25 Best Maldives Food That You Should Try!

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Maldivian Feast

Maldives is a very popular hot spot for tourists because of its beautiful islands. However, many enjoy their stay in the Maldives because of the great food culture in the country. Like every country or place has a wide range of food, Maldives too is a gem for all the foodies. Next time if you are in the Maldives, then you should try these 25 best Maldives foods without fail. 

Some of the best Maldives food that you should try are Fish Soup, Garudhiya, Gulha, Mas Huni, Masroshi, Bis Keemiya, Boshi Mashuni, Saagu Bondibai, Reef Fish Cutlets, Fried Yams, Fish curry, Maldivian Live Lobster, Kavaabu, Biscutlets (Maldivian Croquettes) and Havaadhulee Bis – A Spiced Dessert Affair. 

Maldives is known for its exciting water activities and water sports. Talking about water, Maldives has the best seafood variety, and you have to try fish and lobsters over there. After seafood, you will find lots of coconut on the island. Vegetarian food is also available but a little difficult. So, you must also check out and plan your stay according to your food preference. 

Now, if you are still confused about what you need to try in the Maldives, let me help you with this. I have curated a list of 25 best Maldives foods you should try. So, stick with me till the end, and I may have something surprising for you. 

Does Maldives Have Good Food?

Maldive food

Yes, Maldives has good food, and you must try some of their traditional and world-famous food items. Maldives has beautiful islands, and you can enjoy delicious food with scenic views. The food here is mainly non-vegetarian, especially seafood like fish, tuna and lobster. There are many sweet dishes that you must have if you are in the Maldives. Other than seafood and sweet dishes, you can find a lot of different varieties like hot dog rolls, Bjaiya, Samosa and many more. 

Does Maldives Have Veg Food?


Yes, Maldives does have veg food, but they are really fewer in number and hard to find. One of the must-try Maldives food is Maldives Vegetable curry.

There are many other items that are veg and really unique and delicious. I really loved Bis Keemiya, which is basically a samosa. I will be very honest about the fact that if you are vegetarian, you might have an extra struggle in terms of food. So, planning is the key to the best experience. 

Is Maldives Food Expensive or Cheap?


Maldives food is expensive, without any doubt. The simple reason being less the number of local restaurants. Also, it is a hot spot for tourists, so naturally, there is inflation in the food prices. The place is crowded during the holiday season, and because of the limited resources, the demand gets higher than the supply. 

25 Best Foods In Maldives To Try

Even though the food in Maldives is a little expensive, it should not stop you from trying their best food. Simply go through the list below and pick as many food items as you want.

At the end of the trip, you will be really satisfied with the food exploration, and you will want to stay more, not because of the beautiful scenic views but delicious food. So, without any further delay, let’s begin this food journey in the Maldives.

1. Garudhiya


Garudhiya, which is a fish soup, is one of the must-try foods in the Maldives. The seafood here is really fresh and full of flavours. If you are looking for some comforting fish dishes, Garudhiya is a must-try.

The dish is paired with warm rice or roshi. Coconut and lime onions are used as garnishing ingredients. Those who love fish should definitely try this refreshing and comforting dish. Garudhiya is one of the traditional foods of Maldives, so you cannot miss this out. I really love the warm flavors of the broth or soup – whatever you call it. 

2. Gulha


Gulha is said to be the National food of Maldives, and why should it not be? It is super delicious and very easily found in every corner of Maldives. Gulha is made with rice or wheat flour and has a very tempting filling of tuna fish.

The flavors of tuna fish are perfectly combined with chopped onions, coconut and chillis. If you have ever had dumplings, you will find the flavors a little similar. The only difference is that these small balls are fried and very cheap as compared to other snacks available in the Maldives. A perfect evening snack while you enjoy the breeze of the ocean. 

3. Mas Huni

Mas Huni

Mas Huni – Shredded Smoked Tuna is a perfect dish to sit and enjoy while you are in the Maldives. Tuna is the best seafood that you can ever try if you are here, and that is why you must try Mas Huni. This dish is served with roshi, which is Maldives special flatbreads.

