29 Best Burger King Items That You Can Buy In 2023

Going through the Burger King menu and stuck between deciding which items to order? I have something that will help to save your energy next time when you are at BK.


Burger King has different options available that offer great taste and flavors too. From burgers to sauces, you must know the best of the items so that you can enjoy the BK food to its fullest.

If we talk about burgers at BK, their Whopper is world-class, and if you want to pair it up with the best side options, then fries or onion rings are your answer. 

Whether it is the BK coffee or the HI-fruit punch, drinks at BK are really refreshing. BK does not have a lot of sweet options, but their Hershey’s sundae pie is the one to die for. 

I might have mentioned some of the best items, but they are not all. BK offers so many great menu items that you can enjoy on different days as per your mood. 

Let me take you through some of the best items at BK, from burgers to sauces, so that you know what to order next.

Best Burger King Burgers / Sandwiches

Burger King is known for its burgers. The name itself shows what it is mainly dealing in. There is no doubt about the taste and quality of the burger at BK. Burger King also claims that one can have burgers their own way. 

And it’s true because one can customize their burger in many different ways. Add in extra items or discard the not-so-likable ones. 

You can check the complete info on BK burgers and decide which one to order. Meanwhile, let us see what are some of the most liked burgers at BK and why?

1. Whopper


The other name for Burger King is “Home Of Whopper”. I can bet that even after trying other fast food restaurants’ burgers, you will not get the same taste as BK’s Whopper.

It is a legitimate menu item. Whopper at BK is the perfect mix of juicy and creamy ingredients. Whopper is topped with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and white onions with the flame-grilled beef patty.

All these close-to-heaven items are packed between two well-toasted sesame buns. 

Why BK’s whooper is amazing and different? Simply because BK uses 100% beef patties that is flame grilled. BK claims that there are no preservatives or other additives included. 

Another thing that makes BK’s Whopper stand out is that the patty is freshly cooked for each order.

I mean, who would want to miss a pure beef patty that is freshly cooked? Apart from the taste, the best part of the Whopper is that it is fulfilling and only costs $7.89. 

A secret hack? Go for a light BBQ, and your Whopper will taste amazing without any extra penny. 

With 670 calories, BK Whopper has 34.7 g of protein and 39.5 g of fats. The sodium content is a little high – 1173.9 mg. However, you can get some fiber content that will be close to 4 g.

On health radar, BK Whopper is questionable, but it wins in the taste department for sure. Go for customization by adding bacon and cheese or anything you like, and enjoy it to the fullest.

2. Triple Whopper

tripple whopper

If a regular Whopper is not enough for you, then what is the next best thing – a triple Whopper? When you get not one but three flame-grilled beef patties with juicy tomatoes, crispy lettuce, creamy and soft mayonnaise, tangy ketchup, pickles, and sliced onions. 

You can always ask for some extra toppings to make your triple Whopper huge!

The best thing about the triple Whopper is that you only have to pay an extra $3.1 to upgrade your regular Whopper to the triple Whopper. 

I love this item, especially because I get to enjoy the huge amount of beef patty, and it feels like I am eating something juicy and greasy at the same time.

 A word of triple Whopper – Super! Now let’s talk about the calories and nutrient content because even though we eat at fast food restaurants, we are a little concerned about the health department. Ironic it is. Your delicious triple Whopper has around 1170 calories. 

I mean, it is for sure too much for a single food item in a day, but hey, you get 75.8 g of protein too. I would not prefer to eat triple Whopper every day, but hell, yes, it is worth the try!  

In case you find triple Whopper too much, then go for double Whopper. You can even customize and add other items, and as Burger King says, have it your way. 

3. Bacon King

bacon king

Bacon King is one of those menu items that qualify as the ultimate burger at BK. It has everything one would love to eat. 

Savory bacon strips, 2 whoppers juicy patties, 2 American cheese slices, and creamy mayonnaise that is placed on well-toasted sesame buns.

The flavor of bacon king is so amazing and delightful that one will come back for more every next time. As per a review done by KBD Productions TV on youtube, bacon king was recommended to try as it was delicious, gigantic and fulfilling. 

