker. Stir and shake the liquid really well. Take a cocktail glass and add ice. Pour the prepared liquid into the glass; you can even top it off with soda. Garnish with some basil leaves and lemon. 

48. Sloe Gin Fizz

The tiny sloe berries are of the same family as plums and cherries. These cute cherries, like fruits, are delicious but not suggested to eat in raw form. That is why we have this amazing sloe gin fizz to enjoy fruity alcohol with friends and family. The color of the cocktail is super hot and tempting. 

For this cocktail, get some sloe gin easily available in the market. This sloe-flavored gin is great, and other than this, you would need some lemon juice and simple syrup. Combine all the ingredients with ice in a shaker. Like all cocktails, shake them well. Fill the glass with ice and pour the cocktail. Add some club soda and garnish with some lemon wedges and cherry. 

49. Pink gin iced tea

pink gin iced tea

Who doesn’t like iced tea? Combine your iced tea with gin, and you will never return to your regular iced tea. The name says pin gin iced tea, but the color of this cocktail is super orangy. This recipe is special because of spice rum and pink grapefruit. 

Want to know how to make this recipe? Brew some tea; I prefer chameleon tea. Take a big jar and add pink gin, rum, elderflower cordial, and grapefruit juice with the brewed tea. Stir the ingredients well, and lastly, add some ice. To finish, add a sprig of thyme and enjoy the fruity and spicy pink gin iced tea. 

50. Watermelon And Lemonade Martini

With its light pink shade and fruity taste, the watermelon and lemonade martini is a perfect drink for a cruel summer. This very elegant and fancy drink is too good in terms of taste and flavor. The fruity flavors are enough to lift your mood, and you will never get over it. 

Combine gin with watermelon pucker, lemon sour mix, and sparkling lemon water. Throw some ice in the shaker and shake vigorously. Strain the liquid and transfer it to a glass. Add some crushed ice for the chilling fl; flavors. You can use some watermelon to garnish and enjoy your summer drink.

51. Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven

True to its name, seventh heaven will show you a glimpse of the good moments of your life. Seventh Heaven is perfect for a party night and is very fancy, easy to make, and vintage in flavors. Different versions of this drink can vary depending on the ratio of the ingredients. One hack to excel in this cocktail is to chill the glass beforehand and serve the drink in the same. 

Take some gin, grapefruit juice, and maraschino liqueur. Shake all the ingredients really well with some ice. Take the chilled glass and transfer the drink to the same. Garnish with some mint leaves, and you are done. 

52. The Best Gin Sour 

One of the most beautiful gin cocktails I have ever tasted, gin sour is a perfect drink to enjoy some fancy time. We all know whiskey is sour, but this cocktail is refreshing and floral. The foam in the drink is super delicious. You can use egg white, or if you want something vegan, go for some aquafaba. 

Combine gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white in a shaker. Shake them as much as you can to get the desired frothiness. Add some ice and repeat the shaking step. Transfer it to a cocktail glass. That is all. Garnish with a lemon twist, and enjoy your perfect cocktail. 

53. Blueberry Gin and Sage Punch

Blueberry Gin and Sage Punch

Nothing tastes better than blueberry and gin, and it gets much better with a blend of sage. This cocktail is full of flavors and aromas. This cocktail has everything you wish for and is still very light in weight. Make a pitcher and enjoy this light-hearted gin cocktail. 

Heat a pan and add frozen blueberries, lemon juice, water, and sugar to make this amazing cocktail. Let the sugar dissolve, and the mixture comes to a simmer. Muddle the berries while simmering and add some sage. Now it is better to let it cool overnight. Once the mixture is cool, strain the liquid and transfer it to a glass. Add gin and Prosecco. Stir everything well and garnish with sage leaves and lemon slices. 

54. Moscow Mule with Gin

This cocktail sounds interesting, and it is. If you have never heard of or tried this, do it today. It is a perfect drink for those who love Moscow mule and gin. True to its category, it is for sure a cocktail that has a bunch of flavors. For the best flavors, serve this cocktail in a copper glass, and you will be amazed at the results. 

Start with muddling mint by adding some lemon juice and simple syrup. Let all the flavors of mint come out and mix with lemon juice and simple syrup. Use copper mugs for this recipe. Fill the copper mug with ice and add gin after the muddled mint. Pour some ginger beer at the end, and you are done. 

