12 Best Alcohol Delivery Services In California!

An alcohol delivery system means getting liquor and spirits delivered to your doorstep within a shorter time frame. They are a very affordable and convenient option if you are looking for some alcoholic drinks at your desired location. Suppose you are wondering where you should order alcohol online; worry not, as I have the best alcohol delivery service in California. 


Some of the best alcohol delivery services in California are : 

  • Saucey
  • Drizly
  • Minibar Delivery
  • Go To Liquor Store
  • Wine To Ship
  • Bogie Liquor’s
  • BevMo
  • P & B Liquor Jr Market
  • Liquor Time Liquor
  • Sipsy
  • Spirit Works Distillery
  • Postmates

The best thing about alcohol delivery services is that they are fast and deliver excellent quality liquor and spirits to your place. You have the flexibility to choose from different brands and stores, and you can even save a lot of money through various discounts and offers. 

Ordering alcohol online can be tricky sometimes, as you have to be very vigilant about online fraud and timely delivery of the bottles. However, as many brands are now very optimistic about the online delivery of alcohol, the demand has increased immensely. So, if you live in California and are wondering where you should order your alcohol, stick with me till the end, and I will unleash the answers. 

Online Alcohol Delivery Services In California

alcohol beverages on a table

If you are planning to order alcohol through online delivery in California, then I have curated a list of where you can get the same. Let us have a look at the list : 

1. Saucey

Without any doubt, Saucey alcohol delivery has been one of the most reliable and trusted brands. The best thing about Saucey is that they deliver alcohol within 30 minutes. From tequila to vodka, you get every type of alcoholic drink you can get your favorite, as well as seasonal drinks from your local liquor store. 

As per customers, Saucey has made entertainment easier as nobody has to leave the party to get some buzz. Over the years, they established a great relationship with the people of San Francisco. 

Available in over 200 cities in the United States, Saucey has become a lifesaver for many customers by delivering on-time liquor to their desired locations. If we talk about the brand’s pricing, it is expensive because they have premium quality drinks and a comprehensive collection that you can choose from. You can even gift your loved ones different bottles that are stylish and elegant. 

2. Drizly

Alcohol bottles on the table ready to deliver by drizly deliveries

If you are talking about ordering alcohol online, then you have to consider Drizly as one of the delivery services. As Drizly says, most of us agree it has the widest collection of beer, wine, and spirits online. You also can order side options like sodas, ice, and even snacks from Drizly. They get everything you want delivered within 60 minutes at your doorstep. 

If I have to organize a small get-together within my budget, I would consider Drizly as it is affordable and reliable. If you have some friends who do not consume alcohol, then Drizly has some options for that, too. 

It is exciting to know that Drizly originated when someone was curious why they couldn’t get alcohol delivered, and then the rest is history. Over the period, many people began ordering alcohol online as it was more convenient and easy. 

Another thing why you can trust Drizly is that they have been featured in many big news channels, from CNBC to USA Today, Forbes, CNN, and many more like this. 

3. Go To Liquor Store

You can order alcohol from your favorite local store with Go To Liquor Store within a few minutes and get everything delivered quickly. The best thing about Go To Liquor Store is that you can compare the prices of the different stores and then select whatever fits your budget.

From wine to beer and spirits, you can get syrup, mixers, juices, and even water from here. Talking about price, they are cheap as you get to choose from different stores. The best thing about this is that you get a wide choice of alcohol from various brands and companies. 

If we talk about the brand quality, it is well assured that the people behind the brand have been dealing with alcohol for more than a decade. Each year passed, they became more robust in the game and became one of the most renowned alcohol delivery service providers. 

4. Minibar Delivery

Alcohol bottles setup by Minibar-Delivery

If you want to shop for alcohol and get it delivered directly to your location within 30 to 60 minutes, then Minibar Delivery is the right place for you. Get wine, beer, and liquor straight at your door. You can also get great deals and discounts on every purchase you make at Minibar Delivery. 

Visit the app and get excellent quality alcohol within a few taps. One of the customers who happened to use the service for the very first time was impressed by the service. Per the customer, the person who delivered the product went above and beyond in his favor. Another customer also said the same thing about their delivery services and recommended them whenever you don’t have nearby stores. 

The cost of the drinks at Minibar Delivery is very affordable. You can also consider using their discounts and get excellent quality wine, beer, and spirits at a low price. It started in 2014 when the concept of instant delivery for alcohol didn’t exist, and after that, they have never looked back. The unmatched customer service is the highlight of the brand. 

5. Wine To Ship

With multiple brands of wine, beer, and spirits, Wine To Ship delivers an outstanding selection of alcoholic products. You also get free shipping in selected cases. You have to try them as they have many other discounts and offers that can get you alcohol at meager prices compared to their delivery brands. 

Here, you can get alcohol from different brands at different prices ranging from $60 to $1000. This means you can get everything from affordable to high-end collector’s items. Through various sales and promotions, they offer great discounts on their products as well. 