Another youtube who initially wanted to try Big King but ended up having Bacon King rated it 6.8 out of 10. Not his fault as his burger was missing one cheese slice. 

Talking about taste and flavor, the smokey thick-cut bacon makes bacon king a hearty sandwich with around 1200 calories. I know that 1200 calories are really too much, but again, it is worth a try. Hit the treadmill the next day, and you are good to go.

Along with hog calories, you also get 66.4 g of protein, 55.4 g of carbs and 2.9 g of fibre. You can enjoy Bacon King at BK for just $10.39.

What I do with my bacon King generally is add some lettuce, tomatoes and onions, just like a Whopper and enjoy it with coca – cola on the side. 

4. Rodeo Burger 

rodeo burger

Rodeo Burger is my favorite when it comes to eating cheap yet delicious burgers at BK. What is a rodeo burger, exactly? 

Just put some onion rings with whopper jr. patty (flame-grilled beef patty) with BBQ sauce on two well-toasted buns, and you have your Rodeo Burger ready!

It is really delicious as it has all the likable flavors. Onion rings will add in the right amount of sweetness, whereas the beef patty gives you the authentic flavors of Burger King. 

The special credit goes to the BBQ sauce that brings in the smoky flavor of the burger. Overall it has a smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness. Whoever loves onion rings will definitely enjoy this combination. 

The calorie count of the Rodeo burger is around 328 kcal which is quite fine for your diet. You can always add side menu items like fries and drinks and enjoy them as a meal. 

Go on and ask to add light mayonnaise and ketchup as well. It also has 13.2 g of protein, 38 g of carbs and 488.2 mg of sodium (much less than other BK burgers). 

Now comes the best part – the price of the Rodeo burger. So you can enjoy the Rodeo burger at BK for just $2.99. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Rodeo burger is something unique at BK, and I guess no other fast food chain has a burger that has onion rings in it. Definitely unique and worthwhile.  

5. Impossible Whopper


Impossible Whopper was something that took everyone by surprise as BK joined the vegan rack. The star element of the Impossible Whopper is the plant-based patty that tastes almost like a beef patty. 

So, in case you are looking for something vegan at the fast food chain, Impossible Whopper may be your answer.

Apart from the impossible plant-based patty, the other items that are included in the impossible Whopper are the same as a regular Whopper – lettuce, tomatoes, onion slices and pickles. 

When we talk about calories, the impossible Whopper has 630 calories which are fine to intake. Along with 630 kcal calories, BK impossible whopper has 31.7 g of proteins, 6.9 g of fiber, and 62. g of carbs. 

You can get this amazing Whopper just for $8.99, which is a dollar and some cents more than the cost of a regular Whopper at BK. Now be a little cautious as nothing can be actually vegan in the world where there are meat dishes cooked at the same time.

Impossible Whopper has a loophole as the plant-based patty is cooked on the same broiler as the beef patty. Many people criticized this, but nobody could deny that it tasted really good. 

A quick hack to eliminate the scenario where the plant-based patty is cooked on the same broiler as the beef patty is to ask the employee for the non-broiler option.

Upon request, your patty will be cooked in a separate oven; you can actually enjoy a complete vegan whopper at BK. You can also ask to cook in a separate broiler as many outlets do have that facility and employees are well trained for the same.

 Best Burger King Breakfast Items

If you are going for Breakfast at BK, then check out the list below, as I have picked some of the great breakfast options at BK only for you.

The best thing about breakfast at BK is that you can enjoy a lot of different menu items that are hardly available in other fast food restaurants.

1. French Toast Stick​​s


Who doesn’t love French toast shaped like a thick stick and drizzled with delicious and dreamy maple syrup? At BK, you can enjoy delicious French toast sticks at breakfast, and you will be left with a taste that can not be forgotten easily. 

If I am guessing right, the french toast sticks are obviously made by dipping the bread sticks into a mixture of egg, heavy cream, melted butter, maple extract, salt, cinnamon, and sugar. For sure, it is a sweet delight and gives you a sugar rush.

I always prefer to start my weekend mood with some BK’s french toast sticks with extra maple syrup. Feels like home to me. Now let’s be a little cautious and talk about the nutrient content of the sweet delight at BK.