55. Rhubarb fizz

Rhubarb fizz

The fizz of this cocktail is the center of attraction. White in color, a perfect cocktail with a gorgeous appearance. Try Rhubarb Fizz, and you will definitely fall in love with the cocktail. If you try this drink, serve it immediately to enjoy the perfect fizz. You can add some ginger beer or tonic to improvise the original recipe. 

Take some Rhubarb and lemon. Cut both of them in half to squeeze the juice out. Add some gin, sugar syrup, egg white, and fresh lemon juice in a shaker. Shake the mixture for 5 to 7 seconds very nicely. Don’t add ice at this stage. Now take a glass and lots of ice. Before serving the drink, add more ice to the shaker, and give another shake. Serve after starting the liquid, and as mentioned above, you can use tonic to top the drink. Garnish with rhubarb. Also, use rhubarb-flavored gin for the best flavors. 

56. Red Wine Gin Sour

Another perfectly balanced cocktail must try red wine gin sour. The combination of red wine and gin is so underrated. I hope people will appreciate this amazing and beautiful combination. 

State with combining some gin, elderflower liqueur, simple syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and egg white. Shake the ingredients for 15 to 20 seconds. Now add the ice to the same shaker and give it another shake. Transfer everything into another shaker and shake again without any ice. Lots of shaking will give you a perfect cocktail. Transfer to a tall glass and pour some wine and serve immediately. 

57. Rosemary and Gin Sparkling Lemonade

Rosemary and Gin Sparkling Lemonade

This perfect blend of flavors in a cocktail is super tempting and delicious. Rosemary has that herbal taste which, when combined with gin and lemon, the flavors elevate. You need to make some rosemary syrup for the recipe and combine it with other ingredients. 

Start with boiling some water and add sugar to the water. Along with sugar, add rosemary and let every boil and dissolve. This may take up to 40-45 minutes. Strain the syrup and keep it aside. Take a cocktail glass and fill it with ice. Pour some gin, lemon juice, and prepared syrup. Stir Everything really well. Top it off with tonic water and garnish with rosemary and lemon wedge. 

58. Greyhound Cocktail

A very simple, tropical, and fruity cocktail that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere – a greyhound cocktail. The addition of grapefruit gives the perfect fruity flavor and a very decent color to the drink. You can’t get enough of this drink and probably ask for one more glass. 

Take a rock glass and add lots of ice. Now add some gin, followed by grapefruit juice. Stir them well and garnish with a lemon wheel. That is it. Your delicious and fruity greyhound cocktail is ready. 

59. Ginger, Cardamom, And Rosemary Gin Cocktail

Ginger, Cardamom, And Rosemary Gin Cocktail

Ginger, cardamom, and rosemary gin cocktails are packed with many exotic flavors you can never resist. Serve this with some delicious dinner, and everybody at the table will appreciate the perfect punch of flavors in the drink. 

Make some ginger cardamom syrup. Start by heating some water and add some sugar. Thrown in cardamom pods and ginger in the water. Let the sugar dissolve completely. Once done, keep it aside and let it cool. Take a shaker and add some gin. Throw in some rosemary as well. Muddle the rosemary with gin, and once done, add the sweet vermouth, lemon juice, cardamom syrup, angostura bitters, and ice. Shake everything until you feel the coolness of the ice. Strain the liquid and serve with a sprig of rosemary. 

60. Apple Gin Mule

If you love the fruity flavors of apples, you must try this apple gin mule. Ready in 5 mins, this cocktail is served in a copper glass for the best cooling and refreshing sensation. Don’t worry if you don’t have a copper glass; you can also serve it in a regular cocktail glass. Also, we would require some apple cider to make this cocktail sour and flavorful with a hint of bitterness that every alcoholic cocktail must have. 

Start with adding apple cider and gin in a shaker. You will need to shake the ingredients. If you have a copper glass, then fill it with crushed ice. Pour the gin and apple cider mixture over the crushed ice. Top the drink with ginger beer, and use apple slices to garnish. 

