How To Make Beef Salami at Home

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I was at a party, enjoying and chilling, I went to eat food and I saw something interesting. The thing that I found interesting was a starter which I liked the most, named as Beef Salami.

I found it tasty and sumptuous and it was the first time, I ate something like this. The next day, I was surfing over the internet about Beef Salami Recipe but I was not able to find it. I decided to call my uncle who is a cook about the recipe.

I called him and asked him about the recipe of Beef Salami and he gave me the directions accordingly. The next day, I arranged a get together at my home for my friends and I made it for them and they all loved it too.

I thought to share Beef Salami Recipe with my lovely food lovers too. Let’s see the ingredients first which we have to gather from the supermarket to make Beef Salami at home.

Ingredients For Beef Salami

Ground Beef2 Pounds
Garlic Powder1/4 tsp
Onion Powder1/4 tsp
Mustard Seed1/2 tsp
Curing Salt (Morton Tender Quick)2 tbsp
Ground Black Pepper1 tbsp
Red Pepper Flakes1 tsp
Liquid Smoke Flavoring1 tsp

Now I am sure that you’ll gather all the ingredients. So now, let’s see how much patience you have required to make Beef Salami.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
15 Mins90 Mins105 Mins

When I was learning the recipe, I was very curious to know the steps to follow when I will make Beef Salami, I must say you are also very excited. So, let’s see Beef Salami Recipe for whom we are eagerly waiting.

Beef Salami Recipe

Beef Salami Recipe
  1. Mix in the red pepper flakes if desired. Add ground beef, garlic powder, liquid smoke, mustard seed, curing salt, red flakes, and black pepper in a large bowl, mix them properly.
  2. In a log roll the mixture and wrap tightly with aluminium foil and keep it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  3. At 325 degrees F preheat the oven and place the rolls in a broiler pan, and fill the pan with water to keep the salami moist.
  4. For 90 minutes, bake the roll in the preheated oven. Now unwrap the salami, but make sure to cool the rolls properly.
  5. Cut the roll into the slices and serve it with cheese or some sauce.

Now your perfect Beef Salami is ready to serve. Make it at your next party and I bet that everyone will love it.

Nutritional Facts of Beef Salami

For all the health-conscious persons out there, I’ve added a nutritional breakdown of the nutrients present in Beef Salami.

Protein5.1 g
Carbohydrates0.2 g
Cholesterol25.7 mg
Sodium485.3 mg

How To Make Beef Salami at Home | Video

Sometimes trying something while watching it live makes it easier for you to try new things. So I’ve added a video of the recipe of beef salami below.

Video by OkieRob

I hope you’ve liked this recipe. Make sure to share this with your friends and do share your experience in the comments section below.

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