With 380 calories and 49 g of carbs (13 g of which is sugar), BK french toast sticks may not sound like a portion of healthy food for you, but your taste buds would probably thank you for such an experience. 

Don’t worry and try it yourself, as you can’t have enough sugar that will harm your soul. Talking about the taste, you can get 5 pieces of sweet delight for just $1.99. Simply drizzle extra maple syrup and enjoy. 

Another good news for those who look for gluten-free items, BK’s french toast sticks is your answer. Just be a little sweet and ask to cook your sticks in a separate fryer, as the shared fryer will have contaminated oil with gluten and meat substances. 

2. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich

Another breakfast item for you to try from the BK’s menu is the bacon, egg and cheese croissan’wich. What’s so great about this croissan’wich? 

Firstly, this is one of those croissants that is so different in a good way. You can feel like a glimpse of the movie morning scene in your life and pretend to be a star (that you obviously are). 

Whenever I eat one of the different croissan’wich, I feel vintage. Anyway, if we talk about the taste of this breakfast item, it is totally delicious. The smoky bacon with fluffy eggs and melted American cheese on a toasted, flaky croissant are too good. 

I must say that it is worth the try, and you might come back for more. Order a BK cafe (black coffee from Burger King) and have a great start to your day. 

With 387 calories, BK’s bacon, egg and cheese croissan’wich has 15.6 g of protein, 23.8 g of carbs and 24.4 g of fats. You can enjoy this lovely breakfast item for just $2.79 at your nearest BK outlet. 

You can also try another version of this croissan’wich by replacing the bacon with ham or sausages. They also taste great and are packed with a good amount of calories and protein. 

3. Egg-Normous Burrito 

egg normous burrito

One will definitely not visit Burger King to have a burrito, but in case you are at BK and wondering about your breakfast, then going for a burrito may be a great option. Burger King burrito is quite tempting and fulfilling.

It is packed with everything that I personally love – two halves of sausages, bacon ​​fluffy scrambled eggs, hash browns, shredded cheddar cheese and melted American cheese. It is topped with a spicy BK sauce and wrapped in a tortilla. 

I have tried other fast food restaurants’ burritos, but nothing matches the flavors like BK. Burrito at BK is actually huge and fulfilling. One can enjoy this at breakfast with iced coffee from BK on the side.

You can enjoy the burrito for $5.19, and it is absolutely value for money. A Youtuber rated the BK’s burrito 90 on a scale of 1-100, and that’s quite a clear win.

I mean, 90 out of 100 is a legit score, and this shows that the breakfast burrito at BK is a must-try and worthwhile. 

On the health meter, the burrito might be a little extra as it has around 806 kcal of calories. But it also has 33.5 g of protein and 69 g of carbohydrates. Still, you must visit BK one day, especially to try the burrito, and you will not be disappointed.

4. Hash Browns

hash browns

Talking about breakfast at BK and not talking about hash browns is so impossible. BK has the best hash browns. Please don’t go on the small appearance as they are packed with the goodness of potatoes. 

BK hash browns are so great that a user at Quora suggested asking for freshly cooked hash browns with half a minute extra than standard cooking timing to upgrade the taste. He added that he waits at the counter.

I guess the final taste is really that great as he waited for extra minutes.You can get the fries in three different sizes. Small hash browns will cost you $1.00; the medium ones will cost you $1.69, and the large ones will cost you $1.89. 

Now I am going to share a piece of secret information about the BK hash browns.

Whenever you go for the medium one, then simply add 20 cents more and get lucky, as by adding such a small amount of money, you will be upgraded to the large one, and the quantity and calories also double. So it is a real deal. 

As we just mentioned the word calories, it’s time to talk about it as well. The calories in hash browns will range between 250 calories to 550 calories (depending on the size). The golden fried potatoes also have protein content ranging from 2.2 g to 5 g. 

I am sure that not a single breakfast meal is incomplete without adding hash browns, and no matter where you go, you may not find a similar taste as BK’s hash browns.

The good news is that, like french toast sticks, BK’s hash browns are gluten-free as well as vegan. The shared fryer thing may make it a little questionable, but be a sweetums and ask to cook it on a separate fryer and if the outlet is capable of the same, then simply enjoy. 