You also get some versions where the fillings are made with boiled butternut squash or pumpkin. Generally, people enjoy Mas Huni during breakfast. Mas Huni is one of the best local dishes you can ever try. You can pair this dish with some cool drinks and beverages. 

4. Masroshi


If you love Stuffed Chapati, then try Masroshi, which is nothing but Tuna Stuffed Chapati. This is one of those dishes that is considered to be a complete meal. Why is this dish so great? The thin chapati or dough is finely cooked after filling with delicious and mouth-watering smoked tuna.

This stuffed chapati is not only tuna but also curry leaves, onion, ginger-garlic, pepper, and coconut. Simply combine it with some tea, and you are great for the day. Light yet fulfilling, you should at least have macros once in a lifetime. They are really soft, and every bite will give you the required umami flavours. 

5. Bis Keemiya

Bis Keemiya

Bis Keemiya is the Maldives version of samosa. If you have ever tried samosa, then you will definitely love this take on a regular samosa. For those who don’t know what Bis Keemiya or samosa is, then let me clear your doubts.

This dish has an outer layer made with wheat or maida, and the inside has a filling of your choice. The dish is deeply fried and is a perfect snack option for food on the move. The filling of the dish is generally made with vegetables. However, you can ask for some meat or eggs as a filling. Please try and let me know if you love it or not. 

6. Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni

Banana Flower Salad which is also called Boashi Mashuni, is a perfect dish for those who want to eat something light and fun. This dish is really gorgeous and completely fancy. The crunch and the flavors of the salad are simply mouth-watering and tempting. You can enjoy this while you wait for lunchtime or even have this as your lunch.

If you find it difficult to find a vegetarian, then simply order Boshi Mashuni, and you are done. The dish’s star ingredients are thinly sliced bananas and served with other raw ingredients. The seasoning of the dish is simply marvellous.

The combination of spices like cumin, salt, Maldivian chillies, lime, and turmeric elevates the flavours. I hope you like this amazing take on salad in the Maldives. 

7. Sago Pudding – Saagu Bondibai

Sago Pudding

Sago pudding is a very common and staple diet for everyone in the Maldives. This pudding is simply delicious, delicate and warming to the soul. If you are looking for a comforting and sweet dessert that is completely vegetarian, then Sago pudding is your dish.

The cooling effect after eating this dish is simply comforting. The best thing is the flavours of coconut milk infused in the dish. Also, the addition of condensed milk makes the dish further better and a must-try for the sweet tooth.

8. Reef Fish Cutlets


If you love fried foods and also love fish, then try these reef fish cutlets. These small balls of heaven perfectly align with the amazing weather of Maldives. What’s inside the goofy balls will simply amaze you.

These balls have reef fish along with tandoor masala spices, coconut, papaya, cucumber, and mint chutney. The reef fish is boiled and combined with amazing seasonings making these cutlets super delicious.

Each and every bite of these cutlets is crunchy yet soft from the inside. You get to enjoy this with a side sauce made with mint or coconut. 

9. Kulhi Boakibaa

Kulhi Boakibaa

Kulhi Boakibaa is a fish cake, and I cannot emphasize the point that fish cake is super delicious. Many people hesitate to eat this but let me tell you, fish cake is the most delicious dish I have ever had.

And when it comes to the one that is served in Maldives, it is just commendable. This dish is served on special occasions, but you can still find it on the menu of restaurants. 

10. Fish Paste – Rihaakuru


Now this is something really different and unique which is very famous in the streets of Maldives. Rihaakuru is a fish paste which boiling fish makes until it turns into a thick paste. This is another traditional dish of the Maldives.

If you are a spicy lover, then this is the perfect food to enjoy. The dark colour of the dish is very tempting and feels like something very mesmerizing. A very easy-to-find dish and staple food for the Maldives. The spices and herbs are perfectly infused in the dish and are a must-try for all those who love trying new foods. 

11. Fried Yams

Fried Yams

If you love yams, then without any doubt, try these Maldives fried yams. These are considered Maldives french fries and are definitely a snack if you are strolling and enjoying the streets of Maldives.