If we go back to history, Wine To Shop was founded in 1999 because the owners, who were great wine lovers, were frustrated by the high prices of wine and alcoholic drinks. Their aim to provide alcohol and liquor at a reasonable price was accomplished with Wine To Ship, and now they are one of the most formidable competitors of similar services.

6. Bogie Liquor’s

One of the oldest liquor delivery brands, Bogie Liquor, is a family-owned and operated liquor store. They have one of the greatest selections of wines, beers, and spirits, as well as gift baskets and other party supplies. Many customers have appreciated their services and mentioned that Bogie Liquor’s is my go-to liquor store and highlighted that they have the best liquor selection.

Bogie Liquor’s is located in the heart of Hollywood and supplies excellent quality liquor to your doorstep within no time. The best thing about Bogie Liquor is that they are seven days a week, including every holiday. So you can always rely on them for your last-minute plans. 

7. BevMo

BevMo Alcohol delivery house

Another great retailer of alcoholic drinks that has commendable customer service – BevMo. All day or night drinkers should try their service, and I am sure no one will be disappointed. Founded in 1994 and rebranded in 2001, BevMo has quite a great history. 

With the promise of delivering alcoholic drinks within a few minutes, BevMo has become one of the most loved alcohol delivery service providers. Currently, they have 148 stores that serve more than 3000 types of wines, 1500 types of spirits, and 1200 types of beers. 

It is very interesting to note that BevMo has acquired the title of Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Award for Retailer of the Year (2006), The Tasting Panel Lifetime Achievement Award (2008), and two American Business Awards for Executive of the Year and company of the year (2012).

8. P & B Liquor Jr Market

P & B Liquor Jr Market has emerged to be one of the well-known liquor delivery services with more than 4.3 stars on Google Maps. From alcoholic to non-alcoholic, they have almost every type of drink that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

Their cost of liquor is quite competitive, which attracts new customers. Established in 2004, P & B Liquor Jr Market has gained a lot of customer appreciation. You can visit their physical store and enjoy some great drinks and snacks. They always have a good crowd that includes local visitors and many tourists. 

9. Liquor Time Liquor

Hands down to one of the best liquor stores in West Hollywood. If you want to enjoy alcoholic drinks from Liquor Time Liquor, then place an order online and get the same delivered within no time. They offer various alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and spirits. Not only this, you can also get some non-alcoholic drinks and beverages for those who do not drink. 

Order some best-selling wines from Liquor Time Liquor, and I am sure you will love the taste and the quality of the drink. Their friendly staff members will make your life easier by getting whatever you want. They have unmatched customer service and very affordable prices. Want some more knowledge on liquor and spirits or need some suggestions while buying alcohol? Liquor Time Liquor is always there to help you. 

10. Sipsy

sipsy showing the Alcohol delivery design

If you live in LA, you are in for a part with Sipsy. They offer free delivery across LA. Even if you are outside LA, don’t worry; they have something for everyone. The highlight of Sipsy is that it is a direct-to-consumer alcohol delivery service, which means no middlemen. The unavailability of the middlemen makes sure that you get your alcohol at a very reasonable cost.

Sipsy has just entered the game, as it was founded in 2019. Still, they have that one thing everybody needs – affordable drinks with an easy delivery option. With Sipsy, you can access a wide selection of high-quality liquor at competitive prices. Want some meaningful gift for your loved one? Sipsy has great cocktail gift sets as well. 

11. Spirit Works Distillery

If you look for brands that have outstanding achievements, then Spirit Works Distillery can easily win your heart. They are an award-winning craft spirits producer located in California. Even though Spirit Works Distillery was founded in 2011, they are known for bringing whole organic grains, which they mill, mash, ferment, and distill entirely on-site.

They have produced excellent spirits, including vodka, gin, sloe gin, barrel gin, barrel reserve sloe gin, and four-grain straight bourbon whiskey. You can easily order a wide selection of liquor directly to your doorstep. You can select from the award-winning bottles, and you should try them at least once. Are you interested in tours and tastings of wine and spirits? Then, connect with Spirit Works Distillery and experience something new. 

12. Postmates

From food to groceries to alcohol, Postmates has everything for you. Now, the reason why you should consider Postmates as your alcohol delivery service is that they are spread across 5000 cities in the USA and are well known for their work. I mean, they can be easily trusted with the quality of alcohol, and you can enjoy any liquor at your home by following simple steps. 

Postmates connects you with local businesses that offer great food or drinks and deliver them to your doorstep. You can track your order at any moment. They have been doing great in delivery services, and as they connect you to the local business, you can save a lot of money on your orders. 

Does Amazon Deliver Alcohol In California?