61. Bee’s Knees cocktail

Bee's Knees cocktail

We discussed the lavender Bee’s Knees Cocktail for a few drinks above, but one should always remember the regular flavored one. If you want to avoid trying the lavender one, go for this Bee’s Knees cocktail. This cocktail is also from the prohibition era and includes some honey and lemon for the flavors. Bee’s knees are slang for something excellent, and without any doubt, this drink is amazingly delicious. 

You only need to combine gin, lemon juice, honey syrup, and ice in a shaker. Obviously, shake the ingredients so that they mix really well. Strain the liquid leaving behind any solid. For the lemon twist, take the outer layer of lemon, squeeze the lemon zest, and drop it in the drink. 

62. The French Tart Cocktail

Try the citrusy, tarty, and flavorful drink made with gin or vodka – The French tart cocktail. Super delicious with a floral note, this cocktail perfectly blends delicious flavors from rosemary, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit, and lemon. The highlight of the cocktail is the tart flavors, and if you want to enjoy something like this, you must try this cocktail. 

You must combine rosemary syrup, gin, elderflower liqueur, pink grapefruit juice, and lemon juice. Obviously, add some ice and stir the liquid for a few seconds. Strain the liquid in a glass. Add some ice and garnish with grapefruit or rosemary sprig. 

63. Strawberry Gin

Strawberry Gin

The beautiful light color of strawberry gin is perfect for displaying at a party or dinner night. Talking about the cocktail, the flavors are also very good. If it is strawberry season, it is a perfect drink, or you can always use some raspberries. The taste won’t differ much, and you get to enjoy your fruity cocktail. 

To make this amazing strawberry gin, combine strawberry, basil leaves, and sugar in a cocktail shaker. Using a muddler, mash everything together. Place some ice into the shaker. Add some gin and lemon juice and shake the ingredients. Transfer the ingredients to a cocktail glass and top it up with some club soda. 

64. Candied Grapefruit cocktail

We have made many cocktail recipes using grapefruit, and no one is still over it. The fruity punch in the cocktail cannot be resisted. The fresh juice of grapefruit is perfect for this cocktail. Firstly peel the grapefruit and boil the grapefruit wedges in water. As the water boils, remove from the heat and strain the liquid. Again, take some water in a pan and boil the wedges. Do this step 4 times. This will help to fade away the bitterness present in the fruit. 

Set it aside and put some sugar and water in the pot. Stir the mixture and add the grapefruit wedges back into the pan. You need to boil them again for another thirty minutes. Your grapefruit simple syrup is ready. Cover the wedges with some sugar and let it cool. Take a shaker and ice, grapefruit juice, agave, and gin. Shake and transfer in a glass. Use the sugar-coated wedges to garnish. 

65. Grapefruit Gin Martini

Grapefruit Gin Martini

We are not still done with grapefruit. Try another cocktail recipe – grapefruit gin martini. This is one of the classic drinks that you must try. Super easy and full of flavors, you can make this within a few minutes without any hassle. The unique thing about this cocktail is that we are using gin and vodka together. 

Take a mixing glass and add ice, followed by gin, vodka, and grapefruit juice. Add orange curacao and grapefruit bitters. Stir the liquid nicely so that everything mixes perfectly. Use a grapefruit wedge to garnish the drink and top it off with some mint, and you are done. 

66. Singapore Sling

Singa[per sling originated in the 20th century in Singapore at Raffles Hotel, which is how it was named. The ingredients combined together possess a very complex yet very likable flavor. Very sweet and fruity in flavor, a must cocktail for summers. 

Start mixing gin, Benedictine, Grand Marnier, Heering cherry liqueur, pineapple juice, lime juice, and bitters. Shake vigorously and then strain onto a cocktail glass. Make sure to add ice and shake until the shaker is chilled. Transfer the drink to a glass and top it with club soda. Take some cherries and garnish. 

67. The Lumiere

The Lumiere

The sweet and herbal flavors of the cocktail, The Lumiere, are very tempting and perfect for get-togethers and parties. This recipe includes very different flavors, and you won’t be disappointed. A must try to clear off the blues. 

All you have to do is gather the ingredients like – gin, Elderflower Liqueur, green Chartreuse, lime juice, and orange bitters. Pour the ingredients into a shaker. Stir everything really well. Garnish using a lime wedge. Very simple and easy, with so many likable flavors. 