Best Burger King Drinks / Coffees 

No meal is complete without a drink on the side, and just for your convenience, I have filtered down a few drinks at BK that are a must-try. You may try some of the drinks I have mentioned, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed once. 

1. BK Cafe

burger-king-BK coffee

When it comes to drinks and coffee at BK, the BK Cafe will always stand on top. The ultimate black coffee from Burger King is a paradise for coffee lovers. 

As Burger King itself claims, the BK Cafe is prepared with 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America. 

BK Cafe is smooth and strong enough to hit you with the right amount of caffeine. No meal, especially during breakfast, would be complete without the good and strong coffee that BK Cafe surely is. 

The good thing about it is that it has 0 calories, is vegan friendly and is a healthy drink item on the menu. You can get a small cup of this amazing drink for just $1.99, a medium cup for $2.29 and a large one for $2.49. 

2. BK Cafe iced coffee

black iced coffee

Love the BK Cafe, but it’s too hot to handle. Then, my friend, you should definitely try the BK Cafe iced coffee. You may wonder why the hell I am not talking about different delicious, flavorful drinks like shakes that Burger King offers. 

Simply because if you know coffee, then for sure you will embrace the beauty of the authentic one. About the shakes, they are mostly the deal for the little ones. 

The addition of ice will not only cool down the drink but also dilute the strong flavor of the coffee. Your BK Cafe iced coffee will have milk, coffee, ice, water, and sugar. 

The calories of the iced coffee will be somewhere between 150-250 calories. You can get a small cup for $2.39, a medium one for $2.79, and a large one for $3.19.

Obviously, you can go and add flavors like vanilla or make it a mocha, but I would prefer the authentic one every time. 

3. Shakes


Finally, we are talking about BK’s delicious and cool shakes. Burger King has four different flavors of shakes – shake with Oreo cookies, chocolate with Oreo cookies, vanilla, and chocolate. 

As per Restaurant Clicks, the chocolate Oreo cookie shake is the best one and a must-try at BK. If you ask me, I am an old soul, so I really love anything with vanilla flavor. 

Shakes at BK are great to pair up with your burgers, and you can enjoy the savory and sweet flavor at once – a great combo they are! As per Business Insider, BK’s shakes are creamy, authentic and not too sweet.

The calorie counts in the shakes range from 588 kcal to 636 kcal. The chocolate Oreo cookie will cost you $5.49, whereas the other three drinks will cost you $5.19

 Also, only the chocolate Oreo cookie shake is available in the morning; the other three are available during lunch. 

4. HI-C fruit punch

HI- C fruit bk

HI-C fruit punch can be found at Burger King, in local stores, and in other fast food chains. What’s great about HI-C punch is that we already love the flavor, and when we pair it up with our favorite menu items from BK, things get better. 

You can get HI-C fruit punch in 4 different sizes; the value drinks for $1.69 with only 4 calories, the small one for $2.99 with 6 calories, the medium-sized one for $3.19 for 410 calories and the large one with 530 calories.

I would recommend going with the value drink or the small one if you don’t want unnecessary calorie intake in your diet. HI-C fruit punch is a great drink, especially during summer, and obviously, the goodness of orange flavor lifts the mood.

5. Ice tea

Ice tea from Burger King, whether it is sweetened or unsweetened, is another great drink to enjoy and cool off the hot summer breeze. As per the Top Tens blog, BK ice tea, specifically the unsweetened one, is great as there is no sugar and calories and still tastes great.

One can obviously go for the sweet version and enjoy the coolest drink at BK. The best thing about the BK tea is that it contains natural tea extract and is freshly brewed every day. 

As per a vote on the Fast Food Nutrition blog, 58% of people think that BK’s unsweetened tea tastes good. I mean, obviously, many will miss the sweet tone, but it is better for health, right? 

The Sweetened iced tea will cost you $2.09 – $3.49, whereas unsweetened iced tea will cost you between $1.69 – $3.49. The calories for unsweetened tea are obviously zero, but when it comes to sweetened iced tea, the calories range between 100 calories to 390 calories. 