The best thing about this dish is that it has a very decent sweet flavor with a hint of starchiness. Also, they are considered very healthy despite the fact that they are fried. They are very popular and can be easily found in the streets of Maldives. So next time you visit Maldives, munch on these yummy fried yams and thank me later. 

12. Fish curry

fish curry

You cannot leave Maldives without trying their delicious and traditional fish curry. As already mentioned, Maldives is rich and specializes in seafood, and when it comes to fish curry, it is so flavorful and delicious. Fish curry is considered a staple dish in Maldives, and that is the main reason why you should definitely try this when you are here. 

Along with fish, the dish also has coconut. So you get to enjoy the coconut flavours as well. And trust me, the combination is simply amazing. You can combine the dish with some rice or roshi and enjoy this beautiful seafood.

The speciality of the dish lies in the different ingredients used, like tunny, bigeye scad, yellowfin tuna, frigate tuna, skipjack tuna, wahoo and mahi-mahi. Now you can really imagine how great the flavours will be. 

13. Maldivian Live Lobster

Maldivian Live Lobster

If I had to choose any seafood to eat for the rest of my life, then it would definitely be lobsters. As Phoebe Buffay in F.R.I.E.N.D.S said, she is his lobster. I am madly in love with the Maldivian live lobster.

They are super delicious, flavorful and delicate. The speciality of the dish is that the lobsters are alive while they are cooked. This makes sure the dish is super fresh and soft in texture. Locating live lobsters to eat is very easy in the Maldives.

There are plenty of restaurants that specialize in this particular dish. So, simply give this dish a try, and you will not regret it. 

14. Havaadhulee Bis – A Spiced Dessert Affair

Havaadhulee Bis

Have you ever tried desserts that are sweet but have very delicate flavors of spice that tease the tongue? If you are in the Maldives and just had your meal, then take a 5-minute walk and make some space for Havaadhulee Bis.

This special dessert is a traditional dessert of Maldives and is eaten only on some great occasions to celebrate. However, you can easily find and try them if you are in the Maldives. This dessert made with rice is shaped like balls and has coconut as one of the ingredients, along with exotic spices like cardamom and cloves.

Perfect to treat your tastebuds with something sweet yet spicy. 

15. Aluvi Boakibaa

Aluvi Boakibaa

The moment you place Aluvi Boakibaa in your mouth, it will melt. It feels like someone falling in love the moment they see someone. This special dessert resides in the hearts of Maldives people, and every tourist goes crazy by the delicacy of dessert.

This dessert is also known as Cassava Coconut Cake, made with coconut, cassava, sugar and jasmine flower water. This quick bite of dessert will fill your heart with sweetness and softness. Simply get a few pieces of this dessert and enjoy your stay in the Maldives. They are easy to find in the local markets of the Maldives and even in restaurants because of their huge fan base. 

16. Maldivian Vegetable Curry

Maldivian Vegetable Curry

As I mentioned earlier, finding vegetarian food in the Maldives is a little difficult, but they are worthwhile. Try Maldivian vegetable curry, and you will thank me later for the recommendation. As we know, seafood is a very common and staple food item in Maldives, but this dish is loaded with many vegetables.

And trust me, the flavours of vegetables are so good and comforting that even the one with fish curry will love to taste this dish. Super healthy and made with a variety of veggies like pumpkin, beans, sweet potato, carrots etc.

The flavors elevate with the addition of curry leaves. You can feel some Indian touch in the dish and enjoy it with some roshi. Very comforting, smooth and flavorful. 

17. Hedika


The name of the dish is really short and cute. When we talk about this dish, in reality, it is short and cute similar to its name.

Hedika is a Maldivian snack which is very commonly found here. They are one of the cheapest snacks you can munch on. These snacks include samosa and other snack items that can be enjoyed with some tea. It is a combination of different snacks that you enjoy all together.

If you are simply strolling around the streets of Maldives, then enjoy Hedika Whale. You explore something new here. 

18. Bajiya


Bajiya is a snack that is also a part of Hediaka. These small snacks are similar to the shape of a samosa with the filling of tuna fish, onions and curry. Perfect snack to enjoy with evening tea. Bajiya is basically deep fried, which makes the outer layer very crispy, whereas the filling is very flavorful and delicate.