12 Best Alcohol Delivery Services In California!

Yes, Amazon delivers alcohol in California. Amazon has a two-hour delivery of liquor through its Prime Now Service. When we talk about California, the law does not allow retailers to deliver alcohol stored off the premises. For this, Amazon has got a retail liquor license for their warehouses. So yes, you can get alcohol delivered to your doorstep through Amazon in California. 

Does Instacart Deliver Alcohol In California?


Yes, Instacart delivers alcohol in California. You must select whatever liquor brand you want to order through the website or app. Instacart will connect you to your shopper and get everything you want delivered right to your doorstep. You also get the contactless delivery option at Instacart. 

 Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol In California?

Walmart Alcohol Delivery

Yes, Walmart delivers alcohol in California. You will be surprised that Walmart offers from nearly 2,500 stores across 23 states. You can easily order wine and beer through Walmart.com or the official app of Walmart. Present the ID proof while placing your order. 

Does Doordash Deliver Alcohol In California?

DoorDash Alcohol Delivery

Yes, Doordash delivers alcohol in California. With Doordash, alcohol delivery has become relatively easy. Doordash allows the delivery of alcohol in California. As per Doordash, including alcohol for delivery has added around 30% of the average order values of restaurants and grocers. 

Should You Order Your Liquor Online?

Alcohol bottles on the table for the delivery

Yes, you can consider ordering your liquor online. After the pandemic, people now prefer online deliveries, even for liquor. As per one Quora user, there are thousands of online retailers shipping liquor around the country. You can easily find people ready to sell liquor to nearly any state. Now, as every coin has two sides, online liquor delivery also has the same. Let us see some of the main pros and cons of ordering liquor online. 

The Pros Of Ordering Your Liquor Online

1. Wide Selection 

Without any doubt, if you order liquor online, you have plenty of options. Many times when we visit the store, the stick is not available, or there are only limited brands available. Now, when you go to online stores, you have the flexibility to choose from different brands and even places that are far away from you. 

2. Fast Delivery 

The best thing about online delivery nowadays is that they are super fast in their service. So even if you are too tired and it’s late in the evening, you can place an order, and your liquor will reach you within a few minutes. Now you can relax with good wine and food without any hurdles. Online deliveries are best for last-minute plans and parties as well. 

3. Party Ready 

Planning a party and want some drinks? Consider online delivery for the same. The benefit of ordering liquor online is that you can easily rank in bulk. You will get your drinks delivered within the given time frame, and you don’t have to worry about going to the store and then carrying the bottles. It’s easy and convenient for anybody who has to plan a party. 

The Cons Of Ordering Your Liquor Online

1. Online Fraud

It is not wrong to say that with technology overpowering the world, online fraud has increased. Now, even if you feel that the website is genuine, there are chances that you might face online fraud. It would help to be careful while ordering things online, especially liquor. You often pay online, and the item still needs to be delivered. Or there have been many instances where you get the wrong thing, and there is no replacement or return policy. 

2. Not Legal In Some Areas

Now, the place you live in may not allow online liquor delivery. Due to some legal reasons, you may not be able to get liquor in your location. Therefore, ensure there are no such issues, or else you must cancel your plans at the last minute. 

3. No ID, No Alcohol 

This has happened to me, and I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. Usually, we carry our IDs while we purchase liquor. This very time, I ordered at another place, and I did not have my ID. Unfortunately, I could not receive the order. So ensure that when you order liquor online, get your IDs on the place. 


As we are at the end of the conversation, now you know the right place from where you can get online delivery of alcohol. I would like to remind you to keep your IDs handy for verification and place orders only from the verified brands. 

From wine to beer, you can get any brand of liquor in any quantity to your desired location. With the online delivery of liquor, your party night is always fun, even if it is only you for the celebration. This conversation was helpful and informative. I will be back soon with some more discussions like this. Until then, make some Friday night drinking plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there alcohol delivery in California?

Yes, there are many alcohol delivery services in California. Some of the best alcohol delivery services in California are Saucey, Drizly, Minibar Delivery, Go To Liquor Store, Wine To Ship, Bogie Liquor’s, BevMo, P & B Liquor Jr Market, Liquor Time Liquor, Sipsy, Spirit Works Distillery, and Postmates. 

Should You Order Your Liquor Online?

Yes, you can consider ordering your liquor online. After the pandemic, people now prefer online deliveries, even for liquor. You get a wide selection of liquor delivered to your doorstep within 30 to 60 minutes. 

Does Instacart Deliver Alcohol In California?

Yes, Instacart delivers alcohol in California. You must select whatever liquor brand you want to order through the website or app. 

Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol In California?

Yes, Walmart delivers alcohol in California. You can easily order wine and beer through Walmart.com or the official app of Walmart. 

Does Doordash Deliver Alcohol In California?

Yes, Doordash delivers alcohol in California. With Doordash, alcohol delivery has become relatively easy. Doordash allows the delivery of alcohol in California. Visit Doorsah and place your order, and you will get your liquor from local stores straight at your door. 

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