 Tips To Make These Gin Cocktails Better

gin cocktails e1692365508649

Making Gin cocktails is like a fun game, but things can go bizarre if you are not very specific with the ingredients. I have been at that place where my drinks turned out to be very bad. So don’t make the same mistake and follow the tips I have mentioned below.

  • Always use best quality gin to get the best flavors and texture.
  • Use fresh juice and soothe ingredients. 
  • Make sure to shake or stir the mixture as per the instructions. 
  • Use a good shaker to mix the ingredients. 
  • Try infusions with different flavors to make your gin taste better.

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67 Most Popular Gin Drinks

As the Weekend is approaching, we are looking forward to a fun and adventurous dinner party night with some great drinks and food. Talking about drinks, I love cocktails specially made with Gin. If you want to know some of the best Gin cocktails recipes for the next dinner party, then stick with me till the end.
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  • Blackberry Gin Shooters
  • Roku Sonic
  • Gin Fizz
  • Gin and Bitters Cocktail
  • Aviation Cocktail
  • Pom Sunday
  • Gimlet cocktail
  • The GBC (Gin, Basil, Cucumber)
  • Con Aranica Gin Tonic
  • Bloody Jasmine
  • Tom Collins
  • Thyme Apple Gin And Tonic
  • Gin Rickey
  • Vesper Martini
  • Lavender Bee’s Knees Cocktail
  • Ki No Bi Ginger
  • Marmalade Daiquiri
  • Watermelon Gin Punch
  • Herbal Gin and Tonic With Tarragon
  • Clover Club
  • Blackberry & Meyer Lemon Gin & Tonics
  • Jamunntini
  • Fresh Martini
  • French 75
  • Strawberry Basil Cocktail With Gin
  • Gin And Ginger Ale
  • The Last Word
  • Gin Sling
  • Blueberry-Thyme Gin Smash
  • Cucumber & Mint Cooler
  • Pineapple Passionfruit Tom Collins
  • Grapefruit Rosemary & Gin Cocktail
  • Salty Dog
  • Negroni
  • Pink Gin 75
  • Elderflower Smash
  • Hanky Panky
  • Earl Grey Tea Cocktail
  • The Drunk Cucumber
  • Bramble
  • English Garden Cocktail
  • Rose And Tarragon Gin Lemonade
  • Green Goddess
  • Strawberry Gin Smash
  • Gin Basil Smash
  • Sloe Gin Fizz
  • Pink Gin Iced Tea
  • Watermelon And Lemonade Martini
  • Marmalade Daiquiri
  • Seventh Heaven
  • The Best Gin Sour
  • Blueberry Gin And Sage Punch
  • Moscow Mule With Gin
  • Rhubarb Fizz
  • Red Wine Gin Sour
  • Kombucha Kiss
  • Rosemary And Gin Sparkling Lemonade
  • Greyhound Cocktail
  • Ginger Cardamom, And Rosemary Gin Cocktail
  • Apple Gin Mule
  • Bee’s Knees Cocktail
  • The French Tart Cocktail
  • Strawberry Gin
  • Candied Grapefruit Cocktail
  • Grapefruit Gin Martini
  • Singapore Sling
  • The Lumiere


  • Select the recipe you want to cook.
  • Click on the recipe link.
  • Follow the steps mentioned in the recipe.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Finally, we are at the end of the conversation, and I am sure you are too tempted to try some of them. I really wish that you get a perfectly delicious gin cocktail to serve at your dinner party. I personally love The Last Word and Gin Sling. Super easy to make, and the flavors hit you at the right spot. I hope that you find your gin cocktail recipe and have a blast. Tell me if you have something new and unique; drop the name or the recipe below. I will be back with some more conversations like this. Until then, shake it up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best gin cocktails to try?

Some of the best gin cocktail recipes are Blackberry Gin Shooters, Roku Sonic, Gin Fizz, Gin and Bitters Cocktail, Aviation Cocktail, Pom Sunday, Gimlet Cocktail, Thyme Apple Gin And Tonic, Gin Rickey, Vesper Martini, and Tom Collins. 

What is a gin cocktail? 

You take a cocktail with gin when you combine gin with tonic, club soda, or fruit juice. 

What are the best ingredients to use in gin cocktails?

Tonic water
Fruit Juice

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