Best Burger King Sides

When it comes to side options, we only have limited items to select from. Anyway, I have still selected some of the best burger king sides to try and add to your next meal. Shall we check out the list? 

1. Classic fries


Burger King classic fries are a must-menu item for kids and even adults. What’s so great about the salty, crispy fries is that they are fresh, and unlike other fast food chains, BK fries are cooked in corn, canola, soy or cottonseed oils and not beef oil.

This makes the fries completely vegan!I love BK fries, as they are the last piece of the puzzle that completes your meal at BK. As per Insider, BK Fries did not have disappointing cheap fries at the end.

They rate the fries 20.5 out of 30 ( based on their complete experience).The crispy fried potatoes are not so good on health-o-meter as they are obviously fired and oily with many calories.

Desert.com mentioned that when the familiar grease slick coated his mouth, the craving for more fries could be felt. 

BK fries come in four different sizes: value fries that cost around $2.39, small fries for $3.39, medium for $3.69, and large fries for $3.99. 

The calorie count for the fries ranges between 230 kcal – 440 kcal (that’s quite too much). 

2. Onion rings


Onion rings are the best item on the menu at BK. They are crispy and have a hint of sweetness. As BK says, one ring rules them all; the statement is true. 

Burger King onion rings are also surprisingly vegan, like fries, as no beef oil is used. However, the rings aren’t gluten-free as there is wheat content and they are cooked in the shared fryer.

One can also debate the fact that the rings are vegan because of the shared fryer. If you are lucky enough, ask to cook in a separate fryer, and you may also enjoy vegan onion rings.

Onion rings can be eaten as a snack or paired up with other menu items to make a meal. You can also enjoy Frings at BK, which consists of half the quantity of onion rings and half the quantity of fries – a secret menu hack.

As per vegan calm, the onion rings at BK have a rich onion flavor with a crispy texture and crunchiness that simply can’t be beaten. Many claim that onion rings at BK are not actual onions.

As per an article by Mashed, the use of dehydrated onion gives a paste-like texture and is not as intense as actual allium. 

Whether it is a real onion ring or a dehydrated onion with powdered onion sprinkles, there are very few fast food chains that offer onion rings, and BK is for sure one of the best. 

Onion rings are also available in four different sizes, with prices ranging from $2.49 – $3.99 and calories scaling between 204 kcal – 520 kcal. 

3. Chicken Nuggets

chicken nuggets

Who doesn’t love eating chicken? Probably those who are vegan! Except for them, many of us are desperate lovers of anything made with chicken. When it comes to chicken nuggets, BK is one of the places to enjoy them.

What’s best about these chicken nuggets is that they are really crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. 

Like how a perfect chicken nugget should be. As Bk says it, the bite-sized white meat chicken coated in crispy homestyle seasoned breading – how the chicken nuggets are prepared. 

Talking about the homestyle seasoned breading, there is something unique about it. I have been eating BK forever, and I must say the flavor is getting better and better. 

You can enjoy 8 pieces of chicken nuggets for only $2.49, which have around 385 kcal of calories. I mean, it’s a great deal if you want to have some tasty and cheap chicken nuggets.

Pair it with other sandwiches and burgers from BK and enjoy your food paradise.

4. Spicy chicken fries

BK Spicy chicken fries

Another chicken-based side option that is really worthwhile is obviously spicy chicken fries. Everything about this menu is so great that I prefer spicy chicken fries over classic fries at BK. 

 A regular white meat chicken that is coated in jalapeño seasoned breading and cooked until crispy and golden is what makes it so special and stands out from the rest.

After glazing at the box of the spicy chicken fries, one knows that this is going to be a hell lot of spicy (in a good way). 

The Sicily chicken fries are crispy and tender like the regular chicken fries, with a burst of spiciness that will not stay longer, making you eat more and more. If you have a low tolerance for spicy food, try it at your risk or keep something cool off a little bit.

Apart from the taste, the spicy chicken fries are fine on the health team as 9 pieces of spicy chicken fries only have 250 calories. It will not completely fulfill your stomach but is a great side option or a light snack. 

Get 9 pieces of this hot mess for $6.49. The price may sound a little extra but trust me, it’s worth it – totally and completely. 

