How Is Beast Burger Different From Other Fast Food Chains?

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Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is a popular name in the YouTube community. This ever-growing popularity is the result of his philanthropic acts. Beast Burger is a new addition to his everyday adventures started with the aim to support restaurant businesses hanging by a thread amidst the outbreak of a pandemic.

How Is Beast Burger Different From Other Fast Food Chains

Beast Burger is different from other fast-food chains because of its unique concept of virtual kitchens with minimal menu and simple recipes that are easy for the chefs to replicate, making it one of a kind. 

Not only the introduction of unique concepts to help the fast food industry is what Beast Burger brings to the table. You can try a limited edition, Dream burger curated after collaborating with Dream, a YouTuber with the following of more than 20 million followers is what awaits you at the nearest Beast Burger outlet.

If the concept of a virtual kitchen is alien to you and you are unable to understand the craze among millions of people for the Beast Burger, then stay tuned till the end of the blog, and you will be able to comprehend how Beast Burger is not just different but even better than big fast-food chains.

MrBeast Has Built Something New And Something Different 

When MrBeast was dedicatedly working for his YouTube channels, he was a popular name for creating exceptionally unique content. It is only fitting that he did the same by introducing the very concept of dropshipping in the food industry through Beast Burgers.

Even though he had to reach out to Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) to be able to pull off the whole thing, but he has done a stellar job to help small-scale restaurants in escalating their revenues by banking on his millions of followers. The customized menu provides the customers with an insight into the likes and dislikes of the team members of MrBeast. Popular YouTubers such as Logan Paul, Matt Stonie have offered their appreciation and support as well.

All MrBeast ever did was take a simple idea and transformed it into something that not only helps his brand to grow but supports society in times of need as well. Read on to know how!

1) Redefining the Concept of Virtual Kitchen

Beast Burger collaborated with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) to come up with virtual kitchens in over 600 locations in the US. The concept of a virtual kitchen is relatively new, with the primary purpose is to develop a profitable delivery-only restaurant concept with a zero-upfront fee. Another reason to push forward this idea was to support small-scale restaurants in such unprecedented times when a pandemic has left the food industry shaken up.

Beast Burger took things up a notch by customizing a personalized menu that revolves around the team of MrBeast so that the restaurants can escalate their revenue from the millions of subscribers of MrBeast’s YouTube channels. This optimization was incorporated by choosing the locations for the Beast Burger Virtual Kitchens meticulously. This was executed after monitoring the statistics related to the viewership of the channels. The places with more concentration were selected for better results.

The concept of dropshipping seems completely unrelated to the food industry, but this is where MrBeast brings his ace cards to the table. While the internet is torn apart, arguing whether he is dropshipping burgers or opening ghost kitchens one after the other, the correct answer is – he has smartly introduced the concept of dropshipping in the food industry.

Since he lacked in infrastructure and kitchen equipment, he joined hands with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) to maximize the number of customers and kitchen capacity to a point where the restaurants had to hire new chefs to keep the business up and running. These chefs were trained as well to make sure that the food they prepare can live up to the name that Beast Burger is.

2) Support From Influencers

The power that social media has been bestowed with is soaring high with every passing minute. MrBeast made sure to use social media platforms and the directing power of social media influencers as well. He reached out to prominent YouTube personalities to offer Beast Burgers reviews to influence and convince people to try Beast Burgers. This has proved to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.

3) Connecting With MrBeast Community

It will not be wrong to say that Beast Burgers’ menu is an ode to the MrBeast Community. Beast Style, Chandler Style, Chris Style and Karl’s Grilled Cheese are the star burgers on Beast Burger’s menu, making it one of a kind. Beast Burgers has made it possible for the common people to go and try a burger that a team member of MrBeast loves.

4) Aiming To Achieve Minimalism

The pandemic was definitely a contributing factor to set up Beast Burger. He has taken care of the numerous peculiarities that one comes across in setting up a virtual kitchen. Instead of getting caught up in the complexities of what he can offer, Beast Burger decided to choose the minimal approach by selecting burgers. Even though the chefs were offered thorough training to make these burgers, the main idea was to offer the restaurants ease to replicate the recipes without going through any hassle.

5) Building on an Established Brand

MrBeast is a brand himself with a continuously growing fanbase. Rather than starting a different venture altogether, he chose to promote Beast Burger through something he does better than probably anyone else- Creating content with a pinch of philanthropy! A high-stake video surfaced where he unveiled Beast Burger with wards of cash, iPads, along with a car. Things got so crazy that the authorities had to intervene to clear out the traffic. Soon after, the announcement of 300 locations was made through a tweet from the official Twitter handle of MrBeast.

The Conclusion

While fast-food chains are more concerned with the business’s profits, it is safe to claim that Beast Burgers is poles apart from that ideology. Not only the virtual kitchen was set up with the intent to help small-scale businesses, but it also made sure to bring bright and wide smiles to the faces of the customers.

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