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Most of the people who visit India don’t know about the best Coffee chain India has are you one of them? then you are at right place in this article I will provide you a name of coffee chain which is Barista Lavazza.

In the coming lines, I will provide you more information so whenever you visit there you will come to know why it is the best Indian Coffee chain and the information I will provide you includes Barista Lavazza Menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on Barista Lavazza Menu.

I will start with the history first. Barista Coffee Company Limited started Barista in the year 2000. The first they opened is in Delhi. In the present time, they have more than 220 stores with more than  2,422 employees and their headquarters are in Delhi.

Barista was owned Chennai-based Fresh and Honest roaster and they change its name to Barista Lavazza. It is the second-largest Coffee chain of India. They are famous for their loyalty programme, Bean-o-holic  to attract and retain customers.

Barista Lavazza Menu Prices

Barista Lavazza Menu

Barista Lavazza Menu includes definitive cups of hot classics, chilled and delicious cold coffee with iced teas and sumptuous smoothies, superior and finest indulgent coffee, fresh and reviving lemonade.

Barista Lavazza Menu also has drinks for those who don’t like coffee which they call non-coffees, restoring, and fortifying mojitos with a sweet and sour taste.

Barista Lavazza Menu also has the main menu in which they have eatables mouth-watering quick bites, elegant sandwiches with a delightful dessert, nutritious and healthy salad with pasta, colourful bowl of biryani and rolls with exciting cakes.

Barista Lavazza is famous for its myriad variety of eatables and drinks their coffees are made in Italian way and no one can beat them in that skill. Their staff is very humble and welcoming and the atmosphere of their cafe is calm and humble with a relaxing environment.

Barista Lavazza prices are reasonable and modest as compare to other cafe’s and most of their coffee prices are around ₹104. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Barista Lavazza Menu Prices.

Hot Classics

Espresso Italiano ₹72 ₹93
Affogato ₹93
Espresso Con Panna ₹83 –
Cafe Americano ₹93 ₹104
Cappuccino ₹93 ₹114
Cafe Latte ₹104 ₹125
Cafe Mocha ₹135 ₹156
Kesar Cappuccino ₹135 ₹156
Caramel Cappuccino ₹135 ₹156
Roasted Hazelnut Latte ₹146 ₹167
Irish Cream Latte ₹146 ₹167
Vanilla Latte ₹146 ₹167

Cold Coffee

Brrrista ₹125 ₹146
Brrrista Frappe ₹177 ₹148
Iced Americano ₹104 ₹125
Iced Cafe Mocha ₹156 ₹177

Iced Teas

Lemon Iced Tea ₹118 ₹136
Peach Iced Tea ₹118 ₹136
Strawberry Iced Tea ₹118 ₹136


Mango Smoothies ₹167 ₹198
Chocolate Smoothies ₹167 ₹198
Raspberry Smoothies ₹167 ₹198
Strawberry Banana Smoothie ₹167 ₹198

Indulgent Coffees

Brrrista Blast ₹219 ₹240
Brrrista Caramello ₹219 ₹240
Tropical Nut ₹219 ₹240


Mango Lemonade ₹146 ₹167
Green Apple Lemonade ₹146 ₹167
Watermelon Lemonade ₹146 ₹167


Classic Mojitos ₹135 ₹156
Raspberry Mojitos ₹135 ₹156
Paan Mojitos ₹135 ₹156

Non Coffees

Hot Chocolate₹125
Assam Tea₹104
Masala Tea₹104
Green Tea₹104
Darjeeling Tea₹104
Ginger Honey ₹104

Add Ons

Espresso Shot₹40
Chocolate Fudge₹40
Caramel Fudge₹40
Vanilla ₹40
Whipped Cream₹40

Quick Bite

Vegetariana Pull₹55
Chicken Pull₹80
Plain Croissant₹80
Egg and Cheese Croissant₹80
Cheesy Paneer and Corn Turnover₹80
Lemon Cinnamon Danish₹80
Veg Burger₹110
Non-Veg Burger₹120


Lemon Paneer with Whole Wheat Bread₹100
Lemon Chicken with Whole Wheat Bread₹110
Paneer Tikka In a Curry Bread₹110
Chicken Tikka In a Curry Bread₹120
Spinach and Corn₹135
Smoked Chicken₹160


Choco Chip Cookie₹55
Masala Coke₹70
Blueberry Muffin₹90
Choco Chip Muffin₹90
Indulgent Almond Muffin₹90
Brownie Fondente₹110
Black Forest Cake₹125
Chocolate Express₹135


Chickpea Waldrof Salad₹120

Dessert Combo

Dark Temptation₹190
Wicked Brownie₹190


Achari Paneer₹190
Achari Chicken₹215


Chicken Biryani₹245
Veg Biryani₹205


Cheese Sauce and Sun Dried Tomato₹175
Fresh Herb Arabiatta₹175


Items500 gms1 kg
Truly Truffle₹535₹945
Double Delight₹535₹945
Choco Caramel Duet₹535₹945
Pineapple N Cream₹535₹945
Coffee Almond₹535₹945
Chocolate Excess₹640₹1225

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on Barista Lavazza Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Barista Lavazza Franchise Details

Barista Lavazza Franchise

Barista Lavazza has more than 220 stores as of 2019 with more than 2,422 employees in countries like India, Sri Lanka, and India. If you want to open a Barista Lavazza franchised store, here is the cost then.

Total Investment₹50,0000

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Barista Lavazza Contact Information

Barista Lavazza Corporate Office Address: Barista Coffee Company Limited 368 – 369 Sultanpur MG Road, New Delhi -110030, India.

Barista Lavazza Corporate Office Email Address:  [email protected]

To contact the team of Barista Lavazza you can fill the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

Twitter Handle:

Linkedin Profile:

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