5. Mozzarella sticks

Mozzeralla sticks

Talking about best side options and missing mozzarella sticks will be foolish. Who doesn’t like fried cheese? Duh! Everyone, obviously. 

Enjoy the heaven of cheese with a marinara dipping sauce and clear all the blues. Many say that the BK mozzarella sticks are not so extraordinary, but as per me, they are a perfect burst of cheese and exactly like how a mozzarella stick should be. 

You can get 4 thick pieces of these cheesy sticks for $2.49 and add around 328 calories (because it’s cheese and fried). Add the sticks as a part of your meal and enjoy it with your friends or family.

 Best Burger King Sauces

The most underrated BK items or ingredients are the condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup. They are the ones that enhance the flavors of any burger and sandwich item at BK. Now let’s see some of the best hot sauces at BK that you can enjoy at BK.

1. Mayonnaise


Talking about best sauces, then how can we forget about the ingredient that is there in almost every burger and sandwich at BK? 

Mayonnaise is one thing that adds a creamy texture to the burger. It is the one ingredient responsible for not keeping your mouth dry while stuffing your face with a huge burger with lots of toppings. 

When it comes to BK whopper, mayonnaise is something that brings on the creamy texture along with a smoothness that we all crave.You might think that I am exaggerating, but hey, not my fault, as mayonnaise has not got proper recognition until now. 

You can always add mayonnaise to any sandwiches which do not have it and enjoy the upgrade. You can ask for extra mayonnaise and probably won’t charge for the same. 

2. Barbecue Dipping sauce


The BBQ dipping sauce is one of the best sauces I have ever tasted. Have you ever tried the rodeo burger and liked the sauce it has? That’s your BBQ sauce. Sweet and spicy, it will make you come for more.

As the restaurant click says, BBQ sauce at BK is a right mix of sweet, salty, and spiciness. It has around 40 calories per ounce, and I have already said it, but a gentle reminder – add the BBQ sauce in your Whopper and thank me later.

 The price for BBQ sauce at BK ranges between $ 0.10 – $ 0.25. And I guess it’s always great to upgrade your regular menu items with some hot and spicy sauces to bring out all the flavors.

3. Sweet and sour sauce


What is the best dipping sauce for your chicken nuggets? *DrumRolls* It’s obviously a sweet and sour sauce. This particular sauce is mostly sweet and fruity and feels like spring and summer. 

You may miss a little bit of sourness, but I am fine, as it goes well with my nasty chicken nuggets.

This sauce has around 45 calories per ounce and will cost you somewhere between $ 0.10 – $ 0.25. 

4. Ranch


Another classic dipping sauce at BK is the Ranch, which gets along with almost all the items on the menu. Please put it in the burger of your choice or use it as a dipping sauce with fries or hash browns; Ranch will not disappoint you. 

BK has come a long way with Ranch, as the earlier version of the sauce had a mixture of blended buttermilk, garlic, and onion flavors, whereas the current one is a great blend of herbs and spices.

Many people ask for the older one, but I guess the herbs and spices enhance the flavor more and take the game to the next level. 

You can get this amazing ranch sauce for $0.10 and pair it with anything you wish for. I always ask the employee to put some ranch in my cheeseburger, and I enjoy the flavors that Ranch brings out.

5. Zesty dipping sauce


As the name itself sounds something sensational, the zesty dipping sauce is something like it. Having a creamy yet sour taste with a hint of spiciness, this sauce got everything. That is why it is a signature sauce for Burger King. 

When it comes to calories, it is a little higher with 150 calories per ounce, but I don’t mind as the taste is so great and has something that will stay in your mouth for a good time. 

You can get the zest dipping sauce at BK for $0.10 – $0.25. Try your luck, and maybe the employee will toss some of them free for you!

Best Burger King Desserts

Nothing can beat the desert experience at BK. I love going to BK and stuffing my mouth with sweet dessert items with my meal. Let’s check out some of the best dessert items available at BK.

1. Caramel Sundae

caramel sundae

What’s better than having caramel drizzled over creamy and tasty vanilla ice cream? I am sure this dessert item at BK is liked by every age group. As per the ratings on Chick Advisor, BK’s Sundae is rated 4.8 out of 5. 

