Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe

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If I will talk to you about my daily routine of school life it was as same as other children which is wake up early in the morning, get ready for school, come back in the afternoon, go to tuition classes and finally come back home and do homework and repeat the schedule again.

Banana Nutella Smoothie

But my favorite part of mine in this busy schedule is when my mother gives me Banana Nutella smoothie every day when I leave for my school for my breakfast. It was so tasty that it has become my habit now ton drink one glass of Banana Nutella smoothie and my mother has magic in her hand everything she makes is delicious but her Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe is very unique and different from others.

Few days back I was talking to my mother and asking her about the Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe. She shares her secret Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe with me and I thought I should share Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe with my lovely people.

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4. Pumpkin SmoothieThis pumpkin smoothie comes together quickly and combines some favorite fall flavors like pumpkin, maple, cinnamon, and other pumpkin pie spices.

Ingredients Required To Make Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe

Ice1 cup
Nutella1 cup
Milk2 cups
Dry fruits1 cup
Water1/2 cup

How To Make Banana Nutella Smoothie

Banana Nutella Smoothie recipe
  1. Add banana in a grinder mash it properly.
  2. In the grinder add milk, water, Nutella.
  3. Grind the mixture properly until it looks smooth.
  4. Serve in the glass with dry fruits and ice.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeTotal Time

Nutritional Facts Of Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe

Cholesterol16 g
Sodium16 mg
Carbohydrates50 g
Proteins7.8 g

How to Make Banana Nutella Smoothie at Home | Video

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