The Best Gifts for Cooks from Zestspot

Best Gifts for Cooks

Not sure what gift to get for that foodie in your life? If your first idea is a glassware set or a fancy spoon, put that aside and let’s find something truly unique for your friend, relative, or acquaintance. From home cooks to pros in the kitchen, the team at Zestspot — an online kitchen supply store in Canada — has put together the ultimate, fresh list of gift ideas that they’ll love.

For the One Who Loves Their Sauces

What do hollandaise, custard, and chocolate ganache have in common? They need to be made with a double boiler to yield mouthwatering results. Most home cooks use a saucepan with a bowl on top as a DIY double boiler since getting your hands on a professional one is a commitment. This is the perfect gift for that person you know who wants to make the transition from home cook to a cooking pro. It may be challenging to find a professional double boiler at every home and living store. If you can’t find it locally, then look into an online kitchen supply store to find a more excellent selection. 

For the One Who Always Makes Pizza

There are pizza lovers and then there are pizza lovers who make their pizza from scratch. If you don’t have a pizza oven for people who meet that second criteria, get them a dedicated pizza stone. A pizza stone is the closest way to mimicking the even golden-brown crust of a pizza that it would get from baking in a pizza oven. It doubles as the ideal tray to serve the pizza with immediately after. 

For the Pasta Enthusiast

Making pasta from scratch isn’t a laborious task if you have a pasta maker. For that friend who eats pasta out all day, get them a pasta maker to inspire them to make homemade pasta. Or maybe you want to make the process easier for the cook who’s been doing it all manually up until now.

For the One With Cuts all Over Their Hands

One cut from dicing too fast, another burn from a hot panhandle, and the list goes on. Let them toss out those bandages and replace them with a pair of specialized cooking gloves. The structure of these gloves makes them resistant to cuts and the best part is that they’re reusable. They will appreciate it — and so will their hands. 

For the Cookbook Evangelist

Whether it’s a family cookbook passed down from generations or a healthy eating subscription cookbook, many people aren’t switching to digital yet. Get this person a cookbook stand so they won’t have to worry about misplacing it on the counters where it can risk getting dirty. Plus, a cookbook stand makes flipping through the pages significantly easy. You can even find models that are designed to also hold electronic tablets for them to have the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect small touch to the kitchen. 

For the Scientist in the Kitchen

The well-known phrase “if you know all the rules then you can break them” is certainly true for those who want to experience experimental molecular gastronomy. This is what makes a molecular gastronomy kit a perfect gift to let their mind wander with wild concoctions. They can create a variety of beads, foams, and jellies with ingredients of their choice to turn the kitchen into their very own laboratory. 

For the One Obsessed with French Bread

It’s difficult to say “no” to a warm, toasty, and crunchy baguette loaf. For the bread lover in your life, gift them a specialized baguette or bread baker. These bakers are shaped to include molds for various bread shapes, so you don’t have to worry about forming the dough by hand. Additionally, they cook in that form to produce uniform loaves every time without deforming in the oven. We recommend the ones from Emelie Henry because they are the perfect combination of quality and design that you’ll find. 

For the One Who Likes Rustic Tableware

There’s no denying that rustic, wooden tableware is exceptionally gorgeous to look at, but it can also be pricey. Not everyone has a full set of different wooden serving boards, trays, bowls, knives, honey servers, or anything else you can think of. For those who enjoy preparing charcuterie boards or smoothie bowls, look into all the fine wooden tableware items you can find and pair a few items together for the perfect serving set. You can even take it to the next level, prepare your grazing board with the items, and gift them. 

For the One Who Knows Their Knives

Anyone who spends significant time cooking in the kitchen knows the value of a durable and high-quality knife — and they certainly have a whole set of them. One thing that every cook doesn’t have in their arsenal is a state-of-the-art Japanese knife. These knives are rated as the best knives in the culinary world and when you look at one, you’ll surely think the same. It may be on the pricey side, but it’s certainly a gift that someone special loves. 

For the Trendy Cook 

Pink Himalayan salt is all the rage right now and if you want a really unique gift for someone who loves excitingly serving their food, then get a Himalayan salt slab. You may not know that you can even slow cook and serve straight on the salt slab. It provides the food with a subtle yet original hint of saltiness. 

For the One Who Just Moved 

You can’t go wrong with giving a complete cookware set as a housewarming present. Those who are moving into their first independent space or buying a home will be more than thrilled to receive a cookware set. It will include all of their cooking necessities, such as pots and pans, along with their corresponding lids. The collection varies on the brand and material you choose. You can’t go wrong with a 4-piece for the essentials or the ultimate 10-piece set. 

For the Cook Who Has Everything

You may think that they have it all, but there are endless utensils and gadgets dedicated to specific tasks in the kitchen in cookware. They certainly don’t have an indoor herb keeper. Cooking is impossible to imagine without the use of earthy greens but they also shrivel up quite quickly — especially if they aren’t stored properly. An indoor herb keeper comes in all shapes and sizes, from the most humble to high-tech ones with mist features. They’ll certainly appreciate this unique yet practical addition to their kitchen. 

For the One Who Also Likes Mixology

Mixology tools fall under the category of barware and are not something everyone has in their home. If you know someone with a home bar, getting them mixology set with specialized tools will certainly inspire them to prepare interesting drinks without leaving the house. 

Use any of these as the main gift or pair it with another item for any occasion. Happy shopping!

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