7 Best Avocado Substitutes To Try

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Avocados are, as the world has acclaimed, one of the healthiest favorite foods. But since they are high in healthy fat, fiber, and vitamins – they are not for everyone. Therefore, in today’s blog post, we are going to talk about the best Avocado substitutes to try. 

ripped avocado

Avocados are a healthy, tasty, versatile food. They go well, from smoothies to tacos. Also, they are the most loved food for morning meals. Avocados are healthy dietary options but are high in carbohydrates, almost 9 grams of carbs per fruit. So, if you are on a low-carb diet, you can choose avocado alternatives for your diet menu. 

If the flavor or texture of this popular fruit offends you, worry not: we have a list of items that may be used as a wonderful substitute for topping your toast, creating guacamole, or even when only an avocado is required in recipes.

Now I am sure you must be wondering, what are the best avocado substitutes? The best avocado substitutes are peanut butter, mashed banana, hummus, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, eggs, and pesto. 

However, before we discuss the substitutes, how about I tell you a little more about avocado itself? This will make it easier for you to pick your substitute. 

Quick Peek: Avocado


This section has all the information you need on avocado. You will also understand the ingredient itself, its flavor and texture profile, uses, and nutritional information. So, let us discover Avocados together! 

What Is An Avocado?

The avocado is a fruit with green flesh that softens as it ripens. It encircles a big pit that must be cut around and removed. Avocado trees grow tall in tropical areas. The majority of visitors come from Mexico, California, Florida, and Hawaii. Avocados range in size from the 1-ounce avocado to the huge 5-pound queen avocado. The majority, on the other hand, is palm-sized. 

Avocados are becoming a culinary staple, whether smashed on whole grain bread or consumed in pudding form. They’ve gained their reputation as the gold standard for healthy fats. However, not everyone enjoys the green, creamy fruit. In that situation, a substitution for avocado is required.

Describing Avocado: Flavor And Texture

Avocados have a slightly nutty and buttery flavor, depending on how ripe they are. They have a subtle flavor that does not overpower. Avocados have an earthy and grassy flavor. They have a creamy texture and are easily blendable well in various meals. 

They have naturally fatty and nutty flesh, which spreads and smears readily. It’s also a great base for dips and tasty addition to almost any salad.

Avocados as buttery and nutty, and the flavor is evocative of grass, but nicely. Overall, they have an earthy flavor; the more mature they are, they often taste rich. It has a texture similar to a banana, but it has a bit more bite, and it’s oily rather than powdery.

Uses of Avocados

Avocados are incredibly nutritious and can be utilized in a variety of recipes, both sweet and savory. This makes them an excellent ingredient to keep on hand. 

Add avocados to chicken, salmon, egg, tuna salad, grain bowls, desserts, dairy-free meals, baking, and many other recipes. They can also be enjoyed raw with just salt and pepper. 

Also, they create a magical texture to give smoothies a creamy texture. Avocado generally has a mild taste that pairs well with most smoothie ingredients. 

Avocado On The Health Radar | Looking Through The Wellness Telescope

Avocados have become a popular food item in recent years. They’ve become social media darlings and awarded as “America’s new favorite fruit.” For good cause, this green fruit has become a true mainstay in kitchens all around the world. Avocados provide numerous health advantages and are versatile cooking ingredients.

They’re not only delicious, but they’re also high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can help you stay healthy. Avocados include lutein and zeaxanthin, which absorb harmful light wavelengths and protect your eyes. Also, they are high in potassium to keep your heartbeat steady.

Avocados include good omega-3 fats that enhance the absorption of nutrients and minerals. These green gems are high in Vitamin B, which helps your body to convert energy from food fast. Overall, whether you talk about adding them to salads or in your daily meals, they are a great option to boost your health. 

Why Use A Substitute For Avocado?

I am sure this question must have popped into your mind, considering how great avocados are. While there are many reasons to use avocado in a recipe, there are a few reasons why you can consider using a substitute for the same. 

Avocados are frequently featured in healthy food cooking. They’re shaved on cereal bowls, mashed on toast, pureed into smoothies, and even incorporated into nutritious sweets. However, avocados are expensive and occasionally unavailable at various grocery shops. Sometimes they’re just not ready when you need them. 

Secondly, some people do not like the flavor of this luscious fruit. Whether they’re unavailable or you’re not a fan, an avocado substitute gives a similar texture and taste profile.

Lastly, if you are allergic to avocado, it’s better to jump upon other avocado substitutes. Even though avocados are famous for their rich flavor and creamy texture, there are a number of substitutes with a similar profile. It just depends on your individual recipe requirement. 

You can use a substitute for the avocado and be always present in your pantry. These are good enough reasons why you can consider using an avocado substitute. I believe I have given you ample information about avocados. So now, without further ado, let me quickly introduce the best avocado substitutes to you!

Other Food Substitutes You Can Try

7 Best Avocado Substitutes

This section has all the best substitutes for avocado. You will understand why you can use these substitutes and get information about which recipes the substitutes would work best in.

1. Peanut Butter

peanut butter in bowl

Peanut butter is a healthy and best substitute for avocado. It is rich in protein and healthy fat as well. Combined with toast or crepes, it tastes delicious. It has a texture similar to the mashed avocado. Peanut butter is also called nut butter. You will be surprised to know about plenty of flavors available in nut butter, like cashew butter, almond butter, and many more.

Peanut butter is the most satisfying topping for toast, just like avocado. It is perfect for your smoothie, oatmeal, or English muffin. Getting the nutrients out of nut butter without sugar is possible with peanut butter as there is sugarless peanut butter available on the market. 

Peanut butter is salty, nutty, and earthy. On the other side, avocado is grassy, nutty, and fresh in taste. We can always carry this amazing avocado alternative with us.