The caramel is perfectly blended with the vanilla ice cream, and the caramel topping did a good job. The overall taste of the caramel sundae was sweet and creamy. 

As per Insider, while trying dessert at BK, they discovered that the Caramel sundae topping was not too thick or tacky, and I guess this is commendable work!

2. Hershey’s Sundae Pie


I love adding Hershey’s to almost every sweet thing. If you are also a Hershey’s fan, BK’s Hershey’s Sundae pie is your thing.

The best thing about this pie is the chocolate layer, and when you start looking more deeply, you will find that chocolate and vanilla are layered on each other. The overall taste of the Hershey’s Sundae pie is smooth, like a soft serve.

If I had a word for this dessert, I would call it comfort, as it soothes the soul and mind with its flavor and texture. 

You can get this pie for $3.29 and add it to your meal or enjoy it separately. The price is not so high and pocket friendly. When we talk about the calories in this pie, there are around 310 calories, along with 32 g of carbohydrates and only 3 g of protein. 

3. Soft Serve Cone

soft serve cone

There are very few dessert items at BK that I would love to try or add to my order, but nothing can beat the OG soft serve cone. There is nothing extraordinary about the soft serve cone, except it feels like a childhood filled in a cone.

The soft serve is very creamy, and when eaten with the cone, it has a crunchy texture giving a great experience. I love this simply because it is basic, not too sweet and has no surprising elements.

You can get this at BK for only $2.79 and enjoy the 190 calories that come with it. 

4. Soft Serve Cup

soft serve

Don’t like the cone? Skip it and enjoy the basic soft serve in a cup. Nothing much is going on here. Simple and smooth soft serve that will lighten up your mood. One of the best soft serves is at BK when compared with other fast food chains.

You can get the soft serve cup for the same price as a soft serve cone – $2.79. The calorie count is also almost the same. In a single serving of a soft serve cup, there are 170 kcal of calories. 

I know that nobody will go to BK just for the soft serve, but whenever you are at BK and looking for some sweet delight, you know which one to choose. 

5. Two Chocolate Chip Cookies

choco chips at BK

Before I go on to talk about the taste and texture of chocolate chip cookies, let me tell you one thing first. In case you have not tried BK’s chocolate chip cookies and are planning to do so, then go during the breakfast hours. 

That is the time when the hot cookies have just been made from heaven (oven), and you will enjoy the freshly baked cookies. 

Now let’s return to the taste and texture of the cookies at BK. The Cookie is very gooey like it should be and has a crunchy texture. 

Did you know that BK gave free chocolate chip cookies on National Cookie Day? I wish I had known this before. Worried about eating dessert at BK because of diabetes? We have got your back! Check our dedicated blog on the same.

Anyway, now you know the right time to enjoy the warm cookies at BK. So grab it next time on your way to work for just $1.00. The calories in these cookies may be a little concerning as it’s around 330 kcal, but who cares when you crave some sweet and warm baked cookies?


I am sure this was a very long conversation, but after this, you know what will be your next order, and I hope that my suggestions are worthful and you enjoy it the very first time. 

I am also sure that if you are a true BK lover, then you must have tried almost everything I have listed, as they are not a secret anymore. From burgers and sandwiches to drinks and sauces, I have tried to cover every section of the menu. 

The list might not align with every taste bud, but I am confident that the majority of the crowd will agree with me on this. 

Let me know if you happen to try anything from the best burger king items mentioned, and also share your favorites at BK for others to know and try. I will be back with more happy and useful conversations.

Until then, order a triple whopper, and don’t forget to add the BBQ sauce like I always do! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best burger item at Burger King?

Whopper is one of the best items at Burger King, with a flame-grilled beef patty and juicy tomatoes, crispy pickles, crunchy lettuce, white onions, creamy mayonnaise and ketchup.

Which is the best drink item at Burger King?

The best drink item is the BK cafe, which has the most authentic coffee flavour and has 0 calories per serving.

Which is the best dessert item at Burger King?

If you want to eat the best dessert at BK, go for Hershey’s Sundae pie, which has different layers of chocolate and vanilla and tastes like a mousse. 

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