This snack has a very decent spicy flavour with some notes of sweetness. Every bite is perfectly crunchy and gives you a very warm feeling with the tuna filling. 

19. Hot Dog Rolls

Hot Dog Rolls

You have had hot dogs at various places, and I know it is one of the very common and likeable snack items. However, if you are in the Maldives and looking for something light and familiar to your taste buds, then try these hot dog rolls in the Maldives.

You can find them very easily as there are many food trucks in the Maldives serving hot dog rolls. They are one of the snack items in Hedika. Usually, hot dogs have pork, but in the Maldives, it is made with chicken and deep-fried like spring rolls. 

20. Keemiyaa


If you like bis Keemiya but are worried because it is deep-fried, try Keemiya. They are similar, but Keemiya is boiled and filled with tuna, fish and vegetables.

On the one hand, Bis Keemiya generally has vegetables and is perfect for snacking for some vegetarians; Keemiya has tuna, which makes this a better version. One must try this at least once if they are in the Maldives and enjoy something really different. 

21. Biscutlets (Maldivian Croquettes)


If you have tried croquettes, then try bis cutlets, as they are considered Maldivian croquettes. They are similar to hot dogs but have tuna and potatoes. Very flavorful and easy to eat, one must definitely give this a try and enjoy the versatility of food in the Maldives. Visit any restaurant or cafe in the Maldives, and you can easily find Bus cutlets to eat. 

22. Kavaabu


If you love deep-fried and crunchy snacks, then go for some Kavaabu. They are very delicious dishes or, one can say, snacks made with tuna. The round-shaped Kavaabu are deeply fried and have so many flavors like coconut, lentil, and spices. They are made by combining these ingredients with rice and tuna. A little spicy but perfectly flavorful and a must-try. 

23. Kukulhu Riha

Kukulhu Riha

The creamiest and warm Kukulhu Riha is a perfect dish to end your day in the Maldives. You can enjoy the dish with some rice or roshi very smooth and delicious. Then mai, or the star ingredient in the dish, is obviously chicken. The spices really complement the creamy flavour of the coconut. You will love the aroma and taste of this dish and always ask for more. 

24. Theluli Mas

Theluli Mas

Maldives has so many dishes made with Tuna. The list is never-ending, and one of the most delicious tuna dishes is Theluli Mas. This is one of the traditional dishes of Maldives. Basically, tuna fish is combined with aromatic garlic and chilli. The tuna fish is finely fried and then served. 

25. Fihunu Mas

Fihunu Mas

If you love eating grilled fish, then you have to try Fihunu Mas. The tuna fish is stuffed with spices and grilled over coal. The spices make the dish very flavorful, and the taste is mouth-watering.

The spices are similar to the barbeque, which Maldives make their own way. Combine some rice and enjoy this tropical, savoury and spicy dish. 


I really did not want this conversation to end, but here we are. These tempting and delicious foods make me want to visit the Maldives again. If you are visiting Maldives for the first time, then check out Thrillophilia and grab great Maldives packages from them. 

You will come back with complete satisfaction and beautiful food memories. Don’t miss anything with coconut because that is Maldives’ specialty. For me, Gulha is the best item I have ever tried, and I will recommend you try the same.

Let me know if you find this helpful, and leave some food memories in the Maldives for others to know. I will be back soon with more conversations. Until then, plan a trip to Maldives.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Maldives known for good food? 

Yes, the Maldives have various traditional foods that are very delicious and flavorful. These food items are specially available in Maldives only and are must try if you visit here. 

What is the most famous food of the Maldives? 

Gulha, which is also known as the National Food of Maldives, is pretty common. Gulha is basically deep-fried and has smoked fish as a filling. They are super delicious and perfect for snacking. 

What is Maldives’ main food or dish?

 Fish is the main food or dish in the Maldives. As Maldives is surrounded by oceans and sea, seafood is very common. Fish and other seafood items like tuna and lobsters are pretty fresh and delicious. If they are in the Maldives, One must try the dishes made with fish. 

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