2. Mashed Banana 

mashed banana in bowl

If avocado toast really makes you happy and filling, then mashed banana will not make you upset. Mashed banana is the best substitute for avocado. You can top your toast with pepper, pine nuts, and mashed banana to enjoy.

Mashed bananas can offer the same smooth and creamy texture as avocado. Mash bananas are the best alternative to avocado with their naturally sweet taste. A spoonful of mashed banana goes well not only with toast but with smoothies, too.

A healthy substitute for avocado can satisfy your sweet tooth too. Mashed banana has fiber and antioxidant contents and supports weight loss too.

3. Chia Seeds

chia seeds in spoon

If you are impressed with avocado’s health benefits, then you must try chia seeds. Chia seeds are the perfect substitute for avocado. It has a lot of fiber, omega- 3, and protein. Chia seeds are different than avocados in taste and texture too.

Adding chia seeds to your smoothies and oatmeal will give the dish a healthy touch, just like avocado. Chia seeds must be well soaked before being used, while avocados do not need to be. Avocados are creamy and earthy, while chia seeds are crunchy, mild, and soft. Both serve almost similar health benefits.

4. Hummus


Hummus is the best avocado substitute that may give a tough competition when it comes to dipping. Enjoying your chips dipping in hummus is a mouth-watering feeling. Hummus is creamy, filling, and a tasty pleasure. 

Also, it’s a great source of clean protein. So, even health-point of view-wise, hummus plays a major role in various dishes. If you are looking for something to dip your vegetables in or spread on toast? Look no further; hummus is high in vitamins and minerals and will suffice.

Hummus is made with chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic and has a creamy texture and rich flavor similar to avocado. It’s also high in healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals and has numerous additional health benefits. Hummus is the clear winner when it comes to dipping or spreading.

5. Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt in bowl

Greek yogurt has grown in popularity recently due to its versatility in the kitchen and nutritional value. Greek yogurt has a thick and creamy texture as well as a great, tangy flavor that works well in sweets, smoothies, and savory meals. If you want to make a recipe that calls for avocado but doesn’t have any on hand, uses Greek yogurt as a substitute.

Greek yogurt comes in various flavors like blueberries, strawberries, mango, and vanilla. Add any flavor you adore to your recipes. Greek yogurt has a liquid consistency, which is good for salad dressing or dipping. It has a velvety texture and tangy flavor that becomes a great choice for sweet or savory recipe applications. 

6. Eggs


Eggs are one of the best substitutes for avocado in terms of nutrition. They are a good source of protein and vitamins; eating them with other foods improves vitamin absorption. With only about 80 calories per egg, eggs are a terrific low-carb avocado substitution.

Eggs in whatever form, whether poached, boiled, omelet, or scrambled, offer all of the essential nutrients required to keep the body fit. Also, eggs are used in baking recipes to structure and binding. 

As eggs serve many purposes in recipes, they are the ones with the fewest substitutes. Because of the distinct structures of the yolks and whites, eggs are ideal for almost anything. 

7. Pesto

pesto in white bowl

Pesto is one of the low-carb avocado replacements. It is a creamy oil-based topping that can be used instead of creamy avocado mixes on top of poultry, eggs, fish, or even vegetables.

If you like the texture of ooey-gooey avocado, pesto is a good substitute for avocado. Pesto creates that rich, moist, and oily texture that’s full of taste, similar to the mashed avocado. 

Because it’s usually cooked with basil and pine nuts, it’s high in vitamin A, iron, magnesium, protein, and good fat. Just cook it with extra virgin olive oil instead of canola to avoid inflammation.

Short Recap For Best Avocado Substitutes

I am sure that by now, you must have gone through all the best substitutes for avocado. However, are you confused about which one would work best for you by any chance? For that, I have broken it down further. Have a look!

Best Avocado Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor and Texture-

  1. Hummus

Best Avocado Substitutes That Are Not Dairy-Based-

  1. Eggs
  2. Hummus
  3. Mashed banana
  4. Pesto
  5. Chia seeds

Best Coconut Butter Substitutes Should Be Least Considered-

  1. Chia seeds

How To Use Avocado Substitutes In Your Recipes

ripped avocado

Avocado Substitutes

Avocados are, as the world has acclaimed, one of the healthiest favorite foods. But since they are high in healthy fat, fiber, and vitamins – they are not for everyone. Therefore, in today's blog post, we are going to talk about the best avocado substitutes to try.
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  • Peanut Butter
  • Mashed Banana
  • Chia Seeds
  • Hummus
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Pesto


  • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
  • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
  • Use the substitute in the required amount and proceed to make the dish according to the recipe.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Final Thoughts

As we have reached the end of this article, I hope you were able to find the best avocado substitute for your recipe. While avocado is the best healthy ingredient, they are expensive and may not be suitable for everyone’s taste profile. 

Moreover, if you’re on a low-carb diet or just looking to change your eating habits, these avocado alternatives can help you. So, what is your favorite avocado substitute? Let me know in the comments. Take care!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Good To Eat Avocado Everyday?

Eating an avocado every day is good. However, if you are on a low-calorie diet, you can use other avocado substitutes.

Do Avocados Reduce Belly Fat?

Yes. According to research, 1 avocado per day can reduce belly fat and also helps you get vitamins and protein.

Is Avocado Good For Skin?

Avocados include healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients included in this versatile fruit, can help your skin in a variety of ways.

Is Avocado A Source Of Protein Or Fat?

Avocado is a type of fruit that contains high-fat amounts compared to other fruits. So, they are the source of fat. 

What Can I Eat Avocado With?

You can eat avocado with leafy vegetables, smoothies, and toasted